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  1. The question I have that no one is asking is that now that Rob has joined as a position coach, is there is a possibility we can get Rex out of the booth to replace Manusky? This has to be an attractive job for him in that if Gruden gets fired midseason, he'd be first man up to take over as the HC
  2. method man

    Starting QB 2019???

    I am fine with taking a flier on a guy in rounds 3 and beyond, someone like a Thorson or a Grier. Best case, you've found a guy you can build on. Worst case, you have yourself a backup for the next 4 years - backup QBs in the NFL are not cheap so this could be a way to save cap to use on other positions
  3. method man

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If we trade our first for either a 2nd/3rd this year and another first next year, we'll be in excellent position to get the QB we want next year (if we finish with the #10 or #11 pick for the 2020 draft, we could package the 2 1sts for Tua or Fromm). If we suck enough to get Tua or Fromm with our own pick, we can use the other 1st on grabbing an elite WR prospect like a Jerry Jeudy
  4. Good news is that there are a TON of safeties in free agency...a deep class that is bolstered by all the guys that signed 1 year deals last offseason. Furthermore, Reuben Foster and SDH are certainly not slow. Anderson is not very athletic but has the brains to make up for it to be a solid SLB
  5. You are off base regarding what the interest level would have been for Kitchens. I think you would've seen the Cardinals, Packers and Bengals all go after Kitchens had he hit the market
  6. method man

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    I've been advocating for this as well. The other thing to think about is that, given the depth of the 2020 QB class, it would pay off here to suck as much as possible.
  7. method man

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don't think Pleasant is some sort of big loss. That secondary, with all the talent they have, has underachieved this season
  8. It's likely that Crowder, Smith and HaHa all leave because there will be teams out there with the cap room to give each one of those guys big money deals, especially Crowder and Smith. Peterson and McPhee are two who would count toward the comp pick total if they were to leave. If we were not to sign any other team's UFAs, that potentially means at least 3 comp picks coming our way in 2020. 2020 seems to be a loaded draft for offensive talent in general - the QBs have been getting a ton of hype but the receiver class looks deep as well. Jerry Jeudy, for example, looks like he is going to be a #1 WR in this league. It'd be great to have the draft capital to trade up for a WR or a QB (if we don't invest a 1st in one this year) Thus, I would keep the focus on released players in free agency. I would focus on guys like Johnathan Cyprien, Nick Foles (if there is a magical way to create enough cap room), Kelechi Osemele and Janoris Jenkins
  9. method man

    Switching to a 4-3 in 2019

    I think you are thinking Sapp / Booger haha and yes. I think the guys that are significantly better off in a 4-3 are Allen, Payne, Kerrigan and Anderson. Payne & Allen because combined they will face fewer double teams. Kerrigan is at his best rushing the passer - he is not a good run defender or in coverage so let him focus on what he does best. Anderson would be better off as a SLB in a 4-3 - he is a high football IQ assignment based player with average athleticism. He's better off spending more of his time defending the run / focusing on covering TEs than rushing the passer
  10. method man

    Switching to a 4-3 in 2019

    The only guy who doesn't fit a 4-3 better is Ioannidis, simply because he doesn't have a position. He is actually optimal trade bait - 1) he has shown he is injury prone, 2) he is in the last year of his deal and is going to get very expensive & 3) has shown inconsistency (no sacks since the Giants game). It'd be worth looking into whether a player for player trade can be made for someone that can help in the secondary...maybe Jalen Ramsey RDE: Open - would need to grab someone in the 270-280 range as the guy who plays this side is traditionally more of a runstuffer (these guys are Renaldo Wynn / Philip Daniels types and are generally cheap) DT; Payne / Settle DT: Allen / Brantley LDE: Kerrigan / McKinzy WLB: R. Foster / Harvey-Clemons MLB: Hamilton / Vigil SLB: Anderson / ?
  11. method man

    ProFootballTalk : Zach Brown On This Organization

    I remember one of the beat guys, maybe Russell, noting ZB was the guy on the team DJ was tightest with. So this is not surprising
  12. Listening to various Redskins podcasts over the past couple weeks, it seems like everyone in the media is worried about the hole at safety. When you look at the list of free agents, you shouldn't be at all. If the market for safeties from last year holds, you will be able to get 2 starters for the price of how much DJ is going to cost the Cardinals next year. Iloka and Boston would be two solid pickups you could get for a combined $4M a year. Iloka/Boston/Nicholson/Everett/Apke isn't spectacular but is rock solid and deep
  13. method man

    Lock up Josh Johnson now

    As we saw in the Jacksonville game, JJ is clearly better than some backups in the NFL today. I absolutely want him back so that I at least have someone to root for at QB next season If I am choosing between JJ and Colt, I am choosing JJ. He will be cheaper (Colt has a 3.5m cap hit) and is less injury prone. There needs to be a push to get rid of the injury prone guys this offseason (Reed, Thompson, McCoy etc). They wreck our season year after year
  14. method man

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    Montae had 2 concussions last year, including one where he got knocked out cold. Concussions have been shown to raise the level of impulsiveness for many victims coincidence or not?
  15. Such an easy guy to root for. Would've been one of Gibbs's core Redskins if he was still here. Either way, it looks like he ended up with his favorite team growing up.