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  1. So, what’s the difference between the ability to be tested daily and vaccinating athletes? Aren’t they important to returning to normalcy and aren’t they leaders and role models? There’s something sadistic to me about saying “athletes don’t get to cut in line”. As if there’s no benefit at all to the public at large to getting athletes vaccinated. It’s not like there’s a huge number of them to really, really tip the scales. It’s a drop in the bucket.
  2. Are PS5’s still impossible to find?
  3. I mean, why don't we just vaccinate all of the team's players?
  4. It’s interesting that this thread popped back up. Its me, the guy whose Nest Cam was hacked about 2 years ago, and I started this thread. I’ve recovered from the mental anguish of someone hacking into my cameras. My wife is pregnant again with our 3rd baby and well... the need for a baby monitor of sorts is going to arise. I still have both of the Nest Cams that were hacked, and guess what, I think I’m going to hook one of them back up for the baby’s room. This time I’m going to make the password a long and unused password on any of my other accounts. Most importantly,
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKUVgwkh5a1/?igshid=egfv3yx966o5
  6. It’s silly. NHL: Play a full contact sport in the most risky of all arenas with little to no face protection. Also NHL: Don’t fraternize with your teammates without a mask.
  7. That’s odd. I got my first dose on 1/11 and exit scheduled my second dose for 1/29. Sure hope that I’d be good to go for dose 2 already. Like shouldn’t they have dose 2 on reserve?
  8. Wow, why wasn’t Trump doing any of this stuff?
  9. I head Biden is pushing a vaccine rollout. Can anyone explain how that’s supposed to work?
  10. Don't worry. McConnell will be anti-impeachment soon enough.
  11. Man, the Republican Party is just full of brave Patriots with amazing backbone and the ability to really take a stand for what they believe in.
  12. Nary @China nary! Whatever **** tease we had in December was... it was NOTHING!
  13. Winter is half over and nary a flake here in VA. Just bring the warm weather at this point.
  14. So the republicans are all back peddling like we knew they would?
  15. I just got my vaccine about 2 hours ago. Kinda was a surprise that I’d be able to today, but I took advantage.
  16. If you’re not experiencing any symptoms I wouldn’t be too concerned.
  17. are you expecting any transmission symptoms? Bubbles means that there’s air in the fluid which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Also, are you checking with the engine running or off (and what does the owners manual say to do)?
  18. Watch all the asshole republicans backpedal into support of the capital siege. Before the end of this, the will come out in support of it.
  19. You know what would REALLY help? Verizon, ATT, Comcast, DirecTV, et al ALL drop Fox News and OAN. Problem solved. Of course, they don’t have the balls for something like that.
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