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  1. Why on earth would Cam want to come here? The chances of us winning anything next year are minute, he'd be playing for the worst owner in the league, behind one of the worst lines in the league and with one good receiver to throw to. Now sure if you gave him a mountain of cash he might think about it, but if he did turn up I'd give him 3 games tops before he got injured playing behind this OL.
  2. I don't think either side (the players and the coach) are helping the other, but I would say that if some of the calls look odd to us, then they will definitely look odd to the players. Now if the calls were working that wouldn't be a problem, but in general they aren't and that is going to make the players mistrust the calls. Doing something that you don't believe will work is never going to be a recipe for success.
  3. Against competent opposition, it doesn't matter who we put at QB we are not going to win. The OL is terrible and we don't have enough weapons. I'm not convinced by the OC either, but it's hard to apportion blame when the whole offense is such a mess. I don't trust anything from Canfora. After seeing Alex perform with this OL and in this system, I'd keep Haskins around, assuming he's not persona non grata. It's not like we'd get anything valuable in trade for him right now, and while that won't change by the end of the year, I'd be more comfortable with 3 QBs than 2 QBs and a low ro
  4. I'm surprised it happened now, but not that surprised. I think they feel Haskins play is now holding the other players back, rather than the other way around, which is why Smith is #2. They've seen what they have with Haskins, now they want to get a better picture of the rest of the team. Haskins agent did him no favors either. I wonder what Snyder will do...
  5. I think it's the added pressure. Last year there were a lot more excuses (and many of them valid IMO) for poor play so he could take risks. This year he's being given all the chances, albeit in tough circumstances, and he's struggling when he has the time to think about what he's going to do.
  6. I hold off posting after each game because every QB has good and bad games. Well, after 3 games he's been a disappointment; it doesn't look like he's improved after all. The only problem with this assessment is of course the whole offense has taken a step backwards. We can say Haskins isn't a great QB who can elevate a bad team into contenders. He might become a decent QB if given time to develop behind a decent line with better targets, but he's not going to get any of those this season. Would the team win more games with Allen as QB? I have my doubts. He might be a better QB than
  7. It has been only 1 game against a good defensive line, but our guys have been practicing daily against a better defensive line than the Eagles. I've a feeling this might be as good as they get, but I really hope I'm wrong. Other teams are definitely going to attack the pair of them. Charles has potential, but placing a rookie next to Christian or Martin isn't likely to do him any favors.
  8. All the experts seem pretty pessimistic about the team's chances this year, and most people will just look at Haskins stats from last year, factor in a new coach who wasn't involved in his draft pick, and conclude Haskins is in the hottest seat. I wouldn't say they were right - I'm cautiously optimistic we'll see him continue to improve, providing he gets some protection - but I can understand the thought process of those who disagree.
  9. A surprising move. The years catch up with everyone sooner or later, and perhaps the coaches saw some of that in practice. The plus side is it might open space for Love to make the squad.
  10. I think it's something like that. We can start the season with Charles on IR and bring him back once he's fully healthy. If Sharpe is actually a starter by the time Charles is available then things have gone badly wrong.
  11. There's a difference between having an agenda and having evidence. If a newspaper has evidence of foul play then they either suppress it or publish it, based on their "agenda" i.e. the wishes of whoever owns the paper. In either case, the evidence still exists. The agenda just determines whether you get to hear about it now, or years later. Now if you say papers either distort facts or just make stuff up to suit their agenda, then that happens a lot too. But if you're trying to say *in this case* that the Post is making stuff up then there's a lot of explaining to do about the stat
  12. I would think that whoever took those videos without consent would be committing some sort of crime?
  13. I'd have guessed the Ravens would be close. If you go by fewest points scored (worst offense) and fewest points conceded (best defense) then looking over the start of the 2000s it doesn't appear to be uncommon for teams to end up in the bottom and top 5 e.g. Panthers in 2002, us in 2004, Dolphins in 2006 (stopped looking after 2009 for coffee )
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