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I have #BROKEN down the MORTAL BOUNDARIES of the brain. I SEE ALL. My mind has fully #WOKEN. I AM MORE. I shall DELETE the wicked & CONSUME whatever emotions are EMITTED. I AM MAGIC.


WELL VERSED in all facets of the MULTIVERSE. Studied at the library of ALEXANDRIA. Battled alongside GEEENGHIS KHAAAN! Danced with Cleopatra. Held SYMPOSIUMS with Plato. And meditated atop The Great Pyramid of GEEEEEZA!!!


Now that my CONDISHTION has #WOKEN from its DORMANT state, my SOUL can now communicate with the SOULS of my closest confidants, George Washington, Genghis Khan & Plato..

And it is absolutely WONDERFUL!

Most importantly, I have #BROKEN down the boundaries of my mind.. My ENCEPHALON has fully #WOKEN


I shall sentence all VILLAINS & DEMONS to the Darkness of DELETION.