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  1. They are saying a owner’s ability to evict someone who isn’t paying rent isn’t an economic activity subject to oversight by the federal government (affecting interstate commerce, which is the only way in which the federal government has jurisdiction), which I agree with, but I thought most of the eviction moratoriums were done at the the state level?
  2. She is offering 500k for return of the dogs no questions asked. But that is a honeypot....
  3. Well, I mean something happened. The rush to say nothing was up makes me think something was up. I mean, was he texting??? Or what? People normally just don’t drive off the road without breaking. does that car have lane keeping assist? Maybe it malfunctioned?
  4. https://www.wavy.com/news/national/tiger-woods-taken-to-hospital-after-rollover-crash-in-california/ no signs of impairment....
  5. Seems like it wouldn’t fair too well in a car crash.
  6. Damn guys. It was an accident. Let’s not jump to conclusions. He didn’t seem that out of it in the video.
  7. I mean, it is unbelievable but still pretty suspenseful. Maybe they went for one or two many twists.
  8. I mean, I assumed it’s an insult because that’s all you ever seem to have, but I still would like to know how Im being insulted.
  9. An hour? If it takes longer than 15 minutes I’m done. Sorry guys.
  10. I read that if they included that they couldn’t use the procedural vote thing to allow a simple majority to pass in the senate.... Honestly though if they did pass it it would just result in it taking longer to get people employed, but I’m sure there will be people who argue no job is better than a minimum wage job....
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