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  1. Well to be fair, President Obama did try to get Mitch to come on board with addressing this particular issue. It was rejected by Mitch. Now could have President Obama done more? Sure, but it would have divided the country terribly because he would have been roasted for trying to interfere. The intelligence community didn't have all the information yet. Wasn't it during that time that the FISA applications were being processed? A dem. president did start to take action, but was rebuffed.
  2. Would agree, but what gets left out to include a more rigorous geography curriculum?
  3. He looks like Jay Leno tried to have his chin fixed, but the ears got it instead. His ears now receive radio signals to support weird conspiracy theories while he masturbates to Alex Jones.
  4. That's unusually neat handwriting... However, foreign influence in elections: How much of this is due to the Citizens United decision?
  5. I say add a new testament and focus on Trump/Christ, whatever Michelle would like to call him. I'd call it: The Turd Testament
  6. Busch1724

    PED's in Sports: should they be legalized?

    Sounds like L.T.
  7. He'll win just because of a sympathy vote. The poor dude was treated so bad...
  8. Busch1724

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    I know, but why New Hampshire and not something more broad? Ross went more national didn't he? Plus he's not running independent. Maybe his lane will be justice department issues???
  9. Busch1724

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    So what is Bill Weld's end game by focusing on New Hampshire?
  10. Busch1724

    Unpopular Opinions Thread (Non-Political)

    Oh I'd like to see the ranking of them...
  11. Busch1724


    Go to the webcasts. Featured groups is splendid. The Master's website is great.
  12. After what happened to Comey, I'm sure Mueller is not going to opine on anything related to this until Congress has their say.
  13. Easy, the exposure alone for the last 15 years from his movie career. The random pop ins during that time to promote a movie helped too. He was a money machine for the WWE. This and all the subsequent points.
  14. Cena couldn't hold the Rock's jock. Cena is like Chris Samuels. A great player with a once great and proud organization but the organization just isn't what it used to be. Just kind of the placeholder until the next generational talent arrives. Obviously we're still waiting on that person, and so is the WWE.
  15. Spitballing here, but maybe Mueller knew this would happen and is letting it play out to show obstruction across multiple levels of the Trump admin, even Barr.