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  1. SkinsGuy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Harvest Festivals.
  2. SkinsGuy

    Spurrier comment

    Spurrier is right about Redskins front office dysfunction, but it is laughable for him to snidely make light of it as if he was just on the outsides of the whole thing. Spurrier was his own worst enemy in Washington. He never made the commitment it takes to be an NFL head coach. He treated the position like an 8-4 job, never really putting in the time. He didn't even bother to learn many of the player's names, especially on defense. Usually only referring to them by their number. The reports of him during practices in the middle of the field not paying attention, but practicing his putting swing. Not to mention his absurd notion that he could just lift his Gator "fun-n-gun" offense from college and just just drop it in the NFL and run it. So convinced of that was Spurrier that he brought in some of his Gator QBs, who hadn't made it in the league, to run it. As if it would be that simple. Spurrier's time here is rife for mocking. However, Spurrier is as guilty as the front office. Their main crime was their dysfunction was so bad, it allowed Spurrier to act on his worst impulses.
  3. "Those that can't do, teach".
  4. SkinsGuy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yeah, I remember Monday Night Baseball. I remember going over to my brother's apartment, and he'd have it on, but I never got into it. I can remember when TBS used to show practically ALL the Braves games (Ted Turner owned the team and the network), but all I worried about was the game was going to run over and cut into NWA/WCW wrestling on Saturday or Sunday nights. Good times.
  5. SkinsGuy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yep, he gets the front office mess. Boswell doesn't get how we fans are out of love with what the team is now, but still in love and dedicated to what we want the team to be. Is Boswell a Redskin fan himself? That I don't know.
  6. SkinsGuy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Problem is, Boswell is a baseball head. He is constantly whining in his articles about how football is king in this country and that baseball has fallen off. That despite the apathy fans feel towards the current structure of the Redskins, fans in the area are still consumed with the team in general. Much more than they are with the Nationals, which drives Boswell crazy. It is little surprise he would advocate Murray choosing baseball over football. Even if the Redskins were a good team and the As bad, I think he would say the same thing.
  7. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    Joe Namath is so old.
  8. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    Bleah. Maybe Brady got concussed and thought he was kissing his hot wife.
  9. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    I'm not saying the defenses did nothing, but a lot of the low scoring tonight was just poor play on offense. Especially Goff. He was dreadful tonight.
  10. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    The thing is, this wasn't a good defensive game. The offenses were just bad tonight. This felt like watching a preseason game.
  11. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    Did Brady and Kraft just kiss on the lips?
  12. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

  13. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    That was a stupid pass by Goff
  14. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    Well that seals it.