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  1. Simmsy

    Gameday Thread

    Yeah, this game was won on the "arm of Dak Prescott."...
  2. Simmsy

    Gameday Thread

    I get two things out of this: 1. More of Garret and Dak 2. Cowboys die in the playoffs.
  3. Simmsy

    Gameday Thread

    Yes! Karma!
  4. Simmsy

    Gameday Thread

    Try being drunk at the game, I fell asleep on the way home.
  5. Simmsy

    Gameday Thread

    We're rooting for Philly, right?
  6. One of the worst games I've ever seen, I was the third row...and the forty yard line. I saw this disaster up close.
  7. I'm going to the game today...very nervous.
  8. Even better, I have great seats for the next game. I get to watch the failure up close. And...and...I get to spend $200 on alcohol to watch Sanchez.
  9. I normally don't quit on the games early, but I have to go to work early and impress Mr. Stark...
  10. So we've literally brought two teams ahead of us? Can we please fire someone?
  11. This team has no point being in the playoffs. I'm on board with blowing it up!
  12. Everyone knew they weren't ready, thats when you call a TO, Gruden.
  13. Please don't ban me, but we may have to bring guns into this game like "The Last Boy Scout" to win, not like the refs would call it.