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  1. I'm actually pulling for all three. Heinicke because I do like underdogs and it would be amazing if he somehow turned out great, MD because he's just so dedicated and he already had his heart broken recently when Alex Smith was released, and the orangutan because everyone roots for orangutans.
  2. We never had trouble luring free agents who mostly just wanted a big ass payday and didn't really care all that much about anything else. Or who were in reality just mediocre players who we paid as if they were elite ones. London Fletcher is really the only one I can think of who didn't end up in one of those two categories. D Hall ended up being a pretty good pickup for us, but when we signed him he hardly had anywhere else to go after being dropped by Oakland so he didn't have many choices.
  3. And Gab took it seriously. Leave it to right wingers to self-own due to a complete and utter inability to recognize satire.
  4. lol During a postseason run a baseball team has a dominant offense that averages 8 runs per game during that time. The pitcher during the same run has an ERA of 6.5 Most people: "We had a dominant offense that was killing it and averaging 8 runs per game; the team rode them into the playoffs" Some people: "We rode our pitcher into into the playoffs because he only allowed an average of 7 runs per game. He just wins"
  5. Did he also ask Alex to take his 34.8 QBR with him?
  6. PFF had our OL ranked as #6 in the NFL at the end of last season. That doesn't mean we don't want to continue to improve it, but we have a good unit right now, especially if we keep Scherff. We have a lot of good pieces in place, we have a HC who is pretty much universally respected and admired around the league, and we've gotten rid of Allen and much of the cancerous FO from the past. We still have needs to address (WR2, TE2, LB, OT, CB) but we have lots of good young talent. I could see why a decent QB might want to come here.
  7. Why are you assuming the stopgap would be battling with Heinicke for the starting job but not Allen? Allen is coming back from an injury, so there's always a worry there, but in his 4 games last season he actually played well. Heinicke played well vs TB but that's literally the 2nd game he's started in his entire career, and the first one in the past 3 years. That's weird to me.
  8. I doubt Mariota wants to go to a team where it's obvious he's just a stopgap for a year or two (unless it's for a lot of money). If he has a choice (and I'm assuming at least a few teams will be vying for his services) I'm guessing he'll go to a team where he thinks they're hoping he'll end up being "the guy" and their long term solution. If it's obvious that we only want him for a year or two and are still looking to upgrade the position (probably through the draft), but another team wants him for longer and made it clear in negotiations that they hope to have him as a long term a
  9. Why? Allen is cheap and played pretty well in his limited action last season. IMO if we sign a decent stopgap vet, Allen an ideal backup if he's back to full health. He's young, proven that he can play in the league, and he's a decent but not great QB. If he's not back to full health, stash him on PUP for now.
  10. God these people are such worthless hypocrites. Maybe when he's arrested he'll try the Trump defense and say obviously he was "jokingly" or "ironically" attacking the cop with a fire extinguisher.
  11. Yeah. And I mean...every QB is going to have a bit of a drop off when their best playmakers are out; that's to be expected. But lordy, Trask's drop off was cataclysmic. He truly looked absolutely lost without those guys on the field. To me that big of a dip without his favorite targets is a big red flag.
  12. I get the feeling from Rivera's and the FO's actions and statements that they see potential in Heinicke and liked what he did against TB, but they're definitely not thinking he's "the guy", especially with such a limited sample size. Otherwise they wouldn't be pretty openly shopping for an upgrade at the position. I think we're going to have another QB on the roster when camps roll around, whether FA or trade. However, if we end up with Allen and Heinicke as our main guys, I wouldn't assume Heinicke would have the starting spot. Allen played pretty well in his 4 games before he got
  13. It will cause @Skinsinparadise's head to explode. That should at least be fascinating to witness firsthand.
  14. This is something that surprised me when I started watching more of Trask. For such a big dude, he has a pretty weak arm. Then again, size and arm strength aren't necessarily directly correlated all the time. Mahomes isn't a huge dude and he has a cannon. Murray doesn't have the arm of Mahomes but he has a very good one, probably top 10, and he's small. Rodgers isn't a big QB but has a hell of an arm. I guess it's more about torque and natural/genetic biomechanics. It's like throwing punches...some guys seem to just have that latent ability to absolutely devastate with
  15. I'd be "ok" with but not enthusiastic about a Jones pick. Trask I really don't want any part of. He seems smart, is apparently a good leader, has good accuracy in the quick and short game, good command of their offense. But he has very mediocre arm talent (especially for his size), his footwork is extremely slow to my eyes...looks like someone poured concrete into his cleats, not good at making off-schedule plays or extending when things break down, limited athleticism, not very good when pressured. To me he looks like a career backup in the NFL at best. He also relied
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