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  1. skinny21

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Total guess on my part, but I‘d think they mean it’s a luxury to draft Young when your roster is in such poor shape and you have a chance to turn this around with multiple picks gained. Even moreso given our pass rush stats. With that said, we can absolutely use a stud pass rusher, the pass rush stats are a bit misleading, and the roster has a lot of issues, but is young and has potential (not to mention our cap space). I think there’s some truth to both sides.
  2. Oh absolutely... just questioning the validity of the comment (I could be wrong about it). I’m in the camp that Haskins has all the tools (comments about him learning quickly/not making the same mistake twice were good to read as well), but @KDawg is right that it all amounts to naught if he doesn’t work his *** off. To your point though, he showed pretty consistent improvement, which is big. Personally, I really liked the little things he showed - not staring down receivers, keeping his eyes downfield when rushed, tight window throws (all 3 things most rookies struggle with). I’m high on his chances to become a top 10 qb if he puts the work in. That’s a big time “if” though.
  3. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    @Alcoholic Zebra Yeah, Jeremiah mentioned Mims’ as smooth, athletic and acrobatic, but he left out the physicality (which you brought up). I know I’ve mentioned before that PFF questioned his route tree, but then said he erased that question (in their opinion) in Mobile. On top of all of those traits, he’s a winner in terms of analytics with a nice dominator rating and breakout age - posting a 33.1 at 19, 28.7 at 20 and 31.7 at 21. Going to be interesting to see his 3 cone and 40 time (broad jump and vert should be excellent), because aside from concentration drops (concerning), the biggest question mark is that burst to separate.
  4. I thought he graded really well when working from a clean pocket?
  5. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Haven’t watched Claypool this year, though he kept popping up last year when I was watching... I don’t know... somebody. I liked him then, but this class is just so ridiculously deep.
  6. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    @Thinking Skins I’m of a similar mind. Frankly, I am far more concerned with solidifying our oline (quality starters and depth) and our back 7 on D. After that comes adding to our pass catchers - receivers, TEs and running backs. Given the depth of this receiving class and the fact we have Harmon in the fold, I think I’d much rather look to guys like Mims, Edwards, Tyler Johnson or Van Jefferson in the 3rd-4th than spending big money on a FA. Guys that can come in and compete and provide depth (whether they or Harmon are that depth). Of course, I’m also not looking at the situation through a “win-now” lens. Couple that with either Trautman or Kmet in the 3rd, or a late round TE (Asiasi, Breeland, etc), and a weapon out of the backfield added late (Antonio Gibson say), and I think our offense is pretty well set up for the future. Assuming we’ve addressed the oline of course. Edit: I would absolutely grab an UDFA tight end to stash. I think it’s a good idea regardless, but with our TE situation, it just makes too much sense given their development arc (unless maybe we sign a top guy and draft another promising one).
  7. skinny21

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    Regarding the idea of the Lions trading Stafford, my impression is that they’d have to eat all bonus money, meaning financially it’s the same as releasing him (a 32mil cap hit). The flip side of this is that any team trading for him now has a very attractive 3 year contract for a very good qb. So the question becomes, what kind of compensation could the Lions get in return? Two 1sts? I’d think the Chargers, Raiders, Bucs and maybe one or two others might consider it... For them, while that cap hit is enormous, the prospect of getting themselves a talent like Tua on a rookie contract, adding some serious picks, and having Stafford’s cap off the books in 2021 has to make them at least consider it... right?
  8. skinny21

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    That would be awesome. Given his injury history and contract status, my guess would be more like a 3rd or 4th and a conditional later round pick, or a later pick this year (a 5th maybe?) and a conditional higher pick next year (anywhere from 2nd down to nothing). I have no idea though of course. There does come a point in which you consider the compensatory pick you could get. He says trade or release, but you’d think he’d have to be motivated to play big in a contract year... which gives us good corner play this year and a higher pick next year when he signs elsewhere. Also gives us more time to find a replacement.
  9. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Honestly? Sprinkle maybe gets a bit more hate than he should. IMO Sprinkle has done ok as a receiver. His untimely drops have hurt us, but he’s also scooped a few from the grass and whatnot. He’s a big target and gets open with some regularity. I’m not impressed with him as a blocker, though this is an area that can improve with time/experience. Hentges has already looked far better in this department, but then again, he was the blocking TE at Alabama... so he had the chops already. Overall, I think they’re both ok as number 2s with room for growth into (potentially) good second options or maybe even lower end number 1s. With Caleb Wilson in the fold, our TE group is actually pretty interesting/intriguing... the problem is a matter of trusting them to become more than they’ve shown. This is the same for any TE we draft though, which is why I can understand the desire to pick up a FA. Personally, I’m not terribly concerned about this year, so I’m fine just wading into the draft pool and seeing how much a rookie can develop by next year.
  10. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    @method man Woerner is a the former safety, I believe? Yeah, Georgia didn’t use him at all, but he blocks his butt off. @KDawg To your point, guys like O’Grady and Pinckney have some red flags and I’m not sure I see a massive difference between them and Breeland, Asiasi, and maybe Deguara. Then you have interesting, but potentially UDFAs like Magnifico and Woerner. I could see drafting one late and then adding an UDFA. Not sure I see Turner being comfortable with that, but options are limited in FA. Two semi-cheaper guys I’d consider (though I’d guess they return to their respective teams) are Fells and Barwin.
  11. Looking at it skeptically - new offensive/defensive schemes, a very flawed back 7, only 2 viable olinemen*, 1 good weapon on offense, and a qb that mostly sucked. * seeing as how Trent didn’t play last year, no reason for Vegas to assume he would this year
  12. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    @volsmet Ironically, I’ve probably been pretty reluctant to attribute SF’s success to Bosa, so I’m with you there. So, at what point do you just roll with the qb you have/like? What I mean is, how often do you look to add a qb in the first? Do you go so far as to trade up for them because of the benefits the rookie contract provides (even if you have one you like)? At what point are you hurting your team because you’re not using 1st rounders on other positions? All kinda nebulous questions as situations will be different every time, I know.
  13. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    You certainly don’t. There are some obvious parallels between us and Arizona last year (new staff, 2nd year 1st round qb that has question marks, a top qb available to us in the draft, a relatively weak team). The two differences that give me pause though (there are more of course) are 1) Haskins has shown all of the tangible things I want to see out of a qb (albeit with a lot of room for improvement), and the qb likely to be available has major injury concerns. When you then factor in the other route/talent available to us (Young) and the Bosa effect on the Niners... I just can’t get behind going with Tua. With that being said, one option that would intrigue me is trading down and then landing Tua. We gain picks to further improve the team, we have an excellent qb situation (talent-wise anyway), and the potential to trade one away for a high draft pick down the road. In a sense, this might be the biggest draft gamble in recent history, which would be both exciting and terrifying. Edit: woah @volsmet - I swear I hadn’t read your post before I submitted this.
  14. skinny21

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    Definitely a good chance AP is the starter for a string of games (maybe even all of them, lol), but Guice likely fits the offense a better. It’s sad that we can’t count on him to stay healthy. I’m looking forward to seeing who else they bring in and I’m excited to see what Love can do for us.
  15. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I’ll fully support your trip... though not financially of course. I’d be happy if I were a team adding him mid-late 2nd. As I said previously, if he were a bit bigger (2 inches taller and 10-15lbs heavier), he’d be an easy 1st rounder. Lack of ideal size and his LOC pushes him down a round though (right or wrong).