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  1. Difference is that was a brand new movie telling the story of a long existing battle that we as viewers were coming into the middle of. Now we have an established history that we can look back onto and build off of and that you have to take into account. So you didnt have the issue/responsibility explaining what happened in the last 30 years to cause all of this. How these characters we know so well are now so different or how they get into such different circumstances.
  2. Yes, Rose and Canto was such a waste of time. Would have been MUCH better used at least showing a chunk of Rey and Luke training or something along those lines. If Mandalorian keeps up this quality of episode over the season Ill be super happy, already looking forward to season 2. I love having this brand new Star Wars character that we have no idea about at all. No idea where this show could be going. Im rather diehard, seen everything, but I really like the new characters as well. Finn and Kylo are my favorites of the new ones, dont really care one way or the other about Poe.
  3. Disney has done a poor job overall in building the story, it would have been much better if they had set the guidelines and told the directors to work within those. So far it seems they let them do whatever they want. Hopefully after 9 I will be proven wrong and it all comes together. Either way, Im really looking forward to seeing 9 in a month. The next Mandalorian episode is directed by Deborah Chow who will be directing all of the Obi Wan series, so Im hoping its fantastic and gives us a good look into the quality we can expect for Obi Wan.
  4. Yeah. And thats with Luke having trained with great Jedi Masters in Obi Wan and Yoda. Reys training to date comes out to Luke asking her if she could feel the force and then tickling her hand. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Marvel humor fits so well in Star Wars.
  5. MisterPinstripe

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce Allen: "We are close" Bill Callahan: "We were not close today" We are so bad, that we got DOMINATED by a 2-7 Jets team. We are so bad we never had a chance against one of the worst teams in the league. The extreme hatred I have for Bruce Allen is growing by the minute.
  6. Yeah.... Finn was one of my favorite characters from TFA so him being tied up in that wasted plot line was extra disappointing.
  7. I don't expect perfect, nor do I think the others were perfect. I just think there is more in TLJ and more blatant ones and ones that bothered me more than other movies. Plus the changes it made to the Star Wars universe. I'm not nitpicking on small things here and there. I bet I could put forward a good bit more issues with TLJ then we could for the others. I walked out of the Last Jedi trying to love it, convincing myself it was great, so it's not like that just went in wanting to dislike it. I also have no issue if someone else loves it and I'm not going to tell someone there reasons for liking it, it disliking others, are wrong or invalid.
  8. I think what I was most disappointed in personally with TLJ was the poor writing and holes. Rian Johnson is supposed to be a great writer so I was super hyped for it, felt really let down by what we actually got.
  9. I can't stand him. It's like he thinks since he voiced a character he now has full authority. Basically according to him if you hate The Last Jedi it's because you are butt hurt about a woman character in Star Wars. Or of you have any critiques or issues with how Rey has been developed. I'm sorry, what?
  10. Ive got Disney + free for the first year since I have Verizon Unlimited, but even at that its pretty cheap. Im most looking forward to the original series from Star Wars, Marvel, etc. Yeah, I find it really hard to get through the Phantom Menace. There are some really cool scenes in there, like the fight with Maul, but as a whole it feels really slow and drawn out. On the flip side I think Revenge of the Sith is one of my favorites and definitely the best of the prequels.
  11. Cant wait to see where the Mandalorian goes, getting into Episode 2 as soon as I can tomorrow. Started watching Episode 4 since its easy to just pull up and watch with Disney Plus and my kids are really into it. They have seen them all before but its been awhile plus my two younger ones dont seem to really remember seeing them. I have the de-specialized editions on an external hard drive but its just so much easier to just play off of Disney Plus I am just going to deal with it. May try watching 4 and 5 with them and then "flashback" to Episode 2 and 3 before finishing with 6,7, and 8 leading up to 9. Im going to skip Rogue One for now so I dont confuse them as to the timeline.
  12. MisterPinstripe

    ES Soccer Thread

    I’ve been watching a lot of Chelsea recently with Pulisic moving over there. I realized the last couple of weeks how much I have thoroughly enjoyed watching their games in stark contrast to the lack of fun that is Everton. The quality is just so much higher in basically every aspect, it makes me sad to think about.
  13. MisterPinstripe

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I have to cling to something. It's all that I have.
  14. MisterPinstripe

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    My only, slim hope is that all of this finally embarrasses Snyder enough that he makes the right changes. How can a person hear how much the fans hate this, see how fans just arent coming anymore because of this, and hear about how he and Allen are viewed around the league and keep doing the same thing?