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  1. I've been having a hard time finding newer bands that I like. I want that feeling when I first heard Devin Townsend's - Terria, Porcupine Tree's - Signify, Opeth's - Still Life and a few others. I haven't had an album on repeat since about 2006? It was Porcupine Tree's - Fear of a Blank Planet. While I know Porcupine Tree aren't heavy metal, I just want that emotional connection to the music. I'm just not getting that anymore. I listen a lot, and I listen to tons of new bands, but there just isn't an emotional connection to anyone. Gojira's - Another World was just another Gojira s
  2. Haha, yeah I went back a few pages earlier and saw your phone status and thought to myself...hmmm weird post...congrats on your 8.5 hours of screen time though. Most excellent!!! And boy will this be a story.
  3. Not sure if anyone here is an Iced Earth fan. This guy was always an overrated douche bag. When the Eagle Cries - indeed.
  4. Ha, thanks. It really wasn't worth remembering. It was just me being really dumb. I knew then that I needed to step aside for a bit
  5. I've been off here for a few months. I was super stressed and needed a break. I am brought back by this. I didn't even know about it until 8 p.m. last night. But first, I made an ass of myself with @Larry before I left and for that I apologize to everyone but especially Larry. Warning: Nothing new here - I'm sure: I think this situation should bring everyone associated with it down. Everyone from Trump to Fox News (I say that word very lightly when referring to them) to any politician that supported this and anyone that showed up yesterday to attack our capital. It is embarras
  6. The Best Testament: Like One You’ll Never Believe Trump 2020: And Jesus the sun of Trump said something. It was incredible. It was the best something I’ve ever heard. Words like you wouldn’t believe. Not quite as good as my debate against Sleepy Joe and the wonderful answer I had about racial inequaties, but it was good...or as I like to say Super Duper. But, this is what he said. It is probably my favorite part, he said “Daddy” hehe, Jesus still calls me daddy, but he said, “People of Democratic Cities. My daddy sends you to hell for your lack of votes. We
  7. I agree with you guys. Maybe, I am just not making my point clearly. Biden should not be divisive. The whole speak softly but carry a big stick applies here. Maybe, I've used way to many words to get that across. But I'm out, you guys are good. I really don't feel like arguing about it. It's not in my list of things to do. @larry - just look a couple posts up. Your last post on this page before I responded. After what we were discussing earlier, was that not a jab at me? Cause that's the way I took it. If I took it wrong, my apologies.
  8. Oh good, I got your attention. I never said it was just Trump. The thing is, we are on the same side. Your snide remark is unappreciated. I just don't think you can damn a whole section of people and still lead this country effectively. That's my 2 cents and I'll leave it here. You won.
  9. I understand what you are saying and I agree. What I don't agree with is choosing to point fingers right now and damn them. With things as volatile as they are, I don't think you fan the flames. Its great that we can sit and say these things on a message board, but I don't want to hear that from our president. I want to hear about unification. I've had enough of Donald and his divisive rhetoric. We don't need more of that. But, we have had many more than four Republicans that have come out in support of Biden. I am not talking just about current politician
  10. I’m feeling better about the election today. I really think it’s a Trump move to say “look over here” while he does nefarious things elsewhere in our government. So, I fear for the government in the near future, but ultimately, we will dig out from this mountainous turd. I just wish they face treason charges if they are intentionally not focused on defending this country and are focused on defending The giant turd muffin. also, I don’t think Joe should start pointing fingers at Republicans as a whole. He will need their help with getting into office and helping to turn the country
  11. A quick search on the XBOX smoking tends to lean unverifiable for now. It looks like two separate videos have popped up. I’m leaning not true until more verifiable evidence is shown. If people are faking these videos, they suck.
  12. Is there an absolute ton to do like in Odyssey? Actually, I don't mind a ton to do. I guess a better question is it repetitive? But you've might not gotten far enough to tell yet.
  13. The same here, not after Odyssey. I've liked 3 AC games. Origins, syndicate and black flag. The rest suck in my opinion. I was looking forward to the lore and setting in Valhalla, but I have no interest right now. It doesn't help that there are lot of glitches from what I have read. Seems they should have delayed the game a bit instead of releasing when they weren't ready. Maybe I'll check it out in a couple of years when it gets cheaper.
  14. Listen to the advise above. But, if there is one more thing that might help in easing your mind, take solace in the fact that they've lost somewhere around 10 court hearings already. Please don't quote me on the specific number, but it's somewhere around there. But, they are trying to take over this country. It's really friggin scary. I've never been afraid of something like this. It's been said that people would try, but it was all just noise. This is not noise and they are going to give it their best effort. I say, for now, just follow the actual facts and not listen
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