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  1. It's still amazing to me that NFL football players can digest and remember incredibly complex offensive and defensive systems and yet still be so insanely ignorant and just downright dumb about so many other things.
  2. Seeing TH is certainly possible, but I still think Fitz would have to really be bad and for multiple games in a row before he'd be pulled. There's no way that Rivera has any illusions about Fitz. He knows who he is and that he's going to put it up there to try and make plays, and that is going to inevitably lead to some interceptions. So I doubt the occasional bad game with picks would be enough to pull him. He'd have to be consistently bad over a period of time IMO.
  3. I think you may be right about JD's position, but IIRC he was an inside backer at Kentucky and he's apparently been getting most of his snaps at Mike during camps.
  4. I love how, by trying to appeal to both at the same time, Pence has somehow managed to make the moderates/independents hate him AND the Trumpistas hate him as well. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
  5. Er...I have a feeling that plywood won't be especially effective at shielding instruments from radiation...
  6. Ted Cruz slams critical race theory as ‘every bit as racist as the klansmen in white sheets’ Yes, the study of how our system of law and institutional racism intertwine is totally the same as a group who lynch Black people.
  7. If Humphries is better than them, they should keep him over them. If he was 35 years old I'd agree with you, but the dude is only 27. Plus that will give us outstanding depth at the slot position with Samuel and Humphries as our primary/secondary slot receivers. Sims, AGG and Harmon aren't really slot kind of guys so much. They're more 2nd/3rd string X and Z guys.
  8. Yeah, true. For some reason that whole thing just made me think of some stereotypical old white South Carolinian who says "negro" because they still think that's the polite and socially acceptable thing to say instead of the N word.
  9. Eh, I think teams have tried this in the past with very poor results. Generally you want to have one guy as the starter and he'll need to get all of the 1st team reps during practice. IMO alternating QBs back and forth is a recipe for disaster as every QB has their own style and connect with other players differently. You'd be throwing any sort of rhythm or sync there out of whack every other week.
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