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  1. Obviously these Republicans turning about face this past week know that if the Delta variant surge comes to fruition, they'll get bloodbathed in 2022 and beyond. The infection rates and spread in those unvaccinated vs. vaccinated is even for them, easy to see. They don't want the economic fallout, death, etc. to circle back to them. If they can change course and get to 70% vaccinated for herd immunity, they'll still have their sheep follow them. There is an element of "I told you so" that is making them take the change in position on the vaccine the last week.
  2. I predict Dallas to be 8-8-1...gotta have a tie in there somewhere. They can't possibly finish over .500.
  3. So since Matt Walsh posted those tweets, I'm assuming he's sexually abused kids. The projection is real.
  4. He could have been arrested for hate speech right? Also, I would imagine it'll be hard for him to keep his job.
  5. Would be appropriate if a divorce was coming and Tanya gets the team. I know it's a fantasy, but damn does it pay to have money to get off things so easily.
  6. So no crisis actor defense yet from anyone?
  7. Basically he found some machines, there won't be anything on them, and he'll say they were altered. Win, win for the asshat.
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