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  1. The military already said they aren’t playing games with the election so if he looses he is out one way or the other... jn the mean time all this does is increase the likelihood of violence between groups of people....
  2. right now they can’t meat electricity demands. right now, ev share is about 5 percent of the total number of new car registrations. What happens when the other 95 percent of cars need to be charged? https://www.cncda.org/wp-content/uploads/Cal-Covering-4Q-19.pdf
  3. I don’t think it’s reasonable from a power availability stand Point. There are already rolling blackouts in California...
  4. Number one in the cool way, not numbers wise is what @skinsfan2k meant I’m sure. however, Tesla’s factory in China just opened, they are building two more currently, one in China and one in Texas, and there are two others in the planning phase, so I wouldn’t fully discount them from growing at 50-60 percent year/year
  5. Sounds good to me. However in order for that to happen we are gonna need EVs with decent range (250 miles min) starting at around 20k, and a substantial investment in infrastructure to support charging. California can’t produce enough electricity to meet current demands, I don’t know how they are gonna provide enough electricity for every one to charge their car. i understand there are alternatives to electric cars, but they are the ones closest to being affordable and the ones most easy to adopt since everyone already had access to the fuel.
  6. Some disgusting thoughts.... she doesn’t believe in birth control because she has a lot of children? Cmon man...
  7. It is amazing that Republicans always seem to get what they want... (judicial appointments, impeachment proceedings, ect) and dems can’t seem to ever get it done. I’m hoping they figure it out this time....
  8. That’s pretty cool as long as there is no impact which doesn’t seem to be the case... Looks like it might be a rocket booster Paul Chodas of the Jet Propulsion Laboratorysuspects 2020 SO of being the Surveyor 2Centaur rocket booster, launched on September 20, 1966.[6] The Earth-like orbit and low relative velocity suggest a possible man-made object. Spectroscopy may help determine if it is covered in titanium dioxidepaint.
  9. I think that’s part of the reason they lost control after 2010. They had full control and couldn’t get a lot done despite all that control. Hopefully they learn from that mistake.
  10. The real issue was whoever decided it was a good idea to get rid of the 2/3 requirements for judge appointments. If that were still precedent I think we would be having a different conversation. btw, if the senate can change the rules whenever they like what is the point in having rules? I really don’t like the Idea of Supreme Court appointments being less that life time, but maybe that is a better option than the senate deciding to add judges whenver the senate and president are of the same party. Maybe 50 judges where each state gets to pick there lifetime
  11. but still! As someone pointed out, we lost the game when Haskins sack fumbled and then the kickoff return was fumbled in quick succession. the sack fumble, not Haskins fault the o line didn’t help him. That said Haskins won’t ever be a top 7 when but could be good enough. He’s like a poor mans desean watson who is a middle income mans Russell Wilson.
  12. Maybe. Haskins got a little better as the game wore on. He needs to get settled a little sooner. Too much happy feet today. without that fumble early in the game this was a very winnable game, and cards look like legit contenders this year. Our offense only needs to improve a little for us to maybe win a a playoff game. I think we are an 8-8 team right now.
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