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  1. Jesus what kind of fickle people are in this thread. No wonder the republicans just shystered their way into a SC superpower. It’s like this happens and people wanna give up??? What the **** people
  2. I did get an unsolicited phone call from someone purportedly representing the democrats yesterday. I told them that I was planning on voting, that the vote would be on Election Day and that it would be for Joe Biden. Hope I don’t end up on some list now.
  3. Remember 4 years ago when Trump’s pee tape conspiracy made the rounds? And the “mainstream media” range with it and gave it massive amounts of credence just like FoxNews is doing with the Biden laptop? Yeah? Me neither...
  4. Maybe I don’t watch enough TV these days but I just saw my FIRST pro-Trump TV spot of the season. It’s amazing.
  5. I think that’s a great idea, but most places (at least in VA) won’t test people without symptoms or a contact trace. It’s obviously not a strategy being pushed by the federal government. So should a person who fees a little “off” just lie?
  6. Thanks @Mr. Sinister I thought I recall you saying that you had it in some fashion early on. I get really interested in what people go through with this. As much for myself as anything. Like right now, I have had a tad bit of a sore throat for a couple days and a little lump in the back that I’d expect with an oncoming cold. Also it feels like “something” is going on with my lungs like I could possibly cough somehow, but I can take deep breaths and don’t really feel out of breath. No fever, watching my pulse O2 and no issues. So I doubt it’s anything. With m
  7. Hang in there. After this is over, I'd love to hear more details about your experience.
  8. Hunter's laptop is about as real as Trump's publicly available tax returns.
  9. I play with my 6 year old and some other friends randomly. I’d ****s with it.
  10. Well, after last night... I’m pretty sure we are ****ed. Biden is a good man, I like him a lot, and I think he’d make an excellent president. Just too many stupid, gullible people in the country. Trump’s going to win and all those idiots are going to gloat.
  11. Trump could stand to stop with this whole “you had 8 years why didn’t you do anything” bull****.
  12. Trump has done the most for the black community. He was on a Method Man CD.
  13. Biden just won the debate with the “it’s about your family”. Its ****ing over.
  14. Well Trumps dumping full on conspiracy theories now. His idiot supporters will love it.
  15. Men who THINK they are alpha males. Them open carry, pansy ass types.
  16. I am kinda worried that there’s gonna be millions of tossed democrat votes from the mail in voting process... But back to the story... Rudy????!!!!
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