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  1. AsburySkinsFan

    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    About a year and a half ago I had a client who gave me the choice of being paid in bitcoin or firearms...I’ve got a really nice rifle now.
  2. AsburySkinsFan

    The Liquor Thread

    I had to do a bourbon inventory, no duplicates shown. (2 Weller Antique 107, 2 Woodford dbl oak, 2 Makers, 3 Bookers, 3 Four Roses small batch)
  3. AsburySkinsFan

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Individual 1 is in trouble

    Trump could end most of the investigations surrounding hin, sadly he won’t follow Zinke’s example.
  4. AsburySkinsFan

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Individual 1 is in trouble

    Just in case some folks here are too young to renember....
  5. I’m sorry, were we just going to let the Tucker Carlson thing slide? “Immigrants make us poorer and dirtier and more divided.” The unfortunate side effect of the freedom of the expression is that racebaiting assholes like this get to spout their bull**** without consequence. And in fact will receive greater support from their horde. Thankfully Pac Life has pulled’s just sad that it took this long, and sadder yet that other companies still invest in the racists at Faux News.
  6. AsburySkinsFan

    Israel shells 400 Palestinians, killing 15 during protest

    Eye for an eye? You can shove your self righteous “God’s people” bull**** when they do this. You don’t get to use God as a prop and then violate his law and claim that you are holy. If the guy is found guilty and you want your temporal vengeance then whatever, but the eye for an eye was a LIMITATION on the retribution that could be taken. I’m so sick of god being used as a ****ing mascot for whatever terrible thing people want to do. And yeah, that goes for the Palestinian if he was guilty too.
  7. Yes. And even in the most basic contracts and laws there is language that stipulates that if one portion is rendered void the remainder of stays in tact.
  8. Big surprise! Tbe Republicans are once again wasting everyone’s time, money and efforts with a ruling that will be over-turned on appeal all so they can show their dumbass voters that they are trying to fulfill campaign promises. Trump’s been getting his ass kicked for weeks, the GOPers needed the appearance of a win which is why Ohio just passed a heartbeat abortion law that WILL be struck down. I’m so sick of these ****s and their supporters who enable them.
  9. And from Texas of all places. Seriously, our system of government is so corrupt that I doubt we’ll ever get it sorted.
  10. AsburySkinsFan

    Let's brag about our kids thread

    LoL!!! I’ll tell him you said that! He’s the biggest manchild I know, he flexes in the mirror and stuff because he sees himself getting bigger but then it seems he forgets as soon as he looks away and he seems to think he’s the chubby cheeked kid from a few years ago, all while being one of the best goalkeepers in the state and region. He’s brash enough that he picked the pink uniform he wore most of the season because “**** what they think” but then I see him wiping a tear at a movie. At times it’s like watching an innocent in the body of a man...then he cracks a penis joke! LoL Love that kid!
  11. AsburySkinsFan

    The Court of Public Opinion

    I’m with @tshile on this one. I know my views have evolved and completely flipped on numerous issues over the years. Would I want someone today looking back and saying that 20 years ago I was on the wrong side of a social issue and then punishing me today for what was then mainstream? Hardly This is one of the reasons I sanitize my public social media from political issues. It’s also why I have an annonymous twitter account that I can vent through. Personally I think it’s unfair to anachronize today’s values onto the past and hold people accountable now for what was then completely different. It’s like folks hitting Bill Clinton for don’t ask don’t tell, and being against gay marriage, as if back then having an LGBT awareness wasn’t an extreme idea. Or that today’s polling numbers were true then too. There are more than a few SJW’s out there who want to allow themselves time for growth and awakening, but won’t accept the same for anyone else. And too often these days in the comfort of their anonymity they condemn those they preceive as guilty without ever knowing what was really going on. Instead they see a 10 year old tweet (are there any that old?) and immediately gather the horde to decend and render punishment upon those they feel have erred. It’s instant vicious and unforgiving tribalism and mob mentality at its best. Just look at the comment sections in controversial things how the rhetoric evolves and gets more aggressive the longer it goes. Watch how a twitter outting on a social sin is viciously attacked and then personal information about the person is soon revealed and all the sudden cyber condemnation costs jobs and relationships. There are times I’m sympathetic to the cause, outting racists who berrate people and do so willingly on video. But at the same time I fully recognize that I am not perfect and I don’t want my failures to be aired this way for the mob to devour.
  12. AsburySkinsFan

    The Court of Public Opinion

    Court of public opinion is horrible especially now with the ability to destroy careers in a moment, before full truths can be discovered. I’m fine when some dick goes off on a racist tirade in Walmart and his video goes viral costing him in society. But people are too quick to assassinate strangers these days. I’ve watched business attacked and forced to shut down after the court of public opinion rendered judgment unpon their online reviews taking them from a 4.5 star to a 1.5 star over night. This video pretty much sums up twitter and social media in these circumstances lately.
  13. AsburySkinsFan

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Individual 1 is in trouble

    The analysis would be spot on. How many despots do just this?