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  1. To be fair, the series of events that had to play out to make it a reality, you wouldn't believe it if it were a movie script. It's too beautiful for words. This stuff with the FO roles, more than the coaching and player moves, really brings it into focus. We could not have dreamed of operating at a high level in the less visible ways in years past. Is Jayden the guy, is Quinn the man? I have no idea, but it has a true fighting chance now, and if they aren't, we can try again. Success as a possibility is on the table, it's on the table now, it's on the table a season from now, it's on the table 5 and 20 seasons from now. Exactly when, and for how long, and for when again is for us to find out, but the party is coming at some point. Better be ready.
  2. Realistically, it's likely the new staff salvages at least one Ron pick into a good player, and I think Dotson seems far more likely than Forbes or Davis. I liked everything about him his rookie year, clearly was a better fit for Turner's offense (which was pretty sad in it's own right, but in different ways to EB's).
  3. Well when we sign 20+ free agents, you're bound to miss one or two 😛
  4. Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint continues to be the most interesting UDFA to me, but here's one for the negative column in terms of outlook. @FrFan posted an interesting advanced metric in another thread (YPRR, or yards per route run), and it applies here: https://www.si.com/si-fantasy/rookie-wide-receivers-bust-avoid-drafting-fantasy-yards-per-route-run-analytic-trend-01hxh4bjsbnm
  5. Thanks for this, interesting advanced metric I've not seen much of before...
  6. Not the most important punter stat, plus like maybe half of the long snaps were off target which he won't have to deal with this year. Tress will be good, now whether or not he's in the long term plans for this regime, I could see that being in question. But I bet he is good this year.
  7. He has a 1.68 RAS score, so all of his athletic measurables are bad. The question then becomes, considering how high the average RAS was among our draft selections, what about Marcus did they like enough to make them buck the trend when signing him as a UDFA. The history book on low RAS WR's isn't kind, but there is an exception to the rule, discussed below:
  8. No kidding. Look, we either believe in the guy or we don't. If we do, we give the guy his number if it's not retired, or belonging to a former player who brought us rings. I love Tress as much as the next guy, but we do need to escape the mindset of being pre-defeated who's best player will just continue being a punter. And if it all works out, then Tress will actually get to be a weapon in games that matter/we can reasonably expect to win.
  9. Certainly true, but I think the counterpoint to this is that there's probably never a better opportunity for an UDFA than during a regime change. It's likely they currently feel better about some of their own UDFA selections than they do Ron's 6th and 7th rounders. Whether that holds true through camp or not remains to be seen. And on an interesting note on Rosemy-Jacksaint, he is polar opposite of the rest of the actually picked class in that his RAS is non-existent. With a group that seem to value RAS pretty highly, there must be at least one thing about him in spite of the lacking athleticism that they really like.
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