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  1. Anybody got a link for the Cowgirls game?
  2. Did someone say 'turnover machine"? Two turnovers. One lead to a score and the other lead to an immediate score.
  3. Yeah that was last year. Is he going to be a whole lot better this year? I guess we'll see soon enough.
  4. Yep. We have to find something we do well. Something we can go to to pick up some of these damn 3rd downs that we can't seem to convert.
  5. I've been really unimpressed with Norvell's son's play calling so far. All we heard in the run up to the season was how he was going to have all this misdirection and passes to backs out of the backfield. Seems like the first RB caught a pass in like week 3.
  6. Yeah bro I hear ya. The guy was a turnover machine last year plus he held the ball too long and took a **** ton of sacks. Maybe things will change this year? We'll see. I hope so.
  7. Oh thank God. The return of the backbiting stories citing anonymous sources. Glad there's been such a tremendous culture change in Washington. Did a little more digging. Not only did our starting QB Kyle Allen have 29 turnovers in 13 games last year...he also took 46 sacks!
  8. I'm assuming Ron Rivera knows more about football than me but Kyle Allen...is not exactly Joe Montana. In fact, dude is a turnover machine. In 13 games last year he turned the ball over 29 times! (16 Int's and 13 fumbles). I'm only telling you this so when the guy turns the ball over again and again you won't be shocked. I feel like we're only weeks away from the return of Alex Smith and us collectively holding our breaths each time he drops back to pass. I don't see this ending well.
  9. Deep down I had hoped the squirt flower and clown shoes days were gone. Then I read the news this morning. I'd say same ol' Redskins but you know...we don't even have a team name.
  10. Hey it takes a real man ( assuming you're a guy ) to admit when he's wrong. The only way I can look it this is I was a fan of the team before he took stewardship of the franchise and I swear that I will be a fan when he's sent packing. I won't let him take that from me.
  11. I’ve been a member of this board for a long time. Since I owned season tickets for the first time at the same time that Snyder took ownership of the team I saw first hand (although said he was a fan first) that his focus seemed to be solely on making money. And then many stories came out from long term employees about what a douche bag Snyder was. About the way he treated people. It was fairly obvious from pretty early on that the guy was no good. Oh and there was the losing on the field. And lots of it. I can’t tell you how many people criticized me and others here that bro
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