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  1. Does this thread get closed tomorrow and locked away forever @TK?
  2. Donald Trump lies so much, I was just hoping.....just hoping this time he was telling me the truth.
  3. You are supposed to stick the hard drive in the microwave.... Sheesh.....amateurs!
  4. Nope, he has pillow cases that can easily convert to headwear.
  5. Even if KC wins, with concussion protocol, the Bills will win.
  6. What does that mean? Come on man. A lot of emotion and mouth will get you attention. It will also draw people you that know how to use that to push an agenda through you to the people that listen to you......an agenda is being pushed through her.
  7. I typed...”the bulk” not the first. She’s looking for a promotion, novices always look to contend for spots. She will be a lively one, but her lack of depth on constitutional politics will catch up with her. Her strength is in the media limelight she has, but that is her greatest risk when dealing with someone who knows what they are talking about.
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