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  1. method man

    Next Coach?

    I think you are overrating the quality of his rosters. Keep in mind that he had backwards people like Gettleman and Marty Hurney building his rosters in a 1990s style. Always thought it was idiotic they spent so much money on DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, neither of whom was an elite back. Because of that, Cam never really had great receivers to go to outside Olsen. You can argue that this season is arguably the best skill talent they have had between CMC and their young receivers - unfortunately, no QB to take advantage of it. On top of this, while Carolina has always seemed to have a good to great front 7, their secondary never really matched up in terms of talent (except maybe 2015 when Norman balled out). Another reason to like Rivera is the guy has experience running both 4-3 and 3-4 defenses. Give him a better chef and let's see how he does
  2. method man

    In what way is Kyle Smith GM material

    Schaffer, as a salary cap guy / lawyer, is more of a commodity than someone who can assess personnel like Smith. In that sense, if you have to choose one, you choose Smith. You could also go with a paradigm where Schaffer is President and Smith is GM so both guys get title bumps I also have to say that this 2019 draft, even if Haskins doesn't pan out, could shape up to be one of the best drafts this team has had in the Snyder tenure. You already have 2 hits in McLaurin and Holcomb. These two will be bedrocks for a while, assuming health. On that, how often has this team found bedrocks after rd. 1? On top of this, this team likely hits on Sweat and Harmon with year 2 upside coming from guys like Wes Martin and Bryce Love once they get opportunities
  3. method man

    Do the Redskins have a future guard in Flowers?

    As much as we knock Scherff, his PFF rating has been the highest of all the OL. Sure, he is not playing at an All Pro level but he is still the best OL on this team
  4. method man

    Do the Redskins have a future guard in Flowers?

    I’d bring both Scherff and Flowers back. We are going to have a ton of cap room and would use it to overpay mediocre PRichie types if we went the external route anyway. Set up outs in both contracts after 2-3 years are up so we have flexibility to cut either once the guys from this draft class are up for FA. Moses has played a bit better recently - I am curious to see if he’d do well under another OL coach. We need to see Christian get all snaps this point out to understand if he is a starter here next year at either LT kr RT. If not, then it becomes important to find a guy
  5. Lock just got activated and Rypien was let go to make room for him woodrum was nothing more than a camp arm. Probably wasn’t going to make the practice squad either.
  6. On another note, why doesn't this team cut Colt tomorrow and sign Brett Rypien to fill that no. 3 spot? Colt clearly has no future here and Callahan does not want to play him. It'd be worth signing Rypien to get a look at him as a cheap long term backup for Haskins. If he sticks, then this team doesn't have to spend a Day 3 pick in the draft on a developmental arm
  7. I disagree. I think the Lions game is the first one where Callahan shortened the leash on KOC. Let's evaluate how he does from here on out. The Lions game was encouraging for me when it comes to playcalling for him - Haskins was simply missing a number of open guys. I'd let Greggg or whoever else is the coach interview him
  8. method man

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Does anyone have an estimate on how many comp picks we are picking up? I believe the only guy that hurts us in the formula are Collins and Flowers. Everyone else we picked up was a released player or someone signed late in FA. Given the size of Preston’s and Crowder’s contracts, I think we are due a couple mid round comp picks (Collins offsets one of these). Probably another one for Nsekhe and Flowers offsets HaHa. We will need these given no second round pick this year
  9. method man

    Cole Holcomb nominated for ROW

    The issue with Cole is he is terrible in pass coverage despite the speed. Hopefully he improves over time. If we are sticking with a 3-4, I don’t know why you wouldn’t give Ryan Anderson more reps at ILB to see if he has a long term future here. At the very least, he will be great at run defense
  10. method man

    Next Coach?

    Brian Daboll is certainly someone this team has to consider for the gig. It's amazing how he's been able to make something out of nothing this year - player by player, you could argue that their skill talent is on par with this team's. He may also be one of the few who would feel confident about the challenge of taking on developing someone as raw as Haskins as he is doing so already with Allen. On top of this, you can tell that he is highly regarded in coaching circles. He has spent 14 years coaching under either Belichek or Saban The challenge would be to find a creative defensive mind. Maybe Daboll could pull in Pete Golding, another Alabama alum, to coach the D
  11. method man

    Next Coach?

    I would love to have Gregg (don't forget the second "g"!). He showed last year that when you pair him a good offensive mind, positive results can happen. This can be KOC if Callahan stops making him run the ball every first and second down (given that he has coached under Jay for a number of years, I honestly feel that what we saw in the 4th Q is more how he'd call a game) Make Kyle the GM and give Gregg final say on personnel decisions if needed
  12. method man

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    It's not like Gregg was putting up a true garbage time defense either. He was still bringing the pressure late. I think Dwayne figured some things out late and KOC was finally able to call his sort of game (something tells me it is not KOC who is leading the charge to run the ball every first down). Lets hope it comes down from the top that Bill leave KOC alone when it comes to playcalling
  13. method man


    I think this second half playcalling is what KOC’s offense is supposed to look like
  14. method man

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Curious if the Browns would swap Garrett for him this offseason
  15. method man

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Issue with Chase is he is one dimensional. Great pass blocker but bad in run game. If they resign him, pay him per that