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  1. Its been said over and over by many but what a great player and dude. Quickly becoming my favorite player on the team. If things stay on track he will go down as one of the best draft steels by this organization. I don't think his value to this team can be overstated.
  2. Enjoying the win today. Yes a win over a terrible team but its a win over the Cowboys and the mediots were still loving them up till our game kicked off. So I love it. I also love the body language, attitude, demeanor of Kyle Allen a hell of a lot more than Haskins. Guys like Holcomb and Terry also have it - they are just easy to root for. They have a humble confidence about them.
  3. Shows just how bad the NFCE is. We looked like a legit team today.
  4. We play em again on thanksgiving. Hopefully it’s more of the same.
  5. This game isn’t as close as the scoreboard suggests. time to let chase rush. Come on D!
  6. Holcomb having a day. Don’t understand how they are using Chase. Wasn’t even out there on last two defensive plays.
  7. Shows you the value of the O-line and QB. No excuses for their Defense though.
  8. So rare that we are enjoying our game. Enjoy it guys even if Dallas sucks. Should have had points on the opening drive. Game isn’t as close as the score might suggest.
  9. As much as I liked watching that sack I think I enjoyed Watching Zeke getting trucked more.
  10. All the talk about how we are better than Dallas. We still suck don’t forget.
  11. Collins can handle Dalton. Danny Jones not so much. good start on both sides of the ball.
  12. Time to sell sell sell... problem is who wants to buy? Our discount rack list of players won't garner much but at this point who cares. Keep our young guys who show promise (Terry, Gibson, the D-line (except Kerrigan) etc. and take whatever you can get for the rest. Continue the tank job for Trevor and lose at all cost. This season is over and our competition is now the Jets, Jacksonville etc. Take the cap hit and cut Alex at years end. Draft O-line. Pick up other young players in FA that show promise. Stay away from more overpriced vets like Collins. Start the build and show at least
  13. Would be a lot easier to ask the question who hasn't been a big disappointment this year... I had hopes for Haskins to continue to improve but he has been my biggest disappointment - and its not solely based on his on the field play. A close second is Collins and parts of the Defense although its probably my fault for buying into the hype of how great the Defense as a whole would be.
  14. At some point Dallas or Philly will rise to the level of mediocre or will at least pull away with a few wins. They play the giants and the skins. No way the skins can score like Dallas does even with Dalton and I would be shocked if the Skins beat the Feacals again. At this point after today I can’t see the skins competing for the NFCE. The worst division in football.
  15. Well if they can't beat the Giants what team will they beat? I guess there is a chance we beat the Eagles again or the Giants next time but I don't see another win against anyone else.
  16. Its like a shock when they throw over 10 yards. Stuns everyone.
  17. The Washington Blunders The Washington Failure The Washington oops The Washington mistakes The Washington Inept Hmmm the Washington inept has a nice ring to it.
  18. Well even though our QB situation isn't great at least we aren't paying "You like that" $32,000,000 /yr.
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