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  1. There are dildos in this pic. No I’m not talking about Daniel Jones or Mike McCarthy
  2. I was going to watch it for the rape scenes, but if they’re not there, I’ll just turn on my computer, use a VPN since I live in Texas and download some Stormy. just joking, I don’t want to watch anything involving that blob and anything sexual. I’m not watching a movie about him. I’m done. The only thing I’m watching is the news for when he inevitably dies. I just hope it’s by auto erotic asphyxiation. If he does die that way, I hope he has some reinforced gold socks he can use as the noose. Don’t want it to come loose. He really needs to blow one last time. The red tie is too long to do the job edit: him and Snyder do it in the same room at the same time!!! I think I just blew thinking of that one
  3. When is Snyder not furious? Seriously **** him in his little guy syndromed ass. Same goes for all the people that liked him and helped prop him up like the dead beat dad Tom Cruise.
  4. I swear, one day these dumb mother****ers are going to come out and claim “Brawndo’s got what plants crave.”the only reason they will do it is because the rest of us love our H2O.
  5. MTG is a stupid whore who probably uses steroids. I know I sound like I went to the “Harrison Butker’s School of Thoughts for Men,” but I only stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. I can say she’s a whore because she is in fact a whore. MTG would serve us better in a random kitchen somewhere or on her back while making sandwiches than she does in Congress. Thanks for listening to my Fetus Talk today.
  6. ^ His ties are more like a caution signs for his belly. Kind of like when you overload your truck and you have to put the red flags on things sticking out of the bed.
  7. @Simmsy I Tonya was fantastic. Margot was awesome in that one! That’s when I realized she is a really good actress.
  8. i feel like Tanya Harding could be an all American Hero here. Make up for ruining Nancy. Does Tanya live in Missouri? It seems like a place she would live. Also fitting is Tonya threw a hubcap at one of her boyfriend’s head one time. Surely a hubcap can be used on someone who is running either on or near streets. The perfect crime.
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