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  1. Hyperbole? Yeah, that..............
  2. That is the purest form of bull****, they ought to declare those seats vacant and call a special election to replace them.
  3. It's just me, but I feel like people get caught up in labels vis-a-vis #1WR, #2, etc. In our heyday we had a crew that complimented each other incredibly well, Monk, Clark and Sanders were all different, used differently but meshed like gears. I am going to be watching TC intently, McLaurin, Harmon, etc., looking for that reflexive coordination and innate play that you see on effective winning teams. McLaurin especially seems like that guy, he'll break off a route to block another WR free, he'll exaggerate a cut to catch a safety's eye, little things perhaps but it all plays towards the results. I know I am already impressed with this young mans demeanor and character, something I see with Sweat as well, this does have an effect on the players around you.
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    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

  5. And I get that, honestly, I do. Yeah, I also know that a lot of people have said "I get that" for decades in a thots-n-prarz way but actually didn't give one large **** when push came to shove. Twas ever thus I don't feel like I'm even a little bit optimistic, I DO consider myself pragmatic. **** is gonna catch fire, blood will flow, people will die with wild abandon, again, twas ever thus. But afterwards, when the blood dries and the smoke clears, someone will begin to build again. The only victory that you or I can hope to have is that when that happens, it is a child grown that heard our words, that feels, that knows how to build.
  6. I hear ya, and while I get why you say that and the attendant angst I disagree. "This" country is nothing more than the latest iteration. It isn't the same one I was born into, it definitely isn't the same one that existed prior to WWII, etc., we rebuild and reinvent ourselves with every generation. "This" is just the ****ty version that resulted from a bunch of arrogant entitled self absorbed assholes, this too shall pass. The boomers will serve as an example to generations to come of what not to be and how not to do it. You know that cliche "There's nothing new under the sun"? That really was overwhelmingly true for centuries, we just rediscovered and redid what the previous had over and over again, kinda like the constant "new" Spiderman movies. But there is something new now. Technology allows you and me and almost everyone to read and see and talk instantaneously around the globe without/outside of government controlled channels, and government means all the corporate/ state sanctioned/ church dominated/ money controlled ways that bureaucracies have used to keep people in bondage. The fact that this is new and we don't have the faintest inkling how to use it properly/positively yet doesn't mitigate the fact that it is a corrosive eroding force on all the Big Brothers out there. Every day another person discovers that there is this whole big world out there that doesn't know or see or live like they do, and questions are bubbling up that those in control don't want asked, much less answered. But it's slow, glacially slow in terms of our everyday lives. Social tectonics. Pressures are building, tiny tremors occur and people write them off and go back to their routines, but the pressure continues to mount. No one can predict what will happen when it lets go, but it will. It is inevitable. The world the exists afterwards will bear little relation to the one before, the same way that the Great Earthquake of 1861 that lasted four years changed things in this country, the one from '39 to '45 changed things around the globe, wildly, radically, and the next big one will do it again. But in the aftermath a very different generation that grew up with tech and saw the effects of vampire greed and all the rest will be the ones rebuilding.
  7. Just for lulz.......
  8. This is hard in some ways, seeing "Welcome to the NFL rook!" through Haskins eyes while wanting, craving that IT factor QB that can transform our team. I do like that he has his ego in check enough to be honest, he wants to be one of the greats but admits he isn't anywhere near that yet. IMO one of the overlooked/often forgotten aspects of football is that in the end it is THE team game, you have to subsume your own wants to the team, it has to be something bigger than you. So far, DH sure seems like he gets that. Now no one without a severe drug problem thought we'd be making a SB run this year, so the FO and players and fans all need to take a breath and aim for something beyond an immediate gratification boner here and work towards future success. Rebuild/upgrade the O line, coach Haskins ass off, gameplan to keep Keenum out of the ICU, give the coaches some leash if it isn't a 12-4 season, dial back the fan fury if we have to accept some short term pain for long term gain, you know, like grownups might do.
  9. The twisted thing is, the Bible doesn't reference homosexuality, there is a mis-translation (arguably intentional) of Leviticus that replaced the Greek words arsenokoitai and malakos with homosexual which scholars understand are in no way accurate. http://canyonwalkerconnections.com/word-homosexual-first-introduced-bible/ But who ever really expected any of these fools to actually read the Bible when it makes such a good bludgeon
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    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult