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  1. Yeah this is poorly worded. Higher educated people on average may spend more but it doesn't mean they consume more. The nicer high end alcohols are much more expensive than the guy who drinks a 24 pack of Coors every night.
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    US Soccer thread.

    I dont think thats the issue, I was pretty uncomfortable with what I was watching but not because of the goals and I think that was it for most people. Go on and keep scoring goals. It was the over the top celebrations when it was 8+ to nothing. Not only from the players on the field but mainly the players and coaches on the sidelines. Ill give the players on the field more of a pass, especially the ones who hadnt played in a World Cup before. But the players on the bench and the coaches going crazy and dancing scoring 8, 9, 10+ goals against a hapless opponent? Came across is very classless.
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    US Soccer thread.

    For many many years no other countries have really taken it seriously so the competition for the USA has been rather low, though now you at least have a few other teams that are good and provide competition like France, and Brazil, though the quality of play is just lower in general. You could go to a local adult league and put together a team and beat Thailand rather handily as well. You dont really get into much of a competition in the womens world cup until the knock out stages I think, because at least at that point the teams like Thailand are weeded out. The upcoming game against Chile should also be a walloping. Last build up to the world cup the womens national team played a game against the FC Dallas U-15 boys team and lost 5-2, the quality of competition in the men's sport vs the womens sport is just night and day. But its nice to have a team to root for that has a chance to win something every time. If you all didnt watch the U-20 World Cup you were missing out, thats pretty fun to watch as well.
  4. I have so much respect for Jon Stewart and so little for our elected officials.
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    US Soccer thread.

    You don't use these warm up games to get your starting eleven familiar with each other and build chemistry for a tournament. Duuuuhhhhh. Also, Berhalter keeps bringing up this excuse of "fitness".... I'm sorry, didn't you call in mostly a roster of MLS players who are midseason? And the euro players have been done for a couple weeks? It's not fitness. It's Berhalter and it's bad players that shouldn't be on the team. Shocking that the spine he has chosen were his former players at Columbus. Now I have been on board with Steffen as the number one, and still think so currently, but his last couple of games have been brutal. Zardes and Trapp, among others, are not international quality. I continue to be pissed that we are using our best Dmid at RB rather then having a good strong midfield by having our 3 best players on the squad start there. I was pretty happy with what Boyd looks like he can bring on the right, he could be a nice addition down there. I guess on the plus side Berhalter is living up to his word, he guaranteed that they would have more bad games and he is delivering.
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    New development: Trent Williams wants to be traded/released

    Just checked Football Outsiders and I look to be mistaken. Our adjusted games lost for 2016 and 2015 were also among the 5 worst both years. I dont know how we keep our head trainer after this many years of this.
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    New development: Trent Williams wants to be traded/released

    Its likely a coincidence that Robin West started and things went down hill as she is on the medical staff, I assume most of the injury issues should be on the athletic trainers but I could be wrong. Other teams arent having this problem.
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    New development: Trent Williams wants to be traded/released

    Robin West, she was appointed in 2016 to the head of the Redskins medical staff. Larry Hess has been the head athletic training for us for a long time. BOOOOM. I am not familiar with the others, but those are the two leaders of health and training staff.
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    ESPN: Eagles Sign Wentz to $128 Million Extension

    The more an opposing team can be tied up by a massive QB contract the better. We will know in a year or two if it was a mistake or not.
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    New development: Trent Williams wants to be traded/released

    How many things need to happen before we get rid of the medical staff?
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    US Soccer thread.

    Spew of consciousness: Looked over the GC roster.... What a joke. Sent Sargent home over Zardes or Morris, our best DM who is playing awesome on a CL team in Leipzig he continues to stick at RB..... Fricken genius. So instead of having McKennie and Adams in the middle for us we will likely have Bradley and Trapp. wtf.
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    US Soccer thread.

    Agreed. There are a number of players that have been called in multiple times that have confirmed that they are not near this level and yet we can expect them to keep being called in. I had liked Robinson, but last night his service and touch in the final third was atrocious. Lets hope Gloster continues to develop over in Germany, he has looked good in the U20 World Cup. If he does we should have that locked down for a long time finally. Sargent was starved by the bad midfield that we put out last night. Be nice if the players called in and played had actually earned it vs knowing someone or having been around for awhile...
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    US Soccer thread.

    I was very relieved to hear how loud the boos where. Let them know that we wont accept that kind of play. I was very unhappy to hear Berhalters comments after the game, saying he doesnt think they should be booed after one bad display. Are you not aware of what has been going on here? This is not one bad display. In addition, he goes on to say expect more bad games, they are going to happen. Im sorry, that shouldnt be an expectation from the coach. You should expect the best performance out of the players and yourself every game, not setting the expectation that bad games are okay because they happen sometimes. Thats the wrong mentality to have. I swear if he plays Tyler Adams at RB again in the Gold Cup Im going to break something. Im also sick and tired of the constant experimental lineups. How about we use these warms up games to try to put the guys on the field that will be in our starting 11 and get the familiarity going? We cant we seem to get a set starting 11, with some changes when someone gets beat out or isnt in camp, and let them build chemistry? Especially before a tournament?
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    ES Soccer Thread

    Congrats on the win, hate to say it but Liverpool deserved to win something after a great season. I didn't see Spurs having much of a chance to win going into the game.
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    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    I believe that the team on Hard Knocks has heavy influence on the editing and what is released, so I dont think anything bad would come out. NFL wouldnt want to put their own teams in a bad light.
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    Why did you choose your screen name?

    Started with Pinstripe from Crash Bandicoot and then a swing song. I've used this screen name for a long time. It's my email as well, so must people ask if I am a Yankees fan....
  17. Sure the US as a democratic republic, or representative democracy, has aspects of a democracy but it's very different. The republic aspect of it is there to protect from majority rules through the Constitution. If I remember correctly that was one of the main reasons it is not a democracy but a combination.
  18. I was one that mentioned 7+ months but that was just in response to someone that had stated that it wasn't a person until born. Yes basically, thanks for putting that a bit better than I have.
  19. I have been trying to put it into perspective, but I guess Im not getting it across. Can you answer this question for me? It may make it clearer to you, but at least should make it clearer to me how to get why across: Why did the people working to abolish slavery feel they had the right to impose their view that slavery was wrong on slave owners?
  20. Well that comes back to me seeing it as a human life for me. Its not about imposing morality/views, its about protecting a human life that trumps all. If you believe its not a life than that argument works fine. In essence what you are saying to me, in how I view this, why should they be denied the choice of killing a person just because I believe its wrong. Because I see it as killing a person, thats kind of a big deal. Again, obviously others do not agree to this which is the disconnect here, but I cant just be okay with it. To try to put it in perspective. The slave owners in the south saw slaves as less than human, they had no rights, they were nothing, just property. The people who wanted to abolish slavery saw it for what it was, an awful thing, a tragedy. Of course the slave owners thought that there wasnt anything wrong with what they were doing and didnt think those trying to abolish slavery had any right to tell them whats wrong or not. Those against slavery didnt have slaves, no direct impact for them, but they saw it was wrong and couldnt just ignore it. I am not trying to equate the two, but trying' to give an example that I think we can all agree on that will give you a better perspective for why I couldn't just ignore it. Im typing this fast so hopefully I was able to get that across clearly.
  21. I really dont want to take this too far off topic for the thread, so ill try to keep this short and would be happy to answer more if you want in a side message so as not to derail. Which is one of the reasons in these discussions I dont reference anything religious. Appealing to, for example, the bible as an authority is quite a waste of time for discussions with anyone that doesnt believe it as well. It wont have any authority for them. If I am going to have a legitimate discussion about a topic like abortion I have to be able to have that discussion without any reference to a religious belief that isnt shared. With that said, what do you mean by holy wars? If its in reference to wars that happened in the old testament in the bible I have and see no contradiction but if you want me to expound further send me a message. This could easily go off the rails from the actual topic of abortion which I don't want to do. On a side note I wanted to thank again everyone who did respond and explain where you were coming from. Its been a helpful and civil discussion for me which is refreshing.
  22. In general, yes though my line of thinking is more along protecting the lives of innocents. I think there are exceptions in theory for people in a certain category like a Hitler, serial killers, etc. But in general Im against the death penalty because there are many cases of people that have been convicted of something who end up being innocent. If there is a chance that you could execute an innocent person I dont see how we can continue. I dont want to go too far off topic here though. Yes, I would be referring to an unborn baby in that context. Agreed.
  23. I guess I should have said this outright earlier, Im not a republican.
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    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    What in the world are they doing at OTAs that causes Foster to have such a bad injury? Our injury issues are insane.
  25. I never said I didnt vote, I said I didnt vote for anyone currently in office. The people I voted for just didnt get elected. I vote every chance I get.