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  1. sure 19 times out of 20,but there is nothing wrong with splitting the line and having a middle linebacker blitz up the middle sometimes also.
  2. I was just talking about zone blitz schemes in general. When you have the offense reeling and scared switching things up in a zone blitz only leads to less double teams for Chase in the future downs. I trust Del Rio for knowing how to put his ultra talented pass rushers who offenses break their balance to overload protection on into a position to succeed. He's kind of done it a few times before...
  3. this thread is the velveeta of my life. Hello again old friend.
  4. true to an extent. Remember when Lamar Marshal used to drop back into a a safety zone and Sean Taylor used to blitz in concert with a perfect dline stunt? Zone blitzes are a vicious attack that you can unleash when the team is playing in perfect rhythm . Its been a LONG time since we've had a defense that could scare offenses so much that we can start playing head games with them.
  5. Have you seen the linebacker play this year? If the scheme wasn't like that nothing would stop the run. (holcomb is legit but he is only just started)
  6. because gibson and mckissic looked legit AF in camp. Enough to warm ones heart for sure.
  7. and he terrifies defensive backs absolutely dominates. There are a bunch of CBs who know they were dominanted thjs year but the ball just didn't get thrown to them
  8. gibson needs to learn when to bounce it outside and his ypc will soar
  9. that makes him a top tier backup qb, which is a nice thing to have
  10. bad throw caused by tons of pressure from a four man rush - great interception
  11. rookie, they slowly have been usong him more. Plus JD Mkissic is legit also
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