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  1. I watched "When They See Us." on Netflix. I was about ten or eleven when the Central Park Five happened. So, I had a vague knowledge about the subject, but did not know any of the details, and never sought it out. This show is a hard watch, not that it's bad. But what they did to those poor kids and families was just awful. I had a range of emotions from watching this. Fear, anger, and sadness to name a few. It gets an A+ from me. I think it's a must watch. Bonus: Everyone's favorite president makes an appearance. Ugh.
  2. I’ve onlY gotten to watch one episode of Narcos:Mexico S2. It was good. I’ve honestly loved all the Narcos seasons, and I expect great things from this one as well
  3. Edited because I have my facts wrong, which I guess they aren’t facts then are they? People much smarter than me told my I was wrong. While, I have the facts now, I just don’t see a need to type it up.
  4. Yeah, I need to watch the town halls then. I've never watched one. I felt that last night's debate was a crap show. A cleaner, more to the point and less attacking forum would be better for me. I'm relatively new to politics. I started playing attention about 6 years ago. I honestly didn't know about town halls till recently. I don't feel comfortable enough in my knowledge to debate anyone here and I don't want to be the cause of spreading mis information. But that is why I've relegated myself to just liking posts.
  5. I'm not visionary honestly. I can't live up to his godlike news status. But this is from the NY times: "Ordinary Americans don’t just walk up to the window and buy a seat for $28.50. Often, they got one free from someone important — like one of the candidates (who are each allotted an equal number of seats), a Democratic Party official or someone who works for the news network hosting the debate. The Charleston County Democratic Party offered sponsorship options ranging from $1,750 to $3,200, which included admission to the debate as well as access to other gatherings surrounding the event, according to a local news station, WCSC. “This is something that the average person doesn’t usually get to go to,” the station quoted the county party chair as saying. For the first Democratic debate in Miami in June, the Florida Democratic Party offered sponsorships for thousands of dollars, according to The Miami Herald. “For $4,500, a sponsor gets two tickets to a pre-debate reception on June 26 and two tickets to both debate nights,” the paper reported, as well as a $1,750 ticket that covered admission to one reception and the debate for one person." So, this isn't the first time nor will it be the last time tickets are sold.
  6. Fan since a Fetus

    The Random Thought Thread Vol 2---Read OP For Thread Rules

    My wife and I take a class a month at Sur La Table. Haven’t taken a bad class yet. Just did a delicious French cuisine that included the best chicken breast I ever had and a delicious pear with sauce for dessert. In March we are doing Korean BBQ. Can’t wait. Plus with these classes I get double the meat because my wife is a vegetarian, so that’s a win win for me. We do it with 4 other friends. Two of them don’t eat desserts because of sugar. So we always get double the desserts.
  7. It’s awesome and gets better and better. Even the final season is awesome. It ends on a perfect note. Can’t say that about very many tv shows at all. But once you’re done with that, start on Better Call Saul. You’ll probably be interested after Breaking Bad. I just finished season four of Saul and I think it’s just as good as Breaking Bad, but some people say it’s better, of course, some say it’s worse
  8. Fan since a Fetus

    The Outer Space Thread

  9. Fan since a Fetus

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread can’t figure out how to embed the tweet. I thought there were instructions around here for this stuff, but I cannot find any. Maybe I’m just missing it
  10. Fan since a Fetus

    RIP Neil Peart

    Got my tickets last night. I love Rush, although I didn't get into them until the early 2000's. While I was growing up my dad always had the classic rock station on and all I heard were there hits, and I didn't respect them much. But as I got into my early 20's, I listened to a whole album of theirs, not sure which one at this moment, I think maybe it was Counterparts. And I started collecting their catalog and love it. I got into Primus in the 90's and quit listening by the end of the 90's. They opened for Mastodon a couple years ago, and they were great on stage. They did a ton of jamming and I loved it. It made me like them all over again. I heard they covered Pink Floyd's Animals a while ago and people said it was awesome. Primus said it was their favorite tour to date. So I can't wait to see what they do with Kings.
  11. Fan since a Fetus

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    It's a little farther down on my list. It seems that the complaints are mostly about glitches, but supposedly less than a Bethesda game. Also, there isn't a lot of world feedback. So if you kill military personnel in the city, you can leave the city, and they will let you right back in like nothing happened. Even with these complaints, there are people who have really loved it. The rankings make it seem to be a good to very good game and they are particularly dinged on the ratings by glitches. So it may not be the best game you ever played, but hopefully it will be fun. Especially since we haven't had a game like this for awhile.
  12. Fan since a Fetus

    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    This is according to This was posted on 2/14. India has a little more than 4x our population. If they put in the money that we do, they'd be scary. What I've been reading is that China has been closing the gap between their spending and ours. It's been going on for several years now. Defensive spending throughout the world is supposed to increase by 3-4% this year
  13. Fan since a Fetus

    Tunisian Revolution and the Middle East

    1. China - 2,035,000 2. india - 1,444,500 3. United States of America’s - 1,359,450 4. North Korea - 1,280,000 5. Russia - 900,000 i looked at several sites and they all have these same rankings, although some numbers may be slightly off, but I think that’s due to the different dates that the data was collected
  14. Fan since a Fetus

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    That is Terry Crews playing President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in Idiocracy
  15. Fan since a Fetus

    Favorite songs from the 90s?

    No, I do not think it was the last great decade for music. There are still fantastic bands playing today, you just have to look harder for them because of how the musical landscape has changed since Napster. Anyways, here are some songs and bands that i was really into in the '90's during my teens. Pantera - It's hard to pick one. Cowboys from Hell through Reinventing the Steal were all awesome. I picked the song that I thought groove the most and had the strongest lyrics. I was really confident in myself at that time and I loved this song - Regular People (Conceit) Alice in Chains - Another band where it is really hard to pick a song. I have loved all their stuff from Facelift through their latest Rainier Fog. But if I am forced to pick, I would have a few songs from the '90's - Angry Chair, Sludge Factory, Sea of Sorrow, Brush Away, and Rain When I Die Down - Love all of their stuff. My favorite song of the '90's was Stone the Crow Blind Melon - I loved all three of their albums. I think Shannon Hoon is one of the most underrated singers. I really wished he lived longer. He had so much more to tell. I thought Soup was way underrated. Favorite songs are: St. Andrews Fall, Skinned, Change, Toes Across the Floor, Sleepyhouse, Drive and Vernie (Vern was the name of a wonderful black lab I had, this song will always be one that speaks to me, "If I had a heart I would want it to be like Vernie's"), Megadeth - Loved all their albums from Killing is My Business through Countdown to Extinction. My favorite album from them was Rust in Peace. Lucretia and Holy Wars were awesome. I tried learning the solos, but I'm not much of a lead player, definitely can't play like that. Sepultura - Another band I loved several albums of. From Schizophrenia to Chaos A.D. - I think through all of those years my favorite is Refuse/Resist. I really liked the whole Chaos A.D. album. Slayer - Loved them from the '80's through the '90's - Favorite song from the 90's was War Ensemble. Ministry - Only ever liked Psalm 69. I really don't like their other stuff. Favorite songs are Scarecrow, Just One Fix and Psalm 69 Marilyn Manson - I used to enjoy his first 4 albums, but I don't listen to him anymore. Favorite two albums were Portrait of an American Family and Antichrist Superstar. Favorite songs are Antichrist Superstar, Dogma, Cake & Sodomy, and Get Your Gun Morbid Angel - I was a humongous fan in the early '90's about 2005. Favorite albums through were Covenant and Formulas Fatal to Flesh. Favorite songs were God of Emptiness, Rapture, Dominate, Where the Slime Live, Heaving Earth, Invocation of the Continual One Tool - Only ever liked the album Aenima, in fact loved this album. Some days I still listen to it. Favorite songs are - Aenima and Hooker with a Penis Carcass - I first got turned on to them with Heartwork. To Like all their albums though. Favorite song is - Heartwork