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  1. And of course, it's not as simple as that. If all it's about is patronizing Quality Football Businesses , then there are plenty out there with equivalent of 5 star Amazon reviews right this very second. No waiting or name change needed. But that doesn't account for the irrational, emotional, or fanaticism in fan. Edit: BTW my official name suggestion is now Quality Football Business.
  2. He wore the no-tackle jersey for 3 years, then a total of 50 targets before last season. I think he is confirmed low-mileage.
  3. Disagree with this line of thinking, we had throwbacks last year as the WFT, and now we can resume use of the faux textured leather helmet after the new NFL rules. And there's nothing stopping simple tweaking of any of the throwback uniforms (would you use the Spear helmet without the spear... probably not, but the graphics people can get creative, using similar shades and stroke for a new profile of whatever they settle on)
  4. I like that we proved we are again capable of signing one of our own (there was a time in the Bruce era where we extended guys like Trent/Moses/Kerrigan/Reed, that abruptly stopped). Was beginning to doubt we could.
  5. Hey, our man is in the right quadrant. I like it.
  6. On top of that, if St. Juste (or one of the other CB's on the roster) can be as good as Fabian Moreau then we upgraded at CB as well. If he's better than Fabian, then all the better.
  7. This was always the correct course of action. Back to ignoring this ****show of a thread for another 12 months!
  8. Hyperbole, in this thread? Heavens no!
  9. Goddamn this thread is the best. May it never end.
  10. This. A divided fanbase of culture-warring factions where none of the talked about names win and EVERYONE gets way pissed about it will be pretty delicious.
  11. This is exactly where I am at. There's never gonna be a new name that I don't dislike, so I bought a meager pile of WFT stuff that's not gonna get anyone pissed at me before it's all gone.
  12. I think more downfield passing threat can help smooth over some blemishes in the running scheme. But yeah, it needs to have more identity in year 2 or it could become a problem.
  13. I just thought this was an awesome video:
  14. This team is set up to succeed in a big way with the type of average QB play that gives WR's a chance to win matchups. Can't wait.
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