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  1. Certainly not, but when you factor in pressure from the idiot-in-chief to reopen normally, it leaves us all very uneasy. Mind you, widening the achievement gap becomes a generational thing that takes time to fix. All of it is bad.
  2. As a school administrator, the options are not good. Ideally, we go back like normal. We know it's not safe for students and staff. We know we'll shut down by winter at the latest. We'll either have a staff shortage or quite possibly a student shortage. Hybrid model. Maybe the best of the options, but one huge factor: the widening of the achievement gap. Students without supports at home typically are already behind. They will certainly fall further behind. All online. Achievement gap becomes even more severe than a hybrid model. I'm not including all the bullcrap students have to deal with at home on a personal level. We all feel like there's this cost-benefit analysis we must do in the decision making. It sucks because the one thing that is most beneficial for 99% of the students is not ethical from a public health perspective.
  3. What a magnificent head of hair. He's better than all of us, and one hell of a great coach.
  4. Well totally wrong about that. I feel like Colin Coward.
  5. Wonder which team was in that garage in October and didn't think to themselves, "Damn that sure looks like a noose." Then maybe, just maybe report it.
  6. There's obviously different knots for different purposes. Clinch knots are pretty common in fishing. It's pretty similar to a noose. However, it is slightly different. That sucker in the garage is a noose. Also coincidences do happen, but how the hell did Bubba happen to get assigned to the one garage that had the noose? Now, that noose could have been there for way before October of 2019, and it just happened to be that Bubba was assigned that garage since they're randomly assigned. Most people have a little bit of conspiracy theory in them, and something isn't adding up here. Like I said, it could just be the damnedest of coincidences, but it doesn't pass the smell test. Bubba is a great dude. By and large, he's loved by the drivers. He's also been pretty open and honest about issues he's dealt with in the past, not just racial issues. He did an interview with Dale Jr. on his podcast maybe about a year ago and it was great. IIRC, he just did one recently after the racial stuff escalated. I haven't heard that one yet.
  7. mcsluggo, you may be right. Is he working that much harder than the folks you mentioned? No. However, politics and analyzing where he gets his news from is likely something that is not on his radar. He's ignorant, no doubt. I know high school coaches that are this way. Does it make it right? No. However, it does happen. Jack is a meathead like a lot of coaches. There are coaches who are intellectuals and those that aren't. Jack comes across as one of those that is not. Now if former and current players say something about his politics, then that's another discussion. So far, there's none of that. BTW, you can add the ax incident while in Jacksonville to your list of stupid stuff he's done. He isn't a good head coach, but he's a good coordinator. We'll see what happens.
  8. Gotta keep in mind, these guys are either in meetings, watching film, working out, golfing, or spending time with family. They're not watching news often, if at all. They, like much of the country, get their news from the few minutes they spend on social media. They're not taking the time to evaluate the news they consume, let alone research whether it's legit or not. "Fair and balanced" from FoxNews has duped many people. It is an effective slogan. Jack has been around long enough that when the players talk to him, he'll understand their perspective and back off the foolishness.
  9. The A****er documentary was interesting, especially Roger Stone. Heck in one scene, Stone was helping Nixon get out of a car around the period of time the documentary was getting around to talking about A****er's brain cancer. It's a shame all the slanderous tactics are still used today, but I imagine that won't change soon. Also interesting, how many people from that documentary are still involved in those circles.
  10. Yes It just dawned on me. Besides the vanity aspect of masks, I wonder if Trump won't wear a mask because he can't put on a mask. Hell he can't drink water like a normal person. Imagine him putting a mask on? I also wonder if he could pass a field sobriety test while sober at this point.
  11. Can't be the real Trump interns pics. Too many brunettes and males.
  12. Texas will eventually flip blue. The demographic changes within the state bare that out. In situations like the past several months, changes that will eventually occur accelerate. Instead of it happening in 2024 or 2028, the acceleration could make it possible in November. Is it likely? We'll see, but it is possible. Trump is failing through death by paper cuts his whole term. Now he needs stitches to fix the support he's lost. Hell we see he's already blaming Jared for some of these failings and hiring pollsters to tell him what he wants to hear instead of relying on dependable polls. The polls in 2016 were accurate overall. They're likely accurate now.
  13. I'd like to counter, having them in the building would be good PR. The SRO at my school does a great job at working with students and builds positive relationships with them. He's never really involved in discipline. The only time we involve the SRO in discipline is to ask advice and seek his help with any potential legal issues like citations for fights, thefts, etc. A lot of his day is to walk the halls, talk to students, and provide basic security. He's a positive influence and it would be good for the Minneapolis PD to have their good officers in schools.