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    This is why you can't have nice things.
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    This is not the meme thread you're looking for.
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    We have a forum for that.
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    This isn't the Let's Talk About Pets threads you're looking for.
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    This is not the birthday thread you're looking for.
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    Random Therapy Thread I wanted to just tell you guys to not **** it up again, but then Jumbo reminded me that'd be like telling a fish not to swim. So, follow the Rules.
  7. None harmed after imperial stormtrooper goes on two-hour mass-shooting rampage Reports are coming in of a mass shooting incident featuring an Imperial Stormtrooper in which nobody has been harmed. Reports from a military base on Coruscant suggest the stormtrooper began his rampage by opening fire into the crowded commissary building, missing everyone, before moving on to firing wildly at a massed formation of troopers, once again causing no injuries. Fellow troopers are understood to have returned fire on the shooter, with little effect. Upon hearing the news, loved ones of fellow troopers rushed to the scene of the shooting as it was definitely the safest place to be. The shooter, who has not yet been named, is understood to have fired hundreds of rounds into a busy public area, leaving bystanders unscathed. The assailant was eventually brought down when law-enforcement officials tricked him into walking through a door and knocking himself out on the lintel. The only casualty is said to be a man wearing a red shirt. Witnesses said he ‘never stood a chance’ despite being miles away and nothing to do with the incident.
  8. Because one of you bumped last week's thread & confused a few hundred peeps.