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  1. From Keim: "Wide receiver Curtis Samuel will open his first training camp with Washington on the physically unable to perform list. He missed minicamp because of the same groin injury, but it is not believed to be a big concern. Once he passes his physical he can be activated. " Washington NFL News, Scores, Stats, Rumors & More - ESPN
  2. I'm more concerned with Turner than I am with Fitz. Fitz has been playing well the last couple of seasons, and even if he ends up being merely average, that's an improvement over last season. Turner is the bigger unknown quantity. How good will be his play calling now that we have a QB who's more than willing to throw it deep and more targets for him to pass to?
  3. To paraphrase that old Mrs Merton quote, "Tell me Tanya, what first attracted you to the millionaire Dan Snyder?"
  4. I think if the NFL hopes this is going to be the end of it they are going to be disappointed. I can see this mess and their travesty of a response to it being brought up time and time again. The press definitely isn't going to let it go. Others have pointed out what I think their problem is: applying a fit punishment to Dan sets a precedent the other owners are uncomfortable with. They may not be the lowlife that Dan is, but they're not saints either.
  5. Brady's been good against everyone, but the point is he's been exceptionally good (even for Brady) against Jack del Rio. Del Rio's style of defense just seems to particularly suit his game.
  6. Brady has a particularly good record against Jack del Rio: "Del Rio's teams have gone 1-9 against Brady. In those 10 games, Brady has thrown 25 touchdowns against just one interception" https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/tom-brady-has-found-remarkable-success-against-jack-del-rios-defenses
  7. It's a tough one because you always want your guys to give 100% on every play, but the QB position is so critical there are times when they have to think about the long term rather than the current play. A QB taking a risky dive for a TD in the second half of a playoff game with the scores close is fine IMO. Doing the same thing to get first down in the first quarter of an early season game is not. With Taylor I feel the coaches are more concerned about the accumulation of hits over the course of a season, rather than him picking up an injury on a single risky play. He's smart enou
  8. He had a concussion playing for the Vikings and "a strained right oblique muscle" which put him on injured reserve before they released him. He picked up another concussion on his debut for the Texans. He may only have had one major injury, but he does seem to pick up minor ones given how few pro games he's played.
  9. I thought I read that the NFL had said if coaches didn't get vaccinated they could still work with their teams, but only outdoors and only if they get frequently tested. Indoors they wouldn't be allowed contact with the players unless they were vaccinated - again this is from memory, which is getting unreliable as I get older I guess the difference may be the NFL can impose rules for coaching staff, but not for players. I wouldn't be surprised if they were talking with the players union about it. This virus isn't going to vanish, there are new variants of it every few months that are mo
  10. Not just that, how many people go through 20+ massuers in such a short space of time...
  11. If Rivera was annoyed then my take would be that when Fields dropped out of the top 10 they thought they were in with a shot with a trade up, but the Giants screwed them over.
  12. If this is to trade up, wouldn't that depend on the person we want being available? Unless we are going for the 4th spot...
  13. It's not good that's for sure, but the truncated year wasn't exactly ideal for him to show progress. if you're going to take a chance on a mid round QB it might as well be one who looks like he may have untapped potential, rather than someone with plenty of film that shows them to be average.
  14. I could see a Denver - Atlanta swap happening, especially if SF take Jones. The Panthers will be looking to trade down now, and I wouldn't be surprised if Atlanta traded down a second time either for more future picks.
  15. The bots are the work of his PR team, which shows you the kind of people he surrounds himself with, people who say "yes Mr Snyder" and "good idea Mr Snyder", rather than people who are actually capable. Kind of like how he ran the team for decades.
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