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  1. I’m not down on Turner per say - especially considering the handicaps he’s working with - I just think he could do better in terms of play calling to his personnel. The idea that Arizona surprised us by playing man... it seems to me you should always have an audible ready for that type of situation, and motioning someone to check for man is a no-brainer. As I alluded to though - the qb struggling with accuracy is rough going for an OC.
  2. The thought had crossed my mind for sure. On the flip side, I’d strongly consider running away from Thomas and toward McLaurin more often. Run blocking is supposed to be easier - I don’t understand why we aren’t running the ball more, throwing more screens, and moving the pocket when they do throw.
  3. Been wondering why this isn’t baked in to the game planning/play calling given the oline struggles. @KDawg Good point about the motions - I totally glossed over the fact that sweep motions aren’t accomplishing the same thing. More PA would be good too, probably more of the rpo variety. I’d also like to see us run the ball a touch more early on. Easier on the oline (especially our inexperienced guys), takes some of the burden off Haskins if we have some success, and gives the D more rest. Frankly, I wouldn’t be suggesting it if Haskins was completing more balls - I appr
  4. I have to say I’m surprised SDH has done so poorly. Bostic has looked pretty good coming forward - mainly as a rusher - but seems like a liability in coverage. How much is this group affected by JDR simplifying things for the front 4? If Foster is able to regain his form at some point this season, he could be a nice piece to solidify the front 7...
  5. Your point (kind of ironically, since you are arguing times have changed for qbs) is backed up by the stats posted regarding qbs that had a rough start to their year. Jones might be a different situation though - the turnovers have been a consistent problem going back to college. My bigger issue with Jones is the sensing pressure bit. I agree with you that mechanics are probably harder to fix than getting better at reads and understanding defenses. OTOH, I have to believe Haskins accuracy could be helped significantly via better separation and scheming guys open. I have no idea
  6. I’m definitely worried that Haskins isn’t the guy. I can’t say I’m surprised by his rough start, but it has gone worse than I expected. With that said, I can’t think of a qb that has had worse circumstances (aside from injuries) in their first two years. Setting aside last year’s **** show - a new O, an inexperienced OC, an unproven left side of the line, 4 of 6 new targets - all without a real off-season. That is a lot for a young qb. Add in the fact that he probably has one of, if not the worst supporting casts... it was/is a recipe for disaster. I’m not saying this to ab
  7. I just came on here to post the same prediction with basically the exact same reasoning. Here’s hoping we’re both wrong. I’ll go with 34-24 - ‘Zona, instead.
  8. Anyone else think the aftermath of this game feels like the opening day Raiders game a few seasons back? Lot of nuance to unpack in that comparison...
  9. I would say we don’t know quite how bad the oline is (mainly the left side obviously) since the feedback has been them vs our line and the Eagles - both with a lot of talent. Don’t think there’s a quick fix. I do think we could see solid improvement as they gel, get more game experience, and everyone (ie the rest of the offense) gets more comfortable in the system. Possible we switch guys and see some improvement too. Of course, Turner hasn’t gotten to see these guys in preseason games to know exactly what he’s dealing with (though he has a sense of it obviously). Overall though, this loo
  10. Haskins showed some good things, chief among them the leadership qualities, a good scramble, getting the ball out quick, not turning the ball over (some close calls though), and engineering clutch scoring drives (of course they’re all arguably clutch). I liked that virtually all of his throws were close, even though he was definitely off on too many. Lack of protection and separation are going to make life hard on him (not necessarily blaming those two things for the accuracy issues). Plenty to improve upon, but converting off turnovers, the late 1st half drive, improvin
  11. Too true, and Fuller was a beast vs the screen game in his previous stint with us. Takes some pressure off our edge guys to make those stops.
  12. Don’t disagree, but McKissick was targeted 5 times. Have to wonder how slowly they’ll bring Gibson along, or if it’s more a matter of what McKissick has shown.
  13. This is where I’m at as well. His downfield passes in the first half were close, and I don’t recall any wide open receivers he missed. More than a couple throws looked poorly placed at first blush, but the replays showed he couldn’t have put it in front of the receiver safely. Whether those were more on Dwayne for not looking defenders off or receivers not separating, I don’t know for sure. Obviously more game experience and time in the system will help Haskins and his receivers, but I think this is going to be a struggle all year. I did like the poise/resiliency/leade
  14. With heads up positioning, Moses pushed his guy to the left tackle spot on that TD - it was cool to see.
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