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  1. Now this draft dodger is talking about WW2 soldiers?
  2. I took my head phones off to hear "bad, bad things". Headphones back on...
  3. I took my head phones off to hear "bad, bad things". Headphones back on...
  4. Haha! AOC is untouchable, I hope they keep coming at her. Its like swatting flies at this point.
  5. He has to sound it out.
  6. I do have a beautiful dong, i named him "Pookie". Pookie for 2020?
  7. Honestly, I think we'll vote a gay man in before we put a woman in office. I was shocked at how many of my friends picked Trump simply because he had a dong.
  8. And now this idiot is bragging about deregulation...
  9. Pelosi never should have let him give the SOTU, his moron supporters will hear this stupid clapping and think he's telling the truth.
  10. Simmsy

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    I'm not saying gerrymander and purge voters like the GOP, but can we take the gloves off? They're doing something right, can't we take a page out of that book?
  11. Simmsy

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    Well now I'm hear they are sexual assault allegations about Fairfax. Are we going to hear his case or just straight up make him resign as well? Northam needs to resign, but what I am saying is that only one side throws their people into the fire, the GOP doesn't do it and they get their people elected. I'm sick of the "high road" crap, it doesn't work, at least not yet. He definitely botched the apology, but I don't think it would've mattered with most liberals\democrats. Trump got caught on video\audio saying terrible things, he never apologized and still got elected. Many GOPers say and do terrible things and never apologize and get away with the act. I think we should stop taking the "high road", it doesn't do us any good as the "moral" party. I'm sick of us cleaning house and playing fair while the otherside gets to do whatever they want.
  12. Simmsy

    Gameday Thread

    So, this was the lowest rated SB in 10 years. Hopefully, the NFL will realize that no one outside of NE and bandwagon fans want to see the Pats in another SB. Stop giving them calls and stop rolling the carpet out for Brady. Tell the refs to call a fair game.
  13. Simmsy

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    Ok, so this whole Gov. Northam debacle, here is my take as a black man: I don't care. He took a stupid picture (maybe) the same year I was born. That doesn't make him racist, lets look at what legislature he wants to introduce. I would much rather judge him on that notion. Also, I don't want him to resign. If he were a Republican...he wouldn't resign. In fact, his own party would back him up. The same way they backed Trump, Moore, King, Kavanaugh, etc. I'm sick of the Democrats eating their own like Northam and Franken who obviously didn't commit the same level of immorality as the former names mentioned.
  14. Simmsy

    Gameday Thread

    Will I get banned if I say I hope Brady breaks his penis while banging his supermodel wife in their multi-million dollar mansion?
  15. Simmsy

    Gameday Thread

    Can we put an asterisk next to this game for being coma inducing?