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  1. To this day I'm genuinely curious who's brilliant idea it was to put a 6'0 170lb rookie CB who excels in zone coverage in one-on-one man coverage against a 6'1 225lb WR who is one of the elite NFL players at the position...and then was surprised by the results. I'm still a bit dubious about Forbes, but he was absolutely railroaded by incompetent coaching.
  2. Random factoid I read about that scene. Apparently most of it was improvised and the reason they all started cracking up, couldn't keep straight faces, and started joking around wasn't because it was in the script...it was because while they were in that room filming, Benicio del Toro kept farting and stinking up the whole place.
  3. "Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen. If you pay porn stars hush money and then fraudulently modify your business records, take highly classified national security documents and refuse to give them back while lying about having them, or conspire to illegally overturn a lawful federal election...then they will come for you too!"
  4. True, though I think what ended her overall was just being plain stupid. What kind of moron thinks "I bet telling a bunch of strangers the story of how I murdered a puppy will make them gravitate towards me"? And we know it wasn't a mistake or some rogue editor, because apparently she pushed for it to be included in opposition to her publisher. From what I read she actually tried to include it in her previous book but they managed to talk her out of it. This time she was just not to be deterred. She wanted the whole goddamn world to know that she shot a puppy in cold blood. Because that's the kind of **** that people love in their leaders.
  5. He's the Keyser Soze of wide receivers.
  6. Everyone here knows that I am a sublime example of restraint and judiciousness in all of my posts.
  7. I dunno. I think he was drafted around where he should have been. I watched several Vols games this season (my father is an alum and huge Vols fan) and I was never really impressed with him outside of being a big dude and having a howitzer attached to his shoulder. But to each their own. I think the idea of Milton being the backup and Maye being 3rd string is pretty dumb though.
  8. 100%. The responsible gun owners I know who conceal carry...you'd never know that they carry or even own a gun for the most part, unless you got to know them and the topic came up. The people I've met who brag about carrying a gun are basically just doing it for attention and usually don't even bother to go to the range to make sure they can actually use the thing.
  9. Are you saying that a 3rd overall pick is a bust after 2 rookie minicamp practices? Dude, paragraphs.
  10. Reading about that dog thing, it sounds way more like she was in a rage and took it out on a couple of animals than made some sort of moral decision based on the safety of her kids. She was angry at the dog for messing up a hunt (why would you bring a completely untrained young dog on such an important hunt?) and then going after a neighbor's chickens (she didn't put the dog in a kennel on the way home - saying she didn't care if it jumped out and died) so she got home and was apparently furious so she then took the dog, shot it, then came back and grabbed the goat (which they'd had for years) and shot it. And she's...bragging about it. What a pycho.
  11. What the hell is Hankerson teaching them, how to drop routine passes every game?
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