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  1. Yeah, my broker (at one of the larger financial/brokerage institutions) called me late last week to discuss the market. He strongly suggested moving to an almost all cash position ASAP. Their top analysts are predicting a downturn before EOY with Q2 reports over the next several weeks signalling the start of the decline. Cash is king...
  2. ^^I didn't see the entire questioning of Pence by Collins but she needs to learn to go for the jugular with follow up questions ...'so his threat to cut off school funding is his plan for getting kids back to school. Do you think that's reckless in the face of rising cases of C19 across the country? Would you let your wife teach a class in Houston - in person - in August given the crisis that currently exists there? Would she wear a mask? Since the white house occupant wants to open schools next month - tell us the date & time he plans to visit with students & faculty in a Miami elementary school, sans mask."
  3. Looks like tomorrow will be another big day for SCOTUS : On Thursday, the court is expected to wrap up its term with opinions in widely watched cases concerning access to President Donald Trump's financial records. Trump's financial documents For over three hours in early May over the telephone, the court delved into two momentous cases that will determine whether the House of Representatives and a New York prosecutor can subpoena Trump's accounting firm and banks for his financial documents. The justices focused on Trump's effort to shield his documents but they also prodded the lawyers to look into the future and gauge how an eventual decision will impact the separation of powers and the White House's broad claims of immunity. Trump's attorneys argued that the House subpoenas were "unprecedented in every sense" and asked for "temporary presidential immunity" against the subpoena from a New York prosecutor for the President's tax records. The release of any Trump financial documents before the election could be another bombshell for the President in an already dramatic year. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/08/politics/supreme-court-july-opinions-five-cases/index.html
  4. Hmmm...maybe we need to take this in a completely different direction: DC Destroyers
  5. I was in Publix (Richmond) late last week & decided to take advantage of the BOGO impossible Burger sale ($5.49 for 2 packs - 2 burgers each). I've had the Impossible Burger at Burger King and liked it - the price was a bit high. Cooked them on the grill tonight, ate it on a bun with ketchup, pickles & tomato. Tasted pretty much like a burger - wife disagreed (go figure). I would only repurchase at the BOGO price - 4 burgers for $5.49 is a pretty good deal - 2 at the same price not so much. Cooked them 4 minutes per side to a temp of ~168 degrees. Pretty damn tasty. Oh...any RVA peeps near a Publix: They have STL ribs on sale for $2.49/lb through Tuesday (I think). I picked up 4 slabs for <$7/slab (made my wife go to grab 2 as they had a limit 2/person).
  6. Dammit...I should a popped for the discounted Skins shoes in March when I had a chance. Oh, and I hate that store. NFW
  7. Take a suggestion from our friends north of the border - the Ottawa football team - and make the name the RedGolds
  8. No list is complete without including the collective group of Massholes driving in the state with a ****ty highway system that includes the "Road Zipper".
  9. Grilled some turkey cutlets i got at Kroger (discounted/short dated) with salt & pepper. The star of the show was this cauliflower from Trader Joe's. Spicy but damn good - cooked them in a toaster oven so I didn't have to turn on the oven. Next time I'll put them on the grill. Spicy good stuff....
  10. I was wondering the same thing. Also, it seems weird to me that his comment to the governors overrides where he legally resides. I guess I don't understand how you legally change residency when you don't actually live in a particular state.
  11. So the White House Occupant thinks he lives in NY & screwed up his defense. Trump rape allegation: President's lawyers withdraw claim he can’t be sued based on residential status in E Jean Carroll assault case The president’s lawyers claimed that the case could not be pursued in Manhattan Supreme Court as he does not live there, having been resident in Washington, DC, since January 2017, and having legally changed his residency to Florida in 2019. However, on his recent call with state governors in which he urged them to “dominate” protesters in the streets of cities as unrest grew following the death of George Floyd, he said that he was particularly appalled at what he had seen taking pace in his hometown of New York. “I live in Manhattan,” he said. On 15 June, Ms Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, argued in a letter to the court that Mr Trump’s statement invalidated his lawyer’s claims. The motion put forward by Mr Trump’s lawyer, Patrick McPartland, has now been withdrawn. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/trump-rape-allegations-e-jean-carroll-defamation-law-suit-department-store-a9595936.html
  12. ...to add to the above: be careful how it impacts international travel as well. I watched a US citizen try to explain to a Canadian Border cop why his DWI conviction from 8 years ago shouldn't stop his entry into Canada. It didnt end well.
  13. Follow-Up question: Cruella, so why the **** won't the White House Occupant tell people to put on a mask?
  14. I spoke with a county schoolteacher yesterday. He said both Richmond suburb counties (Chesterfield & Henrico) are planning on a 4 day school week for kids with the off day either Monday or Wednesday to be used as teacher planning day. The students will only have 4 courses each semester - effectively learning an entire year subject in a semester. They're still deciding which day of the week will be used for planning. We didn't talk about the class setup and/or cleaning, distancing, etc.
  15. Generally I'd say to plan 1.5 hours per pound at 225 degrees. BUT, I almost always plan 5-6 hours for a 3 lb pork butt and hope it's done in 4.5 hrs. If it's done earlier, I wrap it in foil & a large towel & place it inside a cooler until I'm ready to eat. What did you use to check the smoker temp? I've never used an electric smoker/grill so I don't know how accurate the built in thermometer is. I NEVER use the grill thermometer as a guide for the grill temp (they are almost always inaccurate). I use a dual thermometer (~$30) to use for both the grill & meat.
  16. WATCH NOW: Anti-eviction protest ends with arrests, window smashed at downtown Richmond courthouse https://www.richmond.com/special-report/coronavirus/watch-now-anti-eviction-protests-ends-with-arrests-window-smashed-at-downtown-richmond-courthouse/article_70945a9f-4830-5d5d-86b5-5405dba2adc8.html
  17. Told my wife: No Vaccine No haircut Old man white long hair starting to bother her. Been over 120 days. Oh well...
  18. Not sure where you are but CVS has drive thru free testing. https://www.cvs.com/minuteclinic/covid-19-testing
  19. I ate 1/4 of a ham & cheese sandwich on Sunday before I realized the crust I consumed was covered in blue-green mold. BLEH We've been buying a loaf of bread on most grocery visits & putting it in the freezer until needed. It works fine with English muffins but bread only lasts a few days after thawing. Gonna have to go back to only buying it when we need it.
  20. Now accepting enrollment applications to my new "School of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" (aka Pastafarians).