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  1. Could have that wolf standing on the big chair
  2. I'm not so much worried about the money the player makes as a salary, but will agree with you on that its never really good to hear your offensive lines men's name during the game, just at the end, about how much of a quiet well played game they had
  3. In a way, the team is covered on TV during training camp on that NBCSDC, and they seem to have good coverage, but not as great as Hard Knocks
  4. How is it possible that Pat Robertson can say something like that and still keep his job? Was anyone in here at that game at RFK when Bret Musburger announced about Jimmy The Greek loosing his job over comments he made?
  5. I don't expect Z to return next season, but honestly he changed my opinion, from thinking he was a bum in Boston, to actually paying attention to how well he can play at times, especially on PK, my hat's off to Z, thought he came in and did an excellent job for the Capitals this season , and if he goes in the HOF, I will have a better appreciation of his career now
  6. It certainly made a shortened season seem longer, playing the same teams over and over
  7. Looking like the final period of the season
  8. Capitals were gifted a call here
  9. Agreed, even if they get a W tonight, game 6 in Boston would be very concerning
  10. Maybe the Capitals have enough left in the tank to send the series back to Boston
  11. What is concerning is that the Capitals brought this coaching staff in this season, so this would stop happening in the playoffs
  12. He showed up in the penalty box
  13. Capitals need either Backstrom or Kuznetsov to step up here and tie it
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