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  1. I'm using Chrome with no issues at this point. No need to clear cookies or cache. Weird. I do have AdBlock on.
  2. SoulSkin

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Supposedly, Stafford is still having some issues with his back. I was definitely going with Buffalo over the Rams, until I found out Wentz wasn't playing. I still might. I think they're a good play at home. I don't want to give anybody any of my patented bad advice though. Go with your gut. I need Tyreke to do something here in the 4th quarter, or I'm off to a bad start. --Ah! And he drops a bomb in the EZ by letting it bounce off of his helmet.
  3. I imagine he'll have a lot of important visitors popping in, while on his extended Mar-a-Lago holiday vacation.
  4. This jogged my memory about the safe Pecker supposedly had at AMI with lots of catch and kill stuff related to Trump (as well as other celebrities) from over the years, that they cleaned out when the McDougal story started coming out. Hopefully that stuff hasn't been destroyed. A lot of people might be a little nervous with that news today. This was from back in August, about the safe:
  5. SoulSkin

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Planning ahead, I picked up the Rams D when someone dropped em on a bye, and have the Bills too, because I could afford the roster spot after a few injuries. Both are at home this week. I'm leaning Buffalo (v DET) over the Rams (v PHI) Anyone think that's a bad choice?
  6. I'm just going to assume the briefing materials were one sheet of paper with 5 bullet points to stick to, and a bunch self affirmation flash cards, and that he prepped by focusing on the flash cards.
  7. I think renegade is on the right track with XSS. Maybe a XSS vulnerability scan will reveal something.
  8. SoulSkin

    I’m Happy the Redskins Lost

    Decades of having irrational, insecure, impetuous, incompetent leadership is the curse. Michael Phillips at the RTD summed up the state of the team, in this particular iteration, pretty succinctly today. Jay needs to pick a better DC, but can't be trusted to, so Bruce needs to pick a better HC, but he can't be trusted to, so Dan needs to pick a better GM, but can't be trusted to. As long as the guy at the top can't be "trusted to", then on and on it will go. I'm not saying Snyder can't eventually get it right, but there's little evidence indicating he can. It feeds on itself too. That reputation is firmly established around the league now.
  9. SoulSkin

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Got the one seed heading to the playoffs. Glad the Rams and Gurley (and Goff to a lesser extent) have important real life football things to keep playing for at this point..
  10. Who was telling @ConnSKINS26 it could be worse. I think I found proof.
  11. Wild guess here, but us probably.
  12. Ha. Good point. He has familiarity with Jay, so he's probably changing plays up in the huddle.
  13. I think I'm actually more interested in what Kyle Lauletta looks like more than anything else left to see in this game.
  14. To a pathetic shell of a Giants team too. That is pathetic.
  15. Oooof, largest halftime deficit in franchise history? Damn.
  16. I didn't think it was possible, but I think this team may have established a new low in a very distinguished history of lows.
  17. What this team needs is more more team bonding paintball sessions
  18. Ah crap. Satellite signal going out because of the snow. Great! No, seriously,..great!
  19. Oh ****. Live bet the screen pass on Bovada now!
  20. Strohman was a really good punt returner at VA Tech, correct? Wha' happened?
  21. Man, guys gotta help Sanchez out. Two big drops.
  22. Yeah, it's not just a Chrome issue. That seems like a canned response. I also run Malwarebytes on both PCs I've seen this on. It always seems to catch and block any sort of weird browser redirections, and other nefarious stuff like that. It blocked outbound communication a couple of days ago when I did an image search, and I didn't even open the image, I just expanded the view of it on the page of images that Google spit out. I only mention that because I haven't seen MBAM block anything here. I just get that warning page when initially coming here, or maybe when bouncing between threads. I'm not really a web guy, but I am curious as to why that particular lay out your plan thread, is "the thread in question", in that person's response. Maybe there's some sort of malicious attempted linking going on with an image in that thread? I know that doesn't really make sense though. I've been in that thread once, maybe twice. Seems like something at the root level of the site. Oh, and just noticed the https up there in the URL. Nice.
  23. Just saw this and thought of this thread, specifically @Given