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  1. skinny21


    Who knows what we’ll get out of him, but at the very least the ILB group (and Mason in particular) have a bit more competition than we did after Foster went down. Kinda hoping this trend continues BTW: Bostic played a year for the Colts and then they drafted Leonard; played a year for the Steelers and then they drafted Bush. Just sayin’...
  2. skinny21


    "I was a three-down player there," said Bostic of his time with the Colts last year in that same article. "I never came off the field. I did call all the plays. I covered as well. A lot of people don't really know I can do that much, but that is something I definitely can do. I just really haven't had a chance to show that off as well." Not sure about his time with the Steelers, but they have Shazier and drafted Bush.
  3. Ha! Forgot I posted that... thanks for the reminder Group has awesome potential, but legitimate health concerns as well. Gonna keep my fingers crossed.
  4. Thanks man. I did a vinegar treatment, but it was super late at night, so I half-assed it. Now my house smells like a ganja factory gone wrong. What’s a pibble?
  5. Lol. I hear ya IMO... eh, he was touchy, you’re harping a bit.... I think you guys should just talk about your mutual love of dogs and the Redskins and move on. I’ll start the dog bonding... one of mine got sprayed in the face by a skunk last night.
  6. @volsmet You just looking for a belly rub or am I interpreting that gif wrong?
  7. Obviously, this team use as many blue chippers as they can find/keep. My initial question/response to your post was going to be “even if that blue chip player plays the same spot as another (much cheaper) blue chipper?” But then I’d just move one of them to RG. Moot point anyway, because there’s just no way in heck Piersbacher is going to prove himself capable of playing at Scherff’s level in his rookie year.
  8. First off nice response about Anderson vs Settle. I’m rooting for both of course, but yeah... Settle just has a higher ceiling. I still wonder about playing Anderson inside. I don’t think it’s a great fit, but I could see it situationally, or maybe if paired with the right partner. Maybe taking snaps both inside and outside (if warrranted). As for replacing Kerrigan, I’m looking hard at guys to develop in the next draft (maybe each of the next two). Ben Banogu types - a guy that needs developing (ie. not a 1st rounder), but has a higher ceiling. You hope they develop and give them some situational snaps (like we’ve done with Anderson) and evaluate. Just to be clear, I’m not saying avoid a first round OLB/DE, I just have receiver, tackle, corner, safety and ILB ahead of rusher as of now. That changes if Kerrigan has a major injury of course.
  9. I’m excited to see what Piersbacher and Martin can do. I think @Koolblue13‘s original comment was spot on - essentially, it would be great it if we found ourselves in a position to let Scherff walk because Piersbacher was killing it. Obviously an incredibly slim chance of that happening, especially since you’d like a LTD worked out (long) before FA. Ideally, you have a bunch of talented guys that are cheap. Barring that, you’d rather your big money go to tackles rather than guards. I don’t think we’re going to find ourselves in a position to do that though. We’re going to have to pay Scherff, so hopefully that can be mitigated by replacing our tackles in the not too distant future. While we’d have a span of time in which we’re paying 2-3 guys big money, at least our other starters and backups on the line will be cheap. Thinking we ought to draft a couple tackles next year.
  10. The poster I quoted mentioned Brailford, I said don’t forget McKinzey, and now you’re essentially saying don’t forget Brailford, lol. But yes, I absolutely hope we have some solid competition there. I seem to recall that we originally carried 4 OLBs last year, but called up McKinzey as a 5th at some point (and then lost him to injury soon after). It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out this go round.
  11. I’d keep an eye on McKinzey too. No idea what to expect from him, but at least he offers some speed. Kerrigan/Anderson and Sweat/McKenzie could be a nice, balanced foursome.
  12. @Anselmheifer I believe Catalina’s shoulder healed up long ago. Quinn’s also coming off injury and is the closest you can get to UDFA, yet I’m doubting you started penciling in McLaurin as the starter in the slot. So, forgetting those two factors... my thought process is/was - Catalina is ahead in terms of knowing the system, working against pro caliber dlinemen, and he’s had time in an NFL weight room (spending a lot of time working out with Scherff, he said he feels “five times stronger”). So I don’t see that as an outlandish take overall. To be fair, the more I’ve seen from and heard about Martin, I’m now guessing he’s got a very good shot at earning the LG spot. @LD0506 To add to your point (which has some validity, IMO), we need him to compete for the swing tackle spot, not start outright. Good chance he would be forced to start at some point if he beats out Christian, but they’ll (hopefully) have a chance to develop him a bit more, perhaps fix some things, before that happens. And they’ll get to know him and what he can and can’t do. Hopefully they can give him a little help if needed in terms of play calling, chip blocks, etc.
  13. So one thing I don’t get... Richardson plays flanker/Z, McLuaren is more of a flanker (IMO), Sims played at the flanker spot last preseason, Quinn is our slot guy, but can play out at Z... and now we’re working Harmon out at Z too. So what’s the plan at X beyond Josh “last year of his contract” Doctson? I also seem to recall a similar situation when Pryor was here...
  14. Considering how often we’ve lamented a lack of a speed rush, a whole lot of those sacks came after the qbs were forced to step up in the pocket. On a related note (also from those videos above), I was also surprised how often coverage played a hand in getting to the quarterback.
  15. True enough. I’m more concerned that he will be healthy enough that the PUP isn’t an option, even if we’re not ready to play him. Me neither. I’d say there’s a reasonable chance he can contribute some later in the year, but 1) he likely won’t be close to ‘back to normal’ and 2) I’d be really leery of anything more than a handful of touches.