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  1. A bad former actress is gonna be your dean!? Laughing at you Howard!
  2. He changed his name and had a couple of aliases. I don’t think they have any biological evidence from the killer to test for DNA.
  3. Enough of the DC Fam connections. The best chance this franchise has to get out of the woods is to lose that small town mentality. And get a head coach that values defense…..and can call some ****ing plays.
  4. They said on the news this morning that almost all of the current passenger rowdiness is related to wearing masks.
  5. Don’t know if true but someone told me he lived in Woodbridge for a while.
  6. The way Westbrook glowed about Brooks….you kind of had to expect this if true. In any normally functioning pro franchise, a losing record in the regular and post season doesn’t get you a new contract.
  7. In the You can't make this **** up category... When asked about the team's most pressing areas for improvement heading into the 2021 - 2022 season Brooks said "We definitely need shooting. We’ve known that…I think when you have shooting, it kind of opens things up. I think we were third in the league in scoring. Scoring is really not the issue." https://www.nba.com/wizards/wizards-reflect-2020-21-season-identify-offseason-goals
  8. I don’t give a **** what Westbrook wants. He hasn’t been here long enough to know how badly Brooks needs to go!
  9. Yeah the fact that Beal likes basketball is definitely the Wizards’s problem. It’s not that the owner doesn’t appear to give a crap about his pro basketball franchise, all of the years of ineptitude from EG, the horrible contracts handed out, the terrible roster construction, the complete lack of emphasis on defense, the head coach who doesn’t know how to draw up a ****ing play...it’s Brad smiling.
  10. Guess who has the worst record in Major League Baseball?
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