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  1. I haven't liked Steven Wilson's last two efforts. To the Bone was to polished for me. It wasn't raw. It just felt over produced and friendly i guess. I really don't know how to explain it. The Future Bites is not my style at all. I however did like 12 things I Forgot, Follower has grown on me, and Count of Unease. On the B-Sides version, I love Move Like a Fever. I do like In Floral Green even though that is a Lonely Robot song...If i remember correctly. But the song that hits me the most out of these two albums is Refuge. This song was released prior to the album. I played it non
  2. I know we have Anthrax fans in here. I just purchased their live stream for $25. It starts in 12 minutes. It's their 40th anniversary show. They will be playing songs from every era. Go to anthraxlive.com
  3. A little bit of receding hairline and he would be like "Welcome to Guitar Center." If you want to know the Pentatonic in 4/4, you've come to the RIGHT place.
  4. Maybe Russia leaked the documents to further the divide in America. They leak just enough for the left to say there is proof and just enough for the right to say nut uh nannie nannie boo boo.
  5. Right on! Fantastic to hear that you are winning your battle! Love it! My issues have been documented here. Life in general resonates more with me now that I'm not battling everyday to stay alive. All my energy was consumed with just trying to make it through the day. I didn't notice a lot of what was around me. Now I do, but I have the energy to take notice and it's a fantastic feeling. It's the big things and the small things.
  6. Slow progress is still progress. Sometimes it’s really difficult to see. But, one day, you may wake up and look out the window and realize you’ve been doing quite well along. Especially considering the difficult circumstances people are challenged with.
  7. Same thing I did. I’ll be stocking up on these games for cheap, especially with the upgrades on next gen
  8. I’ll start looking on adult friend finder. Interested in relationship with other male. Interests include football, video games and music. I mean, what could go wrong
  9. I’m not touching Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us 2, or Jedi Fallen Order until I get a PS5. I’ve got a bit to play still. I have to finish Kingdom Come, Death Stranding and Control first. Then I will need to blow the dust off the Switch and play Breath of the Wild. I bought that game a year and a half ago and haven’t touched it.
  10. Yes, Relationships ebb and flow. The thing is I knew this guy going back to when I lived in fl. I met him at about 24. We moved to al within a couple months of each other. Not planned, it just worked out that way. I guess I expected more after knowing someone for 18 years. oh well, I’ll move forward. I got my wife and two flippin awesome dogs!!!
  11. I have to vent for a second. I moved from Hunstville, AL to Houston TX two years ago. I had a friend in Huntsville, well, I thought he was a life friend. I didn't like his wife and she didn't like me. That's ok I was always there for them through their many many life health issues. They are very big people. I was there every moment that they needed someone, including when they had a child. I never felt this was reciprocated. this goes for him or her. Their child was fantastic and I grew a relationship with her. So, the last year I live in AL, I stop drinking with him every week bec
  12. Are you commenting on the adult toys? Because I have read about several adult places around here that have been raided over their selections. It is an archaic ruling that they are eluding to. In fact, I think the last one was around 2008? an employee got arrested at one of the Cindie's adult stores here for selling products that have a life like look to human anatomy. Honestly it is a stupid law and adults can make their own decisions. **** anyone that thinks otherwise. Also, to be clear Larry, I am not saying that you feel this way,
  13. Here in Texas Abott recently signed a law that you do not need training or permits for purchasing a handgun. I believe a background check is not necessary, however, I am not sure, so please don't quote me on that. This goes into affect in September. A lot of people own guns here in TX. In fact, when I was buying houses I did not come across one that did not have a gun safe. I inherited one that is now being used for adult toys
  14. I just watched No Sudden Move on HBO Max. It was really good. It's a noir thriller with tons of stars. Don Cheadle (one of my favorite actors), Benecio Del Torro ( another one of my favorites), Brendan Fraser who does not look like Brendan Fraser (I didn't realize who he was until about halfway into the movie), Ray Liotta, Matt Damon and some other great casting of people that I don't know their names. I thought it was a good representation of how this country works. You don't get that in the beginning, but by the end, you'll understand. Anyways, it was a really solid movie that my
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