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  1. Wolves is the only real option now, to me it was between Warriors and Wolves. Warriors could have intentionally avoided NA mascots, imagery, etc and worked in my opinion. But now the level of PC has been raised substantially so here we are. If we end up with some name like the damn wizards, so help me. I've been trying to get over all this, but some horrific name might just kill me. If they know the name now, why not just come out with it?
  2. I hate this, my sons favorite player… this sucks. He’s clearly lost a step and was t worth the $ here except for sentimental reasons. I don’t blame either party, but this sucks
  3. As someone who relocated to St. Louis as an adult, I became a big battlehawks fan for that short period. Ta’amu was a stud in that brief season, definitely more interesting than Montez if you ask me. Great fit here if he can be our PS QB
  4. It's stupid, I know... I know A Rodgers is top 5 (maybe 3) elite, I watched him dismantle our D in the playoffs a few years ago. But something about his wanting to leave one of the most esteemed franchises ever and his attitude irk me. Something about Fitz's demeanor and attitude seem like the perfect fit for what this team is/could become.
  5. I’m genuinely looking forward to Fitz on this team. He could easily be our Mark the Ryper for a few years. this is stupid but I think Rodgers is being a whiny baby and I’m kind of serious when I say I would rather have Fitz than him right now… and definitely would rather have Fitz when you think about the trade and $ associated w Rodgers. I wanted the trade for Stafford, would have fully supported that. Also really liked Mariota, but I am pumped to see this team with Fitz
  6. Get Mcain signed and lets roll with this crew. I cannot wait for this season, been dreadful the last few years knowing your team doesnt have a shot. I used to be so optimistic and had to 180 to keep from the weekly/annual disappointment. This is the first time I've been excited about the squad in years. I have faith that we'll get the TE position locked down and that there's enough depth and better starters at pretty much every hole from last year. Well done WFT, great offseason!
  7. If we would have gotten Alex Smith level play the entire year last year, would our team have had a better record? Our QB was SO bad the last few years, that R Fitz... even if you aren't sold on him is a major upgrade. Our whole roster got better. Our team would be better this year with Alex smith level play just based on adding a few more pieces and not losing any. The only thing holding us back this year is our schedule, if we perform against the top of the NFC, we could make some noise in the postseason. Fitz is so much better than anything we've had in DC in a long
  8. this right here… why isn’t this fan base more excited about Fitz!?!? I think he’s our QB for 3-4 more years and we draft a guy in 22/23 after deep playoff runs the next few years. We’re talking about the most talented and complete roster we’ve had in I can’t remember how long.
  9. I want our MLB for the next 10 years or an Off weapon in the 1st... Wr, RB, TE. Is D Smith drops to 19, you run up there. I don't care if our WRs resemble the Smurfs.
  10. Lance going 3 to SF... so everyone that wants a QB this year. Hoping for a trade to 7 for Fields? I’m in no rush to have Fitz’s replacement on roster, I’d rather build around him and see what we can do. But Fields would excite me if that’s the move
  11. His hands seem a little off... wondering what he looks like catching a ball and getting blasted by a LBer. Love the move though, 0 risk, high upside.
  12. I think Fitz + Taylor is our best QB situation in a long while and don't share most people's opinion on his short term fix. Think he could be the guy for 2-4 years and want to max out what this roster can be right now. Do we have to have Harris? No, if he's there though he dynamically changes our offense. I'm ok with drafting an OT in round 2, but would love to see the Skins go all in. Hoping and wishing for the draft next year does nothing for me. This D carried our team to the playoffs, give me a QB change, 2 WRs, a TE and the best rookie RB since Barkley and we're talking some exciting time
  13. A first next year and 4th this year
  14. N Harris at 19, trade a 1st in 2022 and 4th in 21 for O Brown and TE/LB/OL with our 2021 2/3/3 this is my dream next couple of weeks. We’d have the most complete O and D on paper in I don’t even know how long.
  15. Fitz- Golladay- L David... championship get creative with future years, this year’s cap is an anomaly. Those are premium positions that are tough to get rookie production from, pay these dudes, draft S, LB, OL, RB and WR my favorite Fa would have be A Rob, Mariota and L David... I guess thats technically still an option, but need to see MM get cut here soon and no tag on A ROb. we need to get B Scherff on a LtD and move some of that $ out.
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