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  1. I don't play enough to warrant the price tag. I takes me years to finish games, thats how slowly I play.
  2. I was going to say something, but you got it right on the money. You may be a woman now, but you were born, went through puberty and grew as a male. You can't undo that, so what do we do? Do we set a time frame where someone would have to take hormone therapy? This is going to be a mess, that even as far left leaning as I am, don't even know how to go about this one...and don't really want to get involved in.
  3. I miss watching elections and debates with him, maybe I'll tune into him for the State of the Union.
  4. I haven't tried it yet, but certain Kellogg products are offering a 14 day trial for GamePass. I used a trial back in June, so I don't know if I can use it myself.
  5. Well, you know the saying "I want a girl with those big, baby blacks". I'm sticking with Ann Coulter, she's into black guys, I'm not trying to work too hard.
  6. I don't know, I find these GOP congresswomen strangely attractive. I think I have a thing for soulless, dead looking fish eyes.
  7. I think as time goes on and peace and maturity becomes the norm, Trump and his followers will just fade away. I mean, of course they'll still be around, but not in the same numbers and not in the spotlight. I think people are just generally tired and need and welcome a reprieve from the circus. We'll see, of course.
  8. Yeah! If you can't enjoy an old fashioned circle jerk, then America is truly doomed.
  9. I'm going to enjoy the tears, just for today...and maybe tomorrow morning. I don't think that will be necessary, unless they're unbearably stupid and or annoying. I don't have to do anything but point at the scoreboard for the next four years.
  10. The Facebook tears are flowing! I'm seeing a lot of "Sad day" posts.
  11. Biden is going to need to hire an entire team of people dedicated to taking note of everything Trump did and devising a plan to reverse it. Everything from policies to the Rose Garden.
  12. As for the religion thing, if that is how he feels, thats how he feels. At least he's honest about so we know where we stand. I hate those people who claim religion but are just using it to pander (and vice versa). Also, I don't have a problem with religion, it's all about the context in which it is being used. I can understand people having a problem with Biden using his religion to outlaw abortion or force his beliefs on people's personal lives. Using it for genuine empathy though, how can ANYONE have a problem with that?
  13. If Trump can give us a season 2, maybe this election WAS stolen. Trump 2020!...er 2021!
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