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  1. He’s on the zappers now, playing with Manziel. So his football playing days aren’t over, just his NFL days
  2. Rumor is, the schedule release will be mid-May this year, latest in league history. 17 game schedule is part of the reason for the late release
  3. Kay Adams. Nate Burleson. Blanking on the other two
  4. Oh you’re talking about the articles from last summer about the culture of harassment at the team. The athletic article brought up the sex trafficking thing (which is what the paper in India was talking about) so i thought that’s what this whole thing with Scott’s wife was about.
  5. @Riggo#44 so the Washington Post was reporting that same baseless claim then, that the Indian articles had made up. Unless you actually think Snyder is friends with Epstein (or whatever it was that he was accused of in that lie), then yes, he has a right to be angry about completely false claims being made about him.
  6. I’m confused what mccloghans wife has to do with it then, wasn’t she one of the people having phone calls with that one international website or something last summer? The one that said Snyder was linked to that guys island?
  7. No Mccloughans wife. Thought that was pretty clear that’s who i was referring to......... wasn’t she involved in the whole thing with trying to link Snyder to that guys island??
  8. It’s not because people are hurting his poor little feelings. It’s because they’re literally spreading LIES about him.
  9. Sister was in town for the week and she hasn’t seen my apartment yet, so she and my parents came in to show her the place and to take me out to dinner got back literally right as shotout was happening, so i saw about only 2 minutes of the game.....**** that. Well, at least we won!
  10. Todd reirden added to list of COVID-19 unavailability for tonight’s game
  11. Ok, stupid question, but....does post June 1st cut mean he stays on the team until after June 1st? Or is that just a different type of release and we can cut him whenever?
  12. I wanna go to a game too, i miss going to the bullpen for a couple of drinks then stumbling my way to my seat
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