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  1. Even funnier if they came but stayed at Holiday Inn
  2. Mulvaney should have just said " Rick Perry made me do it"
  3. LD0506

    Redskins Fan Revolt Thread

    Ahhhhhh..........while I appreciate the sentiment there's nothing that fans can say to "get" to LilDanny, he is immune to anyone elses opinion Wanna try something different? At the moment of the opening kickoff against the Niners, everyone everywhere concentrate as hard as you can on his lil head
  4. LD0506

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Like thats something new............
  5. LD0506

    The Impeachment Thread

    None of them know what "quid pro quo" means, didn't I see that on a menu, squid prokwo? I passed on that............
  6. LD0506

    The Impeachment Thread

  7. We would also have accepted a house out of Lincoln logs, a sandwich or a sand castle
  8. LD0506

    How do you define "Team Culture"?

    I'm assuming you mean something in a petri dish?
  9. I just vegged out and watched the Walking Dead this afternoon...................apparently some of y'all did too
  10. Thx Bang, at least we'll have one highlight clip this week
  11. LD0506

    What is the perfect age - WSJ

    Just before I get old enough to know better............. that **** is a buzzkill
  12. LD0506

    Redskins vs Patriots Prediction Thread: Super Flying Wedgie Edition

    49-10, the Pats let up and coast after halftime
  13. They are diseased and I would support an extensive medical effort to analyze their brains to find the cause, we can start removing their heads for it now