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  1. Kilmer17

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    Shame on anyone who padded Snyder’s wallet today
  2. This is even more embarrassing honestly.
  3. I hope Sanchez quits tomorrow as a big middle finger to Jay Bruce and Danny. None of this has been his fault.
  4. Reed is a perfect Redskin. Tons of potential and talent. Zero heart, fragile body, and zero team spirit trade him if anyone wants him
  5. I was playing golf. Then it rained and I though I’d give it a look. Now I’m rooting for Barkley to break 300
  6. I think the bigger problem is people who still don’t think Dan is the problem
  7. Unless Snyder checks out it won’t matter
  8. Incase anyone was wondering. This is what a team that has completely checked out on a franchise looks like
  9. Any Redskin fan at this game today should be ashamed of themselves
  10. The team can lose more than half their games without any of them.
  11. Kilmer17

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    Retire, return the entire remaining SB. forego the 19 and 20 salaries and then sign a consulting deal with the team for 43 million over the next 2 years. Bam!
  12. Not two years. 8 out of the last 9 we've been in the bottom 5 of the NFL for games lost to injury