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  1. I posted a link expressing the issues with the bill a couple pages back. the main one being requiring background checks when loaning/using others guns.
  2. you obviously have not read the bill.
  3. I don't think it the same.
  4. hr-8 will criminalize many routine actions by people like me and notifying ICE is a bridge too far? There would be no SHIFT if the Dems did not object to a reasonable reporting requirement requested. We could then focus on the bill's other flaws.
  5. No, not always. ask LSF on trans.
  6. what specific agencies will they notify w/o the amendment? shameful is dismissing the deaths as not mass shootings.
  7. I can't hear Elvis w/o thinking of my mom, one of his many fans with impure thoughts .
  8. I'm more a surf and turf dude
  9. Religious organizations and such are the usual, though some businesses also find transgenders a problem with their business model. Does Hooters welcome trans waitresses? I'm a equal opportunity employer myself, I'll work ya like a dog no matter your proclivities.
  10. Not if some progressives get their way.
  11. twa

    The Forthcoming Recession

    I'm a fan of land , but watch out for property tax money grabs from poorly run areas.