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  1. I hate this, my sons favorite player… this sucks. He’s clearly lost a step and was t worth the $ here except for sentimental reasons. I don’t blame either party, but this sucks
  2. As someone who relocated to St. Louis as an adult, I became a big battlehawks fan for that short period. Ta’amu was a stud in that brief season, definitely more interesting than Montez if you ask me. Great fit here if he can be our PS QB
  3. It's stupid, I know... I know A Rodgers is top 5 (maybe 3) elite, I watched him dismantle our D in the playoffs a few years ago. But something about his wanting to leave one of the most esteemed franchises ever and his attitude irk me. Something about Fitz's demeanor and attitude seem like the perfect fit for what this team is/could become.
  4. I’m genuinely looking forward to Fitz on this team. He could easily be our Mark the Ryper for a few years. this is stupid but I think Rodgers is being a whiny baby and I’m kind of serious when I say I would rather have Fitz than him right now… and definitely would rather have Fitz when you think about the trade and $ associated w Rodgers. I wanted the trade for Stafford, would have fully supported that. Also really liked Mariota, but I am pumped to see this team with Fitz
  5. Get Mcain signed and lets roll with this crew. I cannot wait for this season, been dreadful the last few years knowing your team doesnt have a shot. I used to be so optimistic and had to 180 to keep from the weekly/annual disappointment. This is the first time I've been excited about the squad in years. I have faith that we'll get the TE position locked down and that there's enough depth and better starters at pretty much every hole from last year. Well done WFT, great offseason!
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