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  1. I feel like the horse is out of the barn at this point. From what little I know, it’s a shame to lose the leverage. Just heard Pelosi say that desire for infrastructure is bipartisan... but how have we not seen anything done here? You’d think at least a targeted bill could have been agreed to.
  2. Just shared by my wife: Dress warm tmrw, it’s gonna be minus 45.
  3. I’m thinking we can make an initial judgement for the 2020 draft... 1st: Young - excellent pick (though pretty much a no-brainer) 3rd: Gibson - very good pick 4th: Charles - unknown, earned a backup role 4th: Gandy-Golden - unknown, earned snaps, but showed nothing 5th: Ismael - unknown, made roster 5th: Hudson - unknown, but athletic and earned snaps (believe coaches said he would have had a bigger role if not for Curl) 7th: Curl - diamond in the rough, excellent pick 7th: Smith-Williams - relatively unknown, but earned snaps and made so
  4. I’m not gonna really defend Trent here, but I will say that he was baptized in the NFL by this franchise, and in hindsight, I can’t say I’m surprised that he has acted the way he has.
  5. That sounds about right, and therein lies the problem - they’ll just keep pushing the goalposts or legislating to make things harder for ‘certain’ people to vote/get IDs (see abortion). We’ve already seen the absurdity of signature matches and the automated parsing of registered voters...
  6. One problem I have here is the idea of addressing the “talking point” to begin with. Should we take action to try prove Dems and Hollywood are not engaged in a massive, blood-drinking pedo cult? I mean, it’s a talking point with about the same amount of evidence... The problem is not fraud, disproving fraud, or ID issues (though this is a major issue), the problem is the people that further the “talking point”. Particularly elected officials. With all of that said, without a way to get people (again, particularly elected officials to tell (and accept) the truth, it makes
  7. @stevemcqueen1Only question I have about drafting a DT is whether we can keep them on the roster - obviously we could lose someone to injury in camp, but otherwise, can we carry 5 DTs? Love the idea of getting someone into the pipeline sooner rather than later though. We have 2 years left on Settle and Io’s contracts and I’d prefer to not wait until that point to fill the role. I could see a semi-hybrid as well - similar to how we’re using Smith-Williams - because we also need a replacement for Kerrigan (at least we have in-house options here with JSW and Brailford).
  8. Depends on how long it lasts maybe. My guess is not very long (stop talking about election fraud and we can go back to how things were before). Would love to be proven wrong.
  9. @Jabbyrwock Remember the reporting that during the pandemic meeting, and they were considering not taking any (real?) action, Kushner was told something along the lines of “our own people are starting to be affected”? I could see them deciding 1) it might work out for them (particularly as reporting showed minorities dying at higher rates than most), and 2) they owned the media and the cult and so could spin away the carnage (which it seems they did with a great deal of success). Not much 3D chess... more so just operating on the info they had with no scruples, which has mostly be
  10. Heard something about Minority Leaders ability to call Senate back to session based on a post 9/11 law? Anyone know anything about this?
  11. I’ve been thinking about this issue for some time now, how do we stem the misinformation and still adhere to the 1st amendment? Of course, I’ve just spun my wheels to no avail... The one pretty random thought I had was a journalist association (with some power) that one has to be a member of to release articles. Anyone can join, but anyone can also be removed. This was mostly in response to all the BS articles on FB obviously, and doesn’t address Right Wing TV/Radio.... My wife has a couple of friends that are smart ladies, aren’t tied to Trump (at least one isn’t even a co
  12. I had the thought the other night that they should charge everyone that they can prove entered the capitol with felony murder (or accessory to, or whatever the applicable law is). Then have them plead guilty to the lesser charges in return for the murder charge being dropped. Would save a ton of court time. Of course, I’m only talking about the numbskulls walking around and taking selfies. If you were at the front of the line, assaulting officers, or even chanting “hang Mike Pence” (and entered the capitol), that’s a different story.
  13. Have we talked about the jail time? Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.) Frankly, I’d bet a significant number or Republicans would go along with this (get
  14. https://broncoswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/09/what-is-a-restricted-free-agent-and-how-do-nfl-tenders-work-what-do-they-cost/ Looked up RFAs to get an idea of compensation, and this article left me with more questions than answers... 1) They say RFAs have to have been in the league for 3+ years and played a minimum of 6 games per year (so how the heck is Heinicke a RFA?) 2) Says the 2nd round tender is 3.something mil, but that the Broncos would have to pay 4.something for a 2nd round tender (why the discrepancy?) Either way, assuming we have a choice of tendering o
  15. Ah, I think you’re right... just double checked and I think I read Adjusted Salary cap (192) as Estimated Salary cap. My bad folks. On a related note, I wonder if we see the lower cap affect contracts in terms of less competition/demand... hmm...
  16. Yeah, I started to type out more about the down-the-road contracts like Terry, Sweat, and even Chase (not to mention guys like Gibson, Curl, Holcomb, etc), but I didn’t want to get too into the weeds. Pushing off significant portions of contracts, particularly guaranteed money, could come back to bite us. Of course, some of these contracts (Scherff and Darby for instance) could be more like 3 year deals - allowing them another pay day prior to hitting their 30’s - which could alleviate those space for those later contract extensions.... as you know. @jsharrin55 You make some goo
  17. Looks like it includes the rollover ((estimated cap of 192 mil). If we take out 10mil for rooks/etc, I’m not sure how we bring in multiple high value FAs. Scherff takes around half that space by himself. Darby is looking at probably around 10/year. Let both of those walk, and we can bring in a higher priced receiver and ILB and not much else it seems. Of course, we need to consider if we’re going to re-sign/replace FAs like McKissick, Logan Thomas, Johnathon Allen, Tim Settle and pay Payne’s club option or extension the following year.... without rollover cap. Perhaps the cap rises
  18. My hope is the initial rounds of charges were before some of the more recent video showing just how violent and close this was to being a bloodbath for our political elite/country. The 25 domestic terror charges assuage part of my irritation that these guys are getting off lightly. It’s interesting, because we have a president, and congresspeople all being called out for inciting insurrection, but I feel like everything is waiting for the first shoe to drop. As soon as someone is charged with something closer to sedition, we could potentially see a lot of dominos falling. Or maybe this
  19. Yeah, I’m torn on it. My biggest fear though is that without him, the run game takes a step back and we get even more qb pressure up the middle - those are the kind of things that can wreck a season. On the other hand, we’ve had good fortune the last 2 years with Flowers and then Sweitzer, so maybe we could pull it off. To me, this comes down to preparation/planning. I’m not faulting the FO this season, but we’re left with a situation here that we’ve run into way too often in the past. Namely, we’re at the point that a guy is hitting FA and we don’t have a viable backup plan -
  20. I hear you, but I can also see the appeal in 1) evaluating the team first - it might not have made sense depending on what they discovered about the other team needs - 2) hoping to land a potential successor in the draft (or elsewhere), 4) getting a first hand look at how he fit the culture, 4) seeing how his health held up (larger sample size). I believe he wanted 15/year last year, maybe he wants a few mil more, maybe he’s happy with his situation and it winds up in the 15 range.
  21. Personally, unless we spend big on qb (Stafford, Ryan, etc.), I’d rather a cheaper Allen to compete with Heinicke, assuming they’re both re-signed. I’d eye the draft, maybe moving up, maybe taking a qb a bit later, and see how things look after the season. I hear you about wasting the ‘window’, but if we keep drafting well and don’t spend big on qb (or too big on other FAs), we should be able to extend that window.
  22. I liked some of the flashes I saw from Wright, but it wasn’t nearly enough given the snaps he took. I like him as depth competition though. I’m probably more torn on this position than any other in terms of bringing in a FA - purely because of the money. We need an ILB badly, have to decide what to do with Scherff (likely pay him big) and make sure we are in a position to re-sign McLaurin and the dlinemen (not too far) down the road. I have little doubt we land a talented one in the draft - though that’s based on faith more than anything. FO nailed McLaurin, Thomas, McKissick and Gibson (
  23. Gotta keep searching for that rookie stud obviously, but yeah, Heinicke’s job to lose is right. Man, that athleticism is pretty outstanding. The td run and the one up the middle where he just squeaked by 2 or 3 guys.... awesome stuff. And the ball placement - while I get he knows the offense a bit, with little to no chemistry he was on point. I feel like we could have protected him a bit better (not to mention the lack of a ground game).
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