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  1. this guy seems like another Brooks. A guy players love but not great at Xs and Os. He was Dallas’s DC and their defenses were consistently bottom half of the league Unseld is growing on me. I’m naturally against him because his dad was a terrible GM and coach. However, Wes Jr has earned his stripes and Denver has done an excellent job at player development One of the key things that must happen is that this new coach must bring in a bevy of strong assistants. Brooks’s assistants were terrible and the reason they didn’t fire him midseason was because none of those guys w
  2. I remember watching this game at 5-6 AM in Sweden years back. I was so pumped for GR Jr after his summer league that year. Too bad the guy was a disaster off the court
  3. Stotts would be solid. I think Kenny Atkinson would be quite exciting. It is impressive the number of young players that developed under him in Brooklyn - Dinwiddie, Allen, Levert, Russell and more. I think he'd be great for Gafford, Rui, Avdija and others. Also Westbrook and Beal seem like the type of stars that would embrace his cultural style The Nets will regret firing Kenny Atkinson - SBNation.com
  4. That was Deshazor Everett. I remember that game. He knocked out both Sproles and Ertz with helmet to helmet hits in that game was fined a TON of money the next week while he was on his rookie deal
  5. Releasing Geron is just idiotic. We saw in the snaps Sharpe received last year that he totally sucks. Geron is no starter but would've been perfectly fine as a 4th tackle for the $2M or so he is making.
  6. I’m not feeling great against the Pacers. Yes they are missing LeVert but they get the better player back in Brogdon. This Brissett guy has also been big for them the past month. With Beal hobbled like this, I unfortunately think the season is over
  7. They are going to do him the solid of finding a home sooner. Might mean no pick or a lower pick today but this goes a far way with building credibility with players around the league and doing right by them. Galdi pointed out another example with Kerrigan. Supposedly, he was told months ago he wasn't coming back but the team did him the solid of getting the word out that there was interest in bringing him back
  8. This really sucks. Moses was obviously the leader on the offensive side of the ball. Terry was the captain and leader by example but Moses was the OG who could get vocal and command respect. It's a shame this is coming off his best season. Hope to get a 4th or a 5th at least
  9. If Patterson makes the team and has reliable hands, I’d love to see him get a shot as the kick returner. With his frame and low center of gravity, I can see him being good at it a la Sproles
  10. I hope Ron learns from this and doesn’t go overpay a guy big for one year like he did Scherff. We could’ve had 3 good starters for the salary he is going to take up. He is probably impossible to trade with the $18M cap figure but I wonder if we can move him for picks if we eat half the number and let a team eat the other half. This would also open up enough room for Leno and McCain I would feel very comfortable letting Schweitzer, Charles and Cosmi compete for the RG spot in that event We are going to have to resign a bunch of guys like Thomas, McKissic and oth
  11. I think Dax will have to learn the slot position. He played on the outside last season as Wilson's #1 WR. They actually used him a lot as a deep threat, which was feasible against the UTSAs and Texas States of college football
  12. He should've just declared after 2019. I think the follow up soso 2020 season and surgeries killed his stock
  13. I don’t think you understand how lucky we were last year that Logan stayed healthy for 16 games, especially given his usage. If he goes down, who is the receiving threat at the position? Don’t tell me Reyes, a guy who has never played a down of football. (I’m sure they can use some minor ding ad an excuse to out Reyes on IR. High likelihood he suffers at least a minor injury in TC, playing football for the first time) We can all hope on Hemingway but he hasn’t shown anything to give you confidence to pencil him in on the roster.
  14. A lot of analysts are saying he was overdrafted in the 5th but I haven’t seen anyone make the connection. Jim Harbaugh > John Harbaugh it’s rumored he was Jim’s favorite player last year
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