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  1. my_friend_goo

    May the 4th Be With You...

    Forget Star Wars. 5/4 is Dave Brubeck day!
  2. my_friend_goo

    Another meteorologist who deserves to be fired

    I wasn't putting it forward as a serious comparison . Taking alone the relative weightings of the words in the swearing/racist term hierarchies, the swear word probably wins, but in the context the racist one is a lot more likely to cause an uproar and deservedly so. Plus, as I already eluded to, Jeremy Hunt's popularity was such that many of us thought the 'mistake' was fairly accurate!
  3. my_friend_goo

    Another meteorologist who deserves to be fired

    On the other hand in the UK a BBC radio presenter accidentally called then-health secretary Jeremy Hunt "Jeremy ****", but got to keep his job. Probably helped that the entire NHS had has back.
  4. Look, I love the work you've been doing over recent days and the last time we were on the verge of a full on fan revolt, but I'm warning you now: one more use of pounding/pounded in relation to Dan and Bruce and you'll be making an appearance in the Taken Out of Context thread.
  5. Somebody posted Dan's record as owner in the SVP thread. Basically, for the last 20 years, you can count on the Redskins to finish 7-9. We all damned well know that those 20 years haven't involved any any #1 or #2 seedings, so clearly there's not much variation from that record. There's no need to dress it up any different to that. Says it all.
  6. Snyder on El-Bashir: Fake news. That's the FIELD, not Eagles fans!
  7. In one of the other threads, it had been suggested that fans showing up at home games should start anti-Dan and Bruce chants. My first thought was that in the same situation, English football fans wouldn't hold back. There's the proof . I'm sure it gets somewhat worse!
  8. Financial failure may be the only short term route of exit from Dan's reign. But I wonder how. If the team is losing money and therefore likewise the NFL, on what basis so the NFL intervene? I don't think that the redskins would be the only such team and if other owners with a history of low input into the league's coffers aren't having their hands forced, then why single out Snyder? If he is universally despised, there could be a coordinated effort amongst the more powerful owners and league to entrap him into a particular PR disaster, giving the league an excuse to intervene. But how much worse than some of the stories in the past do they have to go? Maybe, just maybe, financial ruin is closer for Snyder on a personal level than we think. Could explain the lack of investment in certain areas. Plenty of companies have gone under after their dire financial situation is only made clear at the very end.
  9. Showing signs? Feels to many of us that a major structural engineering job is needed sooner rather than later because the signs have been ignored for too long. Maybe, though, this time the damage really is starting to have a more substantial effect if the consequence is that the bottom line is being hit. I can deal with that getting worse if it means that at some point Dan will finally clean house and install someone with the ability to set a vision for the team and hire the people who fit that vision and a set of values to which all in the franchise are assessed against and held accountable for. Like others I've lost the faith that this might one day happen. It needs somebody with a true track record of success, a success which lies in the present and future of football, not in the franchise's past. That doesn't seem to be the way things happen around here. Still, I think the apathy is in the long term more damaging than the anger. The more fans simply stop investing their time and money in the team, the more likely the effects will be. That's not to say that those good folk who still turn up at FedEx field to root for the team 8 weeks a year are in the wrong, not by any means. The ones who might be vocal on their dissatisfaction with how the team is being run can keep it up though in my view. Whatever fans can do to get the message across via whatever means possible is welcome. As a UK based fan who has made the trip across the pond twice, I'm in no hurry to repeat that pilgrimage. This is a great shame as both games I've seen have been exciting nail biters with the best possible outcome. As a child growing up with limited exposure to the team, but able to enjoy the glory days to an extent I didn't imagine that I'd ever make it over. Yet I was able to take my father, the man who sparked my interest in the team, with me for one of those journeys. It breaks my heart to feel the way I do, but I've been battling for some time with this. I bought gamepass once again this year and had the usual mixed bag of exhiliration and frustration in the early going. The wins were fun, but it felt obvious that the ceiling was winning a weak division and little else. Once the wheels fell off, the root cause was to me inexcusable. The injury 'bug' stems from a combination of poor investment in injury prevention, cost cutting by picking up talented players with injury history and a soft approach to practice, problems that lie with the culture of the organisation and which have been ongoing for several seasons now. So it has reached the point where I check the scores, the thread titles and headlines on this forums and that's about it. On a Sunday, I'll pick a game that looks interesting, choose a team I'd prefer to win and try to enjoy a good football game. I can't invest as much emotion into these games and I'll more willingly let family life get in the way than if it were a skins game that I could face watching. I'll never support another team, I just can't, but until I see major changes, I'll remain distant. Inevitability I'll be keeping my eyes out for news of a front office massacre in the coming days, but I have no belief that it will happen and in this case the apathy will continue.
  10. my_friend_goo

    Gruden and Allen: Time to turn in your playbook!

    So, the general feeling I'm getting from all the other active threads in this forum, we all good.
  11. my_friend_goo

    gruden runs on 1st down 90% of the time

    Of course the irony here is that earlier on in his tenure, he was criticised for not running the football enough. The moral of the story: be careful what you wish for. In fact, never wish for anything, ever. It will only bring previously unknown disappointments. Ya wanna know what's worse than something going wrong? Everything going wrong!
  12. my_friend_goo

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    The revolution doesn't start until I have had my breakfast!
  13. my_friend_goo

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    So, you disappointed as I am that we've not woken up to this scenario?
  14. my_friend_goo

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I'm disappointed nobody has been fired yet after that ****show. Snyder needs to go on a maniacal rampage through the building, firing everyone in sight, then firing himself out of a cannon and into the nearest brick wall.
  15. my_friend_goo

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Cerrato was fired after a humiliating loss to the Giants 8 days short of 9 years ago. Frankly, Bruce deserves the exact same treatment. He's stuck around longer, but hasn't really fared any better.