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  1. Texas Attorney General just informed cities their stay-at-home orders are unlawful and essentially threatened them with legal action. I have a feeling this will be the norm for various states. I would also assume this has to do with Republicans wanting urban areas heavily affected. Their stance on mail-in ballots jives with this. Power seems the only thing that truly matters to them after all.
  2. My ‘weapons’ would be: 1) McLaurin - no explanation needed. 2) Sims - with an * because although he showed really well at the end of the year, he needs to show more. 3) Guice - with an * because of health. Power, vision, speed, burst and decent enough hands to excel in the run and pass game. 4) Gibson - with an * because he hasn’t proven anything in the NFL. 5) Love - with 2 *s because 1) health, and 2) he hasn’t proven himself in the pros. Also don’t really know about his hands. Gandy-Golden, Thomas and McKissic have potential, as does our UDFA receiver. The rest? They could all be solid players for us, but weapons? Not so much, IMO. I do like Harmon a lot more than most though it seems. Ditto, to a lesser extent, Cam Sims.
  3. skinny21

    The "I wish we got that guy" thread, 2020 Edition

    Count me among those hoping we’d take Jones. In hindsight, Jones followed by Charles would have been an interesting development. They’d compete for LT, with the ‘loser’ having a chance at supplanting Moses (this year or next), or filling a swing tackle role. With Jones at LT, Charles could also/instead move inside to play LG or replace Scherff next year (if he doesn’t sign an extension). Essentially, while not ‘sexy’, it would have been nice to add 2 legitimate talents to the oline. @Skinsinparadise I’m pretty much right there with you in terms of your ‘would have’ scenario. Two spots I might have tried to offer a 7th to move up a few spots (easy to say in hindsight) - moving up for Trautman from 4.2, and for Amik Robertson from 4.36. For the most part though, a lot of guys I really liked went earlier than expected and I’m not sure I would have targeted them with an earlier pick. 3.2 was tough, as I liked so many of the guys that went right before us: Van Jefferson, Cleveland, Mims, Uche, Fulton, Chinn and Logan Wilson all went w/in 9 of us.
  4. Had two thoughts about this - 1) means they won’t have to fly in (bit risky ATM) 2) potentially more ticket sales and new Redskin fans from among all of the people that know these guys ... or it’s got nothing to do with either of those things, lol
  5. Agreed. Yeah, oline is a concern for me. Hopefully between Lucas/Charles and Martin/Schweitzer/Ismael we can field a serviceable left side... I think our depth is a touch better with Fuller and Darby, not sure about starting talent. I was thinking about the addition of Davis and the fact we cut Nicholson... did Davis have a hand in calling/captaining the secondary in Pittsburgh? Besides oline and secondary, our linebacking corp was my big concern, especially given the scheme switch. I think Thomas Davis was a sneaky good addition to this group in terms of experience and leadership. Hard to disagree here. The changes personnel-wise feel more incremental and more about competition/depth. And after dealing Trent, we have a few dollars more
  6. As well as a way to fill out your roster pre-draft...which is what we did of course.
  7. I’ll point out that it’s not like Kyle had the reins exactly - he put the board together with the scouts, and then Ron and the other coaches went through all of the players with Kyle to finalize it. I’m not trying to minimize his role, that collaboration is normal, but he was basically auditioning for the GM title. With that out of the way... I thought the draft was a bit of a head scratcher. After Young, you can make an argument either way for these prospects. Is Gibson a missing piece, or was he over drafted? Is Charles’ talent worth the baggage? Will AGG be able to separate from dbs, or will he just catch the ball over them consistently? And so on. So much of it is predicated on 1) team fit, and 2) deciding whether to trust draft ‘experts’ or the scouting/coaching staff. FA was... mild. But again, you can argue it either way - culture, depth, filling holes with mostly ‘bridge’ type players vs a lack of talented, long term starters added. I honestly don’t know what to think about Kyle. I will say that overall, it’s good that we’re changing things up. A hard-nosed coach that players respect, collaboration in the FO, a legitimate DC, a nice blend of youth and vets, and what appears to be a thought out process for the franchise as a whole. Might not work, but I’m happy to give it a go.
  8. skinny21

    2020 ES GM's Mock Draft....

    Ok, so how the actual draft played out vs my picks for the Texans... little strange Texans take Blacklock at 40. It was a coin flip between Blacklock and Taylor for me, I took the latter (he ends up going 41st). Texans trade 57 for Cooks. I take Madabuike (he went 71st). Texans take Greenard at 90. My ‘target’, Greenard goes right before my pick - that was a kick in the nuts. I take Hunt. Post roster lock, the picks changed - Texans now had 2 4ths. I traded up for a second 4th. Texans then went OT (Heck), corner (Reid) and then receiver (Coulter in the 5th) After taking an OT/G last rd, I went corner, then receiver also. Anywho... Total pick differential for me is +5. Not great, but I feel pretty good about it. 40 Johnathon Taylor - actual 41 57 Justin Madabuike - actual 71 90 Robert Hunt - actual 39 111 Reggie Robinson - 123 159 Isaiah Hodgins - actual - 207 240 Bryce Huff - UDFA (Jets) 250 Simon Stepaniak - actual 209
  9. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Tyler Johnson right before us...
  10. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

  11. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Surprised Anae is still around
  12. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Taylor is kind of intriguing to me. Looks like a b-ball center to me with his body type and movement skills - I’d be happy to take him to see what happens with some (maybe serious) development. I don’t know Murphy
  13. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Gandy-Golden - good call folks
  14. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    @volsmet Bills should’ve hired you to run their draft. James Lynch pick reminds me of our pick of Ioannidis...
  15. Johnson, Hopkins, Muti and Amik Robertson for me. Is Dotson still around? Maybe Biadasz, Hall or Kindley? Wildcard - Harrison Hand Oops, missed Kindley pick earlier... what else have I missed? Hmm... guess I’m not going to let ignorance get in the way of sharing my opinion.