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  1. SkinsGuy

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    It could be. No I've never gotten anything off that website. In fact, I've never heard of it till I googled about that particular type of jersey.
  2. SkinsGuy

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    Most likely, Kerrigan will be something like Julius Peppers was near the end of his playing career. More of a situational pass rusher. Provided Chase Young is ready to go day one.
  3. If you want to show you like a post, click the heart on the bottom right of said post. Then click one of the four icons (like, confusion, sadness, thanks) that bests shows how you feel about that post. That way, they don't have dozens of posts in a thread that just say "I like this" or "lol", that needlessly take up a lot of bandwidth.
  4. SkinsGuy

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    Yeah. The description on the page says it is stitched, and that it is an authentic jersey, the type the pros use. Then again, I've never heard of that site, and $149 is a lot to pay for a jersey.
  5. SkinsGuy

    RIP Fred Willard

    R.I.P. Fred Willard.
  6. SkinsGuy

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    I saw this one online, though I don't know if it is what you are looking for: Yikes! Long URL.
  7. SkinsGuy

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    I think you can get this back for it now
  8. SkinsGuy

    RIP Phyllis George

    I used to love watching the old NFL Today pregame show. I guess a lot of my fondness for that program is because it was during the Gibbs glory days. Phyllis George usually did human interest stories.She was also quite a pretty lady. R.I.P. Mrs. George.
  9. Glad to hear Dexter is generally resting comfortably and is in no immediate danger. Hopefully, he will pull through this.
  10. Not to mention Dunbar and Baker are supposed to be key pieces for their respective defenses. There was no guarantee Latimer was even going to make the Redskins squad. Now it looks like he definitely won't.
  11. SkinsGuy

    2020 Schedule Leaks/Prediction Thread

    So the Redskins DO have a Monday night game this year.