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  1. Not necessarily. Mueller is known as a very "by the book" guy. He knows that the law states he must provide the report to the AG in it's entirety and then it's up to the AG/DoJ leadership on how it is communicated to Congress. I'd like to think that if the DoJ was egregious in what it did with the report he would speak up but he may very well not consider it appropriate to publicly do, even if he thinks that what they did was wrong or misleading. At that point Congress would need to get involved and start issuing subpoenas.
  2. I don't think Mueller will have that power. IIRC the law says (paraphrasing) that he has to turn in his full report to the AG. Then the AG/DoJ decide on what to do and how to report to Congress. If they wanted to they could probably write "no collusion" on a piece of toilet paper and send it to Congress and say "done". But with a Dem House they'll do everything they can to get it out into the light. However that will mean some major court battles when they try to subpoena the full report.
  3. I'm trying to guess how short the DoJ's presentation of the SC's findings to Congress will be. Probably depends on whether or not Trump is able to directly insert himself into the process. I could see it only being a couple of pages of mostly long winded ways of saying "no collusion" with some sleazy legalese non-denial denials thrown in. It will talk about how there is no direct evidence of POTUS committing x or y crime...meaning there's tons of evidence for obstruction and/or conspiracy but they didn't find a recording of Trump saying "Hey, let's conspire with Russia so I can win the election. Let them know I would be very receptive to breaking many US laws in order to do it" so that means "NO COLLUSION!111!!11!"
  4. mistertim

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Well, it also helps that our pick panned out as well. Payne isn't the game-changing talent that James is but he was a solid pick and had a very good rookie season, so that makes missing out on James a bit easier to swallow. If we were to pick Jones over Big Hock, Polite, etc and they end up being studs (which I think they will) and Jones ends up being what I think he will be...completely mediocre at best...then we'll be grousing about it for some time to come.
  5. mistertim

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think it depends on the kind of bar you set for "contribute". We've had multiple non 1st round WRs who have contributed and had ok careers and/or are still in the league so I'd consider that a more or less successful mid to late round pick. Niles Paul, Aldrick Robinson, Ryan Grant for example. IMO Quinn looks legit from what we saw of him but obviously it's still early. I'm certainly not saying we've drafted well at WR but we haven't missed on every pick.
  6. mistertim

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    To be fair, every single team has plenty of WRs they've drafted in various rounds who didn't work out. WR is one of the most hit or miss positions you can draft. We aren't the only team who's picked pass catchers in the 1st round who haven't panned out.
  7. mistertim

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yeah his WRs weren't anything special, though they did make plays for him occasionally on off-target passes...but pretty much every QB gets that sometimes so that could possibly be considered a wash. As far as the 2nd tier QBs I do like Stidham more than Jones and Rypien, but I would take Grier before Stidham. IMO Grier is much more accurate and did more with just as bad a supporting cast (though Grier didn't play in the SEC so there's that). I think Grier in the 2nd would be a really good value and Stidham in the 3rd would be as well.
  8. mistertim

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I certainly have my criticisms of Murray but he isn't really an RG3 clone IMO. Yes they both ran a lot but Murray is far quicker than RG3 was; he has excellent lateral agility whereas RG3 was mostly straight line speed. Murray's footwork (from a QB standpoint) is also superior...RG3's footwork was relatively slow and Murray has a faster release. I'd say their accuracy is comparable though. Arm strength as well is pretty equal and I actually wouldn't be surprised if the ball were clocked faster coming out of Murray's hand due to the baseball background. They do both come from spread systems though, so you're right there. They also both run way too much for my liking and Murray certainly is quite a bit smaller...though his body seems a bit more compact than RG3's. Either way, Murray is going to absolutely have to temper his running instincts in the NFL because IMO he pulls the ball down and runs far too often and he's going to get absolutely killed that way in the NFL. Nobody could really catch him in college but that's going to change drastically in the pros.
  9. mistertim

    Starting QB 2019???

    Poking around at Flacco reeks of desperation. Flacco has always been incredibly overrated and his last few years have sucked. But it would have been SUCH a Redskins thing to do. Thank god Elway bailed us out there.
  10. mistertim

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Thanks. I'd really like to see what the actual numbers are for that chart, as "<100" and ">100" doesn't tell us all that much as less than 100 could include 30 as well as 99. Personally i'd grade them as being good or bad depending on where they fall in a range as opposed to drawing a hard/arbitrary line. Interesting that Haskins is said to be "bad" at dealing with pressure in the pocket as I got a feeling from watching him (which is only a moderate amount so far) that he was actually pretty decent at it. Lock I'm not surprised as I've seen that multiple times from watching his game cutups.
  11. mistertim

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Intriguing graphic and stats. Do they explain somewhere exactly how they come up with the numbers they do and what criteria they used to determine them?
  12. Can you give a specific reason for us to assume that Trump is telling the truth about that? He has lied many times in the past about "people" telling him things and has been called on it. Hell, he said not long ago that "some" previous US Presidents had told him that they wished they had built a border wall. He was immediately called out as all 4 living former POTUSes or their official spokespeople gave a collective public "BULL****". The dude lies like normal people breathe.
  13. I think it's definitely a real possibility. That being said, another one could simply be that, at the end of the day, Graham is about party over country and about his own political well being over both of those things. I could see the possibility of Graham not believing in Trump becoming POTUS as even remotely likely so he was positioning himself in 2015/2016 in a way that he would be respected and seen as an "adult in the room" once Hillary was president and he would wield plenty of influence. Notice that after Trump won, Graham's criticism of him died down quite a bit. He still every so often would buck him early on, but only mildly...possibly because at that point he was under the mistaken impression that many Rs in the public would be put off by how absolutely awful Trump was even after getting into office. Then Graham saw that that simply wasn't the case and it would be perilous to his own political life to continue to buck Trump and risk the wrath of Trump's base. He quickly fell in line and has been a lick spittle ever since. The man has zero shame and zero loyalty to this country. Or it could actually be some of both. He's compromised and he also knows that going against Trump would be perilous to him politically.
  14. mistertim

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    @Skinsinparadise @Anselmheifer I've recently begun taking in more film of Stidham as well. I'm still pretty so-so on him and I think you've both made some good points. His arm is impressive, his footwork is very smooth, his throwing motion is decent but I see a bit of a hitch in it that probably isn't too of a big deal since it still comes out pretty fast. He seems to go through progressions and doesn't appear to panic under pressure. Good athleticism, knows when to take off and pick up yards with his feet, and knows when to slide (thank god). However, his accuracy worries me...but not just because he only had a mediocre completion percentage. In watching some game cutups I've noticed a pretty good amount of inaccurate passes, some of which were caught anyway by either a great effort by the WR, a good WR adjustment, or luck (guy was just really open so having to slow down and wait a little for the pass didn't matter). It also isn't only in one facet, ie mostly overthrows, mostly underthrows, or mostly behind guys; it was all three at various levels of the the field. I saw a decent number of overthrows on intermediate routes where he sailed the pass, a decent amount of underthrows on deep passes, and a decent amount thrown behind the guy on timing based crossing routes like digs, slants, etc. As SIP mentioned, he interviews really well. I like his personality. He seems really honest, straightforward, and engaging. Lock is also a fun personality but his almost seems a bit over the top or forced at times, though that could easily just be a flawed perception on my part. Based on what I've seen so far I definitely don't think I'd take Stidham in the 1st round. 2nd round is still a bit iffy but not too bad. 3rd round he'd be a really good value I think. I certainly like him more than Jones though.