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  1. RG III was just cut by the Ravens, so he's available. Just sayin'... https://www.tmz.com/2021/01/18/robert-griffin-iii-cut-by-ravens-after-playoff-loss/
  2. Hoo boy, this gets worse...I think we know why Snyder hired him in the first place!! https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/07/08/washington-foundation-abandoned-mission “He would not be the kind of person that I would pick to run a foundation that is supposed to be structured to help the Indigenous people,” Wooten says. “The people you want running the foundation, you want them to be the kind of people that you know understand and, more than anything else, are committed to lifting the people up. … Gary Edwards would not be my guy.” Edwards brought two assets to WROAF
  3. This Edwards guy wasn't exactly a good catch when they hired him... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2014/03/27/washington-redskins-orginal-americans-gary-edwards-inspector-general/6983217/ Edwards is CEO of the National Native American Law Enforcement Association (NNALEA), a nonprofit whose contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs was scrutinized in a report by the federal Office of Inspector General. The May 2012 report said that the NNALEA took advantage of the government in a contract that called for the NNALEA to help recruit "critically needed" law enforcement
  4. It's win now in the NFL or you're out. The Texans canned their coach after four division titles. You also have to consider how the other guys on the team feel...I can't imagine that the other 52 players would be 'fine' if the coach told them they were just 'evaluating' this year and didn't care if they had a losing record. This goes against their competitive instinct, and they know it could effect their future paychecks as well when they are free agents ("Well, what did you do in that 2020 WFT/WTF year? You guys sucked, so we're not going to give you the money you want.") It's one
  5. He probably only allows bootlickers to follow him. Or he didn't understand that people will tell him things he doesn't want to hear.
  6. Well, the WFT was the team of the south from 1937 until 1960 when the Cowboys arrived...which owner George Preston Marshall vociferously protested. Heck, even the song used to have the lyrics "fight for old Dixie" instead of "fight for old DC." Seems ironic that a team from the capital of the Union that ended slavery would be foisted upon a resentful South (I'm from the South so I can say that) during the Great Depression. But I don't think irony was a concept that GPM understood or appreciated.
  7. Allen may not have been so bad. He went to the USFL and had 2 playoff berths and one championship game berth in two seasons, going 24-16 during that 83-84 span. But the fact that the Rams fired him in the PRESEASON was not a good indicator...
  8. Don't count on it. If Snyder really cared about doing the right thing (which he clearly doesn't), he would have worked to change the culture years ago. He would have stopped meddling in football decisions. He would have made the workplace less toxic. He would hire competent people and let them do their jobs. He would refrain from suing little old ladies who can no longer afford their season tickets. He would have started the name change process years ago so we wouldn't be rooting for a team with blank helmets this year. But he didn't do any of those things because he doesn't care..
  9. This just by itself is proof that Snyder is just a crap human being. It's even worse when you consider that their employee manual (I wish the Post got a hold of one) also states not to look Snyder in the eye (who does this??), always call him Mr. Snyder (a classless move), and not have any lunch food that he can smell near him...plus having to have his toilet paper shaped as a V every day and have his paper clips all facing the same direction...it all adds up to Snyder being one of the worst humans to walk this planet.
  10. I think that's exactly how Snyder and his supporters think. They don't HAVE to earn our loyalty because we keep coming back every year for the same abuse. It wouldn't surprise me if the editor for the WFTE1932 2020 Media Guide is writing this as we speak, since the bar is so low: "Under Snyder's competent leadership over the last 21 years, the team has had three 10-6 seasons, nine non-losing seasons, 5 playoff appearances and 2 playoff victories." My guess is the NFL wraps up its investigation before kickoff on the 13th...nothing to see here folks, move along. The other
  11. As much as I'd like to agree with May 25th 1999 as the date everything started falling apart, I'm going to go with January 13th, 2002...the day Snyder fired Schottenheimer because he wouldn't let Little Danny play with his toy football team. This led to the disastrous hiring of Steve Spurrier, followed by an attempted return to glory with a worn-out Gibbs 2.0, the Zorn fiasco (which can't be blamed on Zorn), and everything else that followed. '93 is certainly a valid date, though...but could anyone have predicted after that home loss to the Cardinals in Week 2 that it would start s
  12. Very true, and unfortunately this is one of the problems we have with accountability in society. Most people DO believe someone when they take responsibility because it sounds good, but toxic narcissists like Snyder are excellent at telling people what they want to hear and then doing nothing. The hirings of Wright and others were pretty much forced on Snyder in an effort to distract people from his despicable behavior. One thing that gets me from the report is it was reported for the umpteenth time that employees are not allowed to look Snyder in the eye. Many others have said thi
  13. This isn't going to go away. Carrot Top (Roger Goodell) will have a hard time explaining if he ignores these lawyers: Attorneys call for Dan Snyder to be suspended, NFL to launch investigation https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/aug/27/attorneys-call-dan-snyder-be-suspended-nfl-launch-/ In a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, attorneys Lisa J. Banks and Debra Katz said Snyder “has been permitted to lead an organization that has been permeated with misogyny, sexual harassment and routine abuse of female employees with impunity.” The attorneys said their
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