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  1. Oof, you don’t do your job for two plus weeks and then act like a goddamn martyr when you do. Nice.
  2. I listened to the last 5 minutes of the game in 980 yesterday and it was awful. Every aspect of it was awful. The production, the pacing, the content. I'm sure the lack of fan sound doesn't help the experience, but oof.
  3. I thought we were into the 30's by now. 2-33 or Something like that. Big day with some certifications coming. Isn't today the day the GSA Oompa Loompa is supposed to report to the House to explain why she won't do her job?
  4. She was just at a superspreader rally with Perdue AND Mike Pence. She’ll probably be fine but her sugar daddy husband is a senior citizen... probably not ideal.
  5. Not a Trump cabinet member, but still a stooge: GA Senator/runoff candidate Kelly Loeffler tested positive. She’s quarantining after a positive and an inconclusive test. (Which means she’s positive snd wants some wiggle room to infect others/deflect embarrassment).
  6. Trump played golf today instead of participating in the G20 while they talked about COVID-19. Just quit now you Orange ****.
  7. Trump is going to play golf both days this weekend, for sure.
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