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  1. Watching improbable part 2 since i missed it last Sunday. The final chapter part is amazing. Oh man. Winning game 2, 12-2. That was amazing.
  2. So, i read online that there’s a misspelling on the World Series rings. I go to look at a picture of the “misspelling” and i see that “every day” is made into 1 word by mistake. is that a “misspelling”? Misspelled words are words that are MISSPELLED, correct? Which word was misspelled? None of them. It’s a grammatical error, not a misspelling
  3. Cooleyfan1993

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    What’s the likelihood that the playoffs end up happening at all? I know the nhl confirmed yesterday the 24 team playoffs, but how sure is everyone that we will be watching playoff hockey in late July and through August?
  4. Cooleyfan1993

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    That’s what I’m hoping to
  5. Cooleyfan1993

    Watching games of the past. mean 05? and what do you mean “again with DeSean in ‘16”? We didn’t make the playoffs in 2016. Do you mean 2015?
  6. Cooleyfan1993

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    What are people’s predictions on when we start hearing news on nfl training camps (meaning whether or not they’ll happen, or IF they happen, when they’ll start, etc)? I was just thinking about this tonight, and other years we’d have set dates and times for each team to report. I KNOW this isn’t a normal year, but it just got me wondering. My guess is we’ll hear something by mid June
  7. That was weird. It’s about going from 19-31 to turning the season around, why not include regular season too?
  8. Was wondering what was up with that. Glad i didnt miss it!
  9. I assume he knows HOW to, as he’s done that in the past, i think he’s just saying it wasn’t working for him for some reason.
  10. **** covid19. One of my best friends from childhood died from it yesterday he was only 24.
  11. Yeah that’s my feeling as well. I hope at some point we get to see the banner get raised in the ballpark.
  12. Cooleyfan1993

    Goodbye Quinton Dunbar

    I saw that he got out of jail on bond. HOW?
  13. Cut him Thursday? The day before he got into any trouble? but yes, i agree. Ron can make an example out of him now.
  14. As others have pointed out, not quite karma, as we didn’t give up anything for him, and the Seahawks gave up a 5th to get Dunbar.
  15. Well...guess this is karma for us talking **** about Dunbar’s situation