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  1. Simmsy

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Just some things I want to get off my chest. 1. The original Deus Ex let you add notes over all of the notes/images/maps you collected in the game, why don't more games let you do this? Hell, just give me a "notes" page where I can make ingame notes. Obviously, this would be better on PC, but the option on consoles would be appreciated. I have a fatman notebook full of notes from games I've played over the years, I shouldn't need a notebook to keep track of things in a game. 2. Inventory needs a junk category which makes it easier to sort and sell all of the stuff I don't want, every game should have this. 3. I hate when games don't recap what happened the last time I played. I don't need a movie (like The Witcher 3), but a small synopsis would help greatly. I don't play a lot, I might even put a game down for months only to pick it back up not knowing what the hell is going on. Not all gamers inhale the experience, I like to take it slow.
  2. Ha! What good does an education do you in Georgia? That is my daily dig at the south...later.
  3. I don't think there will be much to take over once Trump is finally gone. The stink of Trump is strong and will linger for a long time, he also split the party. These Trumpers will only accept someone like Trump and the non-trumpers will never pick anyone like him again. I think the GOP will have to die and try to rise again, it deserves to die.
  4. I'm down for a bloodbath! Wish they wouldn't split screen the game, though.
  5. Ok, so how and when do we make up the missed games from the weekend...or do we not make those up?
  6. Well, I'll save the meth for later...for now...
  7. 1. How long until Dumbo decides to copy Australia and send federal troops out in the streets of "blue" cities to stop the spread of covid? 2. At this point, I can't argue anymore, I don't have it in me . If you want to send your kid to school, knowing all of the possibilities of what could happen during a pandemic, then I can't feel sorry for you if your child gets sick and dies. All I can hope for is that your child had a painless death with no suffering and you have to live the rest of your life knowing that you failed as a parent. I'll give you my initial sympathies, but you will not be labeled a victim by me. Granted, I won't rub it in, but you should know your stupidity killed your child.
  8. There are reports that Cain was hospitalized about a month before he died. Someone else was using his Twitter to post under his disavow the severity of the corona virus. So, as Cain lay in a hospital dying, someone in his staff was using his Twitter account to deny covid. Pretty cold, even for the GOP.
  9. I could've swore he was smoking in one, unless someone edited it to make him look like it as a joke.