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  1. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Keep in mind that other "unmovable" teams have moved before, even after having a run of successful seasons: Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Colts, Oakland Raiders 1981, Brooklyn Dodgers, Washington Senators, Los Angeles Rams 1995, Minneapolis Lakers, New York Giants MLB...don't think it can't happen. What sounds better: San Antonio Redskins, St. Louis Redskins, Oakland Redskins, or San Diego Redskins?
  2. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    Hypothetical quote from Bruce Allen: "Why do we need to promote Kyle Smith to general manager? We already have a general manager. His name is Doug Will-ams. Perhaps you've heard of him. He won a Super Bowl for this team in 1982...or 1991, I'm not sure. When you're THISCLOSE, you don't want screw things up by making any changes."
  3. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    Report: Snyder, Allen Angry About Capitals and Nationals Success

    I think the Wizards have a better chance of winning a championship next before the Redskins do.
  4. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    Who should be the next GM?

    Bruce Allen press conference, 15 April 2020: "Why would we need to hire a GM? We already have one. His name is Doug Will-ams. Perhaps you've heard of him, he won the Super Bowl in 1982, or 1991, I can't remember. When you're THIS CLOSE, you don't want to screw it up by making unnecessary changes."
  5. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Knowing Bruce, he'll blow this all to Hades by insisting on the Browns' next six #1 picks, plus the firstborn son of their GM.
  6. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    Next Coach?

    Bruce Allen press conference, March 7, 2020 (after being spurned by the first ten coaches he interviewed): "Head coach? Why do we need to hire a head coach? We already have one. His name is Billy Callahan. Perhaps you've heard of him, he led the Texans to the Super Bowl in 2001. When you're THIS CLOSE, you don't want to mess things up."
  7. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I'd like to believe that was possible too...but Snyder hasn't shown any indications whatsoever that he is able to learn from experience. He certainly didn't learn anything from pushing Brad Johnson out the door in favor of Jeff George, only to see Johnson go on and win a SB with Tampa Bay. Snyder is like a vampire...he looks in the mirror and sees nothing.
  8. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    Report: Snyder, Allen Angry About Capitals and Nationals Success

    TV ratings are misleading anyway. They can't measure active viewing, and I'm guessing that 50% of the households watching just had it on in the background while they vacuumed the floors, folded laundry, built WMDs, etc. Plus, the Redskins have on TV in this area for well over 60 years, while the Nats have only been here for 15. For a historical example, our government and military hyper-focused on one stat - body count - for most of the Vietnam War. The idea being that our military could kill VC and NVA soldiers faster than North Vietnam could recruit them. Yes, our military killed a lot more of them than we lost...but ultimately, body count didn't exactly work in the US' favor because our pursuit of body count alienated the populace...and the population's attitudes towards the US would have been a quality stat the government should have been tracking instead.
  9. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    Whats going to happen when Alex Smith is healthy next year

    "All in for Week One!!" - Bruce Allen
  10. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    Report: Snyder, Allen Angry About Capitals and Nationals Success

    Brucie Allen is probably halfway through a case of Coors Light right about now...
  11. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    Snyder's Psyche, or How to Win Enemies and Influence People

    This is all good analysis, and I agree that Snyder is highly insecure. HOWEVER, that does not excuse him for creating and fostering a toxic work environment by using bullying, fear, refusing to listen to opposing thoughts, and back-stabbing innuendo. There are millions of insecure people in the world, and I would wager that most of them are somewhat humble. There is a certain percentage of them who are not, and who are basically narcissists. Look up seems to fit Snyder perfectly. The unwillingness to tolerate differing opinions proves that he is incapable of learning how to be a successful NFL owner. It's not all about money, people skills are paramount...and Snyder doesn't have any, nor does he have any friends among other owners. Snyder can't tolerate dissent, and he considers people telling him things he doesn't want to hear as dissent...sound familiar? He lives in a glass bubble enclosed in an echo chamber in the topmost turret of an ivory tower, and the only person who has the key to that room is the brown-nosing Bruce Allen. And we're not just talking about the Redskins being a toxic work environment...Snyder Communications was a snakepit because of the example he set there. And finally: if a good ol' boy like John Riggins doesn't even like you (he said Snyder has a "black heart"), then nothing more needs to be said.
  12. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    Next Coach?

    Rex Ryan just volunteered for the job:
  13. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

    Does anyone think that Allen has dropped the yellow/gold pants because it reminds him of the 'Kurt Cousins' era? He's a horribly vindictive person, so it wouldn't surprise me. It also wouldn't surprise me if he thinks the fanbase feels the same way, and is still somehow traumatized by Coursins' asking to be paid what he's worth, so much so that he thinks dropping the yellow pants is actually what the fans want. Wrong on that one, I think it's their best look...the white pants are too bland.
  14. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You have to wonder: since Bruce appears to be such a vindictive SOB, if that's the reason the Redskins have stopped wearing their yellow pants altogether since Cousins left. It would not surprise me if Bruce equates those pants with the 'Kurt Cousins' era and feels the fans do too...never mind that most fans prefer that look over the bland white pants. How petty can you get??
  15. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    I Fear Bruce Is Here Until Stadium Deal Is Done..

    I heard that on Galdi's show this morning too. Makes sense. But I still have to wonder what connections Allen has that Snyder doesn't already. Do they really believe people are 'pining' for the good ol' days when his dad coached the team? He left the Skins 41 years ago in 1978. His brother is no longer in politics, and they've made NO progress on getting a stadium deal in MD, DC, or VA. What exactly do they think will change over the next 7 years?? I disagree with others who say Dan will sell if he can't get a stadium built. How many NFL owners have done that? None, they all moved their teams. Say hello to the Oakland/San Diego/St Louis/San Antonio/London Redskins.