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  1. mistertim

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I agree that for LT the elite ones are not all that often found outside of the top rounds, but IIRC OL in general is actually one of the position groups where you're more likely to find really good talent in the 2nd through mid rounds. As far as Jeudy I think he'll definitely be an excellent receiver and his quickness/moves are ludicrous, but his size might keep him out of Julio Jones/Megatron territory as a draft prospect. I think he's 6'0 and 190 lbs or something. Obviously not small but not that "prototypical" elite #1 size that those can't miss generational types tend to have.
  2. My understanding is that the libraries themselves are originally constructed mostly through private funding, but after that they're taken over and managed by the National Archives and Records Administration, which means taxpayer funding. So it's sort of quasi-government funded. IIRC Obama was actually the first to break from this.
  3. Why the **** would a guy who never reads get his own library? What's he going to do, stock it with coloring books and single pieces of paper with bullet points about how great he is? This makes no sense from any angle. Is he saying that he'd only be calling it "back" if they'd already done the bombing and then he told them to take the bombs back and reverse the damage?
  4. mistertim

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    What about Anthony Mix? That guy was TALL.
  5. I think Jay is trying to throw as much at them as possible just to get a handle on where they're at (IIRC this has actually been alluded to by Jay in pressers) but it would be dialed down some once they get into TC and things like that. I also think it's important to remember that Jay hasn't really shown himself to be one of those super flexible coaches who will completely adapt his system to whatever his QB does well. Yes he'll tweak it some but he's historically been pretty set on his system and the way he runs in. That doesn't mean it's a bad system (he's actually a really good play designer IMO), but it's still complex and will take a while for someone to completely absorb. Especially a rookie with only one year of starting experience in college.
  6. It's basically the same con he used to scam stupid people out of their money for decades. He'd find out what they wanted, paint an amazing picture of how rich they'd get if they did/gave him what he wanted, and pretend he'd be their top advocate and a loyal business partner. I feel like this will be a bit harder to do when it comes to geopolitically complex nuclear disarmament negotiations with a wily foreign power.
  7. That's true, however much of that was due to not having as many targets. However, his efficiency on those targets was outstanding and better than any of his peers at Ohio State (actually better than any other WR in the country in some stats). https://www.sbnation.com/2019/3/5/18247493/terry-mclaurin-scouting-report
  8. Eh, I wouldn't say he was drafted just for speed and special teams. If you watch his cutups he's very fast but he's also a very precise route runner, has great hands, and has great body control. On top of that you know he's going to be dedicated, hard working, and a leader. I don't think he was a reach at all in the 3rd. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being an absolute steal where we got him. Mclaurin's catches and yards aren't out of this world but he was also on a team with an insanely deep WR roster including him, Parris Campbell, K.J Hill, Johnnie Dixon, Austin Mack, and Chris Olave, and they spread the ball around quite a bit.
  9. Yeah I think he's going to make a fantastic coach once he's retired from playing. Very happy for him that he's progressing well. I still really doubt that he'll ever step on an NFL field again though, but you never know. The very earliest he'll be remotely ready to play is 2020 and he'll be 36 when the season starts, coming off of a devastating injury, and not having played in a year and a half. And that's if his rehab doesn't hit any other snags. I'm also assuming Haskins will be the starter in 2020 anyway. But I don't think we can realistically release Smith until 2021. So if he can play in 2020 he'll be a $21 million backup unless he's somehow willing to renegotiate his contract, but seems unlikely.
  10. Well, seeing as how they basically called up Iran before striking and said "Hey bros, is this cool?" I don't think Trump really gave up much. But he probably would have written the tweet even without that having happened. So yeah, he's a complete mess and this whole administration puts the phrase "amateur hour" in a whole new light.
  11. Yeah, they did the same thing with Syria, except Syria went along with it. They told Russia and Syria where they were going to bomb so they could get their stuff out of the way. Then everything went back to the way it was immediately afterwards. Trump is still basically a reality TV star playing a POTUS who doesn't realize that he's actually POTUS.
  12. If Trent didn't need to worry about the money he'd just retire now. He obviously cares plenty about getting more money, so that alone reduces his leverage. With his current contract situation he basically doesn't get paid if he doesn't play. If he wants a ton of new money the Skins can just say no and tell him to stay home and get zip if he refuses to suit up. Yes it will hurt the team but it's not like we were going to be competitive anyway this season, and we also don't have to start Haskins. Draft Trent's replacement next year with a likely high 1st round pick. Retiring and then immediately coming back would be a ridiculously transparent move. The team could probably sue him, and could probably win.
  13. But it's still a good guy with a gun. Isn't that what we always want? More good guys with guns?
  14. Now Trump is trying to say that he backed out because he thought there would be too many casualties. Bull****.
  15. He'd still be within his prime in theory, if it weren't for his injury history. I think it's difficult to argue that a guy who hasn't been able to play a full season since 2013 is truly still in his playing prime, no matter what his age. When he's completely healthy he's probably still a top 3 OT. But he's almost never completely healthy so that's borderline moot. Yes, the dude is a warrior and plays through being hurt, but that doesn't change the fact that he gets hurt every year and that playing hurt drops his effectiveness. I want to keep Trent on this team as much as anyone, but IMO he isn't worth a big new extension. Especially when he still has 2 years left on his current contract and the Skins hold the cards in the long term because most of his money over these next two seasons won't be guaranteed. If he decides to sit out, he doesn't get paid.