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  1. None of this is going to stop Trump from exercising every possible power he can to stop as many votes from being counted as he can. And the biggest problem for us isn't Trump himself, because he's evil but he's also a nincompoop. It's that he has smart evil people like Barr, some Republican governors and AGs, as well as multiple SCOTUS justices who will do his bidding and could potentially be quite effective at it.
  2. Drivin' Trump Train, high on cocaine, Donnie Jr better watch his speed
  3. Yeah Trafalgar and Rassmusen are two of the usual suspects that always tend to tilt way towards Republicans and have some pretty iffy methodologies.
  4. It’s up to the people to foil Trump’s plot against democracy
  5. I'd argue that if anything, Trump has been even worse than he indicated he would be. I think he's so massively unpredictable and mentally/emotionally unstable that almost anything is possible if he loses. I know some of the "Trump won't leave and may do something insane to try and stay in office if he loses" theories may seem far-fetched but think back on how many times over the past 4 years many people have thought "No way would Trump cross that line"...until he did.
  6. Wait was that kid laughing or crying?
  7. Now it was a goddamn flash drive they MAILED? Hey did I ever tell you guys about my girlfriend? She's a super hot model, but she lives in Canada so you can't meet her.
  8. I think the only rapper who could possibly change my vote would be Del the Funky Homosapien.
  9. Dude, the right wingers are so desperate for anything on Hunter Biden that they'd probably believe a story from someone going by Dr. Long Dong McPants Esquire claiming to have emails between Biden and literal Martians and proceed to circulate it on Breitbart and Twitter. But a comprehensive 448 page report by a team of elite prosecutors and investigators which laid out in precise detail how the Russians intentionally interfered in our 2016 election to benefit Trump as well as the myriad contacts they had with Trump campaign officials? FAKE NEWS!
  10. Haven't we essentially been trying variations of this idiotic theory in various different locations for...I dunno...many decades now without success?
  11. Yeah I've never really understood his draw. And that has nothing to do with him supporting Trump necessarily (though that doesn't help). I've always really only associated him with awful mumble rapping, massive use of auto tune, and massive use of purple drank. Maybe it's just not my type of hip hop (insofar as you can even call it that), but I've never been impressed with his talent either. He seems to just be really good at marketing himself... ...holy ****. No wonder he's a Trump supporter!
  12. Lil Wayne doesn't even know what a crabapple is. Do we really think he understands anything about Trump's "Platinum Plan"?
  13. Holy ****. They actually had a pilot program for evil?
  14. ****ing clown shoes, man. So which is more likely... 1) There's a massive and concerted effort shared between all the main tech giants to intentionally re-write their entire algorithms to seek out and censor conservative/right wing sites, content, and posts because they all just hate conservatives. or 2) Conservative/right wing sites, content, and posts simply tend to have far more demonstrably false and misleading bull**** than others. Paging friar William of Ockham. Friar William of Ockham, please pick up the white courtesy
  15. I mean, sure...highest spike ever in COVID-19 cases, death toll rising to over 1,000 per day again, Trump ignoring it and saying everything is fine. But **** man...I may be able to get my dishes done quicker. I'm changing my vote to Trump.
  16. He probably paid a better shooter to take his marksmanship tests.
  17. Maybe the pollsters are simply misunderstanding when people say they're "not sure"?
  18. Dude, that's tame. When I've debated them, it usually only takes about 30 seconds for them to go from "My 401k is doing fine" to "Biden is a communist and pedophile, and his crackhead son took a billion dollars from China and millions from Russia"
  19. Reminds me of a fundraiser years ago held for Tom Delay while he was under indictment for multiple crimes, and there was a supporter up there giving a speech and she was essentially talking about all the laws Tom Delay hasn't broken and was complaining about how the media never reports on those.
  20. It was dirty as hell. Dalton was clearly going down and he went for a kill shot.
  21. Allen looking pretty sharp this game. Though the Dallas defense is awful.
  22. Record 81,000 new cases. "We're rounding the corner. Everything's going back to normal" **** you, asshole. **** you sideways with a rusty 1980 Buick Park Avenue.
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