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  1. In effect he will be. No one is going to touch that lightning rod. If he had the talent, then maybe but he was pretty much a role player right?
  2. Brady and crew prevented several good quarterbacks from getting one or more.
  3. I meant the band Tesla haha. Elon was not even on my brain.
  4. Overrated: Weezer (although I love them) Underrated: Tesla
  5. Overrated: Drew Brees Underrated: Texas Roadhouse
  6. I hear there may be rooms available at Trump's DC Hotel...
  7. Got the feeling that bad news will soon drop. Seems to be the trend during this last year. Do a couple good things, then the bad news follows. Wonder if something is brewing on the financial stuff going on.
  8. I this time they will. Here's why. They are hemorrhaging donors for future elections. Mitch knows this. It is also very likely, some R's just won't show up for the impeachment vote as it appears it is just 2/3s of whoever is present during the vote. That'll give some of them that fear for their safety a way out, a cowards way out, but it is an out.
  9. The thing that gets me about Mayhew is the Detroit tenure as GM. It wasn't great obviously but everyone there fails. So granted it's Detroit but as I looked up his tenure there, they did get to the playoffs twice.
  10. Well they don't have Trump's Twitter feed to worry about. That may be one factor among dozens that makes this easier to accomplish. Granted many of his supporters still have theirs, but it appears the republicans won't be able to coalesce around the Twitter feed.
  11. I think it is possible for the 25th to be used. I don't think Pence will throw him any bones purposefully at this point, but when the SDNY proceeds with their cases against Trump, Trump's defense will say he wasn't mentally aware of what he was doing for a number of years. They could cite the evidence of the 25th being used as being mentally unfit. I'm wondering if this is why Pence isn't invoking it. Do I think it'll happen this way? No. However, anything is possible and Trump will do anything to keep anyone from having him pick up a bar of soap in jail.
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