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  1. Seth Meyers does a segment on his show called "The Kind of Story We Need Right Now", I wish I could nominate this story to be featured. This was an awesome read and I recommend it to everyone on the board to take the time to hear the tale.
  2. Well, should be an interesting game. I don't drink anymore, but I plan being toasted for this game...at 5pm...on a Monday. Steeler fans annoy me, it would be nice to shut them up for once. Its like when you give a kid a piece of cake who was never allowed to have sweets. Next thing you know...
  3. I've really been wanting to get my hands on Fallen Order, it looks like a lot of fun. Right now, I'm still playing The Surge 2, so no more "souls like" games until I finish the one I already have. I've only played a little bit of JFG, but I remember it being kinda hard and disturbingly violent towards the furry creatures you're supposed to protect. I kinda reminded me of a game called Raze's Hell on the original Xbox.
  4. Cool, I'm going to smoke now. I skipped work for a reason. I did hear on 106.7 that, arguably, the Steelers have been up against some of the worst defenses this year on top of having the easiest schedule of any team. I don't think they're as bullet proof as people think, but I haven't seen many of their games this year. I'm hoping Young and the rest of the defense can feast on them and help out our offense as much as possible.
  5. 1. Sorry I put an "S" on his last name. 2. A lot of posters on this board and fans in general felt the same way I did about Young...which means they don't know a lot about football. If admitting I was wrong about him because I didn't know enough to make an accurate assessment is considered smarmy. Then I apologize.
  6. I love how he's finally doing the right things and being a decent president...but out of spite and not exactly on purpose. I'd wish he'd just shut up and leave, but he's going to help us in Georgia. We just need to endure him for a little bit more...
  7. Dude, I never mean't to give off the impression that I thought we should go for Burrow or anyone else. If that was how my post was interpreted, than that is my fault. However, I think I've at least tried to explain what I was trying to say and it isn't that hard to understand. I don't know, maybe the third time will be the charm? I did feel that Young wasn't performing to the level of expectations of such a high draft pick. There was a lot of talk that he was overrated and I was really starting to buy into that sentiment. However, when you have a professional (not me) break down hi
  8. Nope, I and I'm starting to notice that a lot of people on this board are in the same boat.
  9. I didn't think what I said was that confusing, people who don't know a lot about football thought that Young wasn't doing a lot for the team (myself included). Hell, 106.7 had an entire segment where they had listeners call in and say who they would've taken instead of Young. Some still picked Young, but a lot of them said Herbert, that we should've traded up for Burrow or named someone else I've never heard of before. Just a few weeks ago, a good portion of the fan base was down on Young. Like I said, there were many people who said (in the gameday thread) that we should've gone for someone o
  10. I'm 36, 2012 is one of the best and most exciting seasons I can remember in a long time. I still watch the games sometimes when I'm feeling nostalgic. So many great highlights from that season.
  11. Yeah, he should be feeling bad for me!
  12. Seriously? I literally just turned my back to the TV and some other, not black guy was the QB. I feel bad for RG3, he's still rich, so not that bad.
  13. Not this early though, I'm down for a 7pm game though.
  14. I'm in a meeting...missing Wednesday Afternoon Phootball!
  15. Huh? Hell, there were people in the game thread saying we should've gone for Burrow.
  16. I have to admit, I know more than the average football fan, but that isn't really saying much. Most people need to SEE someone do something, otherwise, they aren't doing anything. A few weeks ago, fans were saying we should've went for Burrows over Young and that Young was overrated and went too high. I started to think that too, but once you have a professional point out and break it down for the average football mind. Young will be an asset for a very long time.
  17. Agree! On top of that MaHomes is looking for a flag like he was injured or something.
  18. Haha! The score is the same...
  19. This game sucks, I'll give it until halftime, unless KC scores again.
  20. Just think, we're planning for them right now as we speak. Right now, they're planning for the Ravens. I think that bodes well for us.
  21. Colt McCoy might be coming out!
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