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  1. Dont know how I missed this one... the TH signature move!
  2. What did people think of the 60 minutes spot on Alex last night? And does anyone know where I can find the E60 ESPN episode on his recovery?
  3. Other imperatives from the 2020 season. Beat the damn cowboys Not only did we sweep them... we blew them out on national TV. priceless. Beat every team in Pennsylvania Well.. we swept TF outta the Eagles and clinched the division on our second go. and of course, we beat back the curse of 1) The Steelers owning us for decades.. and 2) Playing a prime time game So.. there are 5 meaningful wins from 2020. a couple more, and we're at 7-9 and laughing our way to the playoffs.
  4. What I heard from earlier twitter reports is that his wife asked him to make a Costco run and take out the trash. He was listed as Questionable, but it will be a game time decision
  5. I just committed to WFT gear not because it is an "interim year" as we await a new team name.. but because it represents a challenging year in which we prevailed as a team, a fanbase, and started gaining the respect of others in the league. F 2020. I just bought my first WFT gear to immortalize this particular successful season. HTTR
  6. What if Alex wont retire as a football player??? I love Smiff and was inspired by his story all year, but like most... I saw when enough was enough, and it was time to cede to a healthy reliever. If he insists on competing for the QB1 spot and won't graciously take the signal from coaches and friends, what do we do? We cannot "cut" the Comeback Player of the Year, right? Right?
  7. I know you can train a player to avoid collisions, but I do not agree that you can train and build up muscle/strength to avoid injuries. (imagine any player prone to concussions). And then there's guys like Jordan Reed or Doctson who got injured when the wind changed direction. That being said, if he can learn to protect his body and not go all-out, then maybe he can sustain an NFL season. Before you flame, I've been following TH since he was at ODU and into UDFA.
  8. Question for the re-invigorated fans... Has this win prompted you to buy any 2020 "interim" WFT fan gear? Yes, it may become devalued once the team names a new mascot... but anything WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM EST 1936 labeled will always represent this crazy ass year of 2020 (and making the playoffs at 7-9, Cancer/Hask/Smiff/Heinicke). I was holding off... but may buy some stuff from nflshop just because it represents a wacky but historic season. Discuss
  9. How do we know he wasnt on his iPhone tweeting away while in the tent? LOL
  10. I need to rewatch the replay, but my general thought is about our defense's (in)ability to knock Tom Brady down. Is their O-Line that good? Or did they just scheme it perfectly. Brady did have quick releases and we simply couldn't break through in time. Yes, there's other elements about that game I think we should discuss since every other thread is about TH (who I'm the biggest fan here), but still.
  11. Here's a bit more about Taylor's story when he was at ODU. He lost his best friend/coach/mentor/father while he was a sophomore. Taylor dedicates his performances to him in the heavens... I'm sure his dad was super proud of him from the other side. Learn more about our quarterback here: https://www.pilotonline.com/sports/college/old-dominion/vp-sp-taylor-heinicke-our-greatest-hits-20200717-jigrfcp3cfaxpfzilmbkwxgium-story.html
  12. Yes, but... How were Curt's in the playoffs this year? Heck, he was likely watching from here and not the sidelines.
  13. and to add... with the way some of the other teams pathetically lost this weekend (eg. SEA, CHI, PIT), Taylor brought some national respectability back to the WFT/Skins after that terrible Eagles/Sudafed game. As the lone Redskins fan out here in Seattle, I got a lot of texts throughout the game from other NFL fans watching. TH brought the pride back!
  14. Though we all got caught up in the final game of this rollercoaster of a year, let us not lose sight that we were 8 point underdogs and ended right where Vegas thought we'd end up. With the eyes of a nation watching us, we clawed back some respect after that Eagles/Sudafed debacle. That being said. That shootout with The Goat was one for the ages... though our defense really couldnt get meaningful pressure on Tom Brady or even knock him down with much force after he released it. Even when we sacked him, it was more of a dive with two-hand touch. But... Brady is a spe
  15. I agree... something about this year. It started for me when we played the 2nd half of the SF game with a lead to protect and Haskins doing everything he could to thwart it. Throughout the 3rd and 4th quarters, I felt a feeling I haven't felt with this team in a long time... nervous anxiety. It had been stored away for years as my expectation of calamity and lack of confidence in this team was justified week after week. But, there it was... back again, like a sense that's been taken away forever. Caring about this team in full force... Thanks Ron and Team fo
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