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  1. It’s interesting. In theory, you’d have to factor Scherff’s production, the drop from Scherff to his backup, and then add the two to compare to Zeitler. Then you have to factor in how much impact Scherff (and his backup, and Zeitler) had on the rest of the offense (or rather, respective offenses, and, if we’re trying to do this whole hog, how the offense performance affected the respective Ds). Of course, it’s football, so despite the myriad stats tracked, you just can’t qualify all those separate parts and their interactions. Suffice to say, I have no idea what the right answer is, but 1)
  2. Agree about not applying the tag, we could land a good FA guard and re-sign Darby for that amount (or close to it). Or another FA. Or apply that money to WR/FS/LB to land a stud. I do think there’s a benefit to waiting though - more guards added to the FA pool can only help our negotiations. Bit of a tightrope walk though...
  3. I don’t disagree, I think it’ll be 14+/year. However, I think there’s a small chance that the confluence of a potential G heavy FA and low cap ceiling (and the attendant issue of lots of teams not having money) mean a) he could be talked down to closer to 13ish, or b) we let him test the market (while we talk to other Gs agents) and no other team offers in that 14-15 range.
  4. I wouldn’t be against a high talent corner, personally. I actually don’t know if the FO would look past Surtain there - I’m not sure how much stock I put into how things were done in Carolina. RR is the man now and with Del Rio at the helm of the defense, it’s possible that history isn’t a valid trend. We also have very little depth with Moreau walking, and they might not get the caliber of corner they want in FA. Basically, I have no idea what they’ll do, haha. AVT could conceivably be a ‘bad’ choice for us, in terms of value, if Charles is primed to take over at LG and assu
  5. Me too. Wait, are we talking about Heinicke, MD, or the orangutan?
  6. As far as what I think the staff would do, it depends slightly on what qb they got in FA. I say ‘slightly’ because I don’t see a viable long term starter available in FA, so I’m pretty much assuming whoever they sign, they still want that long term guy. So, if they like Lance a lot (lol!), I think they go that way. Gives him some time to develop, and they get the 5th year option. If they don’t, I’d say it’s almost certainly AVT - I can’t see them using such a high pick on a back and I get the sense corner will come later (for various reasons, one being they’ll have landed a capable starter
  7. I’ve been in the ‘signing Scherff is a no-brainer’ camp (in no small part because RR seemed gung-ho about it). With the group of guards hitting FA, and more possible/likely, I could see the FO playing a little hardball (nicely). “We love Brandon and truly want him back, but we also have a series of other needs to address. There are some other guards out there we like as well.” The top 4 guard contracts average from slightly over 14mil for Brooks, down to the 11mil range for Peat. Wonder if Scherff could be talked down to more like 11 to 13.
  8. My understanding is the Senate is able to use reconciliation for revenue, spending, and the federal debt limit. Once in each area, so 3 times per year at most. I’m still unclear on the unused one from last year though. Was that what was used for the Covid relief bill? How many can carry over usually? Gonna take the rest of my thoughts on over to the Legislative thread when I get a minute.
  9. Off the top of my head: Snyder GM (Allen gone) We were a laughing stock for a time (we’re getting a lot more positive attention) Coaching (RR is widely respected) Taxes Traffic Relative lack of success (may be turning the corner) Roster issues (QB is a big anchor, but otherwise we have a lot of positives and pretty easy to address negatives. We also have a young roster with a bright future) The 3 points without parenthesis aren’t changing, but the rest of the issues (aside from qb) sure look to be on the upswing. Am I missing something?
  10. I meant for next year (earning them this year for next).
  11. That sounds like an attractive pairing with Terry. Would also provide insurance for when/if Terry misses time.
  12. I’m curious what effect the low cap, projected glut of cuts and possibility of one year deals will have on the comp pick front. Pretty sure we’re not going to be earning any, lol.
  13. I’d assume corner in FA too (or re-signing Darby) - can’t imagine relying on a drafted corner (or two) to take the #2 spot. For me, if we wind up with Scherff, Darby (or another corner) and capable starters at LB/WR in FA... the draft becomes mostly gravy. Obviously QB would be our big question mark (and we’d still have some other needs - TE #2, slot receiver, FS, etc), but I’d feel pretty darn optimistic about the rest of the team.
  14. I’m sure there are far better comps, but to me he comes across as a bigger, more aggressive, maybe slightly less mobile Kirk Cousins. Adequate arms, not very mobile (but able to move the chains occasionally), sometimes holds the ball a long time, solid touch, pretty smart, good ball placement. Maybe I’m way off base though.
  15. For me personally, I’d distinguish ‘later round qbs’ by those in the 5th-7th that you’re hoping can someday be a competent (and cheap) backup, and those in rds 2-4 that have a (however small) chance at developing behind a vet and becoming a starter. Depending on situation, I could see drafting a qb in the earlier rounds every few years or so. I’d probably look to trade back to add picks so that the occasional skipping of BPA is alleviated. As for us, I think the above makes some sense - use FA smartly, trade back in the 1st (if we can), and grab a qb we like in the early rounds (
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