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  1. I don't see how we go into the offseason without Heinie either at the helm or at the very least competing for it. And I don't see anyone we have currently beating him out. He has been fantastic.
  2. Add Allen Robinson and Heinie all year? Stud LB in FA? Let's take the division next year.
  3. If we had a fully healthy Smith from the start we have a winning record. We rolled out Haskins for what, 6 of those games? With just average QB play be it Smith or Taylor we have a chance.
  4. I'd give up a whole gob to get Watson.
  5. THATS lightened up? Yeah, I completely believe you have been called negative.
  6. With Smith STILL being sore on Thursday with just one more full day before the game I really hope we go with Heinickeeeeee. If Smith was healthy you go with him, but if he is like he was against the Eagles we will not win with him. Might as well try Heinickeeeeee even if it doesnt work out, I think its the only chance.
  7. Bill OBrian isnt there anymore. Otherwise its a slam dunk.
  8. It blows my mind. Trump is like a deep infection that needs to be rooted out. It boggles the mind how his word is trusted over anyone elses. If anyone goes against him who was trusted, they can now NO LONGER be trusted. Why? What in the world has he ever done or said that makes his word assumed truth? It is mind blowing to me.
  9. In addition, we didn't have a NEGATIVE 77 scoring differential.
  10. Our defensive gives us a chance against most teams. But if Alex is playing hurt I don't have much confidence. Today was rough.
  11. Not sure the hand wringing about Hurts. The guy passed for 79 yards into the 4th quarter and the first TD drive was a gift from the refs. Now, our offense was brutal.
  12. With this defense and Smith healthy I actually feel like we have a chance against most teams. I think the Packers would for sure beat us and the Saints would likely be in that category too.
  13. A win or two? You realize two puts us into the NFC Championship game? I'll definitely take that.
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