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  1. You know what the worst part is for me? I can't argue your point
  2. I always find it interesting how rare it is to hear pro-gunners speak about what WOULD work instead of what wouldn't. TGB is an exception, he has tried valiantly to state his positions while still essentially standing against stemming the flood of weapons. Not snark, that's a toughie, I respect tough. I am actually torn on this issue, I am one good lottery ticket away from a basement full of claymores, but even I have admit that it is tough to get around school children being repeatedly slaughtered in their classrooms and the blood lobby jumping up to scream "This is not the time to talk about gun laws! Don't politicize it!". The resistance to any and all changes in the way we tolerate our national gun fetish is going to result in a backlash that ends up with an Australian-type change here and the gun nutty demographic will have to just STFU and get over it.
  3. They rebrand themselves as MAGAmsters and talk **** about guinea pigs
  4. The holes in his brain from the mad cow hamberders join together to form a habitrail for hamsters........ the hamsters run for Senate seats
  5. The Regressives have been dictating the narrative for decades, and you see where it has gotten us. It's about time that changes.
  6. Actually I kind of agree with Beck, kicking Trump out and having people reclaim their birthright through democratic processes will be the end of America as we know it, ie. we'll have the chance to topple the sick and sickening structures that cage children, starve the old, poison the environment, steal from the poor and essentially enslave the bulk of the populace through economic means.
  7. https://www.alternet.org/2019/03/heres-what-republicans-and-billionaires-really-mean-when-they-talk-about-freedom/?fbclid=IwAR3i-QW3X8nvQ_Y73dU1c_h3vVHyUu5edT1Qbtk7FbbhDTOlOtMc5IX5txM#.XJGep64voWs.facebook
  8. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2019/03/london-national-portrait-gallery-refuses-million-dollar-sackler-donation.html?fbclid=IwAR0Gvmj7pB7wgvn6wWzqMb_B0HH8pBKpO6BKLj5ckS5neO46VyiuMXSpRSM
  9. https://www.authentic-american.com/products/devin-nunes-cow-conspiracy-meeting-mens-tee
  10. I am proud to have added my vote to this
  11. She can explain all that up on the gallows
  12. Absolutely grego, my point is that with all the hand-wringing and pearl clutching about FB and social media in general, in the end we have the responsibility for due diligence in what we choose to believe or echo. I'm as subject as that as anyone else, so I do try to remind myself regularly not to be played. I frequently find stories on multiple sites played up differently. To me that says that A: Someone might be pushing an agenda, and/or B: They don't really know wtf they're talking about but it won't stop them from talking. I enjoy swimming around the web looking for info on new tech advances or discoveries, new takes on established ideas, etc., and an awful lot of that will pop up on one site, there really isn't any confirmation available, but it is still my responsibility for what I accept as fact, or just file as interesting awaiting further info.
  13. Yanno, just as an aside, consider the source here. If you even click the link the banner across the top of the page kinda sets the tone for where they are coming from, this is NOT a "news source" in any sense or definition of the word. Just for example, when something like this "happens", Google it, see what sources are covering it. If you have some super-secret we-are-the-only-ones-with-the-truth website raving about it as clickbait, you might want to look elsewhere.
  14. I read a LOT of different sources across the spectrum, I don't come here for "news" per se, but I do enjoy reading here to get other people's impressions and perspectives on events. In any regimen, a single point source of data or perspective is almost worthless, you need different views, points to define a line, lines to define a plane, etc., and I don't feel like I can "get" that simply by reading news sources. I have conversations that bounce around here, in RL, back here again, out in the cybervoid, circle back around, on and on. Often we see an event posted about and 24 hours later the entire focus shifts as new data surfaces, that doesn't invalidate my initial visceral response but I do try and admit to that as a starting point and move off in search of truth/facts/reality/some sense of it all. This has happened so often that this has become my default setting, "This looks bad but what really happened?" and the hunt is on.
  15. Ummm. since Trump and his troll army have been embracing, encouraging and echoing the NaziLARPers and their ilk? No, not really one bit surprised Was this a trick question?
  16. And again, not arguing your premise, just perhaps the conclusions you draw from it. America was not the same country after the Civil War that is was before, it was not the same country after the Great depression that it was before, WWII, the 60's, you can pick other examples, we remake ourselves a lot relative to other countries and their business models. I feel like we are on the cusp of something, something terrible and scary and promising in ways we do not and can not predict. Yes, there will be blood and death and horror, but we will persevere and find a future that makes that price worthwhile. We have before, it's what we do. You have to demo before you begin building. We have been repatching the patched patches in the patchwork for generations and the seams are showing, time for (another) fresh start. And no, I don't expect any of the people that have subverted the systems to their own ends and use that power to maintain the status quo with them on top to do anything good, keep that thought in mind, there is no conversation or negotiation or conciliation that can or will make that happen. Historically there is really only one option that ever works.
  17. Disagree Llev, I genuinely believe there IS hope, just not for us all. Gonna be some Darwinian thinning of the herd
  18. Man, I really need to step away from this conversation this morning before I get off on a rant about just how much bull**** is floating around vis-a-vis Trumpies. Giving them the benefit of the doubt or making some excuses for that infected demographic only encourages them........