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  1. This Fourth of July, We're in Another One of Those Moments Where the Great Bluff Gets Called It is the same bluff Frederick Douglass called in 1852, and Dr. King called in 1962. https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a33100306/fourth-of-july-george-floyd-protests/?fbclid=IwAR1YGEclE-57VlVPVAsHhpdZsuMumrFZtWw8LEuVCukT0veDC71h2Ic46RU
  2. My thought is that the line could make Chase even better, sharing tips, techniques and tendencies, young guys giving him a headsup on what to expect as a very visible rook coming in, insight into their own coordination and choreographing on play style. It isn't all one way.
  3. The arrogance of ignorance There has always been this lesser/loser/drunkard dregs faction around, this isn't new, but the expanding swarming empowered behavior of acting an ass on camera is. This is in some ways my demographic, agewise, socio-economic wise, etc., I am one of those white guys tryin to get along in many ways, have been for quite a while. So I know them, I hear them and they often make the assumption that I am one of them and say vile **** they won't be caught dead saying around others. They are % wise a minority, but their volume and the willingness of others to enable and follow them gives them power and strength, along with the unwillingness of others to openly disagree and object to these behaviors. For the longest time, on the job for instance, you'd hear guys talking ****, nasty, offensive **** but you knew that calling them out would get you ostracized and isolated, "you're not one of US??!?", so whether you liked it or not you just kept your yap shut. That paradigm has shifted. It is not enough to simply not repeat the nasty jokes, not enough not to laugh at them, we all have to start cutting them off and telling them to their faces this **** is unacceptable, and by we I mean older white guys. Gee, that's hard, don't wanna?, tough titty said the kitty, these older white guys are to blame, they are the ones that put this burden on you and me and all of us, they are the ones that got us all painted with that nasty shade of white supremacist horse****. Pick a side. Act, BE different, as in "be is a verb that requires some action". They will go after younger POC, actually anyone different that they can consider "those people" **** them We have to be "those people", we have to be willing to stand up in their faces and see that white guys won't take their ****, that no one has their back other than their loser ass brethren.
  4. There is something that can be done. During Gorbachev/Yeltsin two things happened. Tremendous oil reserves were discovered in Russia and they were allowed into the international banking system. The two are connected. Russian oil money has been corrupting the RepubliKarens for decades, so much so that they are all in on protecting that source of cash. They have sold themselves completely. Deny the Russians access to international banking/money tranfers. Oil money is their primary, overwhelming source of funds for their bull**** antics worldwide. BUT.... Each and every one of us knows this will never happen. The seduction of greed allows anyone to ignore and deny the existence of anything else. The greedocracy that spans the globe is the one true ancient enemy.
  5. These people made themselves into memes They could have easily chosen other ways to react but went this way I'm not concerned with charges, this is their punishment