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  1. Sounds like things are going well for Flynn this morning!
  2. brandymac27

    Let's brag about our kids thread

    He reminds me so much of my son DJ! He's sooo adorable! Very handsome kids, and congrats on Cornell! You should be very proud!
  3. brandymac27

    Let's brag about our kids thread

    Oh my goodness, I hate to hear something so sad about your son. I'm so glad you've managed to help him and be supportive! Kids these days go through so much, and they really need us to be there supporting them. I'm sure he'll be just fine with you at his side!
  4. brandymac27

    Let's brag about our kids thread

    These are pics of my daughter. The last one is her, my mom and stepdad. We're a very all inclusive, love everyone, type of family if you can't already tell
  5. brandymac27

    Let's brag about our kids thread

    So here's some more pics of my kids. ( my daughter is kinda shy so that's why I haven't posted a lot of pics of her) This is my daughter and son about 2 years ago. This was her prom pic. My son and step dad. He was a Raleigh police officer before he retired. Him and his girlfriend last year at senior prom
  6. I can't wait to troll my cowgirl friends on FB. Good times!