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  1. thegreaterbuzzette

    Stand Up to Harvard

    Seriously? Alpha Kappa Alphas Phil Beta Sigma Those 2 groups alone are HUGE!!!!!! Plus all the diversity in non-traditionally African American or Multi-cultural groups?!?!?! Your perception isn't the norm anymore, it's the exception.
  2. thegreaterbuzzette

    Stand Up to Harvard

    Sorry folks, I thought I had this set up to alert me if anyone posted. And clearly I failed at that. Interesting to read everyone's opinions so far. Is the issue that frats/sorors are same-sex? Because as someone pointed out - So are sports teams. Also, my sorority was very diverse social-econmincally, racially, religious, and sexual preference, even gender identity. I also would not have been nearly as philanthropically and Leadership involved without going Greek. And our parties. We had very strict rules we put on ourselves that NONE of the non-Greek parties on campus had. There are for sure things that need fixed in collegiate Greek life (I still volunteer to help them as an alumni). But I dont think this is the solution. My fear is that this will force the greek orgs to go secret society...and we've all seen that movie....
  3. thegreaterbuzzette

    Stand Up to Harvard Interested to get people's perspective on the #StanduptoHarvard movement. Feel I will get a much broader opinion base asking here.
  4. We agree on that! I always shudder when I hear "lets lower taxes!" from politicians (I know, confusing with my political party choice) Same reason even though I choose not to have kids, I always vote in favor of items that increase public education. It makes a better society and a better life for me! I could start an entire thread on how education shouldn't be tied to property taxes alone.
  5. I'm confused at if your reference is saying the article was anecdotal junk or those of us posting our experiences are anecdotal junk? In all honesty both are really. I graduated college in 2008, right smack dab in the thick of it. My first post-college job paid a whooping $12 an hour even though it required a secret security clearance. I get it. I then moved to Guam as my husband was military. Took 3 months til I finally got a job paying $8/hr with guarantee of 0 hours a week and no benefits or paid leave. But I knew I had to start somewhere every time I relocated. I get my anecdotal experience isn't everyone's. But I've also seen so many that started at min wage, with a few years of solid work ethic climb the ladder quite quickly. It happens a lot. It may not for everyone, but by reaching out to the right resources, it can be attainable. If anyone is reading this, and wants help on how to attain their goals - I'm happy to help! You didn't. But their taxes are INSANE. And if the majority of US population is for their taxes being 70%, then as a democratic republic, let's do it. Unfortunately I don't think people would be on board with that. Those other countries, that has ALWAYS been their norm, so there's no change curve to compete with.
  6. I'm not sure if you are reading my posts with a very skewed mindset or what....I just went back to look at my posts referencing Millennials : "Why are millennial incredibly strained financially? I'm a millennial. What makes millennial so special that they can't be financially set too?" Those were legitimate questions, as I don't like when people try to say this generation is so handicapped and incapable. That opinion is out of empowerment, not derogatory. I think any generation has items you can point to about how they were harder or easier. all other posts mentioned Millennial, because it was reply or referencing someone elses' comment. Not to single them out.
  7. em·pa·thy /ˈempəTHē/ noun the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. I believe I have more then explained that I have empathy for others. There's a difference between what I believe is the root cause of an issue and how I would treat someone in the situation that needed help. When you are presented a problem and expected to come up with a solution, the process to do so - and the outcome may be very ugly. In no way represents how someone with that problem should be treated. I was diagnosing & hypothesis a cure, not providing care. Very different philosophies.
  8. Yes, I was searching so I could copy the ENTIRE thing I said. Very suspicious that my last sentence was selectively used. What I said was, that company's are informing the people. But because the laws are changing so fast and so much recently (and the company's want to get that out to their employees), the employees are being overloaded with information and are naturally (we all do it) just ignoring them. This was not to flame the employees, but the system. I agree there needs to be a better way to get the word out. But when law/judicial rulings/policies are changing so insanely quickly these days. Employees are getting inundated. it's a total catch 22. Most of the new laws and rulings have specific deadlines to advise the employees and specific language. And the language reads as nicely as IRS tax code. Good employers SHOULD be making that information more digestible and having their HR department clearly used for good and informational reasons, not just the place you go to get fired.
  9. oh I have some. Security+ certified in my very early 20s, while working for a huge gov't contract at I believe one of, if not the largest (at the time) data centers in the US. But I am very rusty in it now, I'll admit. But one of the industries I work with a lot now is tech. Lots of block chain companies as we speak. oh and what I would do in the situation of the article : if I was HR - I'd of documented any and all conversations the employee had with me and ensure they signed off on it. if I was the employee - I'd of document any and all conversations I had with any managers or HR and ensure it was sent via email for later If I was the employee's co-worker - I'd advise them to go to the many resources and to document everything. Perhaps you missed it in my previous posts. What is outline in the article (if true) is 100% not ok, inexcusable, and reprehensible. I hope it is fully investigated and if true the employees are paid BANK and the employeers, HR, Managers, are never allowed to find employment where they supervise others ever again. It is stories like this that are why I am so passionate about my job, and helping those not educated in their rights - know them. I've many times helped complete strangers via forums and fb groups draft letters to their employers or agencies as needed. As well as given advice on what the rules were and were not.
  10. First, your Dad sounds amazing, and how I live my life. But let's take a different look at your walking into a manhole analogy. For 5 miles I've placed "warning manhole" signs, a mile out they had flashing lights. 100 yards out they had audible alarms too. As they approached the man hole opening I explained to them the reasons it was bad to proceed walking forward. Seeing this was futile I chose to make the man hole entry (giggle) as pain free as possible (double giggle) and placed pillows and padding at the bottom so their continued ignorance resulted in the least amount of pain. They stepped thru the open cover and fall anyway. But again. I repeat this for all the people doing the same behind them. Just because I question their logic and say they should do better, does not mean I stop trying to change the path of the next in line. Again, we are not in a cut and dry world. One belief does not effect my ability to still help.
  11. Well gosh, I really expected the first reply to be attacking me for something. Thanks for proving me wrong. I actually dont think our opinions are far apart.
  12. O wow. I don't even know where to begin - Firstly, since this thread appears to be my initiation and intro to this forum..... I'm a registered Republican, yes. I'm an anti-trumper. I'm socially liberal but fiscally conservative. I'd be third-party if some of their opinions/platforms werent super crazy. I'd be an Independent if my state didn't have closed primaries. This last election I voted almost all blue. When the first travel ban occurred, that night I grabbed a friend and went to a local Mosque for a potluck to show compassion and friendship. So please, dont question my character or limit me to what you think the GOP represents. Now that this is out of the way. I don't sit on my soapbox and judge or blame others. I also don't sit on my hands, shrug, and say "guess theres nothing I can do." I actually am very philanthropic to help others - be it animals, the Special Olympics or human trafficking victims. I will do anything and everything I can to help someone who needs and wants help. I however, have very little patience for those that refuse help or continue to do the opposite of that suggested from others. Now my job, I'm only saying this because you said I'm basing all this off only my limited personal experience and bubble. I have 15+ years of HR experience stemming from private sector, publically traded, government contractor, and both appropriated and non- appropriated government. I am certified and in pursuit of my MBA with a concentration in HR as well, while simultaneously obtaining advanced six sigma and PMP certifications. Why do I say all this.....because it means I know what In talking about. I currently support a company that works with 20000 small - medium size businesses and my job involves getting into the nitty gritty of their policies and procedures., I feel like an @$$ for having said all that. But do not EVER try to define me based on my political party or say that I'm not where I am because of hard work, integrity, and grit. When you say someone is only where they are due to priviledge and luck - it also allows you to say someone else is only in their position out of bad lucky and have no accountability of their own. Saying someone needs to help themselves is not the same as saying that government and huge corporations have no accountability. There is plenty of blame to go around. We all have a part to play. We don't live in a world of absolutes. But we also shouldn't only cater to the lowest denominator. The end.
  13. Jobs that ask to see grades....that's a very small list as well. Most just care that you graduated with a BA/BS. And speaking of different paths. There are non college paths that make tons of money. Again, back to choices and priorities.
  14. Quite contrary- there are multiple paths. And no one path works for everyone. But sitting in a circle with eyes, ears, and mouth closed is not a path. Yes, there are people that do all the right things and still fail. Heck I'll even give you does MOST of the right things and still fail. But that population, I'm willing to bet, is much smaller then you actually think. I notice most of the counter arguments on here have been some version of "I worked hard, know rights, am successful in life - but that's not fair to assume for everyone" but no one is speaking up to say "I made sound, reasonable life choices, tried hard, worked hard, educated myself - and still got the short end of the stick".
  15. You misspelled common sense.