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  1. Need to find a way to get one of these PP chances in the back of the Islanders net
  2. Backstrom was hauled down Need the PP strike here
  3. Three straight games against the Islanders, Capitals could really close the book on the East division
  4. Capitals will see Boston again for the last game of the regular season I believe
  5. Capitals have a 4:00 PP early in the game And they give up a shorty
  6. Hats off to big Z, single handedly killing a penalty, all on one leg
  7. Ovi was hauled down, Capitals need to cash in on the PP And that's exactly what Ovi did!
  8. Capitals getting an early PP to work with
  9. This should be a pretty good show, especially since the Capitals absolutely abused Philadelphia in that contest earlier this week, they are going to probably want to get revenge, but do they have enough to pull off the upset?
  10. Anyone notice that John Walton is doing the play by play over on NBCSN for the Panthers at Lightning broadcast
  11. Goals in his last two games, so far fitting in perfectly
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