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  1. Wake us up when the **** hats and “we believe her” signs start showing up en masse
  2. We’ve now set a dangerous precedent. Lives and careers are able to be destroyed by simple accusations without the accuser ever having to file formally and have to face the system. Some me may think it’s a win for the me too movement. But I think it’s a disaster. Justin Fairfax May very well be completely innocent. But it no longer matters. And he’ll never have the chance to formally confront his accuser.
  3. Its the gift that keeps on giving the whole year- Cousin Eddie
  4. Lots of Dems were saying things like "we believe her" etc etc.
  5. It cant be proven either way. That's not the point though. The Dems nationally and Warner/Kaine from VA werent saying that during Kavanaugh. They would look terrible if they apply a different standard now to one of their own.
  6. If the accuser recants, then obviously. But if not, I dont see how it can be proven one way or another. She hasnt filed a lawsuit (that I know of).
  7. I read your comment before and it's the correct stance to take. Unfortunately for the Dems, that's not how the majority of them acted with Kavanaugh.
  8. Of course they cant. I dont think anyone expects them too either. But they also cant all stay in office.
  9. Politically speaking, the best course of action for the Dems is for Fairfax to resign now, let Northam pick his replacement quickly, and then have Northam resign. It will probably hurt in a few races this November, but not as much as doing nothing will. And they cant all resign at once and let the GOP take over the Statehouse before redistricting. And it doesnt matter what Herring does or when. His political career is over and nobody gives a **** about the AG position other than as a stepping stone.
  10. Restating. The Senate leader takes over the LT Gov seat until the Gov appoints a replacement. But that replacement only lasts until the next election. Which would be Nov 2019. So Fairfax could resign, Northam could appoint a replacement. Then Northam resigns and the replacement becomes Gov not sure how that would play at the ballot box in Nov though
  11. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/02/06/virginia-governor-northam-fairfax-herring-1152310 The succession process for the lieutenant governorship gets complicated. If Fairfax either becomes governor or resigns, he will vacate his current office and the state Senate president pro tem, Republican Steve Newman, would be empowered to “discharge the duties” of the lieutenant governorship, said John Dinan, a Wake Forest professor and expert on state constitutions. That arrangement would likely be short-lived, because the governor has “constitutional authority to fill the vacancy in
  12. Does the Governors appointed Lt Gov. replacement need to be approved by the legislature?
  13. My college (Mary Washington) used to have a "beauty pageant" called Wo-Man. Guys dressing up as girls to compete in a pageant. Plenty of exaggerated "features" and a few black faced contestants. Funny funny event, until it wasn't anymore. We shouldnt be holding people accountable today for something they did that was acceptable 30 years ago.
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