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  2. Maybe it's just that a whole lotta FBI guys were tired of respected fellow agents being accused of being Deep State operatives and leftist conspirators by that **** stain's ilk.
  3. CNN was talking about the possibility of something happening Friday a ton last night, since Mueller team and Grand Jury activity normally occurs on Friday. It was discussed by several reporters and pundits that the last time there was Thursday activity, it was the day before they indicted the 13 Russians from the IRA. Stone was the obvious and logical target of speculation about potential Friday activity. Of course they probably had someone staked out looking for any activity.
  4. But I really don't like burgundy clown shoes. It is probably time for a avi change.
  5. Also just going to leave this here
  6. My wish for the day is all that all these wholly-evil, offshore money laundering, treason-aiding, subhuman filth actually go to Belize and get botfly infestations in their genitals, for starters.
  7. Donated 50, and I'm broke as a dog right now. Don't care ,...good cause that I should have donated to before now. , in case you're hard of hearing like me, and trying to navigate to non-existent URLs you thought you heard.
  8. Been a looong time since I've seen this, but I remember how awesome I thought it was when I first saw it. Another film in this vein that I liked was Koyaanisqatsi. Apparently, that's part of a trilogy that I never knew continued after the original.
  9. He'd probably wear glasses to look smarter too, but you can only polish a turd so much. Plus, glasses are for the weak. Especially those eclipse glasses, you soft-eyed nerds. Man up and stare at solar events pathetic weaklings!
  10. SoulSkin

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    I came in here to post something and found this lingering from New Years. I guess I never posted it. It was good: My dad always did the boil-some-black eyed peas in a pot with a dime thing, so I've always tried to do that to carry on that tradition. I never really liked them that much. Today I pan fried some instead. Just a can of BEP, 4 cloves garlic, 1/2 a red onion, and a red bell pepper diced. 2 Tbsp olive oil, sauteed the garlic for a couple minutes on med, added 2 tsp paprika for another couple minutes. Added peppers, onions, and BEP, and cooked for about 5 minutes more. Pretty tasty. Kind of like refried beans. I feel like it would go well with tzatziki sauce and maybe some gingery chicken, on some mutant burrito or pita kind of thing. ...and what I was going to post, just now: I just thin sliced a bunch of potatoes and pan fried them in a pan full of hot vegetable oil. We did this all the time when I was a kid, and I just hadn't really thought to try it for again for a long time now. I guess just from trying to be health-conscious for so long. So easy, and good. I miss cooking and eating completely unhealthy, 70's style.
  11. SoulSkin

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    Yeah, it's turning over. The battery's fairly new and no corrosion. I may have him look at the battery cables themselves though, now that you mention that. I've had to replace those before, because for whatever reason, that truck has had corrosion issues. Not just on the battery/terminals, but like it ate it's way deep up into the cables. Still think it's fuel related. I was also thinking maybe I just got a bad tank of gas wherever I last fueled up.
  12. SoulSkin

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    Got a weird issue with my old 2001 Ford Ranger. I love this little truck. 6 cylinder engine, with a really long bed on it. Perfect for pickup truck-doing things. Two Fridays ago, it wouldn't start after driving it about 5 miles and sitting for about an hour, while I was away from it. It didn't seem like a normal weak battery or bad starter kind of thing. It's like it wasn't getting gas, and just wouldn't turn over, to get going. Waited about 5 minutes, it turned over and started right up. Monday AM- wouldn't start after a couple of attempts over a period of about two hours. Got it towed to my mechanic (who's normally really good and honest with this truck). He had trouble figuring it out. He said it started every time he tried. He hooked up gauges/equipment to monitor fuel pressure and whatever he thought needed measuring. All he came up with was he said seemed like it was flooded when he first got it due to some gas in the oil. I got him to put a new oil filter and change the oil, because it needed it anyway. I decided to let him keep it another day to see if it would not start for him the next morning. Sure enough, it didn't. After that, it did start, like every time, so he wanted to wait for it to repeat the whole not starting thing again, while he had whatever equipment hooked up to see what was going on. It repeated the issue again eventually, and he said the fuel pump was testing fine, pulled some other parts, and I guess there's some rust in the fuel regulator and the fuel pressure-damper, whatever that is. He replaced those, and the fuel filter. I drove it yesterday with no issues. Today, it won't start. Let it sit an hour, it starts right up. He didn't want to replace the fuel pump first, as it was the most expensive option, but I'm wondering if maybe there's just rust inside of the gas tank or somewhere else along the line. I guess the fuel pump might be next, but I kind of feel like I'm heading towards a new gas tank, and maybe everything else in the fuel system. Anyone ever had a similar thing, or have any ideas? Is it hard to figure out where rust is coming from in a case like this?
  13. SoulSkin

    Random Tech/IT Thread

    For $8, I agree. if it's something @PleaseBlitz really wants. Just be ready for potential frustration in the sale and that transfer process to GoDaddy or wherever. My company is actually a reseller for GoDaddy. So, it's really GoDaddy, but our own special branding, etc.. I haven't really tried much else in a while. I have had to transfer stuff to us from things like "GoBigMedia" and something called Enom. Moniker at least looks more put together than those operations.
  14. SoulSkin

    Random Tech/IT Thread

    It looks like Moniker is a registrar. Someone else probably registered the domain there, and they would sort of be a middleman, in helping them sell it. It appears legit to me, but I've never heard of them before. I found three bad reviews on the BBB website and also from some people on a message board (bad responsiveness/poor support). I can link to that if you want. My experience with oddball domain registrar's is they almost always have bad support and getting things done with your domains is more difficult then the bigger registrars due to lack of documentation and confusing interfaces. Not always, but quite a few that I've run into over the years.
  15. SoulSkin

    Random Tech/IT Thread

    MS released a patch for this issue. MS Description-Link . No idea if it actually works.