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  1. Hmm. I have a feeling a bulked up Kelvin Harmon and Antonio Gibson will fill that H-back/Modern tight end role.
  2. Or he is just a garden variety bipolar disorder sufferer. Make sure you are not choosing a bias beforehand. Then again... who knows what effect those particular brain chemistries are put under after bashing their heads for a living. AB is obviously going through an "unmedicated stage" in his bipolar "treatment". I'm not ruling out brain injury from football affecting his psyche, but bipolar is a terribly difficult thing to medicate, its basically trying to treat an addiction to an overproduction of addictive chemicals produced by ones own brain.
  3. he looks like the type of dude who can strike fear in offensive linemen
  4. I think it was always really footwork with dwayne, not so much overall athleticism - I've always felt like many people (media included) have confounded the two into one issue.
  5. He popped here https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/don-t-sleep-kelvin-harmon-washington-redskins-2019-nfl-draft Not saying he is jerry rice but I really saw something in his game. I know its the wrong thread but whateves lol Ill move it to harmons if the mods want
  6. Harmon just made plays, was big and physical. I know he isn't a burner but he won a lot of matchups once he had a shot. I just hate soft recievers, especially big ones.
  7. If whatever they figure out as a plan for a season is considerably more dangerous (virus wise) than the "essential" job I've been doing all year according to experts then I am fine with waiting. Otherwise let the season happen and let any player who does not feel comfortable playing be paid something and their contract extended by a year. If its not substantially more dangerous virus wise then it should be up to each individual player to decide what to do with their own life. If state governments decide not to allow their teams to play then those teams won't play. No biggie. These are adults, not high school kids.
  8. I'm so all in on Kelvin Harmon. He is just the type of dude I love to watch play football.
  9. A lot of players javr enough money saved to live off of, a lot of players probably need that paycheck also though. Most people weren't fiscally planned for this type of insanity - nfl players also. Unemployment won't stop them from defaultimg on loans they took out when they thought they'd be millionaires. Uggh. Who knows, this is a small thing but feels huge.
  10. not to mention that TEs who can block get a lot of those 3-5 yard completely wide open throws, all you have to do is find the open area, sit in it and catch. I think Moss will be able to do that. I don't think he is going to be burning down the seam or running complicated option routes but if he can block well and be a consistent safety valve it will be enough for now.
  11. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again, and Im sure Rivera and co have said it to themselves as well. He's so ****ing good.