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  1. I'm appreciative for all he's done, but it's time.
  2. No need to apologize! Last week, there were no appointments at all, so it's trending in the right direction. The site is disingenuous, because they show quite a few appointments, but every one that you select, gives you that error message
  3. Not really. It looks like a bunch are available, until you actually try to schedule them. "We don't have any available appointments coming up within your area. You can change the location or check back soon! Appointment availability updates hourly. Please come back later to schedule your Dose 1 and Dose 2 appointments. We don't have enough timeslots available to book both of your appointments."
  4. Agreed. So many ways to cook it. My go-to, for a quick meal, is salt, pepper, med-high heat, pan fry in 2 Tbsp of olive oil, 4 minutes skin-side up, flip, 3-4 minute or when it hits 125° At the ES tailgates, I would grill it on cedar planks, covered in a rub with brown sugar, kosher salt, a pinch each of cumin & chipotle powder. I'd do 2-3 of them and people tear it up.
  5. Lol! We're a bad influence! Give Karla and the kids hugs from Fran & I.
  6. I love Costco! Have you tried the frozen wild caught sockeye salmon filets? They are a little pricier, ($29.99), but they are much tastier than the farmed stuff, IMHO, of course. They're also individually frozen in individual vacuum-sealed portions.
  7. Redskins bottles! I'm definitely not going to drink the Maker's or the Elijah Craig, but I'll probably crack the Evan .
  8. I have that JD "Belle of Lincoln" bottle with your name on it...
  9. Mrs. Skinsfan and I are 1C but, and live in MD and haven't had any luck. Admittedly, we haven't tried real hard, but every time I look, no appointments are available through Walgreen. According to CVS, we aren't eligible, even though we are. I think that there's some type of caveat that not all pharmacies adhere to all of the state guidelines. i.e. even though 1C is eligible, they can choose to only vaccinate up to 1B
  10. That's a damn shame. 144? Hard to tell, it was so smooth. The ice made it sublime. I'd get a Covid shot, just to drink in your kitchen
  11. I've always liked the word "omnipotent" It just sounds right.
  12. It's hideous. It looks like the "Pope mobile" Maybe call it the "Post" mobile??
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