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  1. TheDoyler23

    Save us, Elias, you're our only hope - The 2019 Orioles

    I hear you. And if the Orioles were doing this with the previous administration with minimal resources being spend on scouting, international development, internal development, and such then I'd be right there with you. But I think they hired the right guy whom is completely rebuilding every element behind the scenes and it's just going to take time. I'll take this way over signing Jay Payton (no disrespect to him) and being like, "let's go! Woo!"
  2. TheDoyler23

    Best Burgers (Burgery Goodness,The Sequel)

    Old Line in Beltsville is my go to. The place used to be a Circuit City and now it’s a massive Beer-Wine-Booze store with a little restaurant in the back. Delicious burgers and fries (regular, truffle, sweet potato) etc. and they plop down on the table a bootleg mambo sauce and a jalapeño mayo sauce.
  3. TheDoyler23

    Tesla Model 3 Release

    I knew it would look weird but man. I guess they're going with "so ugly it's cool" thing. But where are the sideview mirrors?
  4. TheDoyler23

    The Impeachment Thread

    Scheduled tweet gone awry?
  5. TheDoyler23

    The Impeachment Thread

    No toy cannon gif from him? He must be busy...
  6. TheDoyler23

    Redskins Fan Revolt Thread

    I could see a situation where Bezos works with the Redskins to help the DC stadium deal get done and a percentage of the team in the process. Bezos gets to be more involved in how the sausage gets made and gets compensated in his investment as the team shoots up in value. And it's gets Bezos access to the room when he buys the... expansion London Redcoats or whatever.
  7. I mean, we're supposed to believe that he's +3 billion in worth, outside of his liabilities? I don't.
  8. I think you mean BWW... Has anyone ever eaten there and liked it? Ugh... Terrible management - fire them and the customer. If the staff has to walk on eggshells because of some jerkface then rid yourself of the jerkface.
  9. Yea, the pattern ended when George W Bush was re-elected and the Skins lost to the Packers just before that. Obama won re-election in 2012 but the Skins lost their last home game then as well. in 2016 the Redskins won their last home game before the election but the office changed.
  10. TheDoyler23

    ***2019 Miracle Nationals WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS***

    Broken. Open. Do it again.
  11. TheDoyler23

    ***2019 Miracle Nationals WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS***

    Ohhh... now y’all love the umpire now!
  12. TheDoyler23

    ***2019 Miracle Nationals WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS***

    Clearly tonight's game decides this! "Dad, why am I a Nats fan" "Well, Max... Greinke didn't make it out of the second..."
  13. TheDoyler23

    ***2019 Miracle Nationals WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS***

    Teddy has to win tonight, though. It’s his birthday!
  14. TheDoyler23

    The "Ask a Mechanic" Thread

    I heard they prop their feet on the dash and have the AC blow on their junk. Gets hot in those shops.