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  1. Josh Gordon has been reinstated, for the 50th time. elligible to play week 16 for Seattle
  2. Yeah that was rhetorical, we all know the correct answer (the correct answer, btw, is “no **** Sherlock” )
  3. Jeez, so he thinks Philly will beat the packers?? AND the saints?? Is he stupid?
  4. I guess Collinsworth caused a stir on twitter due to a certain comment he made during the game today....anyone catch what he said? Something about female Steelers fans or something?
  5. I think even if we do win on Monday, that won’t seal 1st place full time the rest of the season. For all we know, we could then drop the next two (49ers then Seahawks) and the giants, or eagles manage to steal a win from someone.
  6. What does that have to do with my post? I didn’t even mention our game in it. I said we should be back in 1st by Sunday night (even though we don’t play until Monday) cause of the giants and eagles
  7. Yeah, i think that’s what he means, a one-season performance. 2013 would’ve gone differently though, i feel like, if griffin hadn’t been injured and missed all offseason/preseason. So i dont think the 3-13 season is AS BIG an indictment on the coaching staff as it sounds like (to me at least) you’re making it out to be.
  8. Wow.....completely shocked, and I dont even follow basketball, or the wizards closely enough! If they’re having a good season, I’ll tune in. just.....wow.
  9. I mean, i doubt that happens before Sunday, if it does at all, and we’ll be right back in 1st place by 7:30 Sunday night (cause the giants aren’t beating Seattle, and the eagles aren’t beating the packers). first place is likely going to go back & forth between anyone in our division a couple more times before the season is over
  10. I think the Steelers would be wise to overlook us and focus on the bills. yes.....very wise idea indeed
  11. The 1st since 1948 i think was giants cowboys to kickoff the 2012 season (there was some event the next night that would’ve gotten in the way). It was a pretty good game if i remember right...for one reason, being that neither team was put at a competitive disadvantage, or a “short week”, unlike both teams today
  12. Well, because of the stupid Xmas tree lighting ceremony tonight, i can’t watch the 2nd half of this game like I would’ve been had the game been at 8:00 (got off work at 5, and am on metro at the moment....wont be at a TV until 6:30..... **** you Christmas!
  13. Yeah, but at the time he posted “Td RG3” was about the same time the ravens scored. So i assumed That’s who scored
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