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  1. And of course Trump is taking a victory lap over almost 13.5% unemployment. It's really good that people are getting their jobs back but I still worry that there's going to be WAY too much celebrating WAY too soon, which could lead to many more places opening up way too fast. COVID-19 deaths are still holding at over 1,000 per day, despite NYC not having ANY...that means it's absolutely made its way into many other places. Stock Market is up obviously, but nowadays the SM rarely reflects the overall economy and mostly just reflects the upper tier investor class (because we know pretty much as a fact now that corporate gains almost never go back into building the workforce in the U.S.)
  2. What's the source for this? Worldometer has yesterday's NY death toll at 117. Maybe that's the whole state though and not just NYC. That's really good news though.
  3. That's true. I now remember when Trump intentionally singled Comey out and brought him out to shake his hand in late January of 2017. He loved him then. Whenever someone Trump hired and then either fired or who leaves, later gets on the wrong side of Trump he and his supporters start yelling about how they were from the swamp and were Deep State. Then you ask why he seemed to like them before and they say "Well he didn't realize they were in THE SWAMP and DEEP STATE at that point!". Then you counter with "Well, why does it seem so easy for people to trick Trump? Why does he keep hiring swamp and Deep State people? I thought he hired the best people and he was a genius? Why did he get fooled so easily so many times?" Then you get to their real meat and potatoes argument: "SHUT THE **** UP SOI BOY BETA COMMIE CUCK. WHY NOT GO BLOW OBUMMER IF YOU LOVE SOCIALISM, MUSLIMS, AND GAYS SO MUCH???"
  4. I think even this is a little too kind. Even when talking about himself, Trump can hardly form a coherent sentence without interrupting his own train of thought and going off on some tangent. It makes me think of a schizophrenic person who only takes their medications once in a while instead of every day. And MAGAs call Biden "Dementia Joe" because he's had some gaffes and talks funny sometimes because of a longtime speech impediment. They truly have no sense of irony.
  5. That would be a really odd choice. I mean yeah, she's pretty centrist (especially compared to the GOP nowadays), but she still has some areas where she'd have some major pushback as a Veep choice. For example she's been against same-sex marriage and afaik she still holds that position. I feel like picking her as a VP would basically be a "record scratch" moment on what has been a campaign that's building momentum for Biden. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
  6. Good point about state polls not having caught up to national ones. I always found the hysterics by the MAGAs over Comey and how he was a "Deep State" agent hell bent on stopping Trump a bit odd, seeing as how Comey may very well have single-handedly tipped the election in Trump's favor by choosing to make the announcement about the Clinton investigation right before the election. Then again, nothing about the MAGAs has any sort of internal mental consistency, so that's probably par for the course for them.
  7. IIRC the race had significantly tightened in the polls just before the election and were showing Clinton up by just 2-3%, which is what she won the popular vote by. So I think the polls were actually relatively accurate.
  8. @JumboYikes, I hadn't even thought about that...what if Trump literally bunkers down in the WH after losing the election and refuses to come out? That would be absolutely insane...but nothing would surprise me. If he stays behind in the polls and things continue to go badly for him in regard to these multiple crises, he's going to continue to unravel. And it will only be worse if he's hunkered down in siege mode inside the WH and only surrounded by sycophants. @PleaseBlitzIt means "I don't have the courage to do it myself, so I've been waiting on someone with much more courage than I to speak up so then I can maybe think about possibly going against Trump if I feel like there's enough wind at my back. I may even borrow Susan's Concern Button." Real model of leadership there.
  9. Lisa Murkowski is apparently "struggling" on whether to back Trump in November. I love how she basically admitted that she's a total coward and was waiting for others to speak up first re: Mattis. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/04/politics/lisa-murkowski-mattis-trump-reaction/index.html Bunch of spineless jackwagons.
  10. After watching those games again I definitely liked most of what I saw...good decision making, good accuracy, looked confident. But man, I really hope the stories about him working on his footwork this offseason are true. It was just atrocious at times, even in his really good games to end the season. I think the biggest problem was inconsistency. On one play he'd look smooth in his drop, on the balls of his feet, and set them well before throwing, and then on the next one his drop would be clunky, flat footed, and lead to stray passes. He could get away with it in college because of his superior arm talent but he's gonna have to clean it up in the NFL.
  11. On another note, exactly how much goddamn makeup did Rudy have on in that clip? "Maybe it's dementia! Maybe it's Maybelline!"
  12. I don't see any benefit of starting Allen unless Haskins looks completely and utterly lost in TC and preseason or gets injured. I doubt that the Skins see Allen as their potential franchise QB...the guy is decent but super inconsistent and has limited tools. Haskins is a 1st round pick who showed lots of improvement at the end of last season, and all indications seem to point to Rivera liking him and how he's conducted himself this offseason. I think they brought Allen in since he knows the system and can be a quality backup to Haskins if he does well, or to be a placeholder QB if Haskins completely busts while they look to probably draft another guy in the 1st.
  13. It's nonsense. It's stuff that the right tells themselves when polls say Trump is super unpopular. "But the polls were so wrong in 2016! It's because people are afraid to say they support Trump! FAKE NEWS!" Actually, they weren't wrong. The polls right at the end of the race had Clinton up by around 2-3% and that's what she won the popular vote by. Trump potentially could win in November but he's in a much worse position now than he was in 2016, as I noted above.
  14. I completely understand what you're saying but I also think you're giving too much strategy kudos to Trump and his campaign. They've already been trying to push all of the stuff you mentioned with complete gusto and they can't even manage to stay on message without Trump either completed contradicting them or simply deciding to change his mind halfway into the "strategy". It simply doesn't look like the public is buying his bull**** and pretty much everything he's doing to try and save himself has backfired because he's a goddamn moron and a narcissistic lunatic. His base will remain, no matter what. He could literally take the physical Constitution out of the National Archives and drop a deuce on it in public and they'd defend him. But there's plenty of evidence that others are abandoning him when you look at the polling and the election results since he's been in office. His handling of the huge crises that have recently happened (covid-19, economic disaster, racial injustice protests) has been miserable and the polling has agreed. Even the military now is basically **** slapping him in public, whether it's Mattis explicitly or the active duty generals implicitly. I'm NOT saying anyone should get complacent...quite the opposite...keep it going and don't let up. But Trump's situation right now is MUCH worse than it was in 2016, when he won by a few swing states by the narrowest of margins which put him over the top for the EC.