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  1. c slag

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    More games on television stations that don't require a cable or satellite tv contract
  2. Copley gets the start tonight I guess Holtby will go tomorrow? Its Orpic's 1,000th game perfect occasion for a goal This was the Jimmy's Famous Seafood bus trip and I couldn't attend uggh
  3. c slag

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    I guess in about 3 hours we will know if there is going to be a new Super Bowl Champion for this season
  4. "If only Alex Smith and Paul Richardson would have stayed healthy" - Bruce Allen
  5. Need someone to step up with a tying goal Holtby took a stick to his eye ouch
  6. Remember those big white torches that surrounded the outside of the stadium during night games? Wonder if they even burn anymore?
  8. Now let's pad some PP stats Looking for Kuznetsov to get one
  9. Kempney knows better than to do that
  10. Or when they finally do amount to anything I will be on the other side of the grass
  11. At this point if attendance continues to drop I would just use the new soccer stadium United plays in and rent 10 dates from them Be cheaper than a new stadium And you could possibly fill it with only Redskins fans
  12. c slag

    Your 2019 Predictions

    Correct people will become irate and angry of being irate and angry