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  1. Calling all Trump supporters....ya'll can kiss my ass. Thanks a lot, now we're back to cold war style bull****, and Trump is just the dude to ramp up brinksmanship in order to thrust his mushroom dick in the world's face. Now we just need a remake of "The Day After" so our kids can get some training on what to expect when nuclear armed tiny dicked egotists decide to play war.
  2. Unless they are creating a scenario where they can step into Hong Kong in a more direct manner.
  3. And yet we have ZERO political capital to leverage against China because Trump has sold out everything we ever might have had. So even if Trump managed to dig up a backbone and use it, he'd have nothing to swing.
  4. Did anyone watch that PORvATL match last night? Freaking mental from the whistle. Probably some of the most physical up-and-down play I've seen in a LOOOOOOONG time, even with a two goal margin ATL didn't camp, they continued to press and be physical. I was honestly stunned that it ended 2-0 because of how many opportunities they were each getting, but Guzan ****ing stood on his head last night! He had one quick reaction hand save off a header from 7 yards that was MotM worthy! And this assist from Gressel.......
  5. Translated: "The rich are taken care of so nothing to worry about."
  6. Home-made shrimp and beef tacos with citrus cream sauce and slaw with toasted corn tortillas!
  7. You are genuinely seeing things that aren't there. After the first 20' Chelsea looked like ****. Constantly turning the ball over, it was any wonder that CP didn't win. Twitter-verse was pretty harsh on Pulisic when there wasn't any in Chelsea's offense that was able to do much of anything.
  8. They and their supporters don't give two ****s about the "right way", for them it's poor brown people trying to get into their country that their ancestors took by force and deception. Meanwhile they'll sit in their pews tomorrow and sing "They will know we are Christians by our love", and be completely confused by passages like....
  9. It's pure cult behavior at this point. George Will was correct.
  10. We are all right there with you man, that one gif was like a massive denial of service attack on my 13 year old subconscious!! PSA: if you're on your iphone you can download that gif and text it to your friends.......or so I've heard.
  11. But but...Antifa....but sharia law...but....go back where you came from if you don't like it...but...it's about mental illness....
  12. OMG there's just so much going on there..... You got the voyeur dog outside watching... The **** on her knees... The beige....so much beige.... and honestly the least exceptional part the dog taking her for a walk.... I simply don't know which joke to riff from...
  13. The Constitution doesn't clearly define that hygiene products need to be given to criminals. I'm guessing it sounds something like that.
  14. @Long n Leftit was much closer and not nearly "clear & obvious". The video has to be stopped and magnifying glasses pulled out.
  15. High school soccer season kicked off this week. Both mine are now playing. My daughter now a freshman starts JV and subs for varsity. My son now in his senior year completes his two game red card suspension from last year tonight, so he'll finally be back in action on Saturday.
  16. I'm still scratching my head on that decision. The ONLY thing I could think about holding Pulisic is that he didn't want to put him in the crosshairs if things went sideways, and then once the game was all but decided he risked nothing. I kinda get that thinking, not sure if I agree with it though, it's not as if Christian is an 18 year old kid fresh into the league. The guy has serious chops, and demonstrated that for years at BVB. But, it was nice to see him so integral last night. No pressure for Chelsea this year so Pulisic can settle in and shine like we know he will.
  17. Welp...sounds like the NRA has made a phone call. Wasn't it just last week that Trump said that he'd have to see where the NRA was on things before moving forward?
  18. Exactly....I mean that's like a scene from Dante's Inferno.
  19. He wrote all of that and didn't mention Pulisic once.......#Annoyed BTW, clear and obvious mistakes...anyone gonna try and convince me that it was clear and obvious that Pulisic was offside? No? More and more I'm supporting the idea that VAR needs to be reviewed at game speed, especially if we're looking for clear and obvious. I mean if it can't see clearly seen in full speed on playback then move on. The same thing goes with Sterling's goal from this weekend, fortunately, Sterling's goal wasn't the difference in the match. The same cannot be said about Pulisic.
  20. How about condemnation of the documented violence, resolution to respect Hong Kong's autonomous rule, and general not being a marble mouthed ****. How long do I thing the US would allow JFK to be shutdown by protesters? Over an issue like this, it wouldn't have taken this long to get the government to listen. It's not like the protesters started at the airport. This isn't a ragtag handful of people, and this didn't just start.
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