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  1. FYI That HogsHaven guy that's been blowing up twitter since late last night is doing the exact same thing he blames current media for. He took what "Sid" told him & ran with it. He never even talked to anyone else involved with that pod. He's got a lot wrong info in what he's saying regarding the podcast & how a lot of that went down.
  2. TK

    Cryptic bombshell?

    Already being discussed here: When the actual article drops, we'll allow a thread for it here & if needed, a Tailgate thread for it as well. And if gets bad enough, we'll just toss it all into Tailgate if need be.
  3. Larry was bigger friend to ES then 99% of you will ever know. And I understand the hate for "TV Larry". It's a shame you didnt get to see/know "Actual Larry" like @NewCliche21 @KDawg & some others here did.
  4. For the 2 of you that just got nailed for this, you're welcome for my also smacking. you with a Rule 18.
  5. I found this red eye version then I saw your gif. We might be onto something For those liking Thunderbirds, might as well call em the Washington Firewater Native theme: Check Military theme: Check Alcoholic fan base after the last 20+ years theme: CHECK
  6. It was rigged. Abe had already deceided on Wizards but them someone said Hey lets poll the fans, so they added in names that had no chance (Sea Dogs, I think was one of them) of beating out Wizards & sure enough Wizards won it.
  7. Pay attention. I've gone back & cleaned up the last 7 pages of this thread of Rule 11 violations. With no Warnings/points/bans given out. You're welcome. However, I'm now done with my charity work. Break Rule 11 from here on out & suffer the consequences.
  8. I’ll probably do a sticky thread about it when the time is right.
  9. called it lol Report: Washington plans to retire 'Redskins' name on Monday
  10. Vince.m4a Found it. hopefully this works