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  1. Well lets get a couple of things straight here. I would bet Tom Brady's life this student did not have a sex change yet. Most doctors will not allow children 16 and under have hormone therapy. Most countries (U.S. included) does not allow reassignment surgery until 18. As someone that's in education, there are currently a few kids working through the transition. They're all freshmen, like the student in the story posted here. This kid is at the beginning of the process with no operation. I suspect, haven't seen data, that most change their minds by the time 18 rolls around. I know of 4 students already, who've changed their minds. Those kids are separate from the 3 current ones. I'm glad there's laws in place because these kids don't know what freaking job they want out of high school or college to go to. I agree with much of the sentiment early on in this thread. I was off the grid this weekend, so I'm late to the party. I didn't see anyone mention where current law sits.
  2. Who knew Jerry ran a Catholic school...
  3. Aww...get the man a Happy Meal. He should be rewarded with a toy.
  4. Well that's....sane. Wonder what the hidden gem is.
  5. Well you draft a quarterback in round one and then another in round 4. Start the 1st rounder, keep 4th round until Alex is healthy, and make a decision on 1st rounder and Alex after that. Also, just ride out this year.
  6. Worth watching...especially the ending. I learned something. However Eric is right and would be wise to educate others on the matter.
  7. So now there's a third incident that's come to light. Jeez...
  8. Busch1724

    Best/Worst Season in Redskins history?

    In the 30 for 30 on that Bills run, Bills players said the Redskins team was the best team they played in those Super Bowls.
  9. It's December, the Patriots just don't lose in Foxboro this time of year. It's a real rarity.
  10. Supposedly there's a second incident the league is looking into also.
  11. Busch1724

    Gameday Thread

    What's amazing to me is that after watching the video, no charges were pressed. The woman reported it and they ignored her.
  12. Obviously Mueller is smarter than the rest of us mere mortals. I remember lots of speculation as to why Mueller would take written answers in the first place. It did seem odd at the time, but now makes total sense. As of now, it appears to be a genius move on Mueller's part. The next few months are going to be a wild ride.
  13. Trump made a huge deal about Cohen flipping. I don't seem to remember Trump making a big deal about Manafort, if at all. Am I wrong? Which would then explain these recent developments. So in conversations through lawyers, Trump get inside information in exchange for a pardon. Mueller has played this beautifully.
  14. I wonder if this is part of the plan to help the big agribusinesses. Once they can purchase these farms for pennies on the dollar, I bet tariffs go away. I mean the agribusinesses, not the small time farmer, were the ones who got the bulk of the bailout money after the tariff implementation right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but seem to remember reading that about the bailouts.
  15. Busch1724

    Showdown In No Man’s Land

    BTW, nice Tesla reference!