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  1. nah Chase is special enough I don't feel that way. JH may or may not continue his good play, Chase Young is predestined to be a force of nature in the NFL until he stops playing.
  2. I always thought that BPA was its own value outside of positional value. Obviously its always a blend of both but in my mind when people say BPA they mean the highest graded player regardless of position (except special teams positions)
  3. In my gut I feel the same as you. I do have real concerns about durability in any kind of long term starter role
  4. Najee Harris's balance is phenomenal.
  5. I like the idea of drafting a RB at 19 if the player is head and shoulders better than the LBers, FS or Tackles available there. If its not that great of a disparity in prospect grades then I would rather them see go for an Olineman or LBer
  6. yeah but Brucifer is gone now. The locker room culture is strong now, it only takes a season. Snyder is a different thing but the culture is here in the locker room. That being said as I mentioned in my next post the truly sordid details were washed out of all the top articles, they Made it sound like drunk hazing that got out of control. Koolblue explained to me it was quite a bit more than that. He sounds like a big time head case.
  7. this is a good game so far where does KC find all these speedy stocky tough little recievers??
  8. Thats a bit much. Those specifics had been washed from all articles I read, I would imagine washington is not interested in him in the first.
  9. I have not paid too close attention - what is giving a "sandusky"? (I'm scared to ask)
  10. With a culture like washington seems to have now if they decide to draft him I'm fine with it. If they don't like him as a person and don't draft him I would trust their judgment there as well.
  11. Thats more of something you ask a team.
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