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  1. Seattle recently with the legion of boom.
  2. Not that I have seen, though there are some blog posts written during the season that I dont always read so some could be from him. Though I think its a bit more of a slower paced forum then ES.
  3. I went over to bgobsession.com, its a good forum with a number of people from ES that moved over there. I go back and forth between these two, though ES is where I spend most of my time.
  4. Two firsts would not get Aaron Rodgers.
  5. You can't take things too seriously. He always posts baked, it's all explained in his name.
  6. I wonder if there would be a positive impact to the team in media, as well as players, if Jay-Z is a minority owner?
  7. Love the tweet about vet telling rookie that there is no walking around here. That is such a different mentality then we have had.
  8. Messing with fate right there.
  9. Arent the Saints too far over the cap to even afford a top 10 contract let alone the rest of their draft?
  10. I'm getting my Moderna shot 2 on May 7th. For those of you who have gotten Moderna, any insight on how it was? So far from skimming this it seems to be mainly exhaustion or has there been more? I really am hoping I don't feel like vomiting...
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