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  1. petey hodge

    How to Win the NFC East - Consistently

    The thread title sounds like a article on the front page of Cosmopolitan.
  2. petey hodge

    Is Dominance Predicated on the EDGE?

    Bosa was a stud tonight... and I've heard from SF/OSU fans that Chase Young is better than Nick Bosa!
  3. petey hodge

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Han shot first...
  4. petey hodge

    Do We Have our Starting WRs for the next 5 years?

    This has been the world's longest preseason.... we've been evaluating young talent playing in meaningless games since August through today. I think we've gotten our hopes up on these rookie receivers, just like training camp, due to the lack of solid-veteran receivers.
  5. petey hodge

    Our defense is confused.

    Some of the players were so new on the Defense, that they didnt have their names sewn into the backs of they jerseys.
  6. petey hodge

    Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: 2019 " Home" Game Finale'

    Sunday's game will soon overtake my favorite Skins v Giants game
  7. petey hodge

    Josh Norman a healthy scratch!

    What in the Actual F was JNo doing in there at the end!?! getting toasted for a Game Losing TD is his signature move, and we got to enjoy it one last time. so sad. It would have been delightful to beat those eagles out of playoff contention in front of their hometown fans
  8. petey hodge

    The { Possibly } Sweetest Game Of The Year

    Call me old fashioned, but am I the only one on this board who feels a good when the Redskins score a touchdown?
  9. petey hodge

    The { Possibly } Sweetest Game Of The Year

    If we somehow make an historic run to win the division, does this keep Bruce employed into the distant, dystopian future.
  10. petey hodge

    Dream scenario

    Dream Scenario: Tom Brady expresses his dislike of playing for Kraft and the Patriots... and seeks a trade after winning the Super Bowl this season. Snyder makes the biggest trade in the history of the NFL by releasing all of his draft picks for the next two years. Nightmare Scenario: Tom develops a "Jordan Reed" type toe injury during pre-season and opts to not play through the immense pain. When he finally makes his first start as a Redskins in Game 7, he is blitzed by Sua Cravens and [cheaply] hit at below knees leading to a gruesome compound injury that resemble's Theisman/LT. Giselle barfs into to her nachos. Brady retires. And the Skins have no draft pics for two years. That would be SOOOO REDSKINS that it wouldn't surprise me... except for Giselle barfing.
  11. WASHINGTON is now a SPORTS TOWN!!!! At this rate, the Washington Generals would beat the Globetrotters before the Redskins win a Super Bowl. Take that, Danny! You suck! GO GENERALS GO!
  12. petey hodge

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Is it possible that Snyder could simply sell the team to a hurt/eager city? Could the DMV be without an NFL team?
  13. petey hodge

    Game Night Thread- Skins at Vikes

    Couldn’t tell if this game was at FedEx Field or US Bank Stadium
  14. petey hodge

    Lost in this Dismal Season

    I am happy to the Redskins leadership for "gifting" me 33 hours of my life back, on a weekend day especially. I am now free from the pain and torture of watching us jump out to a lead (against Eagles, Cowboys, New England)... and have emotions of hope stoked inside. Only to see it ripped away inevitably... Nothing worse than being given false hope every week.