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  1. lol @ Trump trying to blame Pence. While watching the whole thing I kept seeing in my mind a thought bubble coming from Pence saying "KILL ME. KILL ME. KILL ME."
  2. mistertim

    Does Doctson even care?

    What came before it? Him not being thrown to? Alex hardly ever threw to our WRs, especially outside guys. Colt came in and started taking more chances and Doctson started getting more looks. Then Colt got hurt and we go to Sanchez, would suck even if he had Jerry Rice, Megatron, and Julio as his primary receivers, and then to Josh Johnson, who hadn't taken a single NFL in-game snap in 5 years.
  3. mistertim

    Redskins vs Jaguars Prediction Thread: 2018 Disappointment Superbowl

    The two teams are mostly the same in a many areas. No QB, decent defense, mediocre to poor run game, crappy passing game. Their defense is good vs the pass but we don't really pass so it doesn't matter. This will probably just be an ugly game between two bad teams. 10-10 tie.
  4. Maybe she'll request asylum. And they can tell her to go to Mexico and get in line.
  5. I think there's almost zero chance that SDNY would so directly implicate a POTUS in felony charges based on one witness testimony and no other corroborating evidence. They have more than just Cohen's word.
  6. I don't know what you're on about; you must be smocking something.
  7. mistertim

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I think at this point Jay is basically just going to pull a Shanny and try to get fired so he can get paid and leave. As others have said, it's incredibly obvious he has basically quit and it shows in how the players are acting and doing things as well. That being said, if Jay goes but Bruce doesn't then absolutely nothing will change. Bruce will just pick another friend/retread and we'll start all over again with the same results. I don't dislike Jay as a person or a play designer; from everything I've seen and read he's a good guy who the players genuinely like. But he's just not a good HC or play caller. Bruce is just an asshat who needs to kicked to the curb as soon as humanly possible. He brings nothing at all to the table. He's a dick, not well liked by players, ****ty at personnel decisions, ****ty with contracts/negotiations.....just ****ty.
  8. I honest-to-god wouldn't be surprised if Trump put Sean Hannity in as COS.
  9. "Gee, I dunno. I'll just have to look at the tape. Golly, we just have so much injuries. Geeze, we just gotta play better, ya know."
  10. lol Delay of game and timeout back to back.
  11. He's also facing a defense that's in super prevent mode and knows they basically already have a win.