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  1. My least favorite word is Journey. It’s the LiveLaughLove of words. Stop calling every ****ing thing you do in your life a journey. Ya basic.
  2. Yep, that's a healthy mindset for sure. It's just not a lightswitch situation that people think a vaccine is. And I wonder how much of the demand is people's wish for things to be "normal" for them. Not everyone else. Them. I'm probably just being hostile! ; I'll definitely keep my mask on for a while as well and am interested in seeing how much it changes our life and routines in future years.
  3. UGH. "I can't wait to boomer it up as much as possible after being vaccinated" I get the positive feelings over getting your shot and the feeling like the light is at the end of the tunnel. But I'm not changing my habits at least a few months. I owe that to the people who have passed and the people who have put their lives on hold to stop this ****.
  4. @Spaceman Spiff pulling a James Lipton out here.
  5. I'm 1B from my job and it was like a part time job getting an appointment (scheduled for Saturday!) It's chaos in Maryland because you have the state declaring it 1AB&C but different counties and providers having different rules. Maryland essentially told the counties to figure it out. The programming and implementation of all this also comes from a failed federal response from the previous administration. So providers are left with making rationing decisions that simply shouldn't be happening. But much of this is because they just don't have enough doses of the
  6. A Gender Reveal party is not a reason to wish the demise of someone, but maybe don't build a bomb in your house for it? No, I don't want to attend a GRP for your future little Brycyon or McKayleiyeghy.
  7. I didn't think it would happen for one second. This was intentional speculation, to help legitimize her while offering Trump brand support to Rubio as well.
  8. When you’re first starting as an embryo, the first cells that develop are essentially what is your butthole. Rush started his life as a butthole. He ended his life as a butthole. He spread lots of **** in those 70 years. Adios, pendejo.
  9. Yea, I checked into mine and it like “claim in on your taxes when you file.” Good thing I’m not hard up for the money, like many.
  10. 7 Republicans decided to be Americans today. 43 did not.
  11. whoawhoawhoa, Kentland's Karen's are the ones posting on Nextdoor that people aren't wearing two masks when driving alone with the windows up... Now if we're talking Olney or Damascus Karens...
  12. I never get the psychology behind some people. If I was told my opinion on something (that had NOTHING TO DO WITH ME) was abhorrent, it'd probably evaluate that, and not continue down that path. But some of these people - they just can't. They can't shut up. They can't evaluate their behavior. And then double down until fired or face natural consequences. Then they MUH FREEDUM themselves to Parler or whatever. Just stupid.
  13. New guy doesn't have an argument that's good, so he's just going to be loud.
  14. What the **** is this guy talking about?
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