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  1. I got a great feeling after seeing Forbes get his body into top shape this offseason! kudos to his trainers and dietitians for sculpting his pro NFL body! (he’s the one on the left)
  2. I noticed that DQ has made this term his signature calling card, but I'm not so sure that I like it....
  3. for all you guys thinking we can just ask our Franchise player to give up his jersey number... let me remind you who carried this team on his back during the past few years. LOL
  4. Will Tress Way really give up his #5 jersey? He's been our franchise player for so many years...
  5. Jordan Reed just sprained his ankle reading your post. OUT 6-8 weeks.
  6. Culture starts at the top…. Here’s what I want DQ to instill
  7. Kliff K is a strong hand in Hold'em..... until an Ace appears in the flop....
  8. Hey, I posted "SELL THE TEAM JOSH" on a thread once we started losing - a lot - several posters got upset with me... was thinking the same about the Official FIRE DAN QUINN thread too. this is why we dont have nice things... LOL
  9. My best moment as a Washington fan in 32 years? Not today…. Today is not
  10. When I read Quinn’s press release, I think they’re the same exact words used from Ron Rivera’s signing. ”deserved a second chance as head coach…. Has the respect of the players…. Leader of men… defensive mastermind… was head coach in a Super Bowl… “ im going to read every press release going forward and just imaging its for Ron.
  11. Last time I felt this meh about our HC hire was when we named Jim Zorn
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