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  1. No kidding. Trump must be the least self aware person on the planet. And that includes those who are literally in comas.
  2. Yeah I was thinking about this too. But you'd also need to make sure it wasn't there simply to act as a tool for abuse so if the opposition party is in power in Congress they can just vote to subpoena anything and everything for every reason and have people come testify about what they had for lunch the other day. Maybe have something like FISA set up (but not super secret) where a panel of judges appointed equally by Rs and Ds have to sign off on subpoenas and say that they're legit and should move forward before they actually have teeth and could compel admin officials to testify
  3. Would it have to actually be new legislation though? IIRC the current rules/laws do allow people to be arrested for refusing to comply with lawful Congressional subpoenas. It's just something that hasn't been enforced for a long time (generally because it hasn't been needed). It would just be enforcing what's already in the rulebook and re-opening a jail to accommodate it.
  4. As a public service, I'll provide an example of the kind of stuff that's going around on Breitbart (and is being believed)
  5. So if the two Rs vote against certification in Michigan, does it then go to the courts? My understanding is that the law says "Shall certify" not "Might certify".
  6. POTUS doesn't really have any power to give teeth to Congressional subpoenas. But one of the FIRST things that the new Congress should do IMO is re-open the jail cell they used to have but which was shut down some time ago, and enact rules that allow them to send the Sergeant at Arms of the House to arrest and incarcerate people who refuse to comply with lawful Congressional subpoenas. This bull**** can't be allowed to stand. I don't give two flying ****s which party is in the WH.
  7. I think this was all just a misunderstanding due to a transcription error that changed a word around. Should have read:
  8. I don't disagree at all about investing in OL, but there aren't that many teams that have a ton of 1st rounders there. Most top OLs have one or maybe to high round guys and then other good talent they managed to find in the mid rounds, especially at Guard. We have spend plenty of non 1st round picks to try and stock up on our OL. Unfortunately we haven't really seemed to hit on them well. Not sure if that's just bad luck or bad scouting. We've had a couple of decent guys who weren't 1sts but no real standouts. Oof. Yeah Chase left his cleats on the field on that one
  9. Yes, I absolutely can see our fanbase backing a QB's development in that situation. Hell, last season Haskins only looked decent for 2-3 games at the end of the season and many fans were hyped for his promise this season after going 3-13. If we had a guy like Burrow who was tearing it up as a rookie, even if our team was still struggling over all there would be a LOT of people here who would be giddy about what he meant for the future. And every QB is going to be at risk. It's a risky job. You can't put him in bubble wrap. We were hardly getting to Burrow at all today due to how fa
  10. This is exactly what I'm saying as well. We've literally tried this experiment twice for long stretches in last 20 years. It didn't work. We're basically a glaring example of what happens when you have a good OL (with an elite LT) and QBs who range between dog**** and mediocre.
  11. A top QB is going to have FAR more direct impact on a game than a top LT. You're unlikely to find a single NFL scout or personnel guy who will tell you otherwise. They'll admit that OL is really important (it is) but as far as one guy making a difference, it's the QB every day. As far as TW, there was a bit of a drop off maybe, but IMO not as much as some think. Honestly last season as far as watching the pass pro I didn't really see anything that made me go "holy crap we would have won that game if Trent had been here."
  12. That they seemed to have found their QB. You're taking a super short term view of this. It's still obviously a small sample size but Burrow looks to be legit and could end up being a top QB in the league IMO. So Cincy looks to have by far the most difficult and important position on the team filled with a potential stud. Yes, they're still losing because they DO have plenty of holes to fill and Burrow IS still a rookie who's going to make rookie mistakes. But those holes certainly easier to fill than QB. Is it your opinion that someone like Finley would be a
  13. You're going a bit hard on that straw man aren't you? Nobody has said that LT isn't important. But if you have a stud LT protecting the blind side of ****ty or even mediocre QBs, it's certainly not going to be the difference between winning and losing most times. We saw that throughout the last 20 years. In contrast, a really good QB can make that difference, even without an elite LT. Cincy's OL is very pedestrian, but Burrow was able to read and get the ball out correctly too fast for us to get a ton of pressure on him and he was picking us apart. Then look
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