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  1. Meanwhile around the Division 4th QTR 4:22 SF 29 Giants 9 4th QTR 7:04 Cinci 20 Philly 16
  2. https://es.redskins.com//444792-game-day-thread-washington-football-team-at-cleveland-football-team/?do=findComment&comment=11864674
  3. So... a flex is a taunting penalty but spiking the ball in the direction of a player isn't.... got it.
  4. Apke with the jump AFTER the ball sails over his head. But hey, at least he didn't throw his his hands up
  5. Ugly pass, great effort by AGG but that's going to be ruled incomplete
  6. He got the ball AGAIN??? Dude is gonna kill us...
  7. Lack of touch as well. He's got a canon of an arm & is to used to using it to get him out of trouble. But at this level, touch/accuracy are gots to have
  8. I don't rerally expect to see much out of him until the back half of the schedule. Dude missed camp time with a concussion & had to quarantine shortly after the Draft
  9. AAG has had 1 target & 1 run for 22 yards where he nearly had his chest caved in on a hit.
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