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  1. @Llevron In your last line is the key, IMO. Build the team. We’ve seen elite qbs struggle to get their teams above .500 when their supporting cast was lackluster and we’ve seen non elite qbs go the the big dance with the right coaching/personnel around them. The overriding principle though is to have a FO with vision that can build that team as well as marry the right coaching staff to the right personnel. Otherwise you’re just hoping for the occasional flash in the pan. This is one reason I’m a bit zen on Haskins at the moment. He’s been pretty bad for sure (most stats point to awful), but the team has major issues from a coaching, player and (most importantly) FO standpoint. He can, and should improve dramatically as I feel all of his issues are fixable (maturity is a concern, but he can progress there too) - if he doesn’t, we’ll try to spin the roulette wheel again. In the mean time, we need to make serious strides in the other areas - coaching, personnel and FO structure.
  2. I love Thompson, but yeah, it’s time to draft a replacement. Not a pure 3rd down back, but a guy that can handle some carries as well. I’m not too concerned about Guice - backs tend to have a short shelf life anyway and I think Love will pair well with Peterson if/when Guice gets injured next year. Just need a better option than Smallwood as the 4th.
  3. Yeah, that throw had me initially thinking it was another poorly thrown ball, but the in-game replay certainly made it look like it would have been a pick (or PD) if put anywhere else. I’m not sure it was the right throw to make, but I don’t think I can fault where he put it. Edit: as to your question @MartinC, my guess is it can go either way. You have qbs that are more mobile, ones that are more experienced in the pocket, ones that have played in NFL systems, etc.
  4. Guice is a difference maker when he’s on the field. Hate seeing the injuries. Absolutely need to draft another even though I’m excited to see what Love brings (much like @Skinsinparadise, Guice and Love were my top 2 backs after Barkley in 2017). I’d draft a back in the mid rounds and then look to UDFA - though if one is the BPA late, I wouldn’t mind double dipping. I’m hoping for a back with some speed that can be a weapon out of the backfield.
  5. I wonder about the angle of a new coach picking their qb (right off the bat). Would it be better to have a rookie qb learning a new system at the same time as the rest of the team, or is it better to bring a rookie into an established team/offense? I’m torn on this from a philosophical standpoint. Bottom line though, I only draft a qb high if I’m sold on him, otherwise I wait and see what the following draft looks like (meanwhile working with what I have).
  6. Yes we need a backup. I actually think you do hand Haskins the job. Now, if he shows work ethic issues or has some other major problems, then you bench him and see if they can be worked out. If not, you trade/cut him and shoot for the moon the following year. If he plays poorly, or the backup plays instead, your new coach/GM now has a high draft pick to address the position. If he works out, you’ve got more resources to improve the team with. Edit: Obviously the coach and GM should pick their qb. When I say hand him the job, that’s assuming the new regime sees that Haskins has some talent and needs a lot of coaching. If he doesn’t take the coaching, then they shouldn’t be tied to him. If they decide to trade up for Burrows, so be it. I don’t think Haskins would have been given the support/time/coaching he needed, but at least they’d have who they wanted. If they prefer a qb competition with a vet, so be it... I think it would be a mistake for the reasons I outlined previously, but it’s their prerogative.
  7. I’m not in favor of bringing in a FA qb to compete with Haskins. First of all, you’re splitting reps, which means neither qb is going to be where they could be with full reps. Secondly, a FA qb is almost assuredly not taking us to the super bowl and very likely wouldn’t be in our long term plans. Third (and this ties into the 2nd point), if a FA beats out Haskins, we likely wind up with a worse draft position. 4th, we’re down money that could be used to sign other FAs, re-sign our own guys, or roll over. Lastly, you’re creating a scenario similar to this year in which you will sow doubt about the starting quarterback and they’ll inherently feel like they are on a short leash. My only caveat would be if the FO sees a FA they think has a legit shot at being a (long term) franchise qb for us and wants him in the building to give him a shot. A lot of the above would still apply though. Edit: @MartinC is correct that next year should be a transition/evaluation year for a new coach/GM. @KDawg I agree that a new regime should get to pick their groceries, but I don’t think Haskins is much of a deterrent, if at all. Now if Dan says, “you have to make it work with this guy and I won’t let you draft another qb for the next two+ years”, then sure, that’s a problem. Fortunately, Snyder has shown some patience with GMs/coaches recently, so I don’t see a 1 year trial with Haskins being that deterrent.
  8. Considering the game Jones had and that we were facing Rodgers, that balanced/talented of an offense should have destroyed us... so hats off to the defense for keeping the game in reach. Bummer to see our run D get shredded though. Haskins was not good, but I’m not going to judge him for this game really. I’m not sure if it’s more on him or the coaches, but he needs to be throwing quick hitters more often. Every time he holds the ball I start cringing. Too often defenses are stacking the line and bringing numbers or our tackles are getting beat quickly. That’s a tough combo for any qb, but especially an inexperienced one. Setting aside the three man rush on 3rd down and the prevent D the week before, I’m generally liking how Manusky is calling the defense. He’s sent some corner and safety blitzes, disguised his blitzes with a stacked LOS, etc. I still think the defense is partially held back by corner (and FS) play and I absolutely blame the FO for this. With that said, we’re getting more coverage sacks than we did earlier in the year. Feel like I should give some credit to Horton too considering what he has to work with. Hate that we need to draft another back, but we do. I’m enjoying seeing Moreland coming up and making stops, particularly considering his size. Kerrigan’s been getting it done, I’ve gotta give him kudos. Two weeks in a row that we started the game 14-0. This team isn’t quitting and that’s pretty awesome to see, especially knowing how many young guys we’re getting involved and the need for a culture change.
  9. I’d have to watch the INT again, but I’d guess that one thing that would have helped was throwing with anticipation - getting the ball out as (or even before) Harmon makes his break. I don’t blame him for that though - that stuff usually takes time (according to NFL qbs themselves). Regarding the ankle, him not being able to get to the mesh point on that one handoff should be enough evidence that his ankle was a serious problem. That’s also the point coach should have pulled him, IMO.
  10. skinny21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I have corner as a big need. I’m a fan of Dunbar, I’m impressed with Moreland and Moreau has done some good things, but 1) we need depth, 2) receivers are still getting wide open at times and 3) I’m far from sold on Moreau (or Moreland). Regarding Oline, we’re in such strange territory. I have not been big on Christian’s play, not a fan of Moses, and lord knows if we’ll be able to re-sign either guard or if Penn sticks around. So it’s Roullier and 4 question marks. Plus total unknowns in Martin and Piersbacher. We almost have to re-sign at least one of the guards. Need a plus receiving TE. Badly. Could use another back. I’m intrigued by Orchard, but we could use an OLB. Would love a stud FS and ILB, but I think we can get by alright. I like the idea of Harmon in the slot with a talented draftee opposite McLaurin. I’m ok with the group we have though (I think both Sims’ will be improved next year) if the draft breaks otherwise for us. Don’t get me wrong, it would be a shame to miss out in a deep receiver draft, but... I can live with it. Longer term, considering we may have a new coach (and DC), new scheme and (god willing) a new GM, I’d be happy to trade for future picks - whether through trading back or trading Trent - and rolling cap space over. Let the new regime see what they have, coach guys up, see who fits and then go shopping next year.
  11. skinny21

    Do the Redskins have a future guard in Flowers?

    I especially love the fact that we’re successfully running the ball when teams know we’re going to run it. Once Haskins was injured Guice and Peterson still plowed down the field - that was great to see. I’m concerned that Flowers is going to be open to re-signing but Allen will still be in charge and lowball him. Bigger fish to fry if Allen is still hanging around, but that would suck. The future of our oline is kind of concerning/maddening in general. At least we have Martin and Christian in the pipeline... I guess.
  12. skinny21

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Cheezy Wins

    Yes, Carolina ranked poorly vs the run, but I find myself thinking that much of our success was because they had just lost Poe and McCoy hurt his ankle. In other words, I’m not convinced we’ll have a ton of success on the ground against the Packers. Hope I’m wrong of course. Made my prediction thinking the weather was going to be pretty ugly - changing to 34-20 Packers.
  13. skinny21

    Do the Redskins have a future guard in Flowers?

    What I like best about Flowers’ play is his attitude. He goes looking for work and when he finds it, he puts a lot of nasty into it (in a good way). He’s fun to watch and I think that attitude can be infectious (in a good way). Yeah, I feel the same way. Honestly, I’d be looking for Moses replacement (starting this offseason) but keep him around until we find that guy. Even if that means he winds up as a very expensive backup for a season. I’ll add that I was impressed with his play vs Carolina, even though he looked terrible at times earlier in the season. GB will be a good test for him, as will Philly... and probably Dallas.
  14. skinny21

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    FYI, Smith is only over College Scouting, not Pro Personnel (that’s Alex Santos). Random, but Kyle Smith is the name of a longtime, close friend of mine who also happens to be a Cowboys fan. Would be pretty sweet if our KSmith lead the Skins back to relevancy, lol.