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  1. TheDoyler23

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    People go to Maryland games. They're called Ohio State/Penn State/Michigan fans... UGH.
  2. I agree with this. Read the handbook front to back and keep a copy. Ask questions if you have them and seek clarification if the company appears to be contradicting their policies and procedures or the law.
  3. Some time between right now and 11:59 and we’ll see it!
  4. Oh, someone over there has an intern getting fired today.
  5. Like when he had Kelly fire Omarosa and then when she called him, pretended that he didn't know.
  6. TheDoyler23

    Gameday Thread

    The Cowboys really like to blast players in the head and then not get penalized for it.
  7. He’s tweeting praise to his defenders. Rallying the sycophants. I’m sure Graham and Hannity are next.
  8. TheDoyler23

    Reuben Foster vs the Flag

    I think Sanchez was a fine choice as he had already worked with several of the Redskins coaches. When it comes to needing your 3rd QB, unless it's Steamin' Willie Beamen from Any Given Sunday, it's probably over for your team. I don't think Kap was going to accept an offer from the Redskins because of the name. Probably a non-starter. But I agree with the premise that NFL owners and GM's often have messed up priorities. Reuben Foster's dad is in prison because (among other things) he shot at his mother...while she was holding a toddler...which was Reuben Foster. It gets weirder because the dad was on the run for a long time and was caught because of RF's prominence as a college prospect. woof. He's a freak athlete from a terrible situation and has pretty much lived his life with a series of enablers. He's probably not mentally well and he appears to date someone whom is not mentally well. Sure, he should know better. But that doesn't seem to be the case and he probably hasn't received the help he needs.
  9. Fake news! They learned about Melania's red 'Handsmaid's Tale' trees of doom and wanted to decorate.
  10. So we had our, "I didn't do it. Witch hunt!" and now we're at "if I did do it, it's not a crime!" So next is "Witch hunt!!!" (again) And then we will have "Hey, look over there!"
  11. TheDoyler23

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    I agree that 8 teams is overkill. And even if they went to 8, then ESPN and the talking heads would just be screaming about the 7th and 8th spot instead of the 4th.
  12. They're not "looking at the other side?" What the **** is that supposed to mean? They aren't exploring the opposite side of reality?
  13. TheDoyler23

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    I wonder how many coaches see Grier and think “he can make all the throws, but the way he’s treats the ball is gonna get me fired.” And this isn’t even the sport he’s going to play professionally!
  14. TheDoyler23

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    28 for UVA is going to hate seeing that film of him whiffing in that fumble in the end zone. Man that is a rough way to lost.