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  1. I wouldn’t have said it when Trump was elected but now I think it’s pretty clear Clinton would have been infinitely better. Which ain’t saying much. What about that guy who said we’d beat the Patriots? Clinton had her chance to be a leader and failed miserably. In fact, every position she’s held she’s done a ****ty job at. sad part is we are STILL wasting time talking about her. Gabbard is polling at 2 percent. Assuming half of her supports are willing to screw the Democratic Party that’s one percent of the vote. Normally I’d say one percent matters, but there is no way Trump is wining Ohio and Pennsylvania again.
  2. On the other hand Clinton should shut the **** up. She’s a loser. A sore one at that. Tulsi isn’t a threat even as a third party candidate. (Won’t shift enough votes imo)
  3. CousinsCowgirl84

    2019 Game Day Thread

    another reason to ditch thursday games....
  4. CousinsCowgirl84

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Too bad about mahomes... i hope he don’t have to miss extended time but the should sit out a week...
  5. CousinsCowgirl84

    11-5 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    Is green easier or harder?
  6. Damn.... 7-0 and it’s only the second inning?
  7. CousinsCowgirl84

    Next Coach?

    I have under good authority that we will Rex Ryan as HC and Cam Newton as a QB. As long as Brown doesn’t end up in jail we are a player for him in free agency... Bruce is gonna through a couple first rounders at picking up the ballance of burficts contract.... I think that will set the foundation.
  8. CousinsCowgirl84

    Redskins Fan Revolt Thread

    apparently that’s all it means...
  9. I disagree. Dolphins have a plan.
  10. CousinsCowgirl84

    Redskins Fan Revolt Thread

    Did you make a gofundme or not? How much does a billboard cost, how many people at what dollars do you need to make it work? How much does the print that goes on the billboard cost? we are only three games back. R.E.L.A.X. Maybe you could sell “sell the team” shirts and parlay the revenue toward a billboard or natty ice.
  11. CousinsCowgirl84


    This game is gonna be a statement game.
  12. CousinsCowgirl84

    11-5 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    bro, i’ll be rooting for them next week...
  13. Callahan didn’t blink because he’s a dead man walking...
  14. Cowboys laying an egg you guys, we are only two games back! 4-2 vs 6-0 feels better but is mathematically the same as 1-5 and 3-3.... they both add up to six.