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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/pea****-becomes-exclusive-streaming-destination-142255526.html Pea**** becomes the exclusive streaming destination for the WWE Network Nick Romano Mon, January 25, 2021, 9:22 AM Pea**** has just pulled off a streaming smackdown. The platform from NBCUniversal has become the exclusive streaming home for the WWE Network, including all live pay-per-view events, original series, in-ring shows, and documentaries. T
  2. At this point I'm waiting for the Bills to start bringing tables out of the tunnel
  3. They lost when they were in the red zone & targeted Adams 3 straight times
  4. That & watching the replay fro the behind angle, it didn't look like Rogers had the speed to get there with 3 different defenders closing on him
  5. 2 blown INTs Settled for a FG Failed 2 point conversion. GB should be whuppin dat ass....
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