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  1. skinny21

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    Yeah, ‘have to’ might be a bit strong of a statement. With that said, we have an unknown in Christian, no swing tackle, and a RT that could stand to be upgraded (penalties, injuries, price tag, etc). So drafting a 1st rounder gives you 3 options, let’s you play the best man at the two spots and ups your depth. Also have to factor in our reliance on running the ball and having a young qb under center (presumably). But yes, WR, TE, corner, ILB, FS and interior oline could, IMO, be in consideration in the 1st.
  2. His 2nd year actually. His rookie year wasn’t anything to write home about, though he needed more time for his knee to get right, so it made sense he struggled a bit initially. Stroman surprised me as a rookie. He wasn’t great or anything, but to start in the slot as a late round rookie... I thought he did well all things considered.
  3. This is a good point. Playing time probably shouldn’t be dependent on matchup (though things like hostile environment and how bright the lights are - ie division rival, prime time games - should maybe factor in). Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head - don’t wait for a weaker D, wait to see what the line looks like/can handle before putting a rook back there. Now, there’s also the consideration that Haskins could make the oline look better than Keenum (a la Griffin/Cousins) - whether because of his pocket movement or he could improve the passing production - but it’s a major risk when the left side might just be getting their feet wet.
  4. skinny21

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    I’m mainly concerned about 3 things regarding the line - Trent returning, the cohesion on the left side if he doesn’t return, and injuries.
  5. skinny21

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I’m liking this group of receivers and I think they can be relatively formidable... particularly when you factor in all of the pass catchers. Hands, speed, size (and catch radius), and route running... We have 2 or 3 very good chain movers in Reed, Thompson and Quinn. We have some downfield threats - whether due to speed or size - in McLaurin, Richardson, Sims, Harmon, Doctson, and Vernon Davis (perhaps Robert Davis). The first 4 of these guys (McLaurin, Richardson, Sims, Harmon) might do a nice job manufacturing first downs - due to either their burst/route running or large catch radius. Nobody dominant in the group (though Reed and Thompson are pretty dangerous in their own way), but generally a pretty qb friendly group IMO. One guy I didn’t mention that could be a nice asset to the pass game is Guice. Didn’t prove himself to be a hands back in college, but I think he’ll surprise some people. Really though, I believe the receiving group will only go as far as the oline lets them, and that concerns me.
  6. skinny21

    The Official ES Debating Style Guide - Updated

    Don’t think I fall into any of those categories... I’m going to assume that means I’m a Master Debater.
  7. skinny21

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    In my mind, this roster is all about question marks and potential. The good news is that, in contrast to some past seasons, 1) the potential is not centered around youth and unknowns (rookie late rounders and UDFAs, young guns that haven’t shown anything, as well as uncertain FA fits) and 2) the question marks aren’t mostly based on (aging or journeymen) free agents. In other words, there is a good deal of young, (at least somewhat proven) talent driving the potential. Unfortunately, a lot of the question marks are based on health. My assumption is that we will see some pleasant surprises from various positions, but injuries will ultimately derail the season again. The good news for me is that the apathy that crept in last year has been mostly overtaken by the intriguing nature of this roster; not because I expect much this season in terms of our record, but because I’m seeing the (personnel) ship moving in the right direction.
  8. Thanks Maybe so, but I’d argue there’s a big difference between sound enough ‘lead us to the promise land’ and sound enough ‘to not regress if thrown into the fire’. Particularly since the former is heavily reliant on the team around him. Mahommes is the example du jour of footwork improving greatly with a year on the bench. Now, improving his footwork does not automatically make him better vs interior pressure - arguably his biggest weakness - but it gives a foundation for it (as well as throwing on the move, etc). You may well be right, but again, I’d argue that playing him when new footwork etc. is, well, new to him... could actually hurt/slow his development. You’ve made the point that installing a lot of concepts Haskins is already used to would take a lot off his plate, and I agree with that point (though the terminology would still be different). I still think he’d have a lot on his plate though which could lead to that regression I’m talking about. Good points, and I agree with this idea. Jay could even pump up Haskins’ attributes (as he has) while also talking about the need to solidify good fundamentals before playing him. He could even play him, see how he does with his footwork/fundamentals and decide playing time depending on the outcome. Personally, if he shows off improved fundamentals but doesn’t play well, I wouldn’t necessarily bench him. I’d probably only bench him for regression of those fundamentals or for safety reasons. Of course, all of my points are assuming there is a heavy focus on tweaking Haskins’ footwork, etc. Additionally, I’m not trying to claim I’m right about this, just offering a little food for thought in regards to the ideas that sitting him is a waste and that he’ll inherently learn better by actually playing.
  9. This is a fair point - benching Haskins isn’t automatically dooming his career. Of course, you’d have to wonder what that would do to fan optimism. You’d wonder if a new coach in 2020 (if that happens) holds that against him. Speaking of which... What Haskins gains from sitting (at least in theory) is a chance to work on his fundamentals in a nonpressure situation. He gets some opportunity to play with, go against and adjust to NFL NFL speed. He gets a chance to watch film on NFL defenses, including learning about opposing schemes and players, and their tendencies. He gets a chance to adjust to new personnel. My son has been playing this typing game. It gave him a quick primer on hand placement and how to access the different characters. Then it threw him into these races that decide how much money he gets to spend on getting upgrades and new cars. So winning became the main focus for him. Unsurprisingly, his fundamentals went to crap. Not a perfect analogy of course, but this would be both a major concern for me in terms of starting Haskins, but it also points to what he gains even if he switches coaches - solidifying his fundamentals. Throw Haskins in early and you risk 1) him overthinking - because he’s worried about the play call, protections, his footwork, defensive scheme, down/distance, personnel, etc. - and 2) a regression of his tweaked fundamentals because the focus is now on winning as opposed to solidifying/improving those fundamentals. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those saying he needs to sit... I just want to make sure the fundamentals are sound before putting him into the fire. I’m far more concerned with perfecting, or at least significantly improving this than making sure he has the playbook down. The latter is (in my mind) much easier to work on/improve in-season.
  10. skinny21

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    Not that I think he’s the answer you’re looking for, but for now, I wonder if the answer is a guy SIP didn’t mention... the ‘other’ Ty - Tyler Catalina. Of course this is more about G/T, I’m guessing Piersbacher will backup Roullier. Only one one season of high level college ball for Catalina (no offense to Rhode Island) after his transfer to Georgia, so I expect he had a sharper learning curve than some others. With time in the system and gaining strength, I’m guessing he’s the least worst option to take over Nsheke’s role.
  11. skinny21

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

  12. skinny21

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

  13. skinny21

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    If I’m taking the glass half full approach, I can envision a few things that make this group better than last year. Health - last year Sims, Quinn and Richardson missed a bunch of games. Experience - Richardson’s first year in the system, Quinn and Sims were rooks. Talent - Quinn has better hands than Crowder, McLaurin adds speed, Harmon and Sims add size (including catch radius and possibly the ability to play big). At qb, we likely get more production than we had with Smith and the others. Not the same as more wins of course. Our oline might/should be better than last year. Defense may well be better as well. Anyway, no telling how it plays out, but I’d say there’s at least a reasonable chance this unit is measurably better than last year.
  14. Not arguing for it, but there’s the idea of rolling cap over to next year. 60ish mil in cap space for 2020 could be pretty helpful. You also get a year of looking at our other players at those positions that might not have gotten the same chances otherwise. As to who’s out there? Probably no one worth much, but trading for someone, like Wagner, is always a possibility. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more intriguing the idea is. Is Norman worth 14* (or whatever) mil more than Moreau? Is Reed at 10 mil (for the 12 or whatever games he likely plays) worth that much more than our depth guys (that probably block better than him)? *numbers don’t include dead cap, which would be a fair bit.
  15. We can free up a lot of cap next year moving on from Norman, Trent and Reed. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 35mil, with zero priority re-signs beyond Scherff. Of course, that means we need to find (good) starters at corner, tackle and TE by the start of 2020... no easy task, even with ample cap space.