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  1. The Saints are blowing this. Or there choking on it. Whichever.
  2. A first and a third for Stafford in his mid 30s? What do they think, that Vinny is still here?
  3. He doesn't have the players in Dallas that he had in Seattle.
  4. The get is irrelevant. The cowboys could've went and got Manusky as their DC, and the sports media would still be slobbering over them and calling them Super Bowl contenders. You can set your watch to it.
  5. Whatever sets back the eagles. Does this mean Lurie wants to keep Wentz? Because Wentz isn't going to want to stay unless he is starting. Does Hurts go back to the bench? Will he be happy with that? Sounds like a potential QB mess in Philadelphia.
  6. Washington having a QB group that consists of Alex Smith, Taylor Heinicke, and Kyle Allen going into next season is not a bad thing. They may draft a QB or bring one in on free agency if the situation presents itself, but I wouldn't be unhappy with that trio.
  7. Great game tonight. The future is very bright for this young team. I'm looking forward to what they do in the off-season in terms of free agency and the draft to improve our chances.
  8. I think it would cost too much, salary cap wise, to simply cut him. Especially if the cap does shrink this off-season.
  9. If the Washington front office and coaches are smart, they won't count on it.
  10. I can only think Smith had a regression this week on his calf injury.
  11. Yes. If the Bears win tomorrow. If not, the Rams will go to Green Bay and Washington (should they win) would travel to New Orleans.
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