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  1. TheDoyler23

    Presidential Election:11/3/20 - Jabba Joe vs HQ Queen

    The big dog part is over, but your ballot has other things on them - Congress, judges, school board, Delegate selection for the (now virtual) convention. In some places, the primary is the de facto election if you live in a slam-dunk district for your party.
  2. Yes. All nature of incels use their non-white skin as a reason for being inferior, think "Ricecel" or "Currycel". It's an extra layer of sadness to their illness.
  3. Oof. I consider many Trump supporters to being members of a cult.
  4. TheDoyler23

    Presidential Election:11/3/20 - Jabba Joe vs HQ Queen

    Klobuchar is definitely redundant to Biden, but I've always liked her on TV before she ran for president. It always seemed like VP was her path anyway. This could've been leaked in order to float it to see reactions within the party. Maybe look at polling for the next week or so while she is being "vetted" and see if things move at all in some states.
  5. TheDoyler23

    Presidential Election:11/3/20 - Jabba Joe vs HQ Queen

    This is hilarious. Obama has been attacked for years and Trump somehow has some secret dirty info to besmirch Obama and win the day? I'm on the edge of my seat.
  6. I really thought people here in DC were about to buy in, though. That atmosphere on TV looked great! The beer snake bit seems almost UNFATHOMABLE now.
  7. TheDoyler23

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    Right. And COSTCO is a membership-based company. They can insert the policy of masks as a condition of membership and revoke/refund to any that object to the policy.
  8. I remember when her story was headline news years ago and it meant nothing to me. Ok, so she had negative feelings about her choice. That doesn't mean that all women should be stripped of their right to make that choice in the future. I voted for W in 2000. I regret that choice, but it doesn't mean that I shouldn't be allowed to vote!
  9. TheDoyler23

    When Are (Real) Sports Coming Back?

    Tomorrow is Fowler / DJ / Rory and some other dude in a Skins match. Next weekend is Tiger / Phil with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning with Charles Barkley doing play by play. Spring 2020 is weird.
  10. TheDoyler23

    When Are (Real) Sports Coming Back?

    I thought they agreed to salaries based on games played back in March, though and the Owners that want to renegotiate that.
  11. TheDoyler23

    The Quarantine Thread

    You actually bought something to stimulate the economy?! I had big plans to buy tickets to Cal Ripken's last game, but as a dependent at the time i got nothing. I heard a lot of Zoomers are mad about the same thing right now!
  12. TheDoyler23

    When Are (Real) Sports Coming Back?

    I bet Baseball is going to lave labor issues first. The players agreed to prorate their salaries but owners want them to take a larger cut with no fans attending.
  13. TheDoyler23

    When Are (Real) Sports Coming Back?

    Former Oriole Mike Wright* was carving em up for a few innings in the KBO. Go Dinos! (*Big shocker he loaded the bases and nearly blew the lead in what was going to be his last inning regardless.)
  14. TheDoyler23

    What decade in your opinion

    I hear ya.