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  1. How many times have you seen the Wiz pour it on in April when they should be losing. I’d prefer a little more tank at this point.
  2. Whew. That was a close one. One game closer to no Brooks and a lottery pick.
  3. Good job Wizards. With the 4th or 5th worst record in the league, now is not the time for winning.
  4. Westbrook was playing out of his ****ing mind last night! Nice games from Rui and Deni too.
  5. I’m taking the moral high ground and waiting until my group (1C) opens up but I ‘m not mad at people cutting the line. That’s just the world we live in.
  6. Clutch shot by Fox. That lottery pick is looking better every day!
  7. I'm sure he's going to and I'm sure there's no problem (and he can amend it) but the Guv'nor of Virginia hasn't signed the marijuana legislation bill into law yet.
  8. The opposite of the Celtics game! I have to admit the Hack - A - Russy stuff at the end of the game was, uhh, uncomfortable.
  9. Man what a back and forth game. Didn’t bother to look up the stats but I know we got outrebounded big time. The C’s had a Hell of a lo5of offensive boards too!
  10. Huge games from Rui and Neto. I don’t know what’s gotten into this team but I like it!
  11. Drug addiction is insidious. Tiger has operated and wrecked a vehicle in the past under the influence of Oxy. It's not out of the realm of possibility that this has happened again.
  12. I am NOT saying Tiger was on drugs when he wrecked his car this last time. I am saying he had FIVE drugs in his system the last time he wrecked his car so he may have been on drugs when we wrecked his car this time.
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