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  1. You can’t run a end around on a fake punt. End around are supposed to confuse fast defenses. When you are punting it takes time for the defense to figure out you are faking it... with an end around you already did the misdirection no one saw and your still deep in the back field when the defense knows what’s crackin
  2. After watching Dallas play last week I don’t think we really have a chance. We are bad for most of a game with a a few bright spots. They are good for most of a game with a a few disasters. Unless those disasters all occur inside their 20, I don’t think our bright spots on an otherwise dull team are gonna be enough. 17-28 cowboys..
  3. Columbus Day shouldn’t be celebrated because Europeans treated Indians horribly. We should feel guilty about thanksgiving for the same reason. And the 4th of of July for the same reason. live in guilt if you’d like, I’ll take the turkey
  4. The original sars-covid vaccine had serious complications in the animals it was tested on.... but luckily it died out because it was easy to do tracing because everyone who had it was symptomatic in about 3 days vs covid-19s 2 week timeline ... a little concerning.
  5. I hope the vaccines are as good as promised. These are the fastest vaccines ever developed and usually if something sounds too good to be true it usually is. Dont get me wrong. I will be getting the vaccine... my concern is once these get going if there are any serious complications when the sample sizes are magnitudes higher what that will mean for our confidence in vaccines going forward. Fingers crossed.
  6. the only thing similar is that both of them put national security at risk trump just told Biden to begin the transition...
  7. Its a lot bigger. The seats are about a foot higher off the ground so it’s easier to get in and out off. There is a lot more storage in the back. the model 3 just got updated, but prior to about a month ago the model y also had a lift gate and heat pump (heat pump means less range loss when using heat). they added that to the model three a month ago. @Springfield you definitely want to make sure your vin more recent. Some times Tesla calls people up saying they have a match sooner than expected, but it’s a older newer car and the model t
  8. well, mine is a him. Fred. But you do have to name your Tesla. It’s part of the setup process... interesting.
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