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  1. I think his health plan is everybody dies except for him...
  2. Looks like trump wants a war so he can declare Martial Law, then pressure the Supreme Court to keep him in power. It's his only way now to try and stay in president and out of jail.
  3. I still, as I did before think that trump is trying to kill us just to stay in power. There in no way that he does not understand that his policies are killing Americans.
  4. So they have made sure that this will not be an election issue. **** got what he wanted.
  5. I see it around here everyday. In the town I live near a confederate statue was removed a few months ago. The idiots still go out and protest it being removed each weekend. They all are wrapped in confed flags and try to start fights every weekend. Damn fools.
  6. I still think he is trying to kill us. He is only about himself, he cares nothing for anyone else. He needs to be charged with negligent homicide and removed!
  7. I remember well. Growing up to that and Vietnam on the news every night with Walter. And that's the way it was".
  8. I think he wants the showdown. All of this takes away from him being responsible for so many American deaths from COVID 19. Now this is the news, not 100K dead.
  9. He goes to Maine later this week a great chance as he will not be in his bunker.
  10. His advisors decided that since he had no interest and would only create more chaos not to let him.