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  1. He could have said UFOs or chemtrails or Dr Seuss and they'd lap it up the same way
  2. So apparently we're getting to the "and find out" part of this tragedy
  3. I know it all seems shocking but it really shouldn't. There has been this long continuous strain of slaver mentality running through the mix since before the country's inception. A lot of it has been forced to the surface and into the light as a reaction to the 60's, civil rights, women's rights, and it actually makes more sense when you sit back smoke several hefty bonghits and look at the big picture. The "ruling class" (no really, that's how they see and refer to themselves) wasn't about to let women or blacks climb the ladder and start tellin white guys what to do no matter what their cred
  4. Who reads "A" book? I'm in the midst of several. A five book series from Larry Niven on the Fleet of Worlds, had to take a break in the middle of that to consume the latest Sandford, a technical treatise on effective ductwork/airflow planning and modification while I tear up and replace the kitchen floor.
  5. Jordan has been spinning off the rails lately since he can't go out back and light his farts with Trey Gowdy anymore.
  6. Vis-a-vis Reyes, some people seem to be making an assumption that the guy is stupid, that he doesn't realize how much he has to learn and how different and physical pro football is going to be. His skillset as a basketball player is different from what a TE needs, but to me if he has the heart and the humility, he has a helluva shot to do something. The attitude on the team under Rivera is very conducive to developing a guy like this, not just coaches but the other players sharing their knowledge and techniques with him, showing him some of the more subtle nuance elements that he can't pick up
  7. Interestingly enough, Dr Smith developed the home brew method of meth production in his garage.... On a related note
  8. Ugggghhh.......... I am sick to death of this ****. There is no end in sight, no one is "learning any lesson", there is no such thing as de-escalation, and everyone I have ever known has a cop story, even the cops. Police these days are doing exactly what they have been hired and trained and encouraged to do, be a para-military occupying force that maintains some ephemeral status quo thru instilling fear in the populace. I sincerely do not consider that exaggeration or hyperbole. We need to rethink the entire concept and build a new system, we are soooo far beyond repat
  9. Yeah, you're right but I've watched/rewatched that game w/ Tampa and the D line splits like a bow wave every time, giving Brady clear sightlines in the middle. An aggressive, capable LB up the gut and into his gut a few times and you change that. Interesting that you brought that game up, it is THE reason that I feel like a top LB would pay great returns. Now some of that is on the coaching/playcalling, but you have to have the card in your hand in order to play it.
  10. The D front puttin Dak on his ass, that's how you solve for Pitts or Cooper, etc. I am onboard with LB upgrade to exploit the line play, the guys got sooooo close so many times, they're at a tipping point
  11. Yeah, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that Cotton knows the only ones actually listening to him are the infected that parrot whatever sounds they hear without any attempt at understanding what those noises mean, so he doesn't care.
  12. Ummmm, nothing like a good real estate debate topic get your juices flowin in the morning.......... For whatever reasons prices have (hypothetically) jumped around here recently, some of the neighbors look at Zillow and swoon at the thought of a sellout. It is to laugh. It's all very ephemeral, only the first couple sellers make out before the crowd rushes in and screws things up, and then you still have to have somewhere to live and you're out there buying into bubbly prices. Right now if I wanted to fix it up to sell I could probably get roughly twice what we paid ten
  13. Every single time Psaki steps up to the podium she is a tacit criticism and condemnation of the clown parade of liars that the others put up there. Nothing needs to be said, don't need "I toldya so", it's right there, floating in front of their faces. I am kind of impressed that in spite of what trolling d-bags they are, they keep letting the rightards in to ask questions. THAT'S confidence, that's assurance, go ahead and take your shot and we'll just turn you into tomorrow's meme.
  14. Yanno, I keep hearing people chat about moving up to take one of the top QB prospects, and I keep thinking "What must Fitz be thinking? Here we go AGAIN??!?"
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