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  1. Is this a Kyle Allen type injury? Feel terrible for him. He won't get to work on his game in the offseason either
  2. No. I ultimately want to trade the 1st for a 2nd this year and a 1st next year if possible to have the firepower to move up.
  3. At the end of the day, something has happened with running backs recently where the 30 year age wall from the 90s and early 2000s has become a 27/28 year old wall. When I am drafting a RB, I want to get someone with a clear line of sight to contributing for the next 10 years. In baseball, folks use WAR and some folks think through cumulative WAR. I want to maximize cumulative WAR with a 1st and taking a non-RB lets me do that. That is just silly. Trent is an example of a god type LT due to his elite athleticism. That elite athleticism allows him to go 1 on 1 all day with e
  4. I'd be pissed if we took Etienne instead of any of the guys you named in your next tier.
  5. Supposedly he is one of Harbaugh’s favorite players he has had
  6. It makes all the sense in the world to go get Daniel Fells. As a former basketball player who carved out a long pro career and still has it as a great blocker, he'd be a great mentor to Reyes and is a legit TE2
  7. On Galdi's podcast, the PFF analyst could not stop raving about him. Said that WFT fans should pray they can land Fields. In the PFF database, he ranks as a top 5 prospect over the past 5 years. Personally, I'd take him if he is there at 19 but wouldn't give up real assets to move up to take him
  8. Agreed. The opportunity cost is a potential starter. In this draft, it could be a Z receiver
  9. Loved the intro to It's Dark and Hell is Hot
  10. You guys keep glossing over the fact that @86 Snyder has suggested that they go sign a back on the cheap over drafting Najee. Signing Alfred Morris on the minimum as a backup for Gibson and to compete with Lamar Miller is a better option vs drafting Najee There is also always a trade partner for the #19 pick in the draft. The question is what are you willing to take back. My bar for the return is lower in this draft than most drafts of it means multiple rd 2 and rd 3 picks. A number of rd 2 guys in this draft will become Pro Bowlers or longtime starters at the minimum
  11. We do already have that in the DC area with Ted Leonsis’s bozo son Zach playing a big role with the Wizards and Capitals
  12. The more I've dug into it KJ isn't really a MIKE. He never had great speed - his plus tools are his football IQ and length. It makes him a great fit at SLB or as a 3-4 ILB but it's tough for him to make it work as a 4-2 or 4-3 MLB in today's NFL
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