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  1. When Merrick Garland takes the reigns I hope I'm at a loss for words. I really am. My city of birth, brought to it's knees because of these traitors. Traitors, storming our most hallowed institution, looking to CAPTURE our elected officials and KILL THEM. Saddened by the depth this country has sunk. Truly ****ing sad.
  2. Yeah, I think Rizzo has one more card to play before this is over.
  3. Thanks, Mr. Henry Aaron, for doing it the right way. RIP
  4. My niece - special ed teacher in southern MD - is PISSED about Hogan's 3/1 mandate. I don't know WTF Hogan is thinking.
  5. I know I shouldn't comment on her looks, but it looks like she just blew through a leftover stash of Jr's nose candy...
  6. Aw, that's a shame... Atlanta Dream close to being sold; Kelly Loeffler to have no association with team, sources say The Atlanta Dream are close to being sold, a WNBA spokesperson confirmed to ESPN. "As it relates to the Atlanta Dream, we understand a sale of the franchise is close to being finalized," the league said in a statement. "Once the sale negotiation is concluded, additional information will be provided." https://www.espn.com/wnba/story/_/id/30744823/atlanta-dream-sale-close-being-finalized-wnba-says
  7. I would think this makes him wide open for civil lawsuits. Does this exonerate him from any other Fed charges that might be found related to the same scam? Is Bannon the only person awaiting trial the Departed Orange Turd pardoned?
  8. It's a damn shame it had to end this way. Be best ****es! Melania and Ivanka's bitter feud escalates as Donald Trump's presidency comes to an end As Donald Trump's presidency comes to an end, sources close to the outgoing President's eldest daughter, Ivanka, have declared her already fragile bond with her stepmother, First Lady Melania Trump, is in ruins. Four years ago, the pair "both were aware and respectful of one another's turf", a report by CNN pointed out. Now, the tension between the two is so bad, one source told the publication, there is little desi
  9. In my Warner Wolf voice: "Let's go to the videotape!"
  10. My take on the $2,000 Stimulus payment: The Dems pushed for $2k from the start of the discussion. In the end, a $600 payment was agreed upon & the bill signed on Sunday, January 3, 2021. Anything prior to that, including the GA Senate runoff where both Dem candidates pushed for & promoted a $2k payment, was about a $2k payment. The GA election was on January 5, 2021. I didn't expect the candidates to say "Oh, you got $600 so we'll add $1,400 to fulfill our pledge." during the last 1.5 days of their election. I expected a total of $2k. To me, it's always been a total of
  11. DENVER (AP) — The spokesman for Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert has quit less than two weeks after she was sworn into office, saying he was prompted to by the insurrection at the nation's Capitol. ... “Following the events of January 6th, I’ve decided to part ways with the office,” Goldey told Axios. “I wish her and the people of Colorado’s Third District the best.” https://www.yahoo.com/news/congresswomans-spokesman-quits-less-2-002902786.html
  12. Scenario I'd pay money to see: Reporter (Ronan Farrow would do) starts questioning this Quack about some of the Qanon theories, pressing her to provide details on each of her beliefs. Get it all on tape. Post for all to see. Can you imagine Mike Wallace sitting down with this psycho-**** for an interview?
  13. Can the people arrested for insurrection sue the Orange Mangina (after he leaves office) for encouraging & inciting them? Can Orange Mangina be held liable for this?
  14. Let me guess: middle-aged white guy yelling at the cloud because GOP?
  15. The actual vote on the impeachment of Mr. Trump is scheduled to take place at some time between 3 to 3:30pm on Wednesday. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/what-time-impeachment-vote-today-b1786698.html
  16. Pelosi is saving Schiff for the post-election hearings into all of the other GOP seditious acts. You don't pitch Max against the scrubs.
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