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  1. 895 just isn't gonna happen at this point; 1 1/2 seasons lost to lockouts really screwed him, and the 40 or so games lost to COVID was probably the nail in the coffin. And as we saw at the end of the season, even he's not exempt from getting injured and missing significant time, and it's reasonable to think this could continue as he gets older. But he should be able to reach the 800 club, which is remarkable. 802 would put him second, and it would be pretty indisputable that he is truly the greatest goal scorer of all time when adjusted for the era he played in.
  2. 9 mil, in a year where the cap will likely not go up much (if at all) would be enough to compete for the best FA on the market, or two very solid players. The Chara and Lundqvist signings show that players want to come here. Not saying it would make them a contender, but I could see how management and ownership would think so. But it's all a moot point anyways. Ovi is way too invested in the community and the team to leave on such a low note without having the sendoff he's earned. At the very least, he'll be back for 1 or 2 more years, hopefully longer.
  3. Generally agree with you guys on this, although if Ovi goes you're talking about an assload of salary cap space. I haven't even kept up with what UFAs are out there, but with $9 million they could definitely get some immediate help. I have no doubt ownership would prefer to bring in one or two big names to soften the blow of their franchise legend leaving, to help keep this team's championship window open, and of course to keep selling out the arena.
  4. Ouch, thanks for reminding me of why I don't visit this thread as much anymore!
  5. The problem is this core group just doesn't have the extra gear needed to get it done in the playoffs, and with the exception of a magical 7-week run in 2018 in which just about everything went right for them, they really never did. For the past 13 years, they've put up great regular seasons based almost exclusively on superior talent. But when the playoffs come around, and with it the added pressure, the lack of skating room due to tighter defenses and harder forechecks, and having to deal with the other team's A-game each night, this team has generally fallen flat. And 13 years is a prett
  6. I'm sad to hear I'm not the only one, but hardly surprised. At the very least, with all the top prospects they're drafting, they should be really good in 3 years or so. Still pissed to think that if they would've traded Britton in 2016, the rebuild would probably be over by now with the filthy haul they would've pulled in.
  7. Well, we've now got the worst record in the majors. For the first summer in almost 20 years, I just haven't been following the team that closely, and I cancelled my subscription to the Baltimore Sun. So I really have no idea what's going on with the team's top prospects like Rutschman, Hall, Rodriguez, and Kerstad. Anyone have a minute to provide an update? I know we pick 5th in this summers draft, and it's looking like another top-5 pick next summer. So we should be stacked with young talent in a couple years. But damn, I thought we'd be taking a step forward this season.
  8. I'm not a fan who hits the nuclear button after every disappointing loss/setback/elimination. But the fact is the window has closed on this current team. Barring some unbelievably creative moves to give this club a total facelift, I think it's fair to say we peaked 3 years ago and we're on a downslide going forward, probably good for a couple more solid regular seasons based on talent alone, but we'll continue to be exposed as old, slow, and lacking will and appetite when the chips are down in the playoffs. Things were supposed to change after 2018. The guys knew what it took to win.
  9. The team that won it all was also down 2-1 in the 1st Round of 2018. Mantha has been all over the ice for 3 games - his shots just haven't been going in. Ovi has been fine, and he's due for a breakout game. The goalies have been fine too - they helped carry this team to second place in the toughest division in hockey, and they're not the reason we're down in this series (and you do realize Lundqvist was never intended to be more than a backup, right?). No offense, but have you been watching the games, or just seeing the highlights and reading the box scores? I've been a Caps f
  10. Dillon (with the brain fart in Game 2) is one of our top-4 guys. So we could've picked up Victor Hedman and Roman Josi, and Dillon still would dress for us. Regarding Schultz (brain fart in Game 3), just curious which defenseman who was dealt at the deadline would you consider to be an upgrade?
  11. My initial thoughts too, but honestly his numbers are just as good as Brian Elliott's, who looked like Patrick Roy at times last night. He's as good as you're gonna get for a #3 goalie. I've definitely seen the Caps dress worse in the past.
  12. Wasted 2 minutes of my life watching this clip. You could fill the Grand Canyon with what these people don't know about hockey and the NHL. But the unfortunate thing is that the news media and social media is filled with nitwits like this, and the NHL is going to feel like they have to fall in line for PR purposes. Never mind the fact these people probably don't spend ten bucks per year on the NHL. BTW, nobody got "paralyzed" in the Bertuzzi incident (or as sham fans like this refer to it: "the time 10 - 15 years ago some guy paralyzed another dude").
  13. Right. Every team in the league has guys who play over the edge and is considered by their opponents as "dirty". The Rangers have certainly had plenty over the past decade. Hey, maybe Daniel Carcillo, Tanner Glass, and Sean Avery helped Rangers management pen their letter crying to the league! Curious, were you this outraged when Anders Lee knocked out Backstrom in the playoffs last year, and the NHL didn't do anything about it? There are things I wish Wilson would cool it on, but I give him credit - he'll look you in the eye and answer to anyone who has a problem with him.
  14. So after all the whining and crying on the part of the entire Rangers organization, the only person who crossed the line and merited a suspension (according to the NHL) is one of their own. Losers.
  15. Take away their '94 Cup, and that organization has been pretty pitiful for the better part of the past 80 years.
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