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  1. MisterPinstripe

    Uplifting Stories Thread

    Major props to UT. Its amazing what they did for that kid. Heck I was tearing up when I saw the shirt they created from his design.
  2. Jay has been consistent since he's been here of having one type of back like Guice or Peterson active and then the other two are CT and basically his backup.
  3. I like it. He just wants to get out on the field and play, tired of talking about it. Hes going to be hitting holes hard on Sunday.
  4. Yeah, my issue is then he is showing more loyalty to his old team then ours. So is he telling us if he is in the meeting room and knows something about the Eagles that we are missing he wont mention it?
  5. MisterPinstripe

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Really pissed me off, more than I expected. Every team has one player except the Falcons who have two and the Redskins with 0.
  6. MisterPinstripe

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Brutal. It was a combination of things, this is a league with keepers and I had no RBs last year. Everyone else kept their good RBs so I was going to be out of luck for the most part anyway. To top it off, was later in the draft order and missed the first 3 rounds due to unforeseen events.
  7. MisterPinstripe

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    I'm just going to throw this out there. We may have not liked how the offense player last year, but the simple fact is we were leading the NFC East until we got hammered with injuries. It's not a fluke to win that many games in the NFL. The only difference from last year is Smith is gone injured and we have Guice and our other players back healthy. Why wouldn't we be able to do that again? Our defense has gotten better and they played great as well until injuries hit us. Our defense will be better this year and I think our offense will be better with the addition of Guice. The major concern is more turnovers with Keenum. In addition, the Eagles defense isn't as good as it was in the Super Bowl year. Finally, the outlier season for Wentz was 2017. 2016 with Wentz the Eagles were 7-9, 2018 they were 5-6. They are definitely beatable and I expect us to be fighting for the playoffs all year if we stay healthy.
  8. MisterPinstripe

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I have another rough year when it comes to RBs.... 12 team league: QB Patrick Mahomes RB Tarik Cohen RB Tevin Coleman WR Tyreek Hill WR Adam Thielen TE Zack Ertz WR Allen Robinson Def Bears D/ST K Fairbairn Bench: WR Marvin Jones Jr WR Terry McLaurin RB Kalen Ballage RB Dion Lewis TE Jordan Reed Im thinking of trying to see if I can trade Mahomes for a really good RB and then use someone like Philip Rivers instead. But Mahomes was killer for me last year.
  9. MisterPinstripe

    Welcome to the Redskins Terry Mclaurin WR Ohio State

    Its such a strange feeling having no idea what to expect from Terry McLaurin as we havent seen him, but the players and coaches talk like this about him as a rookie.
  10. MisterPinstripe

    2019 NFL Predictions

    Can't say until regular season play. One of the big knocks in college was him being confused by defensive coordinator s. He will be up against better ones in the NFL. Giants don't win 6 games this year.
  11. Because he's an awesome character and there is about a 20 year period that we haven't seen where there could be a lot of interesting stories. For example, Vader tells Luke that Obi Wan once thought as he did. When? Last we saw Obi Wan he thought he had killed Anakin, so an Obi Wan series could have that interaction. There is a lot of stuff like that.
  12. Whenever there have been hold outs in the past across the NFL fines have been mentioned. Don't recall ever seeing an incident where it wasn't reported. Now this isn't a hold out per se, but same type of situation.
  13. Any idea why we aren't fining him? If they expect him back and are talking I have no issue with no fines. Or maybe they don't want to cause strife which, again, I understand. But if he just won't come back they should start fining him.
  14. I havent seen any reports on this, but maybe I have just missed them. Have the Redskins fined Trent at all for not showing up/being around? If they havent been as it seems, what does that tell us about this situation? To me that seems to lean more towards the positive end and perhaps they have communication with him and are willing to not fine him as they feel he will be back? Of course if I have just been missing the reports on the fines this is moo.
  15. MisterPinstripe

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    Don't know what game they were watching. There were about 5 flags thrown and a 15 yard penalty assessed after the catch which took it halfway to the endzone.