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  1. I really honestly prefer no name then a new name. Keep it Washington Football Team or Washington Football Club.
  2. One benefit to building a great team missing just a QB? You get a top QB wanting to be the last piece. Come to papa Aaron. A LA Brady and the Bucs.
  3. Exactly my point. I have been a Smith fan, but he couldnt even do what he usually did before his injury. And even with that and our offense super hampered we went 5-2 or 6-3 with Haskins benched. So we add a guy who can put up offense and is probably about a mid range QB and its easy to see the expectation of a decent improvement on offense especially with another valid WR in Samuels.
  4. And most of that was Haskins. With him benched we went what, 5-2? 6-3? We win the division comfortably and above 500 last year if Haskins doesn't play the first half of the year.
  5. I got mine this morning, finally those kids are paying off!
  6. Those saying we needed a QB before FA if we wanted a receiver... Meanwhile Jets and Dolphins also have no one? Frustrating if yet again we don't get help for McLaurin. What is getting bargains helping with?
  7. No, but that doesn't really mean anything. Not only did he also have a rushing touchdown, but there were also a number of drops that would have made those stats look even better. The only QB who put up better numbers against the Bucs in the playoffs was Rodgers. And Heinicke was coming in with only a handful of time with the team and didn't find out he was starting until a day or two before the game. So yeah, it was darn impressive and everyone is interested to see what he can do with a full offseason with the team. Because why would we not be? I really don't understand why it's u
  8. Be interesting to see what happens if the Cowboys franchise Dak. Another franchise tag would mean 50+, so seems likely another franchise would screw them on a long term contract. Plus, teams apparently would have no issue offering two first round picks for him either.
  9. Except we ended the season 5-2, and those two loses were the two games Haskins had to play because of injury. With a QB like Stafford or above we are easily into the playoffs with a much better record. And Hurtz and the Eagles were LOSING when he was pulled and he had 70 yards passing all game. He was not some dominate player who left the game beating us. How did they hand us the game when they were LOSING?
  10. Disagree, a truly elite QB covers many holes.
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