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  1. Not really excited about the Hurney hire if true. Maybe we should have the team name be Panthers North. And now that the season's over here's a fun Snyder stat for you. All but 7 of the 32 NFL teams have been in a conference championship game since 1999, the year Snyder took over the Washington Football Team. They are the Cowboys, Bengals, Browns, Lions, Texans, Dolphins and Washington. These 7 teams are your perennial losers and we’re one of them.
  2. Looks like some more prosecutions are right around the corner.
  3. That 3rd quarter put a little excitement in a Rona Friday night at home but you know...the same end result.
  4. Oh my God Our boy Ish Smith was ballin for real last night.
  5. http://lifeobservationsfromorangehouse.blogspot.com/2015/04/biblical-justice-and-enik-sleestack.html
  6. My opinion changed forever on Wilbon after his callous comments right after Sean Taylor was murdered in his own home by intruders. "I wasn't surprised in the least when I heard the news Monday morning that Sean Taylor had been shot in his home by an intruder. I know how I feel about Taylor, and this latest news isn't surprising in the least, not to me. Whether this incident is or isn't random, Taylor grew up in a violent world, embraced it, claimed it, loved to run in it and refused to divorce himself from it" - Mike Wilbon
  7. IMHO Boswell is one of the best baseball writers in America.
  8. The local NBC affiliate in Richmond's contract with FIOS ended at Midnight on New Years Eve. I'm screwed. Link please!
  9. Starting tonight (Wednesday) at 7PM...we start our playoff run.
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