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  1. You have to play Fallout 3, even if it's just to see how much New Vegas is better by comparison and how far Fallout 4 fell off back under Bethesda.
  2. I like Pelosi (most of the time), sometimes she plays the game too much, but she also plays hardball. Didn't expect her to play hardball with this one...good for her. Also, can the GOP actually hold their own investigation? I mean in Congress.
  3. I've heard you can keep the plant in the vegetative state for as long as you want, is that true? My plants have been on the 18 hour light cycle for 2.5 months now and it doesn't seem like they're getting any bigger for flowering. I'd rather let these ones go and start over with new seeds.
  4. Not sure how I feel about this one, but has anyone else noticed that all of the Obama and Biden flags have been long gone? These people love their loser flags...
  5. I've been working in the construction industry in some aspect for about the last 12 years, nothing too major or important though. However, contractors will cut every corner they cane get away with or think they can get away with...every contractor I've worked with has done something like that. You should see it, they hate inspectors and take them doing their job as a personal infraction if the inspection doesn't go their way. I wanted to point out though, that they don't just cut corners to pocket money, they do it because they don't know what they're doing and they do it because they're lazy.
  6. This is the end of the Olympics, its officially a joke now.
  7. Sorry, but Virginia is geographically southern, but that's it. Virginia is blue now, it is no longer apart of the south and the GOP needs to stop acting like they have any foothold here.
  8. They need to find a way to keep it WFT or something similar. You can change it to the Wolves, Warriors or any other lame ass name, but I won't be buying any merch. Sorry, thats just how I feel about it.
  9. At first glance, I don't like that the Dems are leaving the state and running from their duty. The GOP did this a few years ago and laughed and bragged about how they got one over on the Dems and I didn't like it at all. However, I've also said that the Dems need to fight fire with fire, if it works, go on with it.
  10. Ok, I'm back...where to start... So, the two smaller plants are basically dead, no point in talking about those. The other three smaller ones were transplanted into bigger pots and seem to be doing ok for now. However, the bigger ones that were transplanted a few weeks ago have had their lower leaves turn yellow. After doing research, it seems like a magnesium deficiency, it could also be nitrates, but magnesium seems to be the most likely cause. I bought a second, digital soil tester, which was broken before I got a chance to use it. These plants are supposed to be entering the fl
  11. The first Deus Ex game changed how I experience videogames, I love that game. I remember when the demo came out, I played the first level over and over again. Eventually, they added the second level to the demo and I played that over and over again too. I remember before I left each stage, I would literally look everywhere to make sure I didn't miss anything. I absolutely adore that game, didn't age too well, but I recently watched a lets play on it and it brought back a flood of positive memories.
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