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  1. In regards to the late round picks hitting, I think it’s more then decent value when you have those guys contributing and even starting. That’s more hits there then expected.
  2. I don't get why Turner insists wasting carries on Barber. Just give his carries to Gibson.
  3. I like winning. But I want Lawrence. But it’s too early to think that way. But I want Lawrence. But I hate the Giants.
  4. Sounds like a bad QB if they can't do that. There are a chunk of plays, especially with Terry, where he is wide open in the middle of the field and Haskins either doesn't see him or just doesn't throw it. The throws are there, easy ones, he just isn't taking them.
  5. Thats the argument you should choose, not Haskins throwing it short. The play was designed, it appeared to me, for the short routes to draw up some defenders and the scissors routes to get the two in the endzone open in the back corner. I touch pass to the back right seemed to be the designed option. I cant say I was thrilled with the decision to go for it instead of taking 3 points.
  6. Seeing how many times Haskins just didnt see/throw it to a wide open Terry just against Baltimore makes me optimistic we will at least some improvement.
  7. You said he lied and told Dan that he would develop him. Idiotic. You make Dan look like a brilliant football mind.
  8. omg, I said I had no issue benching him. What a stupid thing to say. Very simple question, is it easy to see responsibility on defense when you dont know the call? Is it much easier for us as fans watching the game to see the bad throws, bad decisions, missed chances etc? How do you know Apke was supposed to be there and wasnt? How do you know Apke wasnt supposed to be on the other side of the field but saw the play happening and booked it over there? Im not saying I think that, but its way easier to see the issues with Haskins.
  9. How do you know he lied and told Dan that? Maybe he told Dan he would give him a handful of games to prove himself and if he didnt he was yanking him. Thats quite an assumption.
  10. I got no issue with Apke being benched for someone else. The issue for me though is its harder to see if Apke is at fault on plays or not. Haskins we can see the missed throws, we can see the hesitation, we can see the opportunities not taken. With Apke we have to know who was supposed to have the coverage, plus its not like hes giving up a TD every game or anything. For all we know Apke was over near the play even though it wasnt his responsibility.
  11. Do you think Dan Snyder is a good football mind that can spot a QB worthy of developing?
  12. I think its a loser mentality if the coaches had a QB that they thought was awful and was not improving at all and kept playing him regardless. If your QB wont develop then its beyond stupid to keep giving him the same chance. Something has got to change.
  13. I dont think I would be so far down on him if it wasn't for the apparently attitude problem. There were little things throughout the offseason that concerned me, made me think he didn't take criticism well, and it seems like that is turning out to be the case. IF its true as reported that he worked hard until he was given the starting job and then started coasting again, hes done. Its that kind of stuff which makes me think hes just not good enough, doesn't have the mentality to make it. No one with that mentality is going to have the drive to turn it around.
  14. I think if Haskins was a 2nd or 3rd round pick a lot of this would be different. Both in how he seeys himself, how the fans see him, and it would have been better in not rushing him to play. To give him a chance to sit 3 years and hope he improves.
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