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  1. Doesn't matter. I watched a couple of seasons before I knew that there were books. I enjoyed both, immensely.
  2. **** THAT! If that happens, we're out.
  3. No problem! The timing couldn't be better. I grilled one last night and it came out perfectly. Crispy skin and tender. it's a perfect mid-week meal because it's easy to do, and cooks quickly.
  4. That's an easy fix. Don't cook it low and slow. Chicken doesn't really benefit from it. Shoot for a minimum temp of 325F at the food grate. It will turn out juicy, tender and the skin will be crispy. If you have time, the day before, dry-brine it with 1/2 tsp of kosher salt per pound and leave it, uncovered, in the fridge overnight. Dry-brining isn't necessary, but it does result in a juicier bird. If you don't have time, that's fine too, it'll still be good. An added bonus is that the chicken cooks quickly...most of the time, usually around an hour.
  5. Yeah....that drive sucks...we stayed in Richmond and had a blast, but once was enough. Even Ashburn is kind of a hike for us, (we live in the Baltimore metro area), but it was worth the drive with those VIP passes. After a few TC's with VIP passes, we'll never go again without them.
  6. Yes. Didn't bother trying. We had 'em the 2nd year they were in Richmond, and it was a fun weekend, but once was enough. We preferred the VIP "experience" in Ashburn.
  7. That game was a gut punch and a kick in the nuts, all at once. First time I almost got physically I'll while watching a game.
  8. Latest haul..from the package store on base...all tax free
  9. That sucks. We toured the distillery a couple years ago and took a private ****tail class. It's a first class operation and they have some good whiskey. I hope it works out.
  10. Either you were luck, or I was unlucky, or a combination of both. Row 1, in 431 and a couple of adjacent sections, were pretty bad, with water after rain, and/or snowmelt. I stated rail, but meant the plexi-glass was. If memory serves, it seems like the top of the glass was at eye-level. it's been a few years since I've been up there
  11. That's the one! Some of his threads were dark, many bizarre, but most of them very entertaining. He would argue with everybody.
  12. Being able to stand is huge. We moved around the uppers a couple of times, before moving into the lower bowl. We may have stayed up there, but our seats were always on the visitors side and the sun and heat in the early games was absolutely miserable. That's a shame, because we sat in seats in 431 row 2, in aisle seats. You walk through the tunnel, hang a left and you're in your seats. The beauty of those is that there is little foot traffic in front, or beside you, because the first 4 rows in the uppers are in front of, (and next to), the steps leading up to the rest of the rows. If
  13. They're great seats. You can't get much better than last row, Skins side, in the 200's. We're currently in 204 but we won't move because we're sitting next to our friends. By some miracle that included great timing, planning, logistics, frantic phone calls and messaging, the four of us actually managed to move from 236 and snagged 4 seats together, (in 204), a few years ago. I say miracle, because we have separate accounts. They're not the last row but, because of the quirky architecture at FedEx, our row 6 seats are still against a wall,(and the tunnel) so we
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