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  1. He needs to increase the turnout just because that's the right thing to do He needs to increase his % by representing them and earing their trust
  2. Ooookkkk........ that was interesting Quick question, do you get to count it as a kill when they come screaming out of the underbrush and throw themself on your pike?
  3. ****abuncha shopping, I'm rewatching the game today The D rose up and mauled them, by the 4th quarter you could see Dalton flinching, he was testing positive for Scott Mitchell.
  4. The young guys have bought in, you can see them knowing it now, the spirit and camaraderie on the sidelines was amazing. A lot of people dismissed "culture change" as just talk but we are seeing something grow before our eyes we haven't seen since JG and the glory days. I am still all in on Rivera, we let AP go, even Trent, knowing they were going to be set in their ways and slow down the process no matter what else they brought. I said in August that our ceiling would be .500 at best, and I wasn't going to pass judgement based on the W/L record, and I stand by that. RR&Co hav
  5. I expect Pittsburgh to win but they won't roll us for our milk money like they have some teams. Might be tougher than they expect
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