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  1. But dude...it's the Platinum Plan. He did the exact same **** with NAFTA. Basically repackaged it with a couple of tweaks, renamed it, and sold it as his own. And there's about a .5% chance that any of his base have actually read it or NAFTA so they just go along with it when he claims it's new and different and better than anything in the history of the universe.
  2. Oh for ****'s sake...@Dan T.why you gotta do me like that, bro? That was horrifying.
  3. I feel like they're pretty decent (albeit anecdotal) evidence that high spectrum psychopathy is at least partly genetic.
  4. JFC. Pimping a useless executive order/plan that protects pre-existing conditions while simultaneously suing to dismantle the law that provides those protections. Pimping a ludicrous "Platinum Plan" (WTF?) for black communities that claims to call for diversity training for cops while simultaneously forcing a halt to the same type of training. What's next? An executive order that says all people credibly accused of sexual assault must do jail time and pay civil fines?
  5. Yeah unfortunately I've seen firsthand when people who I know (and who I know aren't overtly stupid) twist themselves into pretzels to support Trump and/or make excuses for him. Many times they'll simply repeat stuff that he says as if it's fact and won't give an inch, no matter how well you disprove it. And the scariest part is that they genuinely seem to believe it. That's why it's a cult and not a political movement.
  6. I think one of the issues is that for decades now conservatives have been more or less brainwashed by right wing media and talk radio into believing that if certain people (minorities) are asking for/getting something, then they must be taking something from you in order to get it. Add that together with the barely disguised racism that's peddled there as well, and you basically have a bunch of white people thinking that any "social justice" movement is just a bunch of lazy uppity black people trying to take from them. That's not just stuff either, it's their "identity" as well.
  7. ok turned this off. going to focus on my vodka tonic for awhile now.
  8. Haskins can't hit the broad side of a goddamn barn today. Awful accuracy.
  9. 17-0 again. Will we rebound this time? Looks even uglier than last week so far.
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