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  1. Yeah, he didn’t look good last night at all, i gotta agree. maybe he’s missing Michael Thomas more than we thought
  2. What is it with Bryce Love being inactive both games so far? Is it that he’s still not healthy enough to play yet?
  3. Raiders looking good tonight to open their new stadium
  4. Not exactly, i meant it could help him even turn the corner in practice this week as well
  5. Quick, say that haskins is bad!
  6. Hmm. Not sure what to think about this broadcasting team for MNF...
  7. Well, we’ll have a bit more evidence on either side tonight i guess. I think he’s still pretty good. I have a feeling that Michael Thomas wasn’t feeling right even before his injury week 1, that could explain why brees didn’t look AS good. He still got a W though against the Bucs, so....i dont know
  8. Because our front office is dumb (or, was dumb)
  9. I mean....i can’t exactly blame them for going for it on 4th down against us. These players are grown ups, they’re not going to go home and cry about it. Until our defense actually starts showing that they can stop teams on 4th down, teams are going to continue doing it, obviously.
  10. Exactly, that’s where I’m at with him as well. Need to see what he can do in a full 16 game season, and at the same time, for whatever reason (I’ll leave that up to people more knowledgeable than I), he hasn’t been good so far, and needs to improve. both things are true.
  11. Especially if it rains, which i think is supposed to be the case for Sunday. Doesn’t want those seats to get wet! you think there’s a chance he’ll have one of his book club meetings planned for Sunday?
  12. The division standings could look very different i think, once week 5 is over. our next 3 games (@ Browns, Vs Ravens, Vs Rams). One would think we’d be AT BEST 2-3, and at worst, 1-4.... eagles next 3: Vs Bengals, @ Rams, @ Steelers. My guess is they’ll be 1-4 (only W being the bengals). cowboys next 3: @ Seahawks, Vs Browns, Vs Giants. My guess is they’ll be 3-2. giants? Well, Vs 49ers, @ Rams, @ Cowboys. So, 0-5 is likely for them. After that, if we can come out of @ Giants, Vs Cowboys, BYE, Vs Giants with a 2-1 record (which would put u
  13. Chris Collinsworth has a Nephew (Son?) that works for SNF too?
  14. Huh...questionable call there for the final play of the game.
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