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  1. Not sure about the numbers, but that Clemson paw print has got to go!
  2. Well, that justifies the way the WFT treated Alex during our sour separation. Maybe history will now leave this chapter out?
  3. OK, there are hashmarks. Taylor is clearly 2 yards tall... or 6 foot!
  4. Is Humphries the Beasley/Edelmen/Welker, mean-type WR that we've been dreaming of?
  5. I'm fond of Andy Dalton. He enabled us to complete the Dallasweep in 2020. He will be missed.
  6. The Cowboys fans are easily startled, but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers."
  7. If Dan is successful with his buyout of Fred Smith and the other minority owners, can he revert the name back again? HTTR!!!
  8. Nobody likes my idea? Introducing the... Washington Mildcats (two syllables; doesnt have red in it) Harkens back to the prolific offense from our former coach... and the pride of the Maroon and Black!
  9. You know what though... sorry to change the subject, but we really need to consider releasing Dwayne Haskins. Yeah, I know he's got an "NFL Arm" and was a first rounder... but he's just a distraction and possibly a safety risk to this team considering the covid protocols. I mean, who celebrates at a strip club after losing a game?!
  10. I would love to see Haskins do that footwork drill.... he’d still probably take the up-in-the-air sidearm jumpshot at the end there.
  11. Chase Young is listed at 7'-1" so you can clearly see that Taylor Heinicke is easily 6'5" based on the height difference. Hope this clears up the debate.
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