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  1. So what Rick is saying is that Trump is a victim and not a dumbass?
  2. Agreed. The thing about Alex is he can do anything. To me his best quality is being able to swing and be loose. He's a great shuffle drummer. I'm the One, The Full Bug, Hot for Teacher, She's the Woman, and several others are great shuffle tunes. Next to Frank Beard and Charlie Watts, he's one of the best at it. They're drumming is danceable. There aren't many current drummers good at it. Jean-Paul Gaster of Clutch is a good swing drummer. It's the Ginger Baker in Alex and jazz influence. Most modern drumming is too stiff. It's not danceable. The R&B in drumming is gone, at least in popula
  3. Agreed Rdskns2000. Seems like he was on good standing with everyone else from the band. Shame there wasn't one last tour after making amends, but the music will live on forever because of its importance.
  4. Well Trump did say the virus would go away when it got warm. Might as well make your own heat...
  5. Sammy had a Twitter post expressing love to the family. As tight lipped as the band was who knows when they'll speak if at all.
  6. So Stephen Miller found out white genes aren't superior to black genes?
  7. Them at their drunken, highest, best, and worst. So rock and roll...
  8. My favorite and reason I started playing guitar and do to this day. This one hurts although it's been coming for a little while. Such a genius.
  9. Pity the coach who eventually get hired. Gonna be a bit until talent gets through the door with a lack of picks.
  10. The thing with Toomey is that he's at least reasonable like Flake, Romney, etc. He's not an all in Trumpster and has spoke out against him at times, not often, but he has at times. Obviously he's not getting the backing of the GOP, so he's out. It's a shame because that seat very well could go to a whack job like Scott Wagner.
  11. Gase will be gone Friday if they lose Thursday. If not, he will be on their bye week. Quinn could be a bye week casualty too, but doubt it. Patricia will be gone on the bye week unless something good happens.
  12. Not surprised it's taken this long. As far as I know, the league was using rapid testing. What I am surprised about is the number of people. 8 seems like a lot.
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