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  1. They don't pay for my gas, let alone inter dimensional travel.
  2. Yeah, in my head, I was picturing a lanky, teenage girl. That looks like a full grown woman in that screenshot. 1. Several years ago, I had someone break into my house and I called 911. I confronted them with a knife and they ran out of the house. The dispatcher told me the cops were on the way, I told her that I chased them out with a knife. She asked me if I still had the knife, when I said yes, she told me to drop it immediately (which I did). The knife is a weapon, I was a victim of a crime here, but how would the cops know that when they pulled up? You have to have some commo
  3. Well, I've gotta go back through there today...I think I'll leave a bit earlier this time.
  4. And if we get in trouble, we'll be right next to the court house!
  5. Haha! How about smoke a bowl and lunch? I've seen one of the women behind the desk where the docket sits (back when there was a paper docket) tell one woman with a low cut shirt that her attire was "disgusting" and wouldn't let her in the court room. I've seen people wear worse, so I don't know. I used to wear a suit and tie to court, now I do business casual. I don't even know where my suit is anymore. So I checked on the DMV website, I have +4 safe driving points and if my math is correct, I think the ticket is about $190. I was originally thinking someth
  6. 8 hours!? Can I get out of the ticket if I stab myself in the taint with an icepick? I'm not saying it isn't wrong (not saying it is...), just saying I want to get away with it and not have to pay the consequences of my actions. Pretty please, with a cherry on top.
  7. Haha! I know, I sound like a contrarian, but I just don't see why people think the Witcher series is so great. Its a good game, I played it for 40 hours, but I've seen everything I need to see. Hitman has stealth elements, but I'm looking for full on stealth. You get caught, you're basically dead, game over, try again.
  8. I definitely didn't admit to speeding, I didn't say much. As I said before, I was sick...really sick. I didn't argue the ticket because I knew I was speeding add to the fact that I was sick, I just didn't care at the moment. However, it doesn't say how much the total fines are going to be (I'll check that in a bit), but I make my own schedule for work. Going to court isn't that big of a deal for me.
  9. Even worse, as soon as I saw him (the sherriff) he pulled out and I knew he was coming for me. Unfortunately, I was boxed in and I couldn't get away. The dude must've been doing 100mph to catch up with me. Funny side note: the second time he came to the car, he noticed the snot rags I had piled up on the center console (I was pretty sick, still am a little) and he put that on mask on real quick.
  10. Does anyone know of any good, 3D stealth games on the XB1? When I say stealth, I mean actual stealth games. As much as I love Dishonored, Deus Ex and MGS 5, those aren't stealth games. If you've ever played Styx: Master of Shadows, thats the type of game I'm looking for, people. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I did watch my speed...I watched myself go 74 mph.
  12. Ok, so I go a speeding ticket a couple of weeks ago, my first speeding ticket. I was going 19 over on 17 in Faquier County. So, question is: what do I do now? I'm getting conflicting answers all over the place from all over the place. Some sources say to just pay it online, some say go to court, some say get a lawyer, some say talk to the DA, etc. Does anyone here have any good, relevant tips on what I should do?
  13. One of my favorite movies of all time! The best part of that gif has been left out: Mitch's reaction to that handshake. They think they're going to gain ground in VA? I don't want to jinx it, but these people are delusional.
  14. How about the Washington Warm Hugs.
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