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  1. All hail King trump. A sad time to be an American. As I said when Meuller found little to use. Goodbye America, welcome to trumpica.
  2. Skintime

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    These are already happening.
  3. Why would he go so far to protect them if there is nothing damaging in them? He has shown guilt in everything he does. How are you missing this?
  4. That sums him up in a nutshell. Cannot think as an American, only a trumpian.
  5. Really is all you have. Facts do not support the positions that the GOP has. I know, you think facts are opinions...
  6. His work on Iran-Contra showed he would do anything for his GOP masters.
  7. Skintime

    Starting QB 2019???

    I like the idea of them moving to the recently pictured black hole if they do.
  8. 4,540 people are talking about this
  9. Well, he did interview for the job on FUX mews so he had to know what he was getting into and that he would be hated throughout history for his part in screwing America over.