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  1. Yea, that's a "Trash takes itself out" sorta thing.
  2. Biden tweeted* essentially “Get vaccinated or a mask until you’re vaccinated” * his staff Conservatives: “hEs a DiCtAtOr! ThIs iS tYrAnNy!”
  3. He's using the federal dollars that were not allowed to be used for tax cuts. But I like it. I'd love to see how much of an increase comes in the next couple weeks from this announcement.
  4. Mullins’ triple was an excellent combo of hustle snd smarts. He busted out of the box - by the time it dropped he was already to second and saw that the 3b was out of position and took it. Just a brilliant play and it led to insurance runs. It’s the kind of play that happens TO our boys, not BY our boys.
  5. I got a baggie of golden coins and half dollars and it's easy to make it look special. But if they're already getting fivers - you may be out of luck!
  6. Every health organization on the planet is typing...
  7. Completely different situation, but Harvey dropped a ball while covering first the other day against Boston that led to the big hit of the game. And I still remember the ****ing TRAUMA of that Mother’s Day game in 2007 where Chris Ray did the same.
  8. I remember reading that 2021 will be a year of “inflation scares” and thing will settle as the year draws on. I’m sure the GOP will add to the paranoia of this while they take credit for a recovery they unanimously sought to prevent from happening.
  9. Montgomery County MD is going to provide a virtual option, but not for every school - meaning students from different schools will be grouped together into a collective virtual program instead of having every school have one.
  10. Means is still making nothing compared to Arb 1, 2 and 3 will be in the next three years. Snell signed a couple years ago for 5/50, Nola something similar to that as well. Snell has a CY Young award and Nola got started a few years earlier in the league. I think it would be wise to approach Means in the offseason, for sure. Offer 35 million to cover the Arb years and then maybe 2 more, so 5/65.
  11. He's a true throwback style left handed Fastball-Changeup pitcher who is probably going to be pretty durable. I'd say on a playoff team, he's an excellent #2, but there really isn't much to complain about. Maybe if he could get his curveball/slider a little better as he relies on fastball location and the change a lot. Anyway, this is year 3, so he's ARB 1 next year. I'd love to offer him a 5 year + option deal that swallows those arbitration years plus free agency - when our birds are a contender, and not have to hand out hat on just the young studs coming up. He's older, though
  12. Ray Miller passes away, and hours later an Orioles pitcher throws a no-hitter. Ain’t that something. Work Fast. Change Speeds. Throw strikes. RIP Rabbit.
  13. No disrespect to Scott Garceau and Ben McDonald. But man, I wish I could have watched this ending with Gary and Palmer in the booth.
  14. Mussina was close a bunch of times. Bedard had a one hitter... and had a game where he begged out while he had a no hitter going. Hammel was close. Bundy was close. Daniel Cabrera (remember him?!) was close a couple times.
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