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  1. Its game 7, where the Hell is everyone?
  2. Someone here said that if we're physical we're, I also heard that on the radio. They're right, knock them around, they can't handle it.
  3. Yes! Pissed off and ready to go, lets do this!
  4. I don't have the fortitude to watch regular season hockey, too many games, every other day, "will they play lights out or phone it in?". I always watch the playoffs though, but like you, I don't know a lot about hockey. However, I've found that talking to one particular friend on the phone while the Caps are play ends up in a goal. Find your "gift".
  5. Best career advice ever!
  6. It could be because I'm worn out, my back hurts, I'm covered in dirt and found a tick on my ballsack...but I'm not nervous about this game tonight.
  7. Simmsy

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    I really like Warren, she isn't my main choice, but a close second. I find it funny that people were begging her to run in 2016, but now she isn't even in the top 5 Dems.
  8. Just yesterday morning he was talking on the phone and mentioned his new helper (me) and how I'm a Bernie supporter and think everything should be free. I've also noticed that when I say something about Trump, the go to argument is "how do you know?". It doesn't matter if it's a fact, opinion or even something Trump has said himself, its always "how do you know?". Its not so much trying to change someone's mind as it is defending myself.
  9. I just started a new job a couple of weeks ago, my best friend (whose father I worked for before this) told me not to get political with this guy. Of course, he's a Trump supporter, but its so hard to try and not talk sense to these people. They honestly think that Trump fixed the economy, is draining the swamp and everyone is out to get him. Do you know how hard it is to learn from someone above you that is basically a complete moron?
  10. Trotz wanted how much more? 3.5 mil? Thats peanuts. How well did NY do before Trotz got there?
  11. No, Our boys were cheated, they know it...our fans know it. They're going to let Carolina know it as well.
  12. Screw it, I hope they score again. I want DSP and "Oshie" chants to drown out this "so called team".
  13. At this point, I hope we get cheated, ripped off and destroyed. I want this team and our fans fired up and angry! Lets bury these losers!