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  1. send me the link please


  2. Hopefully this thread helps narrow down some of the discussion from the election thread. This one is for things related to his cabinet appointees, administration, policy discussion, etc. I'll start by posting this: Per AP: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn offered job of National Security Adviser Per AP: Mike Pompeo is Trump's CIA director Per NYT: Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR REDSKINS FAMILY!!! Hope 2014 brings all of you happiness, great health, and whatever else it is your heart desires!

    1. HapHaszard


      Happy New Year to you also

    2. skinsmarydu


      To you & your family as well! Hail!

  4. I smell good :D

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      Mr. Sinister

      Well at least she isn't smelling bad D. That would be unfortunate...

    4. brandymac27


      Hey, I always smell good!

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