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  1. I think we should make a list of what we shouldn't be willing to trade for Watson, I think it will be much shorter than the things I would be happy to trade for him
  2. So you don't think waddle and Mclaurin make a good 1/2 combo? I guess they are smallish guys but they both play big. I guess the draft won't solve our WR problems. FA wr? It's probably not wise to rely on another mid/late round flyer on a physical possesion reciever on the draft. edit: If Harmon returns at 100% I think he will make a fantastic Slot/possesion guy. His ability to block will work well in the motion run game they do. I like his nasty streak catching the ball also.
  3. Mclaurin, Waddle, a healthy Kelvin Harmon / Cam Sims plus another physical good hands YAC WR drafted/UDFAd later? That sounds so nasty. Mclaurin is too good and too hard of a worker. He deserves another top flight WR on the outside.
  4. You aren't wrong about past seasons, we would be irresponsible not to feel wary. All I'm saying is that if Snyder does something Rivera will leave. So then we will know he did something. Also he is under massive pressure from the minority owners like never before.
  5. I specifically mean there isn't going to be a historically bad defense or something like that pop up next year. I just don't see it, Rivera has a different kind of structure in the team. Our offense won't be worse than it was this year and our defense is definitely going to be better (unless there is some insane level of injuries) Now when you bring up "under snyder" of course he could completely decide to **** things up but I don't see that happening because Rivera wouldn't stand for that, he would bounce. So as long as it is under Riveras tenure this team is at its baseline im
  6. Yeah two of the years with Gruden we had historically bad defenses. Not just bad, one of the worst ever in the history of the NFL thanks in part to our record breaking terrible 3rd down defense. The team today has definite weaknesses on offense and defense but I just can't see anything devolving suddenly like those years with gruden. We are definitely going to get better not worse.
  7. I'm too lazy to make one, people just want to keep this thread very focused in nature not discussion, I have learned the hard way. To be honest zi hadn't closely been following what happened at the capital and suspected nationwide until 2 days ago I was so busy with work. I'll gladly join you in discussion at some point in a diff thread right now I'm getting more and more disgusted with this group of "revolutionaries" and Trump. He crossed a very severe line imho, lost all respectability and should lose his rights. Even now he has made veiled threats of future violence. He has gon
  8. This deserves impeachment and conviction. I don't think I could be convinced otherwise. I believe it will pass quickly also.
  9. I'm going to save you the trouble by telling you something I learned - This is not the thread for this topic. on another note- So relieved camp auschwitz is arrested. Keep clamping down and get them all.
  10. Which isn't saying something bad about him. There are maybe 6-8 guys on the roster who aren't in danger of being forced to prove their ability to be the guy next camp
  11. I appreciate that man. I didn't think I was being difficult to understand. Have a good one @spjunkies Did he seriously just drop a vieled threat about violence? GTFO out of here trump you are done buddy
  12. I'll stick to the football forum from now on. I'm sorry that I thought I'd type away on my phone here at work in the lab. I didn't realize what I had written today was confusing or upsetting to you guys and gals.
  13. I'll allow it counselor. Now what? Who is defending trump now? He is a terrible person who says terrible things and now is (rightfully) about to be tried for inciting an attack on the US capital. I haven't heard a single person in this thread say anything other than that.
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