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  1. I'm probably being naïve, but I think Roberts and Gorsuch would be very skeptical of all this.
  2. That's a pretty bold statement for a company that is dramatically outsold in units by... Buick.
  3. Democrats are like, “we’ll see what happens.” Republicans have probably already written the framework for lawsuits and chosen a path to get to a compromised Supreme Court. By the weekend after the election, Biden is going to have 330+ electoral votes and 10 lawsuits.
  4. Thought it was funny that Nebraska is all huffy about having to play Penn State and Ohio State this year. Poor babies.
  5. Some people buy Timbs for work and some for fashion. So some people have their work Timbs and their dress Timbs in the same closet.
  6. And Northeast based Timberland instead of Red Wing Shoes. Clearly abandoning middle America with her elitism.
  7. Trump having to spend money in states he is supposed to win fairly easily like Georgia is very heartening. Hopefully Texas or Iowa keep slipping enough to get scary.
  8. I feel like every single pollster is trying to find paths for Trump because he managed to thread a needle in 2016. We all feel that collective anxiety about the camp that got away. But I still think Biden sails past 300. Sails.
  9. Yep, it in 2016 and in Ireland. His company got permits to build a seawall and cited climate change specifically.
  10. Markakis turned an out into a homerun. Off the top of his glove and over the fence. Not his finest moment.
  11. Yea, that was a game-saving catch. That ball tried to come out of his glove twice. Just wasn't meant to be, I guess!
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