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  1. I thought they said it was a CIA agent?
  2. A lot of black people/friends that I've spoken to here in NC where I live don't care for her based off of her record when she was a prosecutor. That's the issue that always comes up. It seems like they feel they can't trust her maybe? I'm not sure, but according to the people I've had conversations with, it doesn't seem like she'd easily get the black vote here. They seem to like Bernie better than her.
  3. No ****. We have to be getting punked. There's just no other rational explanation.
  4. It's pretty bad when I have to check his tweets to make sure they aren't from a parody Twitter account. He's gone bonkers
  5. I basically said that he's ruined our country, is a criminal who I hope rots in prison with his kids, and I thanked Mueller.
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