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  1. In honour of the visititation of Pittman4Two: Bucs starting QB Doug Williams WFT starting QB Doug Williams
  2. The key is in the thread title, particularly the second and eighth words. This thread is a bonus treat for making the playoffs, we're honoured to have this football sage pay us a visit!
  3. Avast behind! I think the difference in this game will be that Clinton Portice and Scott Brunell are older than the last time Team Washington successfully defended your attempt at a playoff raid. That might be too much to overcome, despite Chase Young being younger now than he was back then. Has it really been that long since Pittman4Two posted here that you don't understand his schtick? Clearly Smith will throw no interceptions, the pick will come via the passing game.
  4. Working for an Anglo-Swedish company I am grateful to Dan T for introducing me to the concept of danse bands, which makes for excellent ammunition any time that jibes are made about British culture!
  5. Congratulations folks, you needed this. Your future president may not be able to reach everybody, but I hope a combination of good policy and his empathetic nature goes a long way towards making peace with those who are not too far gone and helping to heal your fractured nation. Here's to a better future!
  6. As a Brit nervously following this election and its impact on world affairs and even our own domestic situation, I wish all of you in this thread the best. Here's hoping enough of your country vote to put an end to the clown show of the past few years and that you wake up tomorrow to the start of a new era of putting things right. If so, it will be a long process, probably starting with getting the result successfully validated. I just hope the change occurs peacefully and has long lasting effects. You all strike me as good people concerned for what has become of your country and w
  7. First they blow the Superbowl against the patriots, now this. They deserve punishment of the highest order!
  8. Offensive drives that start in our own territory and end in touchdowns. Containment of Murray and pressure that forces him into mistakes. Tired of seeing mobile quarterbacks having their way with the defense over the years.
  9. Outside of the US you can purchase gamepass. Not sure if it works everywhere, but I'd check it out if I were you. You'd be able to watch any game come Monday evening, unless there are exclusivity deals with sports channels, in which case you usually have to wait 24h to see any game they show.
  10. Well, it's best not to count your chickens before they're hatched, but these most recent tweets are the first I can recall seeing suggesting an ownership change as a potential fallout from this. They're still the ones to state that, but so far the only punishment I can recall being referenced is confirmation it won't result in a loss of picks etc. The anticipation is mounting...
  11. Actually, having just read up on the career of Greg McElroy, it seems that stats guy was onto something: successfully identifying quarterbacks capable of being sacked 10 or more times in a game... Especially as we got Dutch back in the end after the Ravens cut him.
  12. Remember that guy on this board who was convinced Beck was the real deal based on some statistical analysis of his college career and that Shanahan was playing Jedi mind tricks by pushing Rex as the first team guy during the preseason? Also was convinced, based on statistics, that some guy (Someone McSomebody) the Jets ended up taking in the 7th round of the draft was going to be the next Brady? The moral of the story is that stats mean F all. But we could do with somebody like that around here to lighten up these long, dull days!
  13. Yep. Was watching the broadcast on the greatest games dvd set a few weeks back and indeed they did do a plug for the pilot. It was broadcast following the game.
  14. Smart choice by O'Brien there to take the field goal at the first opportunity.
  15. Phenomenal recovery by Watson there. That ought to do it!
  16. Defenses keeping this game alive. Plus some headscratcher play calling on offense.
  17. If I were an owner, I'd first hire the GM who presented me with the best vision and values for the team, e.g. a defence that sacrifices some yards in order to generate turnovers and a fast-paced short pass oriented offence, and the plan to implement it. That GM would be responsible for bringing that vision to life by hiring the head coach that best knows how to implement those systems and can prove that they have options for guys at coordinator positions that have experience with such systems, most importantly that have been executed successfully for a couple of seasons. The HC, supported by t
  18. Although I like the fact that Allen is gone and a new head coach is in place, I'm not sold on the decision making here. Retreads don't usually work out, or even perform better in their second posting. However, the circumstances are unique so there's no way of knowing how this will turn out. His track record is known and I can see that Rivera has experience of high level success, but will he be able to apply it more consistently with the Redskins and turn this team into a contender? As a fan of the team, I wish him nothing but the best. If he achieves here what he did with the Pant
  19. Well it looks, despite the US appearance, like a UK 0800 number. So you'll have nothing to lose by calling it exactly as written. Let us know how you get on. Purely for academic interest, of course.
  20. Skins start well. D generates pressure and rattles Rosen into a few mistakes and get a few sacks, one of which knocks him out of the game. Fitzpatrick comes on in relief and accidentally leads a comeback victory. Dolphins - 23 Redskins - 21
  21. Would this be the earliest any head coach has been fired in-season? Can't be much in it if not. Says more about the brain trust that couldn't recognise he was not the solution at the end of last season than anything else.
  22. So the story goes, and I fear this may well be the case. However...the 60 Minutes episode on it happened 3.5 years ago and what's been accomplished since then? Absolutely nothing. Not even a decision on site as far as we're aware. So where does the issue with the lack of progress lie? So much for influence of you aren't any closer that far down the line. How much patience does Snyder have on this?
  23. Y'all must've never heard "Life" by Des'ree: Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, Doo, doot doot dooo. Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, Doo, doot dooo I'm afraid of the dark, Especially when I'm in a park And there's no-one else around, Oh, I get the shivers I don't want to see a ghost, It's a sight that I fear most I'd rather have a piece of toast And watch the evening news Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, Doo, doot doot dooo. Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, Doo, doot dooo I'm a superstitious girl, I'm the worst in the world Never walk unde
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