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  1. Dear God, as a black man, I hate this subject. Not because I want reparations, but because white people look at me as I want a hand out. They say slavery and racism happened a long time ago (we had a black president), I can tell you that it is still a live and strong. I don't want money, that is a cheap also does nothing for posterity. If you want to "give" me reparations, treat me like an equal. Make sure I can get equal pay, make sure I can get equal housing, a loan for said house, an education and don't attack me for protesting police violence like a non violent protest is the real problem. Sure, money would be nice, but us something we can actually build on to make the future better.
  2. I understand what you're saying completely, I'm just saying that I'm one of the lucky ones. However, I'm not above stopping somewhere and getting something to eat because I don't feel like cooking, I have the time, but not always the energy. I mainly don't eat out so save money, finances have been a bit iffy lately. I have a friend who has two kids, she has her husband pick up dinner a lot because she doesn't want to cook because she's worn out. Also, her husband WILL NOT eat vegetables, under any circumstances. I don't know, eating healthy is hard. Especially if you don't have the time/money/energy or all three to do it.
  3. I'm pretty lazy when I cook dinner, chicken/steak/fish/porkchops, they all go in the oven. Set it and come back in like 45 minutes when its close to done. I buy cheap, frozen, microwavable veggies (some only cost a dollar). Granted, I have a labor intensive job, but I'm lazy when its time to cook and I've been "accidentally" healthy for the most part. However, I've discovered that there is about 20 different flavors of instant mashed potatoes...I might be in trouble.
  4. I can tell you whats going to happen: so 500 pound man is going to try to join the police academy and be refused over his weight. This will be a ploy to start a precedent in the courts, it could seriously go either way. I'm not sure how I feel about this, as long as your weight doesn't affect your job than it shouldn't matter. Obviously, you don't want obese fire fighters and police, but if its your job to sit at a desk all day...who cares?
  5. Simmsy

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    They let it go for our governor here in VA. Which I'm glad they did.
  6. Simmsy

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    I'm sick of Democrats eating their own just to save face? Biden should step out of the running? Ok, what is the reason this week? If there is one thing I wish the Democrats could learn from the GOP, it would to let crap like this go. Hell, I'm not even a Biden fan...
  7. You give Trump too much credit, he has no plan...never did. He's just being his douchehawk self (autocorrect put douchehawk, decided to keep it) and the GOP just hopped on board for the ride.
  8. Simmsy

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    I really hope you're wrong, I just don't see how people can't realize that the economy isn't that great. Also, its only doing as "great" as it is despite of Trump, not because of what he has done. The economy HAS to go down at some point, but just imagine how much stronger it would be with someone who has policies to actually boost it up?
  9. Simmsy

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    I think you guys give Trump too much credit with the 2016 polling. I believe it was 70%/30% for Clinton/Trump respectfully, so she would win about of out of 3 elections if there were that many. Trump just happened to win the first one. There are also somethings you have to take into consideration: 1. Comey coming out and saying Clinton was under FBI investigation (but didn't mention Trump) clearly hurt and dropped her poll number just a couple of weeks before the election. 2. Polling isn't as accurate when it comes to presidential races, the EC really muddies the water when you try to get the full picture on what you predict is going to happen. 3. Clinton wasn't a very strong/likable candidate.
  10. However, to be fair, the actual media that doesn't want to be seen as "fake news" has almost completely debunked this whole thing.
  11. Sorry, but I rightfully don't trust anything this administration says or does. I'm not saying Iran isn't responsible, but they're going to have to provide a lot of evidence. Also, that doesn't mean we have to go to war with Iran.
  12. I remember, history class, Colin Powell holding up that vial and calling BS. We later found out that it was BS, hopefully we've learned our lesson. I called that Trump would start a war, "war presidents" get reelected.
  13. When I say impeachment, I mean Articles of Impeachment. No more beating around the bush, time to pull the trigger on the whole thing.
  14. I'm all for impeachment, but I think the Dems need to bring more people in to testify first. They need to bring in McGahn, Barr and Mueller and if you need to throw them into a cell, so be it. They also need to do it in that order, McGahn won't lie, he won't torpedo his career for Trump. Barr will lie, even though the truth is going to come out. Mueller will not lie, we all know why. We need to "sandwich" Barr in a lie, the American people won't be able to ignore that, no matter how stupid they are.
  15. Simmsy

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    Well, apparently they won't pay their water bill at the White House either.