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  1. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    "Alex Smith's status? All in for Week One!!" - Bruce Allen
  2. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    The Cult of Case

    I'm counting the number of days before Bruce Allen refers to "Casey Keenum" , "Chase Keenum", or "Cain Keesum".
  3. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    "When there's no room in the playoffs..."

    "...the Redskins will walk the streets." I seem to remember a meme on here years ago that had this tagline, based on the new Dawn of the Dead movie(s). Can someone post it here?
  4. Hadn't seen this posted yet: "...several members of the front office and coaching staff are aligned on the Norman issue. Redskins owner Dan Snyder, however, feels that Norman's star power and sizzle adds to his value to the organization."
  5. I'm sure if and when Gruden gets fired, he'll find out on Twitter when he's out eating dinner with the family. "Oh, darn. Honey, we need to put the house on sale."
  6. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    The Cult of Case

    I can imagine Bruce sitting in his office this morning with his head in his hands, moaning "If only I'd waited until the Jags released Blake Bortles."
  7. Aphrodite Alexander Jonathan All-In (for Week One) Rian Andersoon Tony Bergstorm Luke Bohanka Caleb Brand-Lee Zatch Brown Alen Carter Jay-Who Chessman Ha-Ha Bush-Dix Jamisson Crowd-Hater Herndon Davis Dr. Josh Doxon Andrew West He Needs a Razor Everett Matt Flan-Again Marquis de Sade Flower Michael Pink Floyd Shawn Dion Sanders Hamilton Josh Carvey-Lemmons H.P. Joltz Chase Keenum
  8. BringMetheHeadofBruceAllen

    The Cult of Case

    Wonder how long it will take before Bruce Allen is heard referring to "Chase" Keenum.