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  1. I love the swing, groove, and aggressiveness of his playing. Lots of blues, rockabilly, and Motown in his playing. He wasn't revolutionary by any means, but tasty as all get out. It's a shame because I enjoy the music, but it's hard to set aside the cartoonish ridiculousness he has become over the last 30 years. The previous 20 were great.
  2. Off topic, I hate having to reconcile his stupidity with the greatness of his guitar playing and riffs.
  3. Maybe but does that become null and void with electric vehicles? Although I could see weight as a factor since it would cause wear and tear on the roads. I have a Silverado and in PA is considered a Class 2 vehicle which means registration each year is more.
  4. Factor in electric vehicles. In PA, Governor Wolf has asked for a commission to look at ways to pay for infrastructure improvements across the state. At the federal and state levels you're hearing more chatter about eliminating gas taxes and taxing folks by the mile. All of it has to be paid for in some form or function. Not sure what the final solution is, but I'm in favor of a mileage tax instead of a gas tax. I certainly could be persuaded for a better idea.
  5. They've been very smart and targeted with how they are addressing the things he campaigned on. In fact many of the things he campaigned on were very popular in the first place. There were many voting against their own best interests, as the conservatives have done for quite a long time.
  6. He did and invoked Trump's, Green's, and Jordan's names. Quite the trio for sure.
  7. All this time and no one brought up Paul McCartney being dead...
  8. It must all be true, Trump won't touch him at this point. What a time to be alive.
  9. Because Snyder has cost the NFL lots and lots of money. He took an A-lister franchise and has run into the ground. Attendance is awful, TV ratings have plummeted locally, and merchandise sales have been down significantly. Throw on top of that, because of his overall sinking of this ship, a new stadium which would increase league revenues is something they realize Snyder is incapable of doing. His ineptitude has hurt them all and they all recognize they need to get a major market team back to some sort of respectability.
  10. At least Sharknado isn't on the cancel list...
  11. Give the guy some sympathy, he's probably had zero dates in his life.
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