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  1. MisterPinstripe

    Any dog lovers want a 10 month boxer mix?

    Where are you located?
  2. Heres my wild theory. Kylo Ren knew that the Emperor was still around in some fashion, be it bodily or some sort of force ghost type thing. He knew he had to fully embrace the dark side to bring him out of hiding, which was why he was fighting against the call of the light. And why he said in the first one, while looking at Vaders mask, that he was going to finish what Vader started. Disney has pulled some stuff from the books that arent canon, and there was one book where the Emperor had created clones of himself and Luke went to the dark side in order to get to and destroy the Emperor.
  3. MisterPinstripe

    Starting QB 2019???

    If we could trade for Rosen and then draft a WR in the first round I would be pretty excited. We need another LB but have to go WR early I think.
  4. I'm just so sad for you that you haven't experienced the greatness of Calvin and Hobbes or the joy that comes from it. It's my fav. On a football note, I really hope we trade for Rosen, as long as it's not a first.
  5. MisterPinstripe


    I'll admit, I started to get upset. Forgot what day it was.
  6. MisterPinstripe

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    Get them out of trouble for what? Jussie said it was a couple of white guys saying racist things that attacked him. So it couldnt be these guys, unless he was lying to police/making a false report........ Again, nothing wrong with buying those supplies, why would they need to make up a story to protect themselves.... Hmm Those two guys have no need to make up any story about Jussie if hes telling the truth, the only way it matters is if he lied to police and made a false report about what actually happened. In addition, the DA never said he wasnt guilty or didnt do it. They just said they decided to drop the charges as he spent time doing community service and let them keep 10k. Why would he let them keep 10k if he was innocent and didnt do anything? And why seal the records unless there is something he or the DA didnt want the public to find out about?
  7. We never know if any player we draft will be good enough to be a one. But we still draft them and plan on them producing. I haven't seen anything yet that says he won't be good.
  8. Yeah, but they aren't going to find a number one receiver in FA anyway. If you don't bring in players because you have holes that you can't fill, you aren't going to bring in anyone. Since we need a WR the draft is the only way that will be accomplished, not trying to get any talent until then would be unwise and put you behind the 8 ball even more.
  9. Don't forget we have Reuben Foster. Him and CJ Mosley in the middle with our DL would be destructive.
  10. You are right with WR, but Guice has had plenty of time to heal up and be back as our number 1. Then draft a WR with the 15th pick and go from there.
  11. Really just last two years. Last year he missed 7 and was playing injured in a couple so not very effective. Missed one last year and was injured in a couple so wasnt as effective as he could have been.
  12. MisterPinstripe

    Starting QB 2019???

    I dont care too much unless Allen trades away our 2020 1st round pick and thus screws us from being able to draft a QB that year after we suck this next year.
  13. MisterPinstripe

    2018 - 19 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread

    Bah, those other teams have to play the Stanley Cup Champions, they have the tough road.