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  1. Well the Bears, Rams and Texans were all playoff teams
  2. Finally giving Holtby some goal support
  3. Tough contest tonight at Sharks Even tougher trying to get up early tomorrow morning
  4. And Ovi shot high on that feed from Kuzzy
  5. c slag

    Spurrier comment

    I remember at the time that his first season with the Redskins carried some hope that he might be able to build something. But by the end of the next season it was clear that he was failing and it became time to part ways
  6. Kuznetsov played a great game
  7. Finally pucks are finding the back of the net
  8. Nice play by Connolly burying his own rebound
  9. If the Capitals win tonight against LA they will have secured 8 out of 12 possible points on this homestand
  10. Don't understand how that was a goal falling in off the top of the net like that but I'll definitely take it
  11. Kinda wish Jay Beagle was still a Capital
  12. Wow back to back PP for Boston
  13. c slag

    Superbowl Sunday Thread

    I actually think it's become a tradition I remember going to games at Capital Centre and trying to get back in time to see the Superbowl kickoff back in the early 90s In fact the Capitals are at home playing the Bruins now