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Banned From Tailgate
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  1. I had no problem checking, being sent out snail mail the 1st supposedly.
  2. I wonder how this accusation will impact the choice of VP. Will he be comfortable with someone who gladly threw Frankin under the bus to get ahead? might be like selecting Hillary
  3. you get that neuromuscular control thru continuous use/training , but if you lose muscle mass the strength losses mount despite the advantage of better control..
  4. plans on shutting the door till a cure/vaccine, bit late for that here judging from the antibody surveys
  5. you talking Sweden? where I live we minorities vote just fine, is your area different?
  6. Now it is our choice? Or one made for us? I like options,limiting them less so.
  7. I can keep you safer if you obey my orders is never gonna go over well if it substantially obstructs freedom or finances... notbhere at least
  8. Thanks, but I'm better off than those precluded from earning....at least for now. ****ers were working me to death till now.
  9. I grossed 20 bucks this week, net ain't pretty thankfully other periods were better.....and that I was allowed to earn money.
  10. everyone should experience tunnel vision, my speedometer went to 140 and I'd go 1000 rpms beyond that till stability issues required a return to normality. ****ing kids
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