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  1. He should talk, be careful of the stones you throw.
  2. Biden Democratic Voters TRUMP Trumpets Sanders
  3. specifically to the world of sports, and Houston gets a pass, maybe San Antonio.
  4. I’m gonna get tickets to the Dallass game 3/15
  5. ClaytoAli

    Does having a million dollars still qualify as rich?

    I hate to have to say this but, I have it and it’s in your bank accounts. wait.......I am slipping......
  6. ClaytoAli

    Poll: Should Pete Rose be Reinstated to MLB?

    Put him in and put an asterisk by his name.
  7. ClaytoAli

    U.S. Congress Part 116

    ...“Call Jim Jordan and tell him to quit calling me or I’m going to beat his ass,” Adam DiSabato said he told Pardos. “That’s what I said.”...
  8. ClaytoAli


    Photo of mice squabbling on subway platform wins prestigious photography award. London (CNN) — The sight of two mice scurrying across a London Underground platform in the evening is, to many, an unwelcome feature of life in the city. But a young photographer is hoping his award-winning shot changes that perception. Sam Rowley's "Station Squabble" has been picked from more than 48,000 images to claim a wildlife photography award from London's Natural History Museum, voted for by the public.
  9. ClaytoAli

    The Random Politics Thread

  10. Trump was a democrat, the party system is full lies and deceit.
  11. Half way there myself, but wishing he would pick up a conservative VP.
  12. ClaytoAli

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    Okudah is probably a second choice for them as a result of the teams and potential picks ahead of there spot in the draft.