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  1. Sorry Hersh, but if you're going to give that jackoff credit for anything it needs to at least be put into proper context
  2. Caps were division champs in 2000 and 2001, but lost both years in the first round to - you guessed it - Pittsburgh. Olie was establishing himself as a top goalie, Bondra and Oates were still producing, they had one of the best shutdown lines in hockey (Kono-Dahlen-Halpern), and Gonchar was one of the top offensive d-men in the league (as long as he was paired with someone who could clean up his messes in his own end). They were a fun team to watch, but as was the case throughout their history, they didn't have a dynamic star to put them over the top. Enter Jagr, the NHL's biggest star and
  3. Nice, but not a chance in hell. I've heard that Ted absolutely hates that guy, and for good reason. Traded for him in his first big move after buying the team, gave him a bloated contract before he played his first game for us, got everyone's hopes up as this was the most high-profile acquisition in team history up to that point, and then the jackoff just totally mailed it in, and admitted so a couple years later after he was traded to New York. He was truly the Caps version of Albert Haynesworth.
  4. Don't like the jersey, but I appreciate the nod to the old logo that was a big part of Caps history yet seems completely forgotten (I feel like I never see anyone wearing it at Capital One or anywhere else).
  5. Sorry about your Thrashers. Anyone complaining of how generous the expansion draft was for Vegas needs to look at Atlanta. As was the norm for expansion clubs 20+ years ago, they had to pick off the scrap heap to build a team which everyone knew would royally suck for their first 5 years. All while trying to build a fan base in a nontraditional hockey market. Factor in some major whiffs with several of their top draft picks and the sad case of their top player getting in a car accident which killed a teammate and then forcing a trade, and it was clear that team was doomed from the start.
  6. The Coyotes are becoming the modern day Hartford Whalers - can't do anything right on or off the ice. If they don't turn things around, I wouldn't be surprised one bit if they end up relocating in 5 years.
  7. So now that we have the entire picture of Holtby's Caps tenure, can we debate best Caps goalie ever? Most of us would say Holtby, and deservedly so. He was a major reason we won the Cup, he was generally considered a top-5 to top-10 goalie for the better part of his 8 years here, Vezina trophy winner, NHL All-Star, The Save will go down as one of the top 5 plays in Caps history. But one could argue Olie Kolzig too. He was our unquestioned starter for 10 years, he also has Vezina and All-Star accolades, and the Caps teams he played behind weren't half as talented as the guys Holtby played w
  8. As others have noted, it's gonna be a very compressed schedule and no team is going to have their starting goalie play 75% or more of their games like we see in normal years. This season more than any other, it's not really a backup goalie, it's a 1B goalie. They needed a reliable veteran like the King but understandably didn't want to pay too much. I like the move. Lundquist is at the point in his career where he alone probably won't win them games, but he also won't lose them games either. And that's the most realistic expectation a team should have for their backup.
  9. I'm sure Caps management still has nightmares about the King stealing playoff series from them, but they need to realize that was 5+ years ago.
  10. Anyone know why Matt Niskanen retired? Early 30's, $5 mil left on his current contract, seemed to have a solid season last year with Philly, plays for contender. Hope everything is okay with him. Maybe winning the Cup two years ago gave him a sense of closure to his career?
  11. I feel like the Norris trophy hasn't gone to the best "defensive" defenseman since Langway won it almost 40 years ago.
  12. JC is one of my favorite Caps ever, and as nice of a guy off the ice as you'll ever meet. But there's no question Josi (and Hedman) are better all-around defenseman. My only issue with Carlson not getting it is what you alluded to - some years it seems like points alone can win the award as long as the guy isn't an absolute disaster in his own end (like honestly, I completely understood why Mike Green never won it). In fact, the guy who announced the award last night - Paul Coffey - won it 3 times solely based on offense. There's just no consistency to the award at all.
  13. Yes it was, but he paid a hefty price for it with the suspension and the scarlet letter he wore the rest of his career. Ironically it worked out okay for the Isles as they managed to beat a stacked Pens team in the next round, which nobody expected them to do, and prevented the Pens from a 3-peat and they never won the Cup again during the Mario era. Not making excuses for the hit at all, but I can understand the frustration over losing that series. 1993 was a rough year - they were coming off a season before where they looked great and a lot of guys had career years and then the
  14. Butch Cassidy won Coach of the Year. If you would've predicted this to any Caps fan 17 years ago you would've been cut off at the bar and laughed out the door. Guy was absolutely incompetent behind the bench when he was here, and apparently in the locker room too. Good for him.
  15. 2/3 of the way through the season, and we're way ahead of Boston and only 2 behind the Yankees. Don't think any of us saw that coming.
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