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  1. lay offa Hillary, ain't she suffered enough??
  2. “Coming to Syria was a mistake.” No **** lady?
  3. twa

    The Impeachment Thread

    the investigations into him might take decades at this rate.
  4. twa

    An assault on American democracy is underway

    I thought it was CRIME based disenfranchisement? Perhaps if they offer to extend sentences for those too poor to pay fines and restitution??
  5. twa

    The Impeachment Thread

    IF she wouldn't have lied,deflected.deleted and obstructive we could have ended the probe tears ago......but Tulsi.
  6. twa

    The Random Politics Thread

    interesting Hillary attacked Tulsi on the day the e-mail report came out. the gift that keeps on giving.
  7. Yeah, I though about a 'adding to' option, but some folk have weak stomachs.
  8. What is the percentage of restaurant workers sampling it?
  9. Do you think they might be using the term YPG because that is the specific part of the SDF Turkey objects to?
  10. personification of the rot is a good line. Hillary be seeing Russians everywhere, musta been that reset button.