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  1. If we have to change the name I would prefer to leave everything else the same. Surely the logo isn’t an issue as it’s just the profile of a Native American, not cartoony like the Indians logo. I don’t like the idea of a new logo and a new name at all, so if I had to pick something I would just do the Washington Football Club or Washington FC like soccer and keep everything else the same.
  2. You also would have a lot fewer than 90 percent of black people not offended by a name like that. There are more native Americans that like the name then those who want it gone let alone those not offended by it. Its like people are trying to tell native Americans what they are offended by because they can’t figure it out for themselves. I think until that changes there is no need to change the name.
  3. He's good enough to have a breakout season and make our offense better if he is able to be on the field. He was averaging something crazy like 7+ yards when not in shotgun. He only ran 8 or so times from shotgun and it was like yard per I think but also crazy low sample size. With how much more space you get running out of shotgun I would expect that to be more normal after more carries and more of a fluke. If Guice stays healthy and Haskins just plays like he did at the end of the season we make the playoffs I think.
  4. His only thing will be staying healthy. If he does, he will be a monster.
  5. Eh, losing antibodies doesnt mean that your body has forgotten how to produce them if it detects the virus again.
  6. I think that party layout leaves a lot of people wanting. I am more conservative and right now there is no party that I feel like I can fit into so I have none right now. I would probably say I’m a right leaning moderate. Biden may catch some moderates, but as a right leaning moderate I need something else. The extremes and then a Biden type leaves a lot of people without a party basically.
  7. The point of the shutdown was to flatten the curve not eliminate the virus. As long as it doesn’t ramp up too much having virus cases should be expected and not damaging to that plan of not overwhelming hospitals. The next couple of weeks should be pretty telling on if that’s the case or not.
  8. Agreed, but I do think you get a big jump start if you can start prosecuting police when they commit a crime as a cop instead of just firing them. Like we have seen popping up very recently. If it’s a crime for a citizen to brutally beat someone it should be the same punishment for a police officer. They feel free to act this way because there haven’t been consequences.
  9. Doubt that, think it was the jumping off point for other countries though. Racism is a big issue in Europe at least, not sure about the rest of the world. Heck, in Italy people have thrown bananas onto the field during soccer games.
  10. I will be beyond shocked if they actually get rid of police and their city doesn’t get slammed by crime. If I was a criminal I would make that my new HQ. And I say that as someone that is fed up by police and think the current system is broken but pretty fixable doing the couple of things I mentioned earlier.
  11. That’s already the law. They can’t hold anyone for any reason unless they suspect them of a crime. The problem is cops think they have power over people and think they can do whatever they want without consequence. And so far that has been the case. If we want to see real change in policing then the police need to actually face charges for breaking the law, even for something as small as holding someone against their will when they have no authority to.
  12. Agreed, defunding the police is moronic. I think removing the police union power to protect/hide dangerous cops is one step. Also prosecuting police when they assault, kill, arrest, etc when they have no authority to do so would be big. It would make officers more careful and should root out the dangerous ones before they can kill. until this week their worst punishment is getting fired and having to go work at a different department.
  13. Not too worried about sample after just 10 carriers. But oh my word those under center numbers. No one else is close. He could average 5 yards a carry in shotgun and still have the largest discrepancy.
  14. I'm pretty sure Sims ran a 4.3 forty, he's pretty fast. I see I missed some posts saying that as well. Just watch him play and he is blowing by people, he is not a 4.5 guy, people cannot catch him.
  15. Haha, I was hoping that wouldn't go unnoticed. I hear what you are saying.