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  1. You let Roullier go. It’s likely that someone overpays him this offseason.
  2. Martin is playing a bit better too...just not good enough. As many have pointed out, he just doesn't have the play strength for the position. I want to see Charles, Ismael or Garnett (who I thought I did see in the huddle once or twice on Sunday)
  3. As a few have said, I don't think the not using the timeouts is about keeping players healthy. It's probably about protecting the team from finishing worse with a turnover, which is the likely outcome given what Dwayne does if he has to throw the ball over ten yards. Think about it. Did he ever keep his timeouts in his pocket with an experienced Cam down a few scores? You have a good point I am hopeful that this drives Dwayne to play better. He has responded well to adversity over his career. The question is how much better will he play
  4. Not necessarily unless he is deemed a distraction or a cancer. If you draft a rookie in the first round, then yes he is gone. However, if you go trade for a vet like Stafford, it is entirely possible you could keep him on the bench if he behaves well.
  5. Outside of his back injury last year, he has been fairly durable as well. When he's had a good coaching staff around him, he's won.
  6. He isn't and that's part of beauty of trading for him. Because he was an undrafted free agent, we have ERFA rights on him this year and then RFA rights on him next year.
  7. Can’t do that this year with the lack of depth at safety but may be interesting to use him next year as a dimebacker. In today’s NFL, both your safeties really need to be free safeties who are at least solid tacklers. To your point, I’d love to take at least one, if not two Ditto on giving Curl a shot if Apke looks like **** the next couple weeks
  8. Yes you are losing something. You don’t get a fair chance to evaluate the WRs, TEs and OL. While Kyle Allen doesn’t have Dwayne’s talent, neither does someone like Minshew. People also forget that Kyle Allen was the #1 QB recruit his year in high school
  9. I totally get that but they could have put him on IR despite him pushing back on Ron during cutdown day. My understanding is that IR guys can’t attend all the things players on the active roster can
  10. I would love for him to play against the Ravens. It’d be a great learning experience for him to go against Lamar and Ronnie Stanley
  11. We have an out with Landon after 2021. Would save $7M cap by cutting him then. Timely because it’s in time for Allen/Payne extensions
  12. We also need to acknowledge that while it is true Dwayne doesn’t have the best weapons or OLine, they have given him one of the best QB coaches in the league in Zampese and have sacrificed a roster slot to give him another defacto QB coach in Alex Smith. I wonder how much Dwayne is baking Ken’s teachings into his play
  13. This is it. Annoys me people like Sheehan don’t dig deeper into decisions. Kind of tells you how fragile Ron thinks Dwayne’s self confidence is
  14. QB = if Dak hits the market, you make him the 2nd highest paid QB in the league after Mahomes. If not, get Stafford TE = Jacob Hollister + draft pick LT = Okung/Reiff LG = Charles RG = draft pick or move a tackle inside WR2 = Corey Davis? LB = draft pick FS = Marcus Maye
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