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  1. Don't want them as a state? I'm sure they'd be good with just getting 3 electoral votes (2 Senators and a Rep).
  2. True story. I haven't bought a laptop or desktop since I first moved to California in 1999. I married an IT person a few years later so everything I've used in the past 15 or so years has been hand-me-downs or stuff she bought and grew tired of. Plus smartphones and tablets had always filled the gap for me. But this pandemic has afforded me the chance to telework 2 days a week and I finally pulled the trigger on a new non-gaming laptop on Tuesday and it's coming tomorrow. Stoked to have my own stuff to abuse. As an aside does anyone else suffer from analysis paralysi
  3. I'm guessing the lack of a dedicated graphics card (for most laptops) limits the games quite a bit?
  4. Really dumb question for the PC master race people - is there somewhere to go to figure out if your laptop can run a game or not? Bought a new laptop coming Friday and might possibly add a few games now and then...but it's been 20+ years since I played a PC game...also is steam the go to place now for PC games?
  5. A political issue that both parties are largely afraid to rule on...
  6. She must hate Catholics on Fridays during lent.
  7. I'd also mandate all government facilities to not have their tvs tuned to FoxNews 24/7. Can we get Mayor Pete on his show? Pete would destroy that chucklehead.
  8. Besides..as we all know it's the getting caught while doing them uniform that's the no no.
  9. Other than not having access to covid-19 vaccinations right now. Or at least my friends who live in Switzerland don't.
  10. I grew up in Kempsville across the street from a VB cop. He was crazy and the only cop I have ever known personally. I bet if he's still alive he probably would have supported Rittenhouse.
  11. His use of work email to do it was likely the fireable offense and gave the Norfolk PD an easy way out from him.
  12. I think the belief/statement of support was what led to the firing. More so than the $25 donation. Of course being part of the police's police didn't help.
  13. Dubs also have deep pockets and will pay the lux tax if/when needed. Not to mention a sparkling new revenue generator (when attendance fully returns) arena. Not everything is roses..Dray appears to be off every now and then and Wiseman is still a punk 20yo..making rookie life mistakes but they do have the ability to supplement Klay and Steph with good young talent. Plus I think Jordan Poole is becoming a solid scorer for them and he's 21. They also have a kid who they took kate 2nd round last year that they stashed in Australia and he's killing it there. Who knows if that translat
  14. Considering Kerr is from the Pops San Antonio tree, I suspect he sees the value in replacing/supplementing aging stars with new ones and keeping the franchise elite for many years. Plus, Klay and Steph still have a handful of years left.
  15. Val Deming's prior work history makes her a subject matter expert on police reform. Gym Jordan only knows how to hide crimes.
  16. Awkafina is half Korean though and she's playing Shang Chi's sidekick.
  17. I'd hope not. Wiseman should be untouchable and they likely won't see Minnys pick this year (top 3 protected). They are good enough to win with Steph, Klay, Wiggins, Dray, Wiseman year 2, and Poole and JTA providing solid minutes next year. Heck, they are probably the team this year that the higher seeds want to avoid. Especially if Curry is hitting 10 3's a game. Edit..I dont get fans quitting on Wiseman. He played what..all of 4 games total in college?
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