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  1. Meant to say local. You get the idea though.
  2. On the hot seat after 1 playoff year at 7-9, and a year of no playoffs although a 1 or 2 game improvement?? He’ll get at least 3 years before he’s on the hot seat, in my opinion
  3. Just listened to JP Finlay, Mitch, and Pete’s podcast about the schedule reveal, and they did a record prediction game by game with eachother JP: 10-7 Mitch: 11-6 Pete: 10-6-1 (the tie happens in Vegas because crazy **** happens in Vegas, and JP said he only predicted a tie to be annoying, so it wasn’t actually for any real reason) but wow....when was the last time 3 national media guys predicted double digit wins?? What world are we living in????
  4. ......you JUST said last week, 16-1 now “we won’t win ****”? Stop
  5. Yeah, especially on schedule release day, it’s where i got most of the leaks today. It’s useful for some things.
  6. The Chargers twitter account is creating different pop tarts based on their opponents this season, and chase young’s hair looks like earthworms
  7. Phillys has them playing 4 division games straight to end the season. It’s not a mistake. I think, as others have said already, that the league just doesn’t think anybody in our division will be able to run away with this thing early and wants it to be competitive until the end
  8. Yep. It’s so refreshing to hear and witness. Even my dad says this is the most confident and positive he’s felt about the team since at least 07 or 08
  9. yeah, philly has 4 straight division games to end the season (1 less than us) and I’m sure the same thing for Dallas and the giants too. I’m guessing you guys are right, that the NFL isn’t too confident in our division being any good also i like how the preseason schedule has been kept a hugeeee secret, yet we know the full regular season schedule 4 hours before 8 like, what? Make it make sense
  10. I mean, Grant Paulsen did say based on the reporting, it checks out. And We’ll have a chance to control our own destiny late in the season if everything works out for us.
  11. So quick to forget the Steelers game last season primetime under rivera is going to change quickly
  12. We host Dallas week 14. Travel to Dallas two weeks later. we play Dallas twice in three weeks, and we face Philly twice in three weeks. Then the giants to end the season. Yep, after the Vegas game
  13. FIVE straight division games to end the year. What the ****.....that has to be a first, for any team, yes?
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