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  1. How about the WASHINGTON FOOTBALL RED CICADAS? Because we're fierce... and are EPIC every 17 years (and otherwise non-existent)
  2. Anyone got the video of that 50 yard bomb TH threw to Dynamo? (and is Taylor still rocking jersey #4?)
  3. Me enjoying this thread/article until MisterTim barges in....
  4. I haven't looked it up yet, but this may be the first time Washington has drafted players named Jamin and Benjamin. So for that... I'm giving us a B+
  5. We’ll always have that “extra” DB in the organization as long as Dan owns the team.
  6. But then he married a R&B singer with a 1 year old baby from ex-husband, a gangsta wrapper who will be a persistent threat for all of Russell’s days. Another trademark Wilson busted-play!
  7. I hope he's a bust... the same type of bust that Chase Young has been! HTTR!
  8. It's so refreshing, this draft... First two spots were areas of need? So mature! I recall when we'd have two WR and a TE in the first 3 rounds back in the good 'ol days.
  9. That makes sense. I wasn't into Fields for the record... I'm still a little shell-shocked from my recent experience with OSU QBs. But kudos to the discipline by the FO today. Getting their top rated defensive player... I'd be totally ok if we got an O Lineman in the 2nd round with how we're using our brains to pick, instead our ****s.
  10. If Jalen Hurts stays in that Eagles game... and we miss the playoffs. What does that do to our draft position, and what would tonight have looked like for us? Do we get Fields instead of the Bears? Hmmm....
  11. How do we pronounce his name? JAMIN: Is it "Ja-mean" or JAMMIN' or Yah-meen?
  12. It could be worse right... it could be worse, Right? Right?!
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