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  1. It’s tough not to get swept up in the excitement that (usually) comes with change, and that often gets magnified when you have add a talented rookie qb. And in our case, it’s not just the qb, but the culture change (for real this time!), a lot of talented and competent coaches, and promising FO/ownership that feels like they’re set to lead us out of the wasteland we’ve been stuck in. But I’m with you, setting expectations high is asking for disappointment. IMO, the focus should be on making strides this year, with a clear direction for the future. The good news is I think the FO gets this.
  2. I think we can all feel pretty good about our DTs, LBs and Safeties - 3 deep at each spot, plus rooks with potential vying for the 4th spot at the latter two positions (Magee/Hampton). Corner and DE are a bit sketchier. At corner, the addition of Davis gives us a baseline of competency, and if St Juste/Forbes relegate Davis to a backup role, all the better. The scheme and coaching could/should help, and the UDFAs are intriguing. Sainristil is a nice add, and Martin/St Juste provide depth (though moving them would create a question mark at FS/outside corner). DE is going to be fascinating. Here’s hoping someone steps up among Henry, Jean-Baptiste and Jones, because Armstrong and Ferrell/Fowler feel more decent/solid than good. Of course you have to assume we’ll be getting some pressure from other areas as well. Overall, I’m pretty optimistic about the D. Good combo of experience, youth, and athleticism, and it’s nice to have quality coaches across the board.
  3. I’m on the fence. Pros: I’m not sold on our receivers. Giving Jayden (or any young qb) better weapons to help his growth curve makes sense. Whatever pick we trade probably wouldn’t produce anywhere near a guy like Aiyuk. We have a rookie qb contract, so we can take advantage by spending elsewhere. We have cap space now and for the future and (so far) don’t have many expensive contracts coming due soon. Cons: I like developing in-house I like the idea of our staff evaluating the current guys (in their systems) and then making moves. I just generally prefer hitting on a draft pick than bringing in a FA. I like cheap options that can outperform their contracts. Holding onto draft space so we can re-sign guys could really come in handy. Whether that’s our 1 year guys (like Wagner, Ferrell, Fowler, Chinn), or a homegrown guys like Cosmi, etc. There’s more, but yeah… I don’t know which way I’d go if it were my choice (thankfully it’s not).
  4. I almost agree… but I’m too dubious of our tackle situation. I do think the combo of coaching, scheme, play calling and Jayden’s legs will help manufacture some degree of competency on the line, but I question if it will be enough. That’s broad strokes obviously, there’s more nuance of course (pro and con). Edit: with that said, I’m really excited to see how the team comes together and I think both sides of the ball might surprise some people.
  5. Gonna be interesting. I think Hartman’s destined for the PS (no one is going to bring him into their 53 IMO). I feel you about Mariota vs Driskel, I think they’re a fairly similar level of competency, but frankly, with Daniels as our starter, I’d carry both in case Daniels misses some time (w/ Driskel likely inactive otherwise).
  6. I was a big Forrest fan in ‘22. Some nice hits/tackles, but also some really nice grabs off deflections by St Juste. That hustle play to get deep on his INT vs Philly (sorry bro) was impressive as well. He looks like the odd man out now (ditto Davis), but I think these guys will have a role carved out for them - Forrest in 3 safety sets (though I’m guessing Hampton will get a look there as well), and Davis in base D and 2 linebacker sets on passing downs. And of course they’ll provide quality depth in case of injury. Edit: I really like our top 3 guys at both positions and then the additions of Hampton/Magee as understudies.
  7. My guess is they like the idea of Dotson as a #2, but they also want competition for him as well as depth - much like how/why they brought in Crowder and Zaccheus (and drafted Luke). Dyami and Tinsley haven’t proven anything and MRJ and McCaffrey are rooks (and the latter is probably better suited to the slot, though we’ll see). I think they’re in the same sort of situation as last year when we brought in Pringle. And lastly, you wanna be able to give your receivers breathers in-game, especially the outside guys that are playing more snaps. Maybe one of the current guys will be able to provide that, but I doubt the staff feels comfortable assuming that will be the case.
  8. Yeah, that’s exactly what they’re for. Lol at thinking it’s a fashion choice… or that they need/want them for support. 😂
  9. Dotson’s an easy person to root for, but as a player, it’s mostly about his td totals his rookie year. Poor separation numbers, lackluster production and big time drops last year certainly diminished my expectations for him going forward. Would have been nice to land a guy that could legitimately compete with him. Hopefully someone unexpected steps up in a big way to challenge/push Dotson, or Dotson shows major strides this year. To be fair to him, last year was tough on virtually everyone on the team. Yeah, I’ve been arguing that McCaffrey may well be able to play on the outside at some point in the future (if need be), but until that happens (if it does), only going with 3 outside guys is pretty questionable. That 3rd guy being a rookie that ran an 4.8 is even more questionable. Wonder if we see either Crowder or Zaccheus land on the PS instead. I agree though that our TEs and backs will likely take on a significant portion of the load. Similar to how I feel about Butler at S, maybe things will click with Dyami in his 3rd season and with better coaching.
  10. So that sounds like 3 slot guys and 3 outside receivers? Or is there some position flex there? Tinsley is my wildcard. Of course, while he impressed some people in camp last year, he got a grand total of 3 offensive snaps… so not exactly expecting much there. Perhaps this staff is able to coach up Dyami… Back to the thread topic though, reliable hands, high end blocking and (most importantly) ST play is how you make the team on the back end. Does seem like MRJ might have an inside track…
  11. Nobody asked you Alexa. I’m 100% kidding!!! Sorry, just couldn’t resist, and I completely agree with you - totally dig the shirt. 😁
  12. Appreciate the response and the insight/info you provided. To be clear, I have no idea what to really expect from him, and I definitely buy that at this point he has a limited route tree, lacks some of the experience to sell routes, and struggles vs press. But, and I’m not trying to be obtuse here, I don’t understand the idea that he lacks speed, shiftiness, and can’t learn the nuances of the position… or the idea that him running a certain route tree in college means he can’t expand that in the pros (not that you’re saying that last part explicitly). And not to belabor the point, but a 4.46 is a solid 40 time, and he posted great 3 cone and short shuttle scores. Now his vert/broad were just good, but still, those athletic scores, combined with decent size and good hands suggest to me he could potentially fit outside. And his intangibles - work ethic, experience at qb, lack of experience at wr, and family history - suggest he could/should improve his route running and other nuances of the position. Put another way, (IIRC) he’s got Dyami Brown’s speed, he’s a lot quicker than Dotson, he’s bigger than both of them, arguably has better hands than both, and seems to have the edge on contested catch ability over them as well (I could be wrong on that point though?). It’s just coaching and experience that he seems to lack. I’ll certainly concede though that there’s no guarantee that coaching/experience elevates his game enough to warrant snaps on the outside. Now don’t get me wrong, I see him as competing solely for a slot role this year - all signs point to that. I just don’t see anything (besides lack of experience) that would inherently preclude him from playing outside at some point in the future. Well, besides the depth chart.
  13. Well that’s pretty dang cool. Where can I find the info on this?
  14. I get the same impression SIP has offered - that Deiter is a Wes Schweitzer type. You feel pretty good about him as a backup G/C, but if he’s your full time starter, you’re probably looking for an upgrade.
  15. After seeing Rosemy-Jacksaint’s 40 time, I thought no way this guy works out. Seeing the comment that he’s dominant on teams, and given the new kickoff rules, I now think there’s a decent chance he carves out a place on the squad.
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