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  1. Idaho fan

    What the hell is Wrong with Scherff?

    What’s the over/under of players who would welcome a trade? 30?
  2. Idaho fan

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Mr Stockton wants a word with you.
  3. Idaho fan

    I will quickly fix the Redskins

    If what you described happened I fear the culture would suffer. best to stick with what works.
  4. Idaho fan

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Dick Stockton has to be the worst announcer ever. Basically 50% of what he says is either wrong or senseless. Someone could make an hour long montage with his blunders.
  5. Well don’t come back begging for your fanship card next year when they go 4-12!
  6. What’s interesting is usually a Redskins loss ruins my Sunday but lately I’m expecting it so it’s no biggie. hmmm
  7. I know. I just wanted to be a smart ass. redskins bring it out in me. I also agree your point 100%
  8. Just as I predicted shanny Jr is running up the score. no class
  9. Defense confused. I’m confused why Manusky is still coaching
  10. Redskins defense out scoring 49ers in fantasy so far. Didn’t expect that
  11. Whatever... Skins are missing Norman today. *sarcasm*
  12. Didn’t see a 0-0 tie after a half. Weather playing a role in this.
  13. Ok Skins. Playing well. Look like an actual team so far. Keep it up