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  1. August 20, 2019 Head Coach Jay Gruden On RB Derrius Guice and TE Jordan Reed's status: “I haven’t made my decision on Jordan [Reed] nor Derrius [Guice]. We’ll wait and see how they’re doing on game day and make a decision then.” On the challenge of evaluating the offense as a whole without Reed on the field: “It’s easy because guys will get more opportunities to make plays and guys behind Jordan [Reed] will get a chance to play a little more – [Jeremy] Sprinkle, [Matt] Flanagan, J.P. Holtz, Donald [Parham Jr]. So those guys will get some opportunities to play if he doesn’t play.” On DL Tim Settle and DL Caleb Brantley: “Caleb [Brantley] did individual. [Tim] Settle did a little bit more. We’ll have to wait and see on game day, see how they’re doing too.” On if there is an update on CB Fabian Moreau: “I don’t know exactly the play that he hurt it on, but he won’t be available this week” On what DL Daron Payne adds to the team: “He’s one of the strongest players on our team, he’s very agile and he’s very smart and plays with a great motor. So that’s a hell of a combination for a defensive linemen. All three of those guys – those three guys up front, Jonathan [Allen] and Matt [Ioannidis], they all have the same work ethic, same desire to be great. It’s a hell of a treat to have with that group and the rest of the people feed off that.” On if he has seen the defensive line take a step forward this preseason: “I have. I have. I continue to see them take their best step forward every week, every day at practice. That’s what makes them special. They work very hard in the classroom, in the weight room, in the training room and then on the practice field. Our defense really starts there.” On how exciting the defensive line is: “It’s a great rotation. Once we get Caleb [Brantley] healthy and [Tim] Settle back healthy and some other guys, defensive linemen have started to emerge a little bit – possibly a sixth or seventh guy. Those guys are fun to watch. They keep our linebackers clean where [Jon] Bostic, Shaun Dion [Hamilton] and Josh Harvey [-Clemons] and [Cole] Holcomb and of course Landon Collins frees up. It’s a good group.” On fixing the special teams errors: “Special teams? Oh yeah for sure. Both of those [big plays] were in the fourth quarter. Not a lot of reps for those guys, some of them, especially on the interior. They’ve got a good look at them now and hopefully we’ll get them cleaned up.” On if he has an idea of who the starting quarterback will be Week 1: “There’s no rush to name a starter right now. I think it’s important to let these guys go out and play and continue to compete. We’ll continue to let them play and see what happens Thursday.” On what he has seen from LB Ryan Anderson: “He plays hard. He’s very good against the run. He’s continued to work on his craft as far as [being] a pass rusher is concerned. When you have him added with [Montez] Sweat and [Ryan] Kerrigan, that’s a pretty good outside defensive end group. Then our fourth guy with Cassanova McKinzy, he’s doing a pretty good job of rushing the passer. Marcus Smith [II] is doing a much better job. It’s a good group to have. I think that rotation is going to be critical, especially in the hot games where teams are going no-huddle a little bit – to have a good, solid rotation of guys who can get after the passer and play the run. [I think] we’re pretty solid.” On WR Trey Quinn is still the starting slot receiver: “We still have high hopes that he [Trey Quinn] will be fine for Philly. In the meantime, while he’s been hurt with his thumb, we’ve got to look at some other guys. Steven Sims has done a good job, [Darvin] Kidsy has done a good job there when he has been asked. As far as the other guys I think it’s important for them all to play and we’ll just figure it out at the right time.” On what Josh Doctson being on the first team means for other receivers: “He’s been running with the one’s the whole camp. Paul [Richardson] being out has kind of put a wrench into the starting flanker spot. [Brian] Quick has been getting it a little bit. Obviously, [Kelvin] Harmon is coming on. Cam Sims is coming on. They’ve been pretty exciting for us. We’ve got a chance to look at all our receivers. Going to try and get them some touches in this game, it’s going to be important. See how they block in the running game and how they do in the kickoff cover, punt cover will be very important for them.” On how important it is for him to see Guice play in the preseason: “I think it's important for him to get a couple carries. Just get a feel of getting tackled again, I'd love to see that happen. Coming off an injury, I don't want the first carry for him to be against Philadelphia, really. I'd like to get him a couple carries, get a little sweat going, feel the contact and get used to being taken to the ground, protecting the football.” On if he will consider playing Guice in the final preseason game if Guice doesn’t see action against Atlanta: “Yeah I'd consider it, but I feel pretty confident that he's got a chance to go.” On if he has a better sense of using the challenge flag on pass interference calls: “Still trying to get a feel for it, the tricky part is what camera angles do they [the referees] have in certain games and what is going to be called blatant enough to overturn it, or put a flag on the field? You know that's the angles, you have to see if they have the angles possible and then they have to make the determination through New York and through the referee. It's not a perfect process, it's something we're all fighting through, but if the play is big enough and we feel like there's a chance for us to throw the flag, we can. But it’s also important – especially in the second half to make sure we have a chance to challenge and to have our timeouts, so you can’t just go flag happy. If you lose them, you lose your time outs. It could be a four-minute drill and you need those timeouts to get the ball back. It's going to be a tricky situation. If it is clear and obvious I think is the keyword for everybody coaches and referees for it to be overturned and it has to be clear and obvious for us to throw the flag. Slow motion replies might look clear and obvious, but it may not be to New York or the referee. So we just have to be careful about going crazy.” On if Quinn will still be held out in the third preseason game: "Yeah, he'll be out Thursday." On Landon Collins' impact on the defense and becoming one of the leaders of the unit: “Yeah, for sure and that's what we brought him in for. Another tone-setter, especially in the secondary, a guy that can create momentum changes for us and that doesn't have to be by getting interceptions or forcing turnovers, sometimes it's a big hit, sometimes it's critical communication to get people in the right spot. Maybe it's forcing them to run back into Daron Payne or Johnathan Allen so they can make a big play. So yes, he's been everything we've hoped for so far. Obviously, we’ve got to put him on the field against Philadelphia and Dallas and the Bears the first three weeks, but we feel very good about where he is.” On if WR Paul Richardson Jr. will play in the third preseason game: “Probably not, I don't know yet. On how the offensive coaches have been working together in their new roles: “It's been good, ya know? The first game, [offensive coordinator] Kevin [O'Connell] was upstairs, the second game he was downstairs. I let him call some of the plays and it's been good. It's been a smooth process. [Quarterbacks coach] Tim [Rattay] and [senior offensive assistant] Matt [Cavanaugh] are upstairs; they are helping with the replay and then ideas on what to get to on the next series for offense or what happened on defense on the last series. Obviously, Kevin's a big help as far as recommending plays along with [assistant head coach/offensive line] Bill Callahan, so we have a good system in place.” On how much more comfortable he is in his role heading into his sixth season with the Redskins: “I think you get more comfortable [with] better people you have surrounding you. I feel really good about the people we’ve surrounded myself with, coaches and players alike. Obviously, we have a new quarterback, whoever it is, it’s going to be a new quarterback and that’s going to be a key element. Offensive line we have to get shored up a little bit. Defensively, I feel very confident in what coach [defensive coordinator Greg] Manusky and the players are doing right now. Adding [inside linebackers] coach [Rob] Ryan and [defensive backs] coach [Ray] Horton helps out a lot. Obviously, offensive staff I feel good about. A lot of carryover there. Now it’s just a matter of getting our quarterback ready and comfortable.”
  2. Glad you liked it. We ( Spiffy, Murf, JimmiJoe & myself) have been looking for new things to do coverage wise. We've got some similar but different things planned for the Season. Stay tuned.
  3. August 19, 2019 Head Coach Jay Gruden On injury updates for WR Paul Richardson Jr. and RB Derrius Guice: "Yes, Paul is back out there on a limited basis today, he's working himself back into the lineup. As to the extent of how much or if he's going to play we don't know yet on Thursday. Derrius, were still playing it day-by-day and wait for the green light." On how much game planning the team will do in preparation for the third preseason game: "Yeah, we do for sure. The third preseason game, you watch a little more film and prepare, try to make it as realistic to a game week as you can without going overboard. But yeah, we'll put a little bit more preparation time into it, so they get used to how we practice, how we run the cards – all that stuff in practice." On if he thinks QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. will need to use a wristband during the regular season: "All our quarterbacks wear wristbands. We have some wordy plays and sometimes it's quicker to read a number and then they can read the play. So, they all wear it." On if Guice has been cleared for full contact in practice: "He wasn't clear for full contact, but he's OK to practice. He should be OK here pretty soon." On if there is a timetable for when DL Tim Settle will return: "No." On if CB Adonis Alexander was back out at practice today: "He was doing individual drills." On RB Samaje Perine: "Yeah, he hasn't had many good looks for sure, we have to do a better job of paving some holes for him and eliminate the one yard, no yard gains. So, I think that's been a point of emphasis for us to try and get the running game going this week and that’s something we will try and intend to do, try to get him more looks and get better looks because once he sees a hole, he's been really good with his vision. But, there hasn't been anywhere to go for him, unfortunately. So we’ve got to do a better job up front, quarterbacks, tight ends, receivers, everybody." On if he thinks Perine is a different kind of running back compared to the rest of the room: "Yeah, for sure, it’s the same thing with receivers, you have some bigger type receivers that are a bit more physical. Same thing with the running backs, you have your first-down backs, you have your third-down backs, you have guys that can do a little bit of both. So, he's definitely more of a first, second-down back, but he's been much better in protection on third down and his routes have gotten a lot better as well." On if there are any updates on T Trent Williams: “There are no updates whatsoever.” On the difficulty of preparing for game without Williams: “We’re preparing with the guys we have right now. That’s all we can do. We’re getting Geron [Christian Jr] ready, we’re getting [Donald] Penn ready so we’ll go that route.” On RB Shaun Wilson: “Yes. He has a pretty good ankle [injury], so he’ll be out for a little while.” On how much a player’s kick return ability affects their roster spot: “Very much so. Trey Quinn has been able to return punts. We’ve got to get [Greg] Stroman some, [Steven] Sims [Jr] some and whoever else can get back there – maybe [Jimmy] Moreland. Kick return right now has been [Byron] Marshall pretty much so we’ll have to look at some other people there as well. We have to find a returner and that returner, odds are, will make the team.” On if Williams has been staying up to date with the playbook: “Trent is very smart. He can handle it.” On an injury update for WR Terry McLaurin: “He’s been practicing every week, every day. He’s been fine in practice.” On if he has communicated with Williams: “Talked? Maybe. Texted, talked. Maybe. It is what it is right now. He’s not here so we just have to talk about the people that we have.”
  4. August 18, 2019 Head Coach Jay Gruden On the Injury Report: “We're in preseason now, so there's no injury report. Everybody's OK and getting better.” On if he has anything to add in regards to QB Colt McCoy’s injury: “No. He's just rehabbing.” On if he has any thought about McCoy’s availability to Thursday’s game: “No thoughts at all. No.” On how McCoy not practicing affects the reps for QBs Case Keenum and Dwayne Haskins: “Oh, they're getting all the reps which is good. It's not good for Colt obviously but like I said, what's most important for Colt is to get that [leg] to where he can fire off of it, push off of it. It's his right leg, so he's not getting enough fire off of it push off of it and until he feels like he's 100 percent doing that, I'm not going to put him back there.” On CB Fabian Moreau: “He's got an ankle sprain.” On the quarterback depth chart with McCoy not practicing” “Yeah, we still have two preseason games left to determine that.” On the timetable for Colt coming back “Oh man, it might not be the end of camp, it might be two or three weeks into the season. We don't know yet. Like I said, there's no timetable for him until he feels like he's 100 percent to push off that leg. Until that time comes, he's going to be rehabbing. On when he thinks the ideal time to name a starting quarterback is: “Ideally, it'd be after this game. Like I said, there's still some work to be done. You might have your general thoughts on who it might be, but if something happens in preseason game three where you might have to flop them, you never know. But I think both of them are getting quality work and we’ve got a lot of stuff on tape to look at and grade, which is good. And then we have another big preseason game in Atlanta on Thursday it'll be another great tape grading scale and we'll go from there." On Dwayne Haskins getting work with starters: “He got some a little bit. We worked a little starting offensive line in there, Brandon [Scherff] I think played a little bit with Dwayne. So yeah, we could do that.” On if there is value in Haskins being the first or second string quarterback: “It’s worked both ways in the history of the NFL. There's been some guys who have sat for a year or two and had great value in that and there's some guys that played their first year and had great value in that experience. So whatever we decide, we intend on getting him better regardless of if he's starting or he's the backup quarterback, we're still going to make sure we get him ready to play in every game.” On balancing T Donald Penn’s playing time: “He needs the work. He needs the work, yeah. So, he's played a lot. He’s played in the 3rd quarter, sometimes a little bit in the 4th quarter. Its good work for him. He came off the streets and is getting himself into shape and this has worked for him. Not only getting his pass sets down, the terminology down, the cadence, all that. It's very important.” On his thoughts on Penn’s performance “He's done good. There's some things we’ve got to clean up as with every position but he's picked it up quickly. He's a smart guy and has done some good things.” On Keenum and Haskins’ performances based on the film “Yeah, I think last week both of them had their moments of glory. We had a couple of unfortunate penalties which put us behind down and distance for each group which kills drives and that's something we have to correct for sure, but overall I think they both did some good things.” On if Moreau’s injury is a high or low ankle sprain: "Medium [laughs]. I don't know. It's down there somewhere in the ankle." On if the first string players will see increased playing time in the third preseason game: "You know, typically I've gone about a quarter and a half, maybe. Maybe into the second quarter, could be until halftime. I doubt it will go into the third quarter. I just want to get these guys working together, get some drives – communication, different sets, both sides of the ball, maybe get some no-huddle. So it'll be good for them. I pray and anticipate a quarter and a half maybe two at the most." On if he believes the team has the right processes in place to get players fully recovered from injuries: "I have faith in the trainers and the doctors. That's all you can do and then the players have to buy in and do what they have to do to get ready. Some of these injuries take time; there's no rhyme or reason. Look around the league, some ankle sprains last a week, some last six weeks, some last eight weeks and then it could be a different degree. Same thing with AC joints, hamstrings, I've seen those things get better in a week, some last about eight weeks. So, it's up to the players to do the work, the doctors to give them the direction, and the trainers to work them. And I feel like we have a good enough staff to do that. We just have had different types of injuries that some have lasted longer than others. We've had a lot of guys that have had injuries that have come back quickly that don't get talked about. So there is some good also." On if he is surprised that McCoy is still having injury issues after thinking he would be available last season had the team made the playoffs: “Yeah that was probably part of the issue. He probably rushed back, we probably rushed him back a little too quick and it didn’t have a chance to heal so they had to go back in a little bit. That was nobody’s fault, just a fluke type deal that something else happened. Hopefully we get him right. He’s working hard, man. Colt is a hard worker and he’ll do whatever he can to get right, we’ve just got to get it right first.” On the youth at the inside linebacker position: "Josh Harvey[-Clemons] comes in, he’s got a couple years in now, so he’s good. Cole [Holcomb] is very smart, that’s part of the reason why we were attracted to him in the draft. He’s a very, very smart player – instinctual player. He’s picked it up very smoothly, very effortlessly. He needs more reps obviously, but he’s a little bit slowed down with his shoulder. [Jon] Bostic is such a great communicator. We didn’t really know that until we got him here, how he communicates with the other linebackers and the secondary. He makes it easy for everybody that plays with him.” On special teams being a factor for final roster cuts: “For sure, that’s always an issue. You come down to the fourth, fifth receiver, which one is the best on special teams? Fifth, sixth corner, special teams. The outside linebacker, special teams. The middle linebacker, they’ve got to be able to play [special] teams. Tight end, third tight end has to be able to play some [special] teams. Ideally, you’d like one of your running backs to play [special] teams. That may not be the case this year, we’ll wait and see. That is an issue. I’m watching special teams everyday on tape and games, finding out who’s good, who’s struggling. If it’s close, we’re going to err on the side of special teams." On if there are some examples of that on the team right now: "The receiver position for one, that’s a big one. Corner, probably. Two safety. Corners and safeties are very integral parts of special teams. They’ve got to be able to run. They’ve got to be able to play special teams – third, fourth, fifth corner. Same with the third and fourth safety. That’s why [Deshazor] Everett is such a big player for us. He’s a four-core player, captain on special teams. He’s doing great at safety too. Those positions for sure. Inside backer, outside backer.” On WR Robert Davis: “He made another big play in the game. Great throw by Dwayne [Haskins]. He continues to make plays. The more he gets his legs under him I think he’s got a chance to do some more things this week. Hopefully we’ll get him in there for some more reps this week. Mentally, he’s doing a good job. Physically, he’s making some plays. Looks like he’s running pretty good.” On if Davis’ speed is what allows him to get open: “Cleveland game was a coverage breakdown, they didn’t roll a safety over top. Case [Keenum] saw it and recognized it. Next one, he just beat the safety over the top. Little cover two or palms type defense. Great throw, great route. Little bit of both.” On the ups and down of CB Jimmy Moreland: “As a defensive back playing nickel or corner, you’re going to give up some completions. The big thing is he’s forced two fumbles already, had a lot of interceptions in camp. He’s around the ball a lot. He’s a guy that can turn the ball over, which is exciting. Before camp, one thing we asked him to do is tackle and he’s proven to us he’s very, very tough and can handle any type of contact whatsoever. He checks all the boxes. He’s not a very big guy, but he makes up for it with great instincts and ball skills.” On McCoy being hit in training camp: “Nothing happened to re-aggravate it. Just a little gimpy going in.” On if McCoy’s current leg injury is the same leg as last season: “Yeah.” On if the team will sign someone else if McCoy isn’t ready: “That’s an issue we’ll talk about for sure. We’ll wait and see how far along we feel like he is once we get going after this game, heading into preseason game four and heading into [the regular season opener] Philadelphia week we’ll see where he is and make a determination on how many quarterbacks we’ll keep and what we’re going to do with that spot. I don’t anticipate him being out too long." August 18, 2019 REDSKINS MAKE ROSTER MOVES ASHBURN, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves: The Redskins signed the following free agent: DL Khairi Clark The Redskins waived the following player: DB DeJuan Neal
  5. Nah. It’s 10 episodes & only the first 4 are out.
  6. August 18, 2019 REDSKINS MAKE ROSTER MOVES RICHMOND, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves: The Redskins signed the following free agents: LB Gary Johnson The Redskins waived the following player designated as injured: DE Myles Humphrey
  7. TK

    Annual Redskins Related Fantasy Team Names

    The Backups - In Case you Keenum
  8. Every so often, there comes a show that wasn't on your personal radar, but when you stumble upon it, you're glad you did. Like Ozark for example. So, while we're still waiting for the next season of that one, allow me to get you hooked on Pennyworth.
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    I took this one about 2 years ago. Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain Roanoke, VA
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    NFL explains controversial pass interference review call that ruled against Redskins in Preseason Week 2 The NFL gave an explanation on the play Friday afternoon, one that probably adds more confusion than clarity. Harmon was involved in a second offensive pass interference call, but wasn't initially flagged for the call. Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor challenged and the league ruled Harmon did commit offensive pass interference. "Everybody was just devastated. No body could believe it," Harmon said to JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington after the game. "I was just like 'Wow that's a PI?' It was just unfortunate. "I just got to be mindful of that as an aggressive receiver always going up for the ball. That's just the new PI rule, so I gotta be mindful of that. It could go in our favor next time."
  11. REDSKINS HEAD COACH JAY GRUDEN On what he saw from QB Case Keenum and the first team offense: "Yeah, I thought the tempo was OK there. The big offensive PI [pass interference] – need an explanation for that one. But overall, the tempo was still pretty good. Still the penalties, it's the same old tune right now and something we have to get cleaned up. They're calling these games pretty tight, so we have to make sure we do a better job of avoiding these penalties somehow." On the offensive pass interference call on WR Kelvin Harmon: "I don't know. All is know is I want Kelvin Harmon to do that every time the ball is in the air. That's why we drafted him because he is aggressive when the ball is in the air. If he can't do what he did in this game, then I don't know what he can do. I am going to continue to coach Kelvin Harmon to go up and go get the ball like he did tonight and good things will happen for him. We'll get the explanation hopefully tomorrow or the next day, but I applaud Kelvin for his effort going out and attacking the ball." On the first team defense's performance: "Yeah, those penalties? Yeah. I think they did good, man. I liked the way they rebounded from the penalties. Josh Norman tried to catch the ball and he got illegal contact. Jonathan [Allen], the whistle blew and he, you know, probably needed to use better judgement there. But to recover from those penalties – I think four on the first drive – and to get the pick-six by Montae [Nicholson] was big time. I liked to see them respond, and then the next two drives, they were pretty successful." On the touchdown pass from QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. to WR Robert Davis: "Yeah, I liked it. The best part I liked was Dwayne handling the protection. He did a great job. Challenged him, gave him some different looks and he addressed the protection to give himself just that extra beat of time where he could look down field, step into the throw and throw a perfect ball to Rob Davis. Rob did a great job tracking it and making the catch. But it starts upfront, you know, they're going to blitz you. They're going to blitz us week in and week out on third down and six to eight. The Bengals did, and we picked it up pretty well. Dwayne did a great job with the protection and standing in there. It's not easy to stand in there, stick your foot in the ground and throw a 55-yard pass with people coming at you. I was impressed by that." On T Morgan Moses, RB Shaun Wilson and DL Tim Settle: "Yeah, Shaun hurt his ankle there late on the punt return. Settle just has a sore knee; I think he'll be OK. And Morgan has a slight hamstring pull, but he'll be fine." On WR Terry McLaurin not playing tonight: "McLaurin, he went up for a ball last week, landed on his tailbone – the back area. It was a little sore. He probably could have gone today, but we kept him out." On if the injury to McLaurin occurred before the Cleveland Browns game: "No, the Cleveland game was a healthy scratch. This game was just a bit of a soreness. Nothing major at all. He’s going to be fine." On QB Dwayne Haskins Jr.'s performance: "I mean, Dwayne showed flashes. There are a couple balls he rushed a bit. He missed a couple shots, he rushed a little bit, didn’t put enough air under there. This is all a process for him. It's good to see him get out there and take hits here and there. Have him do the protections, get the running game going and calling the plays. The presentation that I’m interested in right now is how he handles himself, how he controls the players in the huddle with the leadership qualities that he has. It's fun to watch him right now. He’s a work in progress, and he’s going to continue getting better and better." On LB Cole Holcomb not playing: "He had a little bit of an AC-joint injury. That’s one of those things that if you just keep pounding, it's just going to continue to be there. We want to make sure we get that thing full strength before he goes out there. Hopefully, he’ll be ready for Atlanta [Falcons] next week." On the challenge on the offensive pass interference call: "I think I would have challenged them both again. The first one, offensive pass interference, the one on Cam [Sims], he was getting a bump and run. When you’re pressed, you are allowed to release. Trying to get an inside release is legal. They didn’t see it that way. The second one on Kelvin [Harmon], they called a push off on Kelvin. When it was in the air, I thought it was defensive pass interference which they did not believe that was. Like I said, that’s something we’ll have to talk about upstairs. I thought it was clear on the sideline. I saw it, so it was easy to see. I didn’t have to have a lot of discussion with people upstairs on that one. Unfortunately, I was wrong. We just have to be very careful because they won’t overturn it if it's not clear. The one to Kelvin – the last one – I didn’t think was that clear, so we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s a tough deal." On QB Colt McCoy: "With Colt it's all dependent on his leg. Starting isn’t even in the equation right now until he’s healthy. Once I get the word that he is one hundred percent healthy, then we’ll start talking about the competition and he’ll have to get back in there. I know what Colt is and what he is all about. He knows the offense, but let's get him healthy." On how Haskins Jr. handled the mechanics: "Good, things to clean up. There are some things that we just got beat in protection. Their defensive end made a good play on him on the sack fumble. It was a good rush. He was early on the ball and our tackle Donald Penn and the cadence got kind of messed up a bit. But overall, there’s a lot to like and a lot to clean up as it is every week." On if Haskins Jr. is making similar mistakes to last week: "These are different plays and different defenses, so you’ll never make the same mistake twice. You might overthrow a ball since things happen, but for the most part, I don’t think there’s anything scheme-related that he messed up. So we’ve got to get him protected better, and we have to be in better down and distance for goodness sake. We had second and 20 again about 13 times. There’s no quarterback that has a chance in those down and distances. So hopefully next week, we’ll get him in there and get a good drive together and get some positive down and distances and friendly for the play caller." On his comfort level with the quarterback situation: "I’m good right now. I think we have a lot of time still to get these guys back and recover. We'll come back Sunday ready to roll – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. And then we still have another few days before our last preseason game. I like where we’re at and where we’re headed. We're in good shape. We just have to get some things shored up with the offensive line for sure. You know, get Jordan Reed back out there, get Terry [McLaurin] back out there. I think offensively we'll be OK." On LB Montez Sweat playing his first game and playing with the first team: "Well, it’s a rotation. I think all those defensive ends, outside linebackers, they're outside linebackers in base and then they're defensive ends in the sub defense. So they’ll continue to rotate – [Ryan] Kerrigan, Sweat, Ryan [Anderson], [Cassanova] McKinzy. That's the way you have to do it to keep them fresh. Same with the defensive line." On Sweat's performance: "I have to watch the film. I didn’t totally watch him. I watched the big picture – offense and defense – but I saw a couple good get-offs. I think he probably needs to get in a little bit better shape. He missed some time there with his calf injury. It think that's one thing he'll probably have to get working on. I think for his first game, he did pretty good." On WR Robert Davis: "Robert’s a hard worker. He's strong and physical. We liked what we saw last year before his injury. Then he came back and worked extremely hard to get himself ready for this year. He's competing his tail off with those other big guys [Kelvin] Harmon and obviously [Brian] Quick and Cam Sims. It's a heck of a battle." On giving up a punt return touchdown for the second straight week: "We have to look at the punt number one. How was it? Was there any hang time? Was it just a line drive to [Alex] Erickson, who is a heck of a punt returner. Then we have to get off blocks and we have to spread the field out and pursue and make somebody make a tackle. Tress [Way] was in position to make a tackle, but I told him if he tries to make a tackle and gets hurt, we're going to have a problem. So, he ran out of the way by my orders. We have to look at everything. The coaches do a great job out there. [Special Teams Coordinator] Nate [Kaczor] will do a good job of checking it out and getting them better." REDSKINS QUARTERBACK CASE KEENUM On the team's performance: "I thought we did some good things. Again, I think there were some negative plays that kind of stopped our drives. There are always going to be some plays I want back and there's a few plays that I definitely want back, but I thought we did well. We popped some runs, got Adrian [Peterson] loose there early and then I think a few plays that we were close to kind of getting in a rhythm and that's just kind of preseason. You get to that point where you're almost there and then you're out of the game, so it's tough. You kind of get left wanting more, but I'm excited. I think we're better than last week and I'm looking to be better next week." On his comfort level in the offense: "I feel really good. I really do. I think it's been really good with [Head Coach] Jay [Gruden] and [Offensive Coordinator] Kevin [O'Connell] and just the communication there. It has continued to get better and better and we're past certain points and we're able to talk more in-depth on certain plays and I love the way they look at defenses and I love their philosophy. So, I think the more on the same page I can get as them, the better and I think every day we're taking steps in the right direction." On how much easier it makes his job when the team has speed at the tight end position: "Guys like that, it's matchup nightmares for guys on the other team. Just finding ways to get those guys in space, mismatches and finding the right leverage in man coverage, finding the weaknesses in zone, the coaches are doing a great job of doing that and we haven't really gotten into any real game planning yet. It's just kind of putting some stuff together on the fly and I thought tonight we did some good stuff and put some good stuff on film, but I think we got some good stuff to learn from as well." On playing with RB Adrian Peterson: "I've handed off a lot in my career to a lot of great backs and it is different, it is a different feeling when you hand it off to him. I'm going to have to get used to it, I'm going to have to get on my horse because he is on his horse early. That's all I have to say about that." On if his progress thus far gives him optimism about where he can get between now and Week 1 of the regular season: "I think so, yeah. We don't want to be at our best right now. Going into games I want to be perfect and I want to make all the right checks and all the right reads and all the throws and go score touchdowns every time, but this is a process. That's what training camp is about, it's about learning, learning your guys and we've got a lot of guys that can do some special things. I feel like we haven't even tapped into even a portion of our potential that we have as an offense." REDSKINS QUARTERBACK DWAYNE HASKINS JR. On his first NFL touchdown: "It was exhilarating. I enjoyed it. It was fun. I will never forget it. It was exciting for me." On what stood out about the touchdown play: "I was more proud of what happened pre-snap than anything. I did a hard count, had rotation late and flipped the protection. I still got hit but Rob [Davis] did a great job of getting open. The corner and cover safety was low. I saw him back pedaling pretty slow and told him that I was throwing deep. He caught it and scored a touchdown. I wasn’t worried about getting hit. After he scored, I was excited." On how that play works in practice: "We have tried it but I don’t think we have hit on it yet, at least I have not hit on it yet. I know Case threw a couple of them. I haven’t gotten that play too much but I am glad that I got it." On the rest of his night aside from the touchdown pass: "It was good. I was just trying to move the ball and make smart decisions. Don’t put the ball in harm's way. I did great with my protections today and didn’t miss at all. I’m just trying to put it all together and get better every day." On avoiding mistakes: "No, I just play. I am not really conscious on making the same mistakes twice. Before the game I am like, ‘Alright, I am not going to throw two picks again.’ That is what I thought and I didn’t, so that was good. When I play, I just play. I don’t think about making the same mistakes twice or just missing a throw. I just let it go and move on to the next one." On the improved protections: "I think I was a little more settled down this week than I was last week. Just the first time playing in the NFL and that stuff. I felt like I was more in my element today." On playing in FedExField for the first time: "It was good. There was a lot of sevens [jerseys]. Might have been [Joe] Theismann, I don’t know [Laughs]. It was good to be home. My parents came to the game and it was good to see them. It is great to be back." On the reaction after the TD: "I was hyped. I don’t really get too excited too often but when I throw a touchdown pass I like to go off a little bit." On if practice helped him make adjustments tonight: "The reason why I did that was because I wanted to be closer to what the coaches were looking at. I play quarterback, I love the position and I felt that me sitting behind the quarterback during practice made it more realistic for me to get my own mental rep. That is what I learned at Ohio State. Just from listening to the play, watching the play, knowing what I am reading and where the ball should go each play. It is just like getting the aspects of it. That is probably why I threw a touchdown to Rob [Davis] today because Case got the play in practice, I saw it, took the mental rep down and executed it myself." REDSKINS WIDE RECIEVER ROBERT DAVIS On the touchdown he scored: "Honestly my read on that was to clear out the deepest defender, if I run past him he throws up the ball, if he stays over the top, we got other reads that we go to. He did a good job of giving me a chance to make a play for the team." On the offensive pass interference calls: "The refs made the call, we just got to continue to play. I feel like Kelvin did a great job battling for the football today. Calls are calls. We move on and go to the next play." On scoring two touchdowns in two weeks: "It is a blessing from God man, can’t even explain it. I am firm believer that Christ can work miracles and I feel like He’s really got His hands on me right now. I am just excited to be out here playing with my boys again and continuing to try and get better every week." REDSKINS CORNER BACK JOSH NORMAN On defense’s energy and communication: "We were flying around, guys out there making plays. They’re hungry, you can see it. First day out." On encouraging signs from the defense: "Yeah, guys flying to the ball, 93 [Allen] was everywhere, shoot. As soon as I looked up he was there. Look around 94 [Payne] is there. Shoot, they lost weight." On the defense meeting expectations: "Guys first day out, fresh out. Like for real for real, they were hungry, you could tell. They were tired of going against our offense, granted, they wanted to come and make their presence felt. Today, they really did that and they showed what we can become. We always say we want to attack the ball. We want to attack whoever has that ball and go straight for them, no matter if it’s in the air or on the ground. With guys running to the ball, great things happen." POOL REPORT Q: Can you walk me through what exactly was the reason for the offensive pass interference call on Kelvin Harmon? What constituted the pass interference there? Answer: Well, we're not going to talk about what constituted it, because what happens here is the ruling on the field was offensive pass interference. And remember in replay, we start with the premise that the call on the field is correct. And unless we have clear and obvious visual evidence to overturn the ruling on the field, we will not do that. In this situation, there was not clear and obvious visual evidence to overturn it, so we let the ruling on the field stand. Q: What exactly did you all see to call the pass interference? What constituted pass interference on that particular play? A: So in this situation, the ruling on the field was that the offensive player comes up with a reception. That's your ruling on the field. We look at the ruling on the field, and then the defense challenges that there was offensive pass interference. We look at the play, we look at all the TV angles, and we ruled that the offensive player significantly hindered the defensive player in his attempt to get to the football. Therefore, we put a flag on the ground for offensive pass interference. Q: How did you guys determine that the offensive player hindered the defensive player on that play? A: There was clear and obvious visual evidence that he pulls him to the ground and significantly hinders him. There's clear and obvious evidence that he pulls him back, and he significantly hinders the opponent's opportunity to make a play on the football.