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  1. Um. @skinsmaryduis definitely not a Trump supporter.
  2. I don't think there is any separation between the "act" he puts on as Donald Trump and the real Donald Trump. I'm not sure there actually is a "real" Donald Trump. I think the projection of the persona he has created is all there is to him. There's no actual substance behind the mask and if you were to pull it off somehow, he'd just vanish.
  3. mistertim

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    I can see the logic behind the Lions thinking they may have a high pick next draft, but things can change pretty quickly. If the Lions get a couple of good pieces for their defense and Stafford comes back and plays the way he was, I could see them doing way better than they did this past season. Banking on having a high pick in the future is pretty risky. As far as the money breakdown between Stafford's contract and a rookie Tua's contract...it really depends on how they evaluate Tua. Do they truly believe he's close to a "can't miss" prospect? Do they truly believe that, even if he fully heals from his injury, he'll be the same guy on the field that he was before? Do they truly believe that he can stay healthy? Stafford is more expensive, but he's also a known quantity who was playing very well before they packed him up and has no injury history before this. They'd have to weigh those things against each other when making that decision. As far as Herbert, I could possibly see him moving up the draft boards a bit but I've never been all that impressed with his game when I've watched him. He has great size and some great tools but he can be very inconsistent in his accuracy, footwork, and in dealing with pressure. He doesn't really go through progressions that well, but that could be more an artefact of the type of offense Oregon runs.
  4. mistertim

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    Fair point about focusing on the combine. Regarding trading Stafford and rebuilding...why can't you build around Stafford? He's 32, not 42. With general QB longevity in this day and age if he comes back completely healthy there's no reason to think he doesn't have another 4-5 good years in him. Hell, we were basically trying to build around a 34 year old Alex Smith, and Stafford is a far better QB than Smith was IMO. They have a proven NFL QB who's middle of the road age-wise, and who was playing at an extremely high level before they deactivated him so he could heal from a lingering injury. Their offense was looking ok. Their defense was atrocious. If they had a decent defense they'd be a playoff team IMO. If they can get some quality pieces in place there they wouldn't need a complete rebuild, just build up their D. It could be done in a year or two (look at the Niners). On the other hand, if they move on from Stafford, eat that dead cap, take a chance on a rookie QB, and whiff on the pick...they're absolutely ****ed. Tons of cap being eaten, a bust (or just worse than Stafford) top QB pick that they gave up draft picks to move up for, and still with an atrocious defense. Someone is absolutely getting fired at that point. Then you'd HAVE to completely rebuild and that's kicking off another 3-4 year cycle. I think in order to justify taking a QB (or moving up for one) they'd have to be absolutely convinced that he's about as sure-fire as you can get; an absolute blue chip borderline can't miss QB. A guy that you simply cannot pass up on. That's a Luck or Lawrence level QB prospect. And IMO there simply isn't one of those in this draft.
  5. mistertim

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    I'm somewhat convinced of a few of things when it comes to Stafford/the Lions/Tua. Obviously some of these are repeats. And obviously I could be wrong and the Lions could absolutely be convinced that Tua is better and that he'll be fully healthy and be able to stay healthy. 1) I think Stafford's injury is far less worrisome than Tua's seeing as how he apparently played with it for almost a year before finally being forced onto IR to heal. Tua's meant he couldn't even walk. Stafford also has no injury history like Tua does. 2) Stafford was playing at an All-Pro level before they finally shut him down once they were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. He's a proven NFL QB who was likely playing his best football to date. He's not young but he's not old for a QB at 32. 3) The Lions would be $32 million deep in dead cap if they got rid of Stafford. They also have an absolutely awful defense and will never be a contender until they start to address it. Stafford can play at an All-Pro level but if their defense is bottom of the league, especially against the pass, then they'll win the occasional shootout but will never consistently be able get beyond mediocrity. Their QB is their best player; why get rid of him?
  6. mistertim

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    No chance Chase Young gets past 3. None. If Miami traded with us to move up to 2 then either 1) The Lions do a victory celebration that they get the best pass rushing prospect in the last 10 years because their pass rush is was so atrocious. or 2) NYG makes a big offer to the Lions to move up to 3 and take CY. Then the Lions could get some extra picks and still get an elite talent in Okuda or maybe Simmons. Then everyone laughs at us for taking a few picks to give our division rivals a generational talent at EDGE.
  7. Yikes, our TE situation is fugly. Not that this is surprising at all or that I though Reed would actually play another down here.
  8. mistertim

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    @JamesMadisonSkinsthat's an interesting scenario from a theory standpoint but for me it's just getting too cute and taking too many chances when you have a shot at a generational talent at the second most important position in football. I like the theory and it would be cool if it happened somehow before the draft and it is nailed down, but I find it sort of unlikely as it isn't often that those sorts of crazy multi-team trades go down. I still also don't see the Lions moving on from Stafford given how well he was playing, that he's likely going to be 100% when the season starts, how bad their defense is, and how costly it would be from a dead cap standpoint to move on from him this year. Not sure how much they'd get for Stafford in a trade. I'd assume they could get a 1st but it isn't guaranteed since he's still coming back from a season ending injury. IMO you'd have to be about 99% positive that Tua is an absolute slam dunk can't miss prospect to give up a load of draft capital, trade your proven NFL QB who was having an All Pro level year before injury, take a huge cap hit, and pass on the chance to draft an elite defender to add to your worst unit in order to go for him. And that includes being 99% positive that he can stay healthy...a great QB who only plays a handful of games a year doesn't do much for you. I personally think Tua is just too much of a chance to take in that situation. I love his talent and absolutely loved watching him play but he has an injury history, is coming off of a devastating season ending one, and played on an absolutely stacked offense with a very good OL and a stable full of 1st round WRs.
  9. mistertim

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I mentioned this before but I wouldn't even entertain that unless they literally put on paper that they were taking a QB and they would have to give up their entire next 2 drafts to us if they broke that deal. By a large margin the Lion's biggest needs is pass rush. They have a meh secondary with one or two good piece but their pass rush is trash. It would be horrible form and they wouldn't be trusted by people again if they lied to us in a "handshake" deal and took Chase Young, but I wouldn't take the chance. Their best player is their QB who was having an All Pro season in 2019, but he's rehabbing from an injury...so they're going to get rid of him (while taking a $32,000,000 dead cap hit) in order to draft another QB coming off of a much worse injury and who has an injury history before that?
  10. mistertim

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    If this is true I doubt there will be any trade shenanigans. They'll stick at 2 an draft CY. Which is, of course, the smart move. Probably won't even take any phone calls.
  11. mistertim

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Yeah I don't really see any reason why we'd want to deal one of those guys right now. Theyre's still time left on their rookie contracts (and potentially exercising a 5th year,as @JamesMadisonSkinsnoted) and DL is probably the single most important place to be able to have a good rotation of players.
  12. mistertim

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yeah, I mean...I know that it would be super bad form and damage long term relations with other teams but I wouldn't trust anyone there and I'd only do that trade if the Lions 1) Had already traded Stafford and/or 2) Literally put in writing that if they took Chase Young at #2 they would forfeit their next 2 whole drafts to us. EDGE is a WAY bigger need for them than QB. They were absolutely awful at generating pressure on QBs last year and I think they'd salivate at the chance of getting a potentially generational pass rusher like Chase Young. Either way, I'd only see them moving on from Stafford if they suddenly found out that his injury was much more severe than the doctors thought and he may have to miss a good amount more time, or even may be suggest to never play again.
  13. mistertim

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Was about to say this as well. CY even said in an interview that he focused a lot on strip sacks this year. Sure, it can be fun to watch an opposing (especially NFCE) QB get clobbered. However, a strip sack is so much better when it comes to winning the game as we all know turnovers can be a huge factor. Plus, in the NFL a big time college hitter can easily turn into a 15 yard penalty machine. Especially when it comes to hits on QBs. As far as his size...I dunno where that comes from. Dude looks pretty damn big to me. Perhaps part of it is because his body seems pretty evenly proportioned and doesn't have much body fat.
  14. mistertim

    The Impeachment Thread

    Kurt Gödel is not surprised by this.
  15. mistertim

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I watched an interview with him where he talked briefly about watching film and it seems like he's very detail oriented about it and focuses a lot on it. Said that if he can tell that a team will usually run one of a few plays out of a certain formation he can anticipate and be that much quicker off the ball. I wouldn't be surprised if he also studies the snap count tendencies out of certain formations, etc so he can get as much of a jump as possible.