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  1. I’m not talking about dying from corona virus despite being vaccinated. I’m talking about the possibility of dying from something else because the hospitals are over stressed and the heath care system collapsing under the weight of the unvaccinated horde.
  2. If you really think the unmitigated spread of corona virus will kill only the unvaccinated I think you are being very myopic.
  3. I didn’t quote you or say you did.... but it is more than anti vax people who need to do work in order to fight covid, that is the issue, which is why I disagree with your edit to my post. You can’t just decide not to worry about it, because it will hurt more people than just the antivax crowd if covid gets even more out of control.
  4. Ignorance about what? Posting for reactions are you? If you aren’t going to worry about what happens and go out to restaurants, not wear a mask if the cdc says you should, etc, because you are vaccinated then, yes, you are part of the problem.
  5. If most people think like you do (and apparently a lot of people do) what happens when the hospitals and morgues are over run by the people who didn’t get vaccinated? People die for easily treatable conditions. Is this what we are not worrying about? Someone chooses not to get vaccinated, overfills the hospital, and then when someone who is vaccinated needs emergency treatments it is unavailable because the hospitals are over ran. And that is just the medical aspect of “not worrying about it”. There are economic and security issues aswell. I was shocked the firs
  6. I don’t ever see myself celebrating failure. Enough said on the topic. @bearrock Your points are fair, but mostly I don’t ever see myself celebrating failure.
  7. She made all her choices though. She wants to be judged. That’s what a competition is. If she sat to help the team that is fine, but she doesn’t require sympathy for that.
  8. All that’s fine, but what about that deserves sympathy? Sitting out doesn’t make you a hero. At her level and experience, that is what I would expect. I would question why someone who is qualified to be a neurosurgeon is having a panic attack and whether or not they should retain those qualifications without being seen by psychologists. But what this is like, actually, is having the neurosurgeon have a panic attack during the surgery and then everyone feel sorry for the doctor while the patient is laying there on the table with a p
  9. This is such a false comparison. Biles isn’t a kid. This isn’t her first time being under pressure. She knew what she was getting into.
  10. If this was her first competition on a world stage or in the Olympics I would be more sympathetic. She is supposed to be a professional. Sometimes you have to suck it up.
  11. In a word, yes. This isn’t her first rodeo. Everyone there is under immense pressure, she isn’t special in that regard. If Tom Brady took himself out of the super bowl because he wasn’t in the “right headspace” everyone would have the same reaction I have with her. I don’t know why a woman deserves special consideration...
  12. What about the person who didn’t make the team because Biles chose to compete when her mind wasn’t in it? She isn’t a college student attempting to compete for the first time. This isn’t her first Olympics. She knew what the pressure was like. She made her choices. She is a grown up. For me, the fact that she left her team high and dry while she will be “ready” for the individual competition makes it even worse.
  13. It’s what she signed up for. At this level you should be expected to perform. She let her team mates down because she chose to make a decision that was all about her. She stole someone else’s opportunity. I don’t feel sorry for her. If she didn’t want the spotlight she shouldn’t have worked so hard to take it.
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