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  1. And if the Capitals would have scored on that PP chance, instead of giving up that shorty
  2. Tonight hurts a little less due to the Cup banner allready hanging in the rafters
  3. Ouch not scoring on the PP stung
  4. Capitals have a shot on goal yet?
  5. That dam shorthanded goal is looming large
  6. Time for the Capitals to shut the book on this series
  7. He overslept the alarm clock , running a little later, but finally showed up
  8. We need you to score tonight Kuzzy Regardless of the outcome of tonight's game I think this is the last time this season Joe B and Craig get to be the announcers
  9. It sure looks like this is unfortunately true, we will have the answer Wednesday night
  10. Kuzzy will have to score in game 7 , he has to be heard from to win this series