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  1. Makes me wonder how much mentality plays into things, particularly in terms of playing within the confines of the system, preparation, etc. Broadly speaking, the effect of confidence (or overconfidence). Although Davis is a 1st rounder like Queen/Simmons, his relative inexperience could lead to more focus on doing things right. Obviously this could backfire - overthinking things and playing more slowly - but it could also lead to more focus and controlled play. Who knows. Personally, I could see Davis playing a bit slower in terms of reading/reacting, but also not making as many bad
  2. Relative to their peers, and going off a combo of stats, talent, potential and what they bring to the team (ie my subjective take)... Excellent Young McLaurin Scherff Gibson Way Very good Sweat Ioannidis Jackson Allen Good Thomas Roullier Samuel Fitzpatrick Fuller Above Average Payne McKissick Flowers Going to be really interesting to see how guys like Davis, McCain, D. Brown, Cosmi, Holcomb, Collins, Humphries, Leno and Curl perf
  3. I told that joke at a family get together a couple years ago (Why do cows have hooves? Because they lack toes) and my sister sprayed milk out of her mouth and nose all over the table. It was glorious.
  4. Good call - from what I heard, Texas Governor - against Abbott - is my understanding (may have been pure speculation though).
  5. Using this purely as a jump off point, and very broad brush picture, here’s what I’m thinking: Scherff’s money goes to Allen in 2022 (3 year deal) Fitzpatrick and Flower’s money goes to McLaurin in 2023 Io and Landon’s cap savings from being cut next year go to Payne in 2023 (although that would mean we pay a fairly high 5th year option) Fuller and the rest of Landon’s cap savings go to Sweat in 2024 (might take a bit more than that) Jackson’s, Samuel’s and Allen’s money goes to Young in 2025 Based on the cap ceiling, we’re projected at 60mil in cap space n
  6. Pulling hard for Patterson, and not just because he’s in an underdog situation. Take some wear and tear off Gibson, allow our ground game to plug along if Gibson misses any time, and allow Gibson to transition to more of a Kamara role (which in turn makes it easier to let McKissick walk after this year). Fingers crossed.
  7. Again, good to hear SIP. Yeah, I shouldn’t be dismissive of the guy. My impression was that this was a weak edge rushing class, and BK went in the 7th, so my expectations for him have been basically nonexistent. Would be pretty awesome if wind up with solid depth and a pretty good rotational guy out of these 3 youngsters (BK, Toney and JSW). There’s always Toohill, Jelks and whoever as well. Just hoping at least one of them steps up in TC.
  8. I’m trying to temper my expectations, and I know it might not be where he plays in the long run, but I can’t express how excited I’ll be if Davis becomes a stud MLB for us. Would be such a massive addition to this D.
  9. The St. Juste bit is really good to hear, because that’s one of 3 spots I have big concerns about our depth. DE is another area I’m concerned about (depth-wise), so I guess it makes sense Toney is out there (exclusively), but man - playing edge at roughly 230lbs? Good luck. Of course, I said when we drafted him I see him as a situational rusher that transitions to outside backer eventually. That was before I knew he’d dropped 10 lbs, but I think it makes sense to give him some exposure to NFL tackles - in terms of playing both the run and the pass. If he does play outside bac
  10. That’s my assumption. My hope is they like what they’ve seen from Hudson (last year especially) and would rather him on the field than Bostic in the middle and Davis playing wlb, but I’m not reading too much into it yet.
  11. Yep, and it’s a great point. I will say that playing as well as he did when it was such a high pressure game (as well as the willingness to lay it on the line) is a nice tally in the ledger for Heinicke. On the flip side, I believe he had a pretty high avg in terms of time to release. Don’t know how much scrambling is factored in there, or the fact he pushed the ball down the field (not as many dump offs?), but it’s probably something to work on. Yeah, weird that I won’t mind seeing any of our top 3 qbs out there on game days...
  12. Used to drive thru San Antonio with some regularity and I was always amused when I crossed ‘Hollering Woman Creek’.
  13. To be fair, they drafted 3 corners this year after drafting 2 last year (both guys I was high on - Diggs and Reggie Robinson).
  14. I’m pretty much in the same place with how I view him. He’s showed pretty well in games though - preseason and playoff games especially. There’s upside there IMO, it’s a question of how much and his tapping into it. Fair to point out that he can potentially improve most of those issues you mentioned, and while not fast, running in the 4.5s is fast enough if you do have some of those complementary assets like sharp route running, a big catch radius, a good hold on the mental part of the position, etc. Missing the first two seasons probably set him back a bit too.
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