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  1. This is a war against the virus. In war society has to adapt to survive the battle. We are almost there.
  2. Most production companies right now are requiring vaccinations to work on set. Its very expensive every minute a production set is live and it would be bad business to do it any other way. I wonder if it is coming from that direction.
  3. I mean I hear what you are trying to say but there are jobs right now that require "medical clearance". My wife's at the respiratory therapy wing of her hospital for one. School teachers would be another example of a job requiring multiple vaccinations sometimes yearly. So its hardly lacking precedence the way you are suggesting.
  4. Thats what 17 year olds are for. I'm sure you can find one somewhere. Offer them candy.
  5. Lol yeah when you put it that way it was probably a great learning experience for our defense, who probably started believing a few of the great things sports talk had begun saying about our defense. They are going to be hardcore this season, much less mistakes
  6. Because the NFL will certify betting institutions of course. I'm guessing similar to what the NBA gets a vig or something.
  7. I wonder if the salary cap is about to grow a ton when gambling happens, or are those profits going to be negotiated separately between players and teams? I don't see why but who knows these days.
  8. Ionaiddis has one of the best bullrushes in the NFL.
  9. What about the Washington DC. Cowboys versus DC The DC to take on the Giants on Monday night football. JDR would be the DC of the DC. That just popped in my head. So happy to hear the colors will be traditional
  10. But your viral loads are much lower than they would be if you were unvaccinated so you are less contagious, depending on your specific immune system of course. Back to football!
  11. I never thought taylor looked like he was below average arm strength, but definitely average. Maybe I'm wrong.
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