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  1. No that was after trump and Co. Then you most certainly are not a grown man mentally... ( Just to make clear, him not you)
  2. Totally agree. It finally caught up with him...
  3. They frustrated me last time with how quickly they did it and again this time. I don't understand why they are always in such a rush. If we as a nation could find a way to hold new more accountable for what they say then we might have a chance at avoiding a internal war, otherwise we are in trouble with what the media is doing to this country to make more $$.
  4. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Love the crazy eyes
  5. It really is amazing how we allow right wing press to spew such lies with no ability of recourse.
  6. Don't forget the 2 dots for eyes...
  7. Anybody hearing any chatter about trump using the upcoming riots to declare martial law? I'm hearing some chatter from retired military guys around here. I cannot see it working as I don't think the military would pay any attention to him at this point, and how would he do it, he has no way to really communicate with us anymore.
  8. GOP is losing $$ because of trump now.
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