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  1. This will totally make your day, or totally ruin it! The Internet is a wonderland...
  2. $1000 bucks on booze for the month. John Bohnam and Bon Scott would be disappointed.
  3. What intrigues me about this teacher situation, so she thought the tweets were private. She had the wherewithal to see what she thought she was tweeting privately was a problem. Now in trouble, she uses the private comment. Is the private comment the new, "I have a black friend?"
  4. Susan Collins must really be sharpened right now!
  5. Busch1724

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    Who should have to pay for the pleasure of having Trump roll through your town? The town should have to pay...
  6. Busch1724

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    Sorry for responding late. I certainly DO NOT support the congressman. It was a stab at humor and bringing in Kid Rock's song ****y, as Kid Rock himself is a Trump supporter.
  7. Busch1724

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    To quote the great Kid Rock, "It ain't bragging mother@#@!$& if you back it up."
  8. Also keeps the interest rates on his loans low too. I'm sure there's some purchasing of property for him even though he's not to do so during his presidency.
  9. Damn, Barr broke out the striped shirt and fleece vest look for that interview. He must be really serious!
  10. If we had people in Congress who would make the hearing about what it should be about, he'd be able to testify. However, in a public hearing ****s from the right and left will pontificate for 4 or 5 minutes before asking a "yes" or "no" question. The public hearings are generally pointless. Now, a private hearing would make better sense. A public hearing would be pointless and just provide talking points that we've already heard. No reason to put Mueller up to the grandstanding.
  11. So after he's pardoned, how long until he is a member of the cabinet?
  12. What will be interesting to me is how this is handled at Hershey Park. Every year I've been there, they use the OK hand gesture as a means of communication between the person who starts the ride and the person checking for safety as people get in the ride's seats. I wonder if it'll change this summer. I noticed it last year and was wondering how much longer it'll be until they have to change the gesture.
  13. I'm curious as to what Rand's purpose was for this tweet? Was there sarcasm or a slight break in the ranks?
  14. Two suggestions: education and compassion. Peter, this isn't a personal attack to you. I'm just answering the question in general since it's a great discussion point. You're one of the most knowledgeable people here and capable of having a deep meaningful conversation. Like most arguments and discussion points, many people want immediate fixes. It's a nuanced conversation and unfortunately as a society we don't do that. There's no quick fix. The barriers presented to individuals in poverty are hard to overcome. There's too many to mention here. It's easy to say don't spend money on this or that. Suggestion one is listening and talking to understand the actual problem. Hell, even take some time to experience the problem. We don't really want to understand one another's problems. We need that. Suggestion two: as a society we need to change how we relate to one another on a human level. The rich keep too much money, the poor are too lazy to do anything, and the middle class takes it up the you know what. How often have we all heard these refrains? We degrade segments of the population all the time. There's a systemic change that must happen. That starts with education and opportunity. Right now, we are not an educated society, nor are we trained and skilled in what the job market currently demands. That's the second part of how to you change these issues. Changes like this can take up to one generation if not more. Much more to say and could expand on this quite a bit more, but have a meeting to run to.