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  1. Awesome. Glad we can keep our DL together. They're a really good group. We won't have to worry about Allen or Payne for another couple years. I was a bit worried that they'd let The Greek walk but I'm glad they were able to bring him back. Not a bad contract either.
  2. How fitting is it that she's saying this **** while having a literal chain around her neck?
  3. Yeah, it is. No matter what Mueller did, Senate Republicans would never vote to remove him from office. Even if Mueller indicted him, it wouldn't have mattered. The WH would have fought it all the way to SCOTUS, which would have taken a while, and until then the new Republican spin would have been "We can't do anything without the courts weighing in!" or even "How can we remove him from office? He hasn't even been found guilty of anything yet!"
  4. They would have said that no matter what the report had in it. "Our investigation concludes that president Trump ****ed a sheep in the oval office" "Total exoneration! They said he was a goat****er, not a sheep****er!"
  5. I think the report reflected what was said about Mueller since he was appointed as SC...he's extremely methodical, meticulous, and dogged but he also is pretty conservative when it comes to following precedent and DoJ guidelines. Many experts and people who know Mueller have been saying for a long time that they doubt he'd indict Trump, people just didn't want to believe it. IMO for a guy like Mueller, going out of his way to say that their report does not exonerate Trump is really damning and he made it pretty obvious that Congress is who should take up the decision on whether or not Trump obstructed justice or conspired to do so. This all fits in line with what we've heard about Mueller for a while now. I think some people are frustrated that there's so much evidence against Trump on obstruction (from what I've read and my completely amateur legal understanding, I think it would pretty much be a slam dunk case in almost any other situation) but that Mueller didn't nail him for it. But that's not the same as saying he's now a hack.
  6. They found that they didn't have enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump and his associates criminally conspired with Russia. But the report is full of clear indicators that they had deliberate contacts regarding the election, knew in advance about certain things the Russians were doing, and had plenty of desire to work with Russia. The main thread seems to be their utter incompetence in trying to conspire. In the end it may have been their absolute stupidity and cluelessness that saved them from conspiracy charges. The Trump supporters are the ones who started using the word "collusion" to obfuscate early on and interestingly I think it could come back to bite them in the ass. As @DogofWar1noted, there is no legal term called "collusion". Collusion is a colloquial term, not a legal one. So in the colloquial sense, we're absolutely seeing evidence that they colluded as it is littered throughout the entire report. The Dems better step up to the goddamn plate here. No more of this ****footing around "careful language" bull****.
  7. It sounds to me like Mueller wanted Congress to decide the obstruction stuff. The report went out of its way to say that 1) They did not exonerate him of obstruction and 2) Congress definitely has the authority to decide whether or not he obstructed.
  8. Now we see why Barr held a PC before releasing any of this...there's a ton of damaging stuff in the report and he wanted to take any chance possible to color it in advance. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump told him to do it.
  9. mistertim

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    You had that one locked and loaded didn't you?
  10. mistertim

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    DJax is more explosive than Brown but I think their top speeds are probably about the same. For me the thing that makes DJax so great is his elite deep ball tracking and adjustment ability. He's one of the best I've ever seen. If you took that away I think he'd still be good but he wouldn't be a future HOFer like he is now. That's how he's stayed relevant after getting a bit older and losing a step...I don't think he's a 4.3 guy anymore (though he's still fast) but his elite ball tracking skills makes up for that loss of a step or two. From what I've seen Brown is pretty good at ball tracking but not in the same ballpark as DJax. I like him as a prospect but I don't think I like him at 15. His skills don't quite make up for his diminutive size enough to take him that high IMO.
  11. mistertim

    Reuben Foster Will Not Be Suspended!!

    Yeah I think nowadays the "Jack" and "Mike" ILBs in a 3-4 aren't quite as distinctly different as they used to be years ago. Traditionally the Jack was a bigger stack and shed guy who could take on blockers and keep the Mike backer clean to make plays. But nowadays offenses are so pass happy and agile that those roles are a bit more blurred. I used to be more of a "this guy isn't a Jack ILB, and we already have a Mike" person but I've changed my mind some and I think having two more moderately sized fast guys at ILB could be an asset to a defense. Granted, that's assuming you have a good front 3, which we do.
  12. mistertim

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Nice. That and the 3 cone are two things I was a bit annoyed that Butler didn't do at the combine and I was curious how he would fare as those tend to show change of direction and agility. His tape shows some pretty good suddenness but it's good to see some numbers behind it. Side note: DK metcalf ran a 4.5 20 yard shuttle. That's dreadful for a WR; most QBs did way better than that. That guy is basically a super fast tank that can't turn at all.