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  1. mistertim

    The Impeachment Thread

    If SCOTUS gives him this one they might as well just have a coronation right afterwards because he'd basically be a monarch at that point. He'd essentially have blanket immunity from any and all investigation, no matter what. Can't be impeached and kicked out of office, can't be indicted, can't even be investigated. At that point it's only a matter of time until he simply declares any vote that goes against him invalid (due to some made up bull**** like voter fraud) and that he won't honor it. Then what? I know that may sound a bit far fetched but look at how many lines the guy has already crossed and his followers and enablers in Congress have leaped right over with him every time, to everyone else's horror.
  2. mistertim

    The Impeachment Thread

    Schiff didn't meet with the whistleblower, it was someone on his staff. I DO think he should have notified people from the get-go that it had happened. It doesn't sound like it was anything that odd...the person wanted advice on how to deal with the situation and the staffer told them to follow the official whistleblower process, which is what happened. On the other hand, McConnell, as a person who is supposed to be an impartial juror, is openly stating that he's not only already made up his mind, but that he's going to work hand in hand with the defendant and his lawyers to ensure he doesn't get convicted. If anything would get you kicked off of a jury, it would be something like that (or not wearing pants to the juror questioning). Remember the "Schiff IS the whistleblower!" one? That hung around on the right for a week or two.
  3. mistertim

    The Impeachment Thread

    I still can't get over that ****ing idiot Matt Gaetz thinking that the term "kangaroo court" came from Captain Kangaroo. This is the level of intellect we're dealing with. If they tried to do anything more intellectually challenging than screaming and yelling they'd probably have psychotic breakdowns so on some level I suppose I can't necessarily fault them for it. It's like getting mad at a fish for breathing water.
  4. mistertim

    The Impeachment Thread

    To add to what @tshilesaid above, my experience with attempting to debate Trump supporters also more or less mirrors my past attempts to debate full-bore conspiracy theorists. Any evidence you present to them that is counter to their narrative is automatically deemed to be from a "suspect" source, regardless of the actual source itself. That source is then automatically made to be part of the conspiracy ("they got to them") and dismissed. It then not only doesn't persuade them that their conspiracy theory is wrong, it actually reinforces it by "showing" them what they already believed...that the conspiracy is so strong it can get to almost anyone so it must be even that much more sinister than before. Trump supporters basically follow this exact same pattern. I don't think it's a coincidence that Trump has attracted conspiracy nutters from all walks of life and political persuasions.
  5. mistertim

    Spider Nightmare

    If you want to get to the real bad boy of the Sicariidae family of spiders (of which recluses are a part) then this is your guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexophthalma_hahni They very rarely come into contact with humans (though you can buy them...and NO I definitely do not own one), are incredibly shy, and completely non-aggressive. But they may have the most toxic venom of any spider...many times more potent than a brown recluse and with the same necrotic effects. So they're probably the most venomous spider on earth, but certainly not the most dangerous. They're actually somewhat hilarious when they bury themselves.
  6. mistertim

    The Impeachment Thread

    And the only thing that Trump WH has shown itself to be exceptionally competent at so far in his entire term is making things move through the courts as slowly as possible.
  7. mistertim

    The Impeachment Thread

    Obstruction of Congress isn't that hard to get. Congress is expressly given oversight over the Executive branch in the constitution. If the House is investigating something in the Executive and they request documents or testimony, the Executive is supposed to comply. If the Executive feels the request is unconstitutional they can take it to the courts, but the onus there should be on the Executive to provide the reasons why, not for the House to have to compel them via the courts for every single page of documentation. The Trump admin literally stated in public from the get-go that they would refuse to comply with any and all House investigations and the subsequent requests for documents and/or testimony. They claim absolute blanket immunity from everything. That's their full bore stated position and it's absolutely nutso. It has zero credible constitutional arguments. It's essentially stating an Imperial Presidency. Yes, the Dems could go to the courts, but the WH has pulled out all the stops in every other effort there so they can simply run out the clock and keep things jammed up in the courts. If they went to court now even if it were fast tracked at every turn (which is far from a foregone conclusion) it would probably still be a year before it went all the way to the top. The WH and Rs are betting that by that time the public would be weary of the whole thing...plus the election would already be over so it could be moot one way or the other. The Dems basically said they weren't going to play that game here and decided to charge them with obstruction and make that case instead of let the WH and Rs dictate the pace.
  8. Yeah the indictment against Carlos is pretty damn thorough. Their best bet is probably to try and cut a deal to get as little time as possible.
  9. mistertim

    The Impeachment Thread

    Yes, I'm a bit mystified by that statement as well. The Republicans aren't even bothering to argue the facts. They're just yelling, repeating conspiracy theories, and saying "Burisma" over and over.
  10. mistertim

    Job Hunting Scams

    There are some great ones on youtube. This one is golden. Dude gets two scammers to talk to each other and yell at each other. As far as Google hangout or Skype interviews, they definitely happen and can be legit. I've had one before and I've done one or two for candidates who were remote. But I'd never accept one that didn't come from an email in the domain of the company in question. That's pretty much an immediate tip off. Glad you didn't fall for it.
  11. mistertim

    The Impeachment Thread

    Collusion isn't even a legal term (though articles of impeachment don't have to be, so there's that). It would have been some sort of conspiracy charge. What Mueller did was extensively document a wide scale top down campaign in Russia to influence the 2016 election in favor of Trump as well as the Trump campaign's various acts and apparent intents to use that help to their advantage. What he couldn't do is make enough of a case to say that there was a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. I disagree about your point on the Democrats; I don't think it indicates that they don't believe there was any collusion or anything else worthwhile in the Mueller rerport. I think they wanted to keep things narrow and focused and that bringing the Mueller stuff into this would simply allow the Republicans to muddy the waters further and have more things to scream about while not wearing suit jackets. Besides, if they were to put anything from the Mueller report into an article of impeachment it would have been obstruction of an investigation. THAT was incredibly well documented in the report and they did seem to conclude that many of the specific 10 instances demonstrated "corrupt intent" by Trump. However, Mueller said he would follow DoJ guidelines on not indicting a sitting POTUS and noted that it was the duty of Congress to take it up. I'm kinda torn. On one hand I get why the Dems would want to be pretty surgical in their impeachment articles. On the other hand...good god was Trump's obstruction (or attempted obstruction) of the Mueller investigation incredibly obvious and out in the open. For any other person in the USA that would be a slam dunk felony conviction.
  12. mistertim

    The Impeachment Thread

    Fact: Hunter Biden is a person who exists Fact: He got a high paying job at a company, likely due to his name Fact: ....well, that's about it.
  13. Hey, no football in The Tailgate!
  14. A dude willing to pay millions to have a huge basement built with stripper poles in it isn't someone who'd I'd think is particularly difficult to scam out of some dough.
  15. Because no matter what he does, his cult base will follow him off of a cliff if need be. And the Rs in Congress know it. And they're terrified of them. They know Trump is a liar, a cheater, an amoral, sexual assaulting con artist. But they also know that Trump's base is essentially one huge hive mind driven by his Id, and that any defection, no matter how minor, could be the end of their careers and their positions of power. And that's all they care about.