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  1. I'm going to be late typing this, but I want to get this out before I leave the house (I don't have much to do today anyways). I also don't understand why these kind of people think that others agree with them or would want to hear their opinion. I'm a liberal, but out in public or with strangers, I keep my views to myself. I'm working with a lady who has a Biden/Harris and BLM signs in her front yard, we haven't talked politics once. It just doesn't come up in the conversations that we've had. I don't understand why these maga hats think that anyone and everyone wants to hear their moronic lo
  2. I think we're going to have to have a complete and deep study of these people to see what the hell is wrong with them.
  3. I saw a truck the other day with a guy's business's name on the side and on the tailgate was all the reason why Democrats are evil. He also had three flags sticking up in the back, US, Trump and something else (maybe a rebel flag). Why would you do that? Why would you put people off on your business just to display your stupid political beliefs? Has anyone else noticed that it seems like only Trump supporters do that? I'm not saying that no liberals do that, but I haven't seen one and it clearly isn't as prevalent.
  4. If you think that all the Dems have to do is win the election, you're going to be in for a shock. The entire attitude of the DNC needs to change in order to be successful in the future. If you're happy with the way things are going, so be it. This is going around in circles and I don't know how else to say this, so I'm going to let bygones be bygones.
  5. The reason why we're having this problem now, is because of what the Dems didn't do in the past. I'm not trying to harp on the past, but to stop this from happening further, the Dems have to do something different than just say " the GOP won't let us". The situation we're in didn't just pop up overnight, this has been a slow burn that the Dems have allowed to happen. You and I both know that the Senate would not have passed any type of covid relief bill or a bill that would be worth a damn. The house doing as such was done purely on principle, I'm not saying they shouldn't have do
  6. I don't understand how else to explain it, the Dems allow the GOP to have their way when the Dems are in power. The GOP never gives an inch when it comes to the wants and needs of the DNC. Everytime the Dems give the GOP power, they use it to get more power and they have no problem using it. As of right now, the GOP has the power to control this election through the courts, gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc. What do the Dems have? Hoping that people like you and I will vote in enough numbers to offset the cheating of the GOP. Maybe Bill Maher can explain it a little better:
  7. Yes, I understand that, but even when the GOP has no power the Dems bow down to them and find a way to lose. You guys don't think it's time to fight fire with fire? So, even when the GOP doesn't have the power, they still do. They get what they want either way, because the dems let them have their way. You don't think it's time to stop giving in to the GOP? You see what happens, the dems are just making it harder for themselves down the line. I'm paying attention plenty.
  8. They were never going to get rid of Barr, the point was to stall past the election. Instead, they turned to the camera, told all of us to vote and put all the responsibility on their constituents instead of fighting for their constituents. A majority of Americans are against a SCOTUS pick this close to an election, they had a lot of leeway in the public eye to try and do something. If they don't fight now, what guarantee do I have that they're going to fight later? They're always kicking the can down the street for the next fight, but they never actually fight. They remind me of that kid in sc
  9. Even if that is the case, we have no covid relief and we still got this horrible pick for the SC. If anything, the dems pulled a double fail. They failed biggly...biggley...bigglie?
  10. They could've impeached Barr, but no. Just let him get away with everything and keep him in place so he can help Trump after they force his pick thru. The dems didn't try much of anything...
  11. Schumer has already started his grandstanding whining and Biden has already said no to term limits. If the Dems had any fight in them, they would've done ANYTHING to at least stall this past the election. Biden's poll numbers might not matter now.
  12. I didn't give up, the DNC has given up on doing anything worthwhile while in power. If I have to see Chuck Schumer's worthless face, crying to the American people about how unfair the GOP is to him and the DNC, I'm going to puke. I'm sick of voting for weak candidates who talk a big game to get elected and are then completely complacent with getting tossed around by the GOP. They even fold to the GOP when they aren't even in power, why? To maintain some false sense of decorum that the GOP tosses out the window as soon as they can. Continuing to vote for the Democratic party as it is, is a wast
  13. This is why you need a progressive and not a moderate Dem as president right now. I honestly don't believe that Biden has any interest in expanding the court or rocking the boat at all during his time as president. Hopefully, this shrill being put on the court is a good thing. If RBG held on past the election, it would still be a 5-4 court and the Dems would be happy with that. Now, they HAVE to do something. However, I'm with Mamma, if the Dems do nothing about this, I don't see the point in voting for them anymore. Whats the point of being in power if you never wield it for the good of the p
  14. We need to add Puerto Rico and DC as states, that gives us 4 more senators and more reps. THEN we need to expand the court, no need to be the only ones playing by the rules.
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