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  1. SkinsGuy

    Gameday Thread

    Good, but not great.
  2. Yeah, well your Vikings aren't doing so hot either.
  3. If you mean today or tomorrow, I doubt it. Snyder got burned back at one time when he fired Norv Turner during the season. He seems super sensitive to criticism, so he will probably wait till the end of the year if he does anything.
  4. Crappy game, but I was only half watching by halftime. Getting a lot of snow here just south of Washington D.C. in Richmond. We might see 8-10 inches here they are saying now. Probably closer to 8.
  5. SkinsGuy

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    There's rarely any such thing as a good job opening when a coach gets fired. The thing is, you aren't looking at this from the perspective of a head coaching candidate. I saw a story on Urban Meyer on espn yesterday when they where doing a retrospective on him (due to his retiring from Ohio State coaching job). Meyer once related that back when he was a young, unproven WRs coach for Notre Dame that was coached by Lou Holtz, he got a job interview for the head coaching gig at Bowling Green. The interview went real well, he was offered the position, but Meyer called Coach Holtz and told him he wasn't taking the job. When Holtz asked him why, Meyer said it seemed like a bad job. Holtz replied to him "Look, good jobs don't open up in coaching. Only bad coaching jobs open up. Your job is to take a bad coaching job and turn it into a good coaching job". Holtz then added "By the way, if a good coaching job did open up, why the hell would they call you?" Meyer responded "Good point, coach. I'll take the job". The rest is college football history with Meyer. This, to me, encapsulates the attitude of head coaches and head coaching candidates. The desire to , not only win, but to be able to turn something around that looks bad from the outside. It's why I believe the Redskins won't have any trouble getting good head coaching candidates. Should they decide to move on from Gruden at the end of this season, that is.
  6. There was talk he could come back before the end of the season, but I think that talk has cooled some.
  7. Redskins Inactives: Player Ryan Anderson Tony Bergstrom Kapri Bibbs Caleb Brantley Colt McCoy Samaje Perine Demetrius Rhaney Position Status Comments LB Inactive C Inactive RB Inactive DT Inactive QB Inactive RB Inactive C
  8. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!! And **** MARA!
  9. SkinsGuy

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Here is the map for week 14: FOX EARLY █ Anchorage █ Fairbanks █ Honolulu █ Atlanta @ Green Bay Kevin Burkhardt, Charles Davis █ NY Giants @ Washington Chris Myers, Daryl Johnston █ New Orleans @ Tampa Bay Kenny Albert, Ronde Barber █ Carolina @ Cleveland Dick Stockton, Mark Schlereth, Cris Carter █ NO GAME due to local home game on
  10. They are saying some places in southern Virginia/northern NC might get over 12-18 inches of snow.
  11. Snowing here in Richmond, Virginia as well. We're under a winter storm warning and they are expecting 3-6 inches before it mixes with/changes to rain/freezing rain/sleet.
  12. Didn't they say Hunt was kicking the girl when she was on the ground? I haven't seen the video.
  13. SkinsGuy

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    Prayers to Alex Smith for a full and speedy recovery.
  14. SkinsGuy

    Terminate Manusky