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  1. Seems like a really bad stylistic match up for the WFT, hoping they can find a way to make it interesting.
  2. It's still thoroughly In Ron We Trust territory so what must be must be. Hurts a little, he was a lot of fun to watch the last 2 years. I just hope they can run the ball at all even if you have to manufacture it a bit.
  3. I'm good with whatever happens so long as the team doesn't wind up in San Antonio. That would suck.
  4. https://www.outkick.com/alex-smith-bryce-love-back-on-the-field/ "This new video clip strengthens my suspicions that he is still not back to the college sensation he was at Stanford. Here he is slow of the line of scrimmage, has a hitch in his stride on the right side, makes short choppy steps to compensate for not sticking that right leg in the ground and never demonstrates full motion on his right knee, demonstrating a short stride. Unfortunately for him, he is doubtful to be the go to guy with Derrius Guice gone." Would love to see someone who watches film's assessme
  5. A major criticism of Snyder is that he hides, part of a re-culturing if it is to include Snyder as the owner will include his availability for transparency's sake. It is still surprising though.
  6. Maybe his two better halves here will make a facsimile of a whole owner. If we have any luck at all they'll get it to see it through.
  7. I didn't mean to imply otherwise, I was just alarmed reading the assessment (and rightfully so, it seems).
  8. Am I reading this wrong, that he has, in the average case, less than 3 years or so to live? The figures you quoted here I find in a 2002 paper based on data collected from 93-97, has the treat-ability changed any since then?
  9. I wish him his health, and his ability to work, in that order. Outlook seems positive so lets go with that. If JDR gets the call up, lets remember that Ron sought him out personally, and have faith that he can navigate some part of the season as a Head Coach as he has in the past, if need be.
  10. You definitely aren't alone, and I'd wager a year away for fans will not fully deplete the sentiment amongst those in the stands in 2021. I would say I was in this mindset at various points since everything changed, but since then I came to the conclusion I could either let this take the team from me, or I could find a way to actively reclaim it on my own terms, and I did that by just holding on to the stuff I have attachment to, and any of the new branding and associated elements that come along that mean nothing to me, I don't have to be into it. Maybe it grows on me, maybe it doesn't. Th
  11. I will say I will have a lot of optimism for this coaching staff if they can make a player out Apke, who I've seen mentioned frequently the last few days. If we can take guys with physical traits and make them play smart and with technique, that's a step up from the previous regime.
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