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  1. I'm really worried about this election. I really have a disgusting feeling that it is going to go down in a very bad way. My wife wants me to keep my spirits up about the election, and not think negatively, but I just cannot help it. Trump is right though. He is warning us that this will be the most dishonest and rigged election ever. I have family members that have cussed me out and have called me all kinds of names because I haven't bowed down with them to lick Trump's and the Republican's droppings. For this reason, I am glad Trump has become president. Some of the people I have associated with have shown their true colors and I have come to the realization that I do not need to associate with them any longer. These are the same people that have put me down my whole life and have made me feel like a horrible person. No more. It's been freeing in a way. If things don't go to hell completely, it would be great if we could see the majority of this country band together and work for the betterment of it's people instead of against it. If we could change the way this country is run and create laws so this never happens again, then I will say Trump was a success. A success at bringing us together to move the U.S.A. forward and hopefully the world. There is so much more to say, but this is all I can muster after a long day.
  2. Dude, are you trying to kill the guy? We must also shine a light in his rectum to insure he recovers 100%. I think the only question now is if this should be the normal bottoms up approach or top down?
  3. yeah, I just boil them til slightly soft and crumble them. Didn’t use Hing, although we normally have it. I did not have the ajwain either, so that was also skipped. I used the lemon juice for the amchur. We love Indian food, so we have a lot of the spices. But, yeah, generally the spices are found in ethnic food stores. Maybe amazon? I’m not sure. I think garam masala is one the spices that isn’t readily available everywhere that you can’t leave out. Also, I’ve never tried them baked. Only fried in a pot. It would be much easier to bake them. Maybe next time. But you put in so much work, in the end you just want them to come out great. thanks for the saltenas, I need a beef one. I’ll try next time my wife doesn’t want somosas. She’s a vegetarian.
  4. I don’t know a ton of DMV artists, but I do really like some of the Animals as Leaders stuff.
  5. if you do Indian food again, try these somosas. They are killer. They take some time, but worth it, especially if you make your own dough. Also, this whole site has killer Indian recipes.
  6. He is is Ziltoid looking for the ultimate cup of coffee!!! Black!!!
  7. Excellent show that was unfortunately cancelled. The guy playing Edmund Kemper was incredible. That was casting done right.
  8. I have to try Nier again. Wasn’t feeling good when I played it. I got stuck around the 9 hour mark and just couldn’t power through any longer. Loved what I did play though. It was defintely unique, and i would recommend it just on my limited experience.
  9. Just a thought and maybe it was already said. But GMSM might not want to trash anyone in the front office publicly. He's still angling for NFL work. I'm sure the last thing he wants on his resume Is the leaking of front office information and happenings. That is a sure fire way to not have a NFL job again. I'm not making fun or light of his alcohol addiction. That is a demon I've known many people to battle. Even myself. But the guy still wants and needs NFL work. Look at people who are whistler blowers all over the country. They are supposed to be protected, but at the end of the day they're all job less or working a lesser job than they've had before and they also face a lot of public scorn. If Scott does anything but sing praises on everyone, he will be out of a job as well. I am saying this in the assumption that he still does free lance work for organisations
  10. i feel sorry for mine named Karen. She’s super nice but does have the short blonde hair look.
  11. But, isn't this the beauty of life? We change constantly, some for the better, some for the worse. Whether or not people have found this name to be offensive for 20, 15, 10, 5 years ago, or just this year is irrelevant. The fact that they have grown and decided that a name change is in the best interest of everyone involved (minus the people against the name change), is really fascinating because I believe they are supporting a name change with good intentions. People don't stay static, whether or not they believe they do. The whole 'he stands by his convictions' (I think that's the saying), is really dumb to me. I don't have one current friend like that. I typically find that a negative (not in every scenario though). I do try to surround myself with people that are open to others opinions and are willing to change their mind when new facts are submitted. Now, I do not fit into the category of your first sentence. I grew up with the name and for 30+ years of my life, I had no problem with it. But, it has gotten to the point that my wife and I can't proudly wear our gear. We don't want to be associated with something people view as racist and uncaring. We are not o.k. or casual about that. Mainly because of the name, we haven't bought anything Redskins related for the last ten years. I have sold almost all of my memorabilia with the exception of important things to me like a ball signed by the whole Super Bowl Team and a seat cushion from the seat cushion game. I have also removed all things Redskins from our vehicles. I for one really hope that society in general pushes forward and is more inclusive and caring. I would love a name change. We shouldn't avoid a name change just because it upsets a few fans or people. Money shouldn't be in consideration either, even though it 100% is. In this world change is constant. It is your decision to be on whatever side you feel is correct. I've picked my side. I am rooting to be more inclusive, less hateful, and I look forward to proudly wear burgundy and gold colors again. Final note. Whether or not Redskins name was meant to be racist or not, a popular positive view of the word has changed. The major players against the name have spoken in a huge way. It's not up to us whether the name stays or changes. What is up to us is how we deal with the situation. I am really hoping people are open minded and I really hope Redskins fans continue to support this team and understand that this change was forced upon them. in my opinion, this is the best possible outcome at this point in time. Change excites me. I look forward to it.