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  1. I think Thursday and Friday are open to the media.
  2. We hold all the cards not Williams!Goodluck with that Trent!But we will see you again when the Skins put you in the ring of fame.
  3. He should’ve fired his agent guys a moron!
  4. There’s no way we’re trading down and pass on a game changer like Chase Young!We would actually have teams game planning against our front four. Sweat,Young on the outside with Allen,Payne or Ioannidis that will be a very good front four.You don’t pass on a talent like Young.No thanks to any trades.
  5. You have a better chance to win the lottery than getting a 1st rd pick.
  6. When i know nothing Allen get's fired Trent Wiliams will remain a Redskin.Just my guess
  7. That medical staff you might be referring to was 6yrs ago.This staff now has done a good job they weren’t part of the Trent debacle.
  8. NO this whole forum is in concussion protocol after watching this ****
  9. They put the camera on Manusky like he did something
  10. This defense is the worst coached team in the nfl It’s embarrassing
  11. Rushing 3We can afford to do it had were so talented
  12. That’s true cause why would Allen Want to bring in somebody that knows what they’re doing to coach defense
  13. I hope they show Manusky the door after the bye!!
  14. What are you talking about?Were close and the culture is good !
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