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  1. capcrunch98

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    These veteran pickups are always interesting. This could turn out to be great like the Fedorov acquisition, terrible like the Mike Richards pickup, or anywhere in between. But it's a low-cost, low-risk move and I like it. The optimist in me says Kovy will be inspired playing with Ovi and three other Russians, with a legitimate shot at his first Cup at the end of his career. At the very least, if he plays as well as he did for Montreal, it'll help us out. I think this trade is also an acknowledgement that Panik is not working out on the 3rd line.
  2. capcrunch98

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Sorry but you don't trade your veteran starter when you're the top team in the league and have a legitimate shot at a championship. And if it makes you feel any better, they wouldn't have gotten much for him anyways. And I agree that Holtby is completely off his game now. But who would you rather have backing up Sammy in the playoffs? Justin Peters?
  3. capcrunch98

    Save us, Elias, you're our only hope - The 2019 Orioles

    I'm in the same mindset - since the 2018 strip down, I'd been planning on suffering through a brutal 2019 season (check!) and a brutal 2020 season. For me there's little difference between 55 wins and 65 wins for a team that is undergoing a full-on rebuild. It sucks that we're losing some of our few established players for what amounts to scratch-off lottery tickets, but I trust Elias because as a fan I really don't have any other options short of dropping off the Birdland map for a time (which I don't blame other fans for doing). I'll continue to watch them this summer with zero expectations and attend my usual half dozen games. In 2021 I will expect the club to field a respectable team and hold onto their established talent, and by 2022 they should be willing to spend some money and hopefully become the competitors we're all being sold on to get us through these rough years. It's a long road, but I lived through 2018 and 2019 and I'm still wearing orange, so as a fan I think I can get through anything.
  4. capcrunch98

    Save us, Elias, you're our only hope - The 2019 Orioles

    I was surprised too but if teams were only offering a box of crap for guys like Givens, Villar, and Bundy then I'm glad we held onto them and at least act like we're trying to win some games down the stretch. Not at all impressed with the returns we got on last year's trades; it's clear that even the big market win-now teams are no longer willing to deal away their best prospects like they were a decade ago.
  5. I liked all 3 of those guys but their loss isn't as bad as it looks on paper. Niskanen took a big step backwards last year, and considering his age it's unlikely he'll get it back. He's a #4 defenseman at this point, and at a cap hit of almost $6 million that's not good enough. Jensen should compensate. And if our D isn't good next year, it'll be because none of the young guys step up, not because we lost Niskanen. Connolly is a casualty of today's NHL salary cap - you pick up guys like him on the cheap to fill out your bottom lines and hope they can overachieve (which is exactly what he did over the past few seasons). When they do, someone is going to overpay for them, and I'm glad it wasn't us. I will miss Bura and wish we would've given him one more year to get that breakout season we've all been hoping for. I won't be resentful at all if he does it with the Avs, but the Caps had been betting on that for many years and with the exception of one memorable playoff game and a few hot stretches here and there, it didn't materialize and salary cap considerations forced the Caps to fold the hand. We were so fortunate to keep the whole team (sans coach) together after the Cup win. The truth is that most teams have to part with solid players. Next year could be even tougher for the Caps.
  6. I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT REPEATING AS CUP CHAMPS. I'm talking about a single series vs. one team. The Capitals have a ton more skill, experience, a better goalie (that alone can oftentimes win a playoff series), and home ice, and would be staked to a 2-0 lead against a team they've owned for the better part of 2 seasons and who lost one of their few skilled forwards to a concussion. Carolina is a good team, but the Caps are better and they should've won the series. I personally don't care about the 5 point regular season differential some keep bringing up because I think regular season records can be very misleading. The Coyotes finished 4 points behind the Avs. Can anyone see them knocking off Calgary in the first round? Can anyone even name more than 3 players on Arizona's roster? Hell, the 1998 Caps only finished 10 points behind the Wings that year. Yet everyone on the planet (Caps fans included) saw that as a David vs. Goliath Finals that Detroit easily won (3 1-goal games not withstanding). But for those who do put a huge premium on the regular season, please explain how the Caps going 4-0 against the Canes this year doesn't indicate that maybe they're the better team? Whatever, i'm done with this debate. To those who think Carolina truly was the better team, I respect your opinion. Personally, I think the Caps choked, and I'm not alone.
  7. I don't think Carolina is a bad team. When I say the Caps choked by not beating them (which you and a few others took me to task for a couple days ago) I'm speaking about the the skill advantage the Caps had, which should have definitely afforded them a series win had they worked as hard as their opponent and were able to make adjustments when needed. And these are two areas which I think we can all agree didn't consistently happen over the past week.
  8. I agree. When I said I "overestimated this Caps team based on the Cup win" I meant I thought they could beat Carolina with their eyes closed. Their play during some of this series (and all of Game 3) make me think a few of the players believed this too.
  9. Oh it was definitely a choke job. Give Carolina credit - they're scrappy and they work their asses off. But they're not the 2002 Red Wings, not even close. Irregardless of anything that happened in 2018, the Caps should've won this series. Seeing what they did last year and knowing what they're capable of only makes it that much harder to stomach.
  10. This. I couldn't agree with you more. A few days ago I debated a few posters here about how I thought losing to Carolina would be the biggest choke job ever for the Caps. In hindsight it's not because I underestimated the Canes, but more because I extremely overestimated this Caps team because of the magic last spring.
  11. Agreed, and once I'm done mourning this loss, I'm hoping it'll make me feel even better about our Cup win; a reminder of just how damn hard it is to achieve it. I'm speaking more about what the Cup win means for this team going forward. You win the title, you keep pretty much the whole team together, and you start thinking everything will be different from here on out. Then a year later it's back to the same disappointment us longtime fans have been suffering through for the past 30 years, and it's a letdown. Not saying this team's window is closed and that they can't win it all again (or come close) with this squad, but that swagger and sense of belief have taken a hit for many fans.
  12. I completely agree, and that's why this loss hurts so much. Losing in the first round to a less-skilled team doesn't invalidate what they did last year, but it does make me second-guess some of the assumptions I had based on the Cup win - most notably that this team is now mentally tougher and resilient and hungrier and won't be out-worked by anyone. I can't say I saw any of that for the majority of this past series. You say "maybe they'll steal one more" Cup. I don't want people to have the feeling that they stole it, I want fans to look back on this team and say they were great and earned their title, not just that their number finally came up in the crapshoot that is the NHL playoffs. I'm not saying fans think that now, but a few more playoff flops before this team disbands would make 2018 seem like more of an anomaly.
  13. After a decade plus of basically being the Caps of the Western Conference, this should be the Sharks year. With their stacked roster, If they can't win the Cup after being gifted a Game 7 win and all the other top seeds falling, they're never going to do it.
  14. Those are all fair points. My opinion is that none of those disappointing Caps teams in the past were as good and balanced as this team should be after winning it all last year, and all of the teams you cited who beat them were better than this Canes team. That 2010 choke job to an #8 seed was a heart-breaker but honestly the '85 Oilers couldn't have scored on Halak in Games 5 - 7 (and I hate using the hot goalie excuse). In this series, it's just the Canes playing harder and wanting it more, and that's unacceptable. I'm not expecting a repeat, but I think we all expected more than this from the Caps in this series. Canes finishing 5 points below the Caps doesn't mean much to me. The Yotes finished 4 points behind Colorado and 7 points behind the Stars; does anyone think they're comparable to either of those teams? Arizona is my second favorite team, I have family out there and I follow them closely, and trust me they wouldn't have beaten Calgary or Nashville in a series. Anyways, if they win tomorrow we won't have to rank this among the long list of Caps letdowns, so let's agree to root for that.
  15. Are you ****ing kidding me that you think those Pens and Rags teams were worse than this Canes team? And that Jaro Halak's Ken Dryden-turn in 2010 is anything comparable to anything Peter Mrazik has ever done? And most significantly of all, that any of those Caps teams were superior to this Caps team that just won the Cup and supposedly exorcised all their demons and are now mentally tougher and "built for the playoffs"? We all deal with disappointment differently, but anyone trying to justify this loss (if it happens)... wow. Let's go Caps.