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  1. Should have kept the three stripes down the middle of the helmet
  2. Concerning the fake crowd noise , is it played over the stadiums sound system, or just added during the broadcast and only heard by those watching the telecast ?
  3. Can't wait until next week and see what they do in Arizona, sky's the limit
  4. This is the chance WSH needs , got to put 7 points on the board here
  5. Complete passes right over the middle of the field the whole drive, need to tighten this up please
  6. This announcer has a new partner, due to what happened during that open mike incident at the Kansas City Royals game
  7. I know nobody's allowed inside, but would be great to finally go to a philly game at home without one of those fans being there, hopefully WSH can shock the league this season, with their performance on the field
  8. That antifa map above looks a lot like one of those television coverage maps on that 506.com
  9. I heard the New York Islanders haven't been to the Eastern Conference Finals since 1993? If memory serves correctly, I believe that was the series where Dale Hunter "finished his check" on Pierre Turgeon after he scored the game winning goal
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