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  1. Busch1724

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Don't forget we gave up a quality corner and a higher pick on the process...
  2. Granted, obviously rumors, but for the sake of discussion; would him paying of women to shut up about abortions be the thing that finally alienates him from the base?
  3. Busch1724

    Fox6: Trump Remarks At Foxconn Groundbreaking

    So if my math is correct. The 4.5 billion Foxxconn received in breaks and gifts basically equates to $346,153.85 per worker. How is the state ever going to recoup that? They're never going to collect that in taxes, ever! When the company is due to pay the required taxes at normal levels, they'll look somewhere else for a new home. Has anyone seen the percentage of taxes they'll pay in profits? I haven't.
  4. Busch1724

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    Additionally, how could a "friend" of McCain allow Trump to say the crap he's said about McCain? Obviously he's been compromised, but guess we'll have to wait to see why. Maybe Lindsey has his own pee tape waiting to get released at the right time.
  5. Not talking about collusion. Just talking about contacts with Russians in general. There's tons of evidence that there was ongoing Russian contact before, during, and after the campaign; even into the transition and presidency. Once again, even after being in office; why lie about it? Often they're lying about the lying.
  6. Not getting into the racism or treason. However, there are things Trump has lied about before, during, and after the campaign; most of it related to Russia. Why the lying? I suspect he wouldn't have gotten elected had we known otherwise. That kind of information helps people form opinions.
  7. Busch1724

    Anyone here collect vinyl?

    There are shops all over the place that'll give you money for them.
  8. Busch1724

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It would be funny as hell if we were able to draft Murray and then he split for the A's. Would Dan get the hint then?
  9. Busch1724

    Anyone here collect vinyl?

    I do. My CD collection is bigger than the vinyl collection. However, I have access to the hundreds of albums my folks have. They've slowly been transitioning to my place. Orignial pressings of Hendrix, Skynyrd (Street Survivors original cover), and loads of the usual 60s and 70s stuff. There's very little 80s stuff but do have the original Thriller pressing too. They were smart enough to keep it all over the years and mostly they're all in great shape. Brings back great memories from childhood. I also buy a lot of new vinyl too.
  10. Busch1724

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    Appreciate the humor, on a serious note though, there are many areas where people wait in lines for way too long.
  11. Busch1724

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    Don't Americans were more days per year than most other 1st work countries? What's one more day? Then move election day to the day after the Super Bowl
  12. Busch1724

    U.S. Congress Part 116

  13. Busch1724

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Still say, start Colt and keep Josh. We'll get the #1 pick and draft Tua. Trade the assets we have for more picks, draft o-line this year.
  14. Or the fact they love Celine Dion and Dianne Warren ballads. Bad, bad people.
  15. So he drags out another caravan like it's another infrastructure week. God I hope people don't fall for it. He sounds like me when I was in high school and didn't have money to buy a new CD. His skills to justify the wall are that of a 2nd grader.