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  1. Is that a... widescreen video letter-boxed to portrait format, then pillar-boxed back to widescreen? This is a war crime.
  2. According to the breakdown I linked to above, Cooley says he is able to be "big bodied", and an admission that playing at the level he did, the question arises did he ever face anyone with true speed. Other than that, everything was really positive, good at reading receiver body language and keying QB eyes, defends the back shoulder well, excellent at jamming at the LOS, his interceptions weren't inflated by flukey tipped balls. But we're talking about a small school prospect who wasn't invited to the combine, so it's probably going to be hard to know if he can hack it at this level until we see it.
  3. Some good breakdown on Jimmy Moreland by Cooley here, 1:32:10 into this... "He is a mother****er..."
  4. Yeah but if the hit rate on first round QB's league wide is 28% or so as the article posted in this thread earlier suggests, and the litmus test for whether or not it was worth the risk is did you blow a first round selection, then at that point you just have to advocate for never doing it. In the current scenario, there will be another first rounder next year, and the year after that. If Mayfield had busted, maybe they're picking Murray this year, or Tua next? I think the fact that we didn't move any other capital to take our shot, and that's all it is, a shot, makes this not the same as the last time we found ourselves with a rookie QB in the opening round.
  5. This is my line of thinking. 1 pick in the middle of round 1 is not the farm, ergo I am willing to take this ride.
  6. He's referring to Russini going on 106.7 The Fan and stating none of the QB needy teams she talked to other than the Redskins had a first round grade on Haskins.
  7. I think this is an easy story to sell because it's believable and in keeping with the local media's recent theme of a desperate and exasperated Snyder re-injecting himself into the team's decision making process as a response to the overall lack of success. We won't know whether it is a true one in whole or in part for a while, and probably not before we know whether Haskins is the guy or isn't, so it's up to everyone to decide where they fall and I can't blame anyone for taking the pessimistic bet when it comes to this team and Dan Snyder. That said, I'll take every nugget like this I can get, and hope it's indicative that the group running our team are, if not on the same page, at least in the same chapter.
  8. I think the upgrade in speed alone is huge, McLaurin is a 4.3 guy and Ryan Grant was a 4.6 guy...
  9. I'm attempting to reconcile some of what we've seen in here that speaks well of Haskins' prospects versus the lower opinion that Chris Cooley has of the selection, primarily because I think he's been good at projecting QB performance in our offense under Shanahan and Gruden. A good start is right here, froma couple of months ago: 18:26 in for the Haskins breakdown: I don't think all of it is unfair, some of it even corroborated by Haskins in the BTN interview (specifically mentions wanting to see his receiver's body language and showing his eyes before the throw, Cooley mentions this in a negative sense). Other issues being criticisms of Ohio State's offense in comparison to a pro system, this he brings up again more recently on Kevin Sheehan's show noting one particular play with a shallow cross and a hook over top of it that they run a dozen times in one game to the tune of 200+ yards that is predicated on WR doing most of the work after catching a ball underneath. He notes that's not really Haskins' fault, and that you'd know more about if he capable of more than that after talking to him. Some noting that a lot of the line checks involve the rest of the team looking to the sideline for the call, but he also clarifies this more recently that it's the same way for every other QB in this draft class so it is par for the course. He heavily praises the production and the arm talent, so it's a mixed bag review. I'd be curious if he got to talk ball with him if he'd come away more impressed, time will tell.
  10. Courtesy of Viking1865 of the Redskins subreddit, here's some more Haskins links of interest: Strong Opinion Sports Film Breakdown: Voch Lombardi Breakdown Brett Kollman PFF. This is Zac Robinson, who was an NFL backup QB and is now on McVay's staff in LA Dwayne sits down with Steve Mariucci. Move The Sticks podcast all about Dwayne with interviews with coaches and teammates. Analysis of his physical throwing motion. Game Cut Ups: Oregon State: Rutgers: TCU (Jerry World): @Penn State Indiana Minnesota @Purdue: Nebraska: @ Mich St @Maryland Michigan Washington (RoseBowl)
  11. Bifflog

    Can we stop pretending now?

    Someone will win the doom and gloom roulette game eventually and start the thread that immediately proceeds the downfall of the season, but considering that it's not the case just yet I wonder what the etiquette is for repeat attempts. Will definitely need to work in shifts.
  12. Bifflog

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    I have no idea how it will play out, but I at least don't see a lot of risk. What are we jeopardizing, upsetting last year's continuity in the run game? It's Guice's job 12 months from now.
  13. This thread is going to continue to be yawn-inducing until someone wagers something interesting...
  14. Bifflog

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    From the horse's mouth... here's hoping. Edit: apparently I'm too dumb to embed the tweet, if someone wants to oblige...
  15. The argument that person A often sides with management of his own team he's a fan of in contract disputes with a player, and the argument that person A sides with all management over all players, are not one in the same. Seems like a re-frame of the conversation (or we were just never talking about the same thing anyway...) Put it this way, no one gives a damn about Dan Snyder or his wallet, if there was a new owner tomorrow, and a new contract to be signed for a player on Saturday, a fan of the team interested in winning would want that contract not to have a crippling effect regardless. Whether fans are 1) good at assessing player abilities and 2) good at assessing contract values versus the abilities of said player is up for debate, but I don't believe this is a hard concept. I don't think you'd advocate that going forward, the 'Skins should just resign every player at 120% market value because hey, who care's about Dan's money.