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  1. What's funny is Trump is blaming Obama for the CFL bulbs. However, Bush passed the law in 2007. In Jan. 2017, President Obama added other types of bulbs were added to the unacceptable list.
  2. It's not the vape that's the problem...it's the person. Oh wrong stance on a subject..
  3. Busch1724

    The Random Politics Thread

    "Never forget"
  4. What I'm gathering is that The Righteous Gemstones" (new HBO show starring Danny McBride, John Goodman, and others) is basically a reality show.
  5. JCB, my thoughts exactly.
  6. The issue isn't whether at one point the forecast was forecasting some effect on Alabama, it's the fact he doubled down on it and lied. We know it's par for the course for him. The reason it's a huge deal is that it's an easy lie to verify. To sit in the oval office with an edited image, makes it easy to mock him. Sure there are bigger lies and issues , but this whole thing sums up his personality. This is why it's a big deal and why he needs voted out.
  7. Funny he's acting like the victim here, but he's the wrong using a doctored map. I can't imagine the mental gymnastics the White House staff are going through to eventually go on camera and defend the behavior. The Sunday morning shows will be interesting this week...assuming there's not some other contrived controversy to deflect off of this one.
  8. Busch1724

    Raiders suspending Antonio Brown

    In a good cop, bad cop scenario; the good cop wins first. I'm sure Drew has read the contract to AB the last couple of days and AB was ****ting his pants. Bad cop will show up the next time...
  9. Busch1724

    Raiders suspending Antonio Brown

    Isn't Chad Johnson his uncle?
  10. AP isn't going to do anything to get cut guys. He's broke and is getting several million the next two years. He's not risking acting like a turd, get released, and sign for vet minimum.
  11. Who would have figured? I'm by no means a conspiracy theorist, but isn't it great Epstein's death pretty much has made us all conspiracy theorists?
  12. Busch1724

    Per Schefter: Andrew Luck Retiring from NFL

    Simmsy, get where you're coming from. Devil's advocate, because the devil is cool, he had really good success with a terrible offensive line. He likely would have been the real deal if he had one. Until last year, there really was no running game there because the line was terrible. Another quarterback in that situation would have never gotten that team to the playoffs during their first 3 years. A bad division helps, but those are only six of the games.
  13. Jr. is so philanthropic...
  14. That and lower the interest rates on his loans...