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  1. Terry just feels like a player from the 80s... no flair, all business... like Art Monk, but with sick YAC. Heck, every time he catches the ball in my game replays, I notice he gets to the sticks or a big chunk of yards. We're so happy to have Scary Terry on the TEAM HTTR
  2. Man.. he got ripped by the pre-game guys on NBC for being a dirty player, yada-yada... When I see the replay it's not Clowney-bad... is it?
  3. Yep. We were all calling Collins a bum and had our pitchforks out, but he made that key strip/sack on Dalton early on to restore our mojo... he'll go out as a hero in WFT history. LOL
  4. Cancel Hop!!! If he doesn't miss that early FG against the Giants last week... we're 3-1 with a "stranglehold" (lol) on the division. And another bad miss today? Think about it...
  5. Anyone else notice... until the 3rd quarter, Allen only threw to one of our WRs. That's kinda terrible! .. but, wft.
  6. So did Bostic just make one bad play... or does he have a history of being a "dirty" player? Discuss (because, i dont know the answer)
  7. this thread gonna get locked faster than some JMU quarterback getting blown up by Chase, Sweat, and friends!
  8. Redskins fans before the game. Cowboys fans after the game
  9. Or should we trade down our super high first rounder for a crap-load of late first/second rounders?
  10. In our typical snakebitten luck, we'd use that new 1st round pick to draft another Doctson... that's soooo redskins
  11. anyone with a maroon helmet with black numbers on it... with the exception for #17 and #5
  12. Do we do the unthinkable and let Tress Way go? This may be the Herschel Walker super-trade Part two. I've been reading about Seth McFarlane (Kerrigan) and another D-lineman on the block... Who should we trade away?
  13. why not some sort of read option tho? that busted play seemed so vanilla
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