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  1. Yes, we have certainty that Snyder is gone and Harris knows how to run sports franchises. And we finally have a real FO structure with top talent. So optimistic for the future and these hirings.
  2. I loved the comment from Matt Ryan after Quinn came into Atlanta. "I felt like I got traded but kept coming to the same building". Thats a culture change.
  3. Interesting that Morris seemed to prefer us to the Falcons, came back to us after getting the offer to see if we would hire him. Though maybe just a money leverage play. Really interesting and telling read. Also, Johnson complaining about the "basketball guys"? They were in their for 1 hour of the 4 hours he interviewed.
  4. Johnson turned both us and the Seahawks down. But some NFL people have said that had to do more with him not feeling ready. MacDonald had his last interview with Seattle after Peters had already left for the Senior Bowl, which would mean we already made a decision on who to hire or no way Peters leaves. Which to me means it wasnt MacDonald.
  5. Feels like its already done. Peters left for the Senior Bowl, they must have their decision and working out details before announcing. Im thinking its either Quinn or Weaver.
  6. Dont blame him for wanting to stay an OC, may be best for some people. That only thing thats off for me is how late he told the Panthers last year and us this year. That just seems odd.
  7. I'm not saying there were ehh whatever. If their top 3 guys were those 3, there was no need for them to be rushed and worry about losing them. They would of course wait and interview them. Quinn has been available longer but they already have a connection with him. Heck they may not want him.
  8. Teams don't want to miss out on other candidates they like, so they prefer to go with another guy they have interviewed before they might lose him. Especially if it's unlikely they would get Ben Johnson. Seattle was willing to wait and likely would be happy with Johnson, Macdonald, or Quinn so no issue for them waiting.
  9. Whats the downside to Johnson telling the Seahawks Ill interview with the Commanders first? They are going to yank his offer? Even if they try to grab him, he might as well wait and do both interviews.
  10. I was told earlier this off-season that this was a simple minded take on Belichick and the NFL disagrees. Looks like no one in the NFL wanted him after all.
  11. Yeah he seems to really put himself in harms way a lot, if that's something that he just cant stop doing he is going to be oft injured. If thats his instinct it may be hard to coach out of him before he gets broken in half by an NFL MLB or safety.
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