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  1. thegreaterbuzzette

    The Impeachment Thread

    Uh huh.....was coming here to post. Some of us were actually busy with work.
  2. thegreaterbuzzette

    Clue: Survey: What Do Women Look for in a Long-Term Partner?

    I did. The pups are now very angry. Also....I think I'm offended?
  3. thegreaterbuzzette

    Clue: Survey: What Do Women Look for in a Long-Term Partner?

    All of this. Men seem to have no concept of their penis size relative to "average". Every penis I've ever "Encountered" was no noticeably smaller or larger than the next. Maybe I've just been lucky, but I've never seen what I would consider a small dick. I've also never seen a KING KONG penis (except in porn) and would probably run away if I did. Also news flash - 75% of orgasms are not from your shlong isn't the hero of the night anyway. You notice what didn't make the list? Men who are convinced they know what women are thinking more than the woman herself. Also not on the list, men who think women are too dumb to be able to answer a survey honestly. Get outta here with this crap. hahahahahahaha. I'm surprised sense of humor wasn't on the list. Honestly it was your witty sarcasm that could keep up with mine that did me in. and our puzzle pieces seem to fit perfectly together to me!
  4. thegreaterbuzzette

    Clue: Survey: What Do Women Look for in a Long-Term Partner?

    and how'd that turn out?
  5. Yup, that goes back to that image I first shared. Economics have a habit of not doing what they were supposed to. And each side manipulates it to say what they want. There were more than 2 things on that poll. Everyone wants to point to other countries that do this.....but never want to discuss what their taxation looks like. I actually dont "work in HR" I work for a company who specializes is HR and Payroll Services. I am a business consultant and project manager. But I guess you're right...having analytics at my finger tips of what a few thousand SMBs do really gives me no insight to what's going on in the world. I'm clearly just an uneducated simple woman who clearly needs to know her role and let the gentleman who just want to measure their **** speak. My apologies. Exactly, these phased roll outs- which 100% I understand the why - end up just leaving us exactly where we started. I think there needs to be a definition of what jobs qualify for min wage and which qualify for living wage. And then those wages are reviewed annually to account for inflation and automatically adjusted. If this is done accurately than it would follow that we could get rid of a huge chunk of subsidies. We need to fix the illness, not just the symptoms.
  6. @Larry did a pretty fantastic job of explaining why city level is not a fair representation of what a fed min wage hike would do. Its apples to kiwi. I didnt quickly walk away. I clarified. As my original post indicated I read thru over 10+ pages to get up to speed and tried to post replies, clearly too quickly. I used "taxes" too broadly, and you folks kept me honest (which I appreciate). Very similar to how folks call pretty much all non-healthxare deductions from their paycheck "taxes"...when actually UI and OASDi....arent taxes. While I believe if many of the Dems plans are implemented taxes will probably account for the majority in the loss of true/real wealth that any increase in min wage will bring....inflation, passed thru cost of goods sold, etc will also have impact. I've never heard of any company outside of an educational institute having an "economics department". You really come off as a condescending jerk. When you have no rebuttal, why not attack the person who has real world experience and a pulse on what a lot of SMBs are doing? For the record, I'm not totally against raising min wage. I dont even hate higher taxes. I just want us to implement smart plans and not just throwing a bandaid on something or just getting a good sound bite for votes.
  7. State level isn't exactly the same a micro....but I get what you are asking. A few points : 1- states with min wages above federal level are not double....which is what $15 would be 2 - compare the maps....higher min wage = less tax friendly. There is a clear correlation here, and I would argue causation. tax map- Min wage map- 3- even beyond taxes, additional cost of goods sold would be passed on to consumers making things cost more money .....when min wage raised at the state level this does not occur as much, due to large corporations being able to absorb these costs more easily or not having plants/large offices in states with higher min wage (aka work of lobbiest) 4- see photo attached, this illustrates a very important concept for economics. Do you mean finance? No, but if I did that would only give me the perspective of the company I work for. Instead, up until a few months ago I worked as the consulting partner for our clients helping with hiring/staffing/payroll decisions. Essentially had a seat at the boardroom table with a steady stream of 100-999 employee companies.
  8. I expanded on my initial haste comment what I meant by taxed. Meant more the overall net to net. Which is exactly what "reduce total real (inflation-adjusted) family income in 2025 by $9 billion, or 0.1 percent." it is indicating that raising of min wage would result in no true "gained wealth" as other items within economics would increase in parallel. other than what politicians are telling you - what is your background in micro/macro economics and studying of corporate financial docs?
  9. makes some great points.
  10. I work for the largest payroll/hr outsourcing firm in the world. So there's that knowledge. Let me expand, in haste to get that out after reading 10 pages. "Taxed" should read inflation, tax, healthcare premiums, minimized hours/lay offs/etc
  11. man, you take a long weekend off to sell your house and come back to 10+ pages of great convo. Meanwhile @TheGreatBuzz sits around eating pizza and walking the dog. Exactly, do people realize what they save in student loan or health care premiums will instead come out in their taxes? So same arguement - Trump is not GOP?! Wait a minute..... Don't forget that $15/20 an hour will be taxed to the point that take home pay is MAYBE pennies above what they net today. One of his better traits. On another thred we were told people like us are few and far between. That swing voters dont actually exists. Believe this is why people keep trying to tell @TheGreatBuzz that he will end up voting for trump in 2020. Believe the plan is already in motion at Area 51. Follow up question - are you still in favor of all of these collectively if your tax liability triples? Make the people taking the poll have to vote what programs to remove to get the money needed to implement these. Yes this is anecdotal, but it happened. As I walked into 2018 mid-terms a husband walking in front of me with wife "you remember who I told you to vote for right?" Made me sick to my stomach on so many levels.
  12. thegreaterbuzzette

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    I'm still registered Republican *ducks and runs* Here's my reasoning (no particular order except for #1) - 1- laziness. 2- ability to vote in primaries and vote moderate republican 3- in Hope's of magical encounter with Trump where I get to give him the business and when he tries to call me a lefty I can slap him in the face with my voters registration card 4- not wanting to admit that Trump has forever ruined what the GOP once was I remember this night vividly. Your face was defeated and perplexed. I grabbed a friend and found a Muslim community center that was hosting a potluck (planned prior to ban) and just sat with them to show support. Amazingly....we were 2 of 15+ people in RED RED RED florida panhandle that showed up for the same reason. You didn't go because you didn't know how to proceed since active duty. Conspiracy theory alert. Dr. Ford's accusations were somehow a weird plant. Purpose to ensure Kavanaugh knew 1st hand that false accusations are possible. In the event Epstein thing actually goes to trial, convicted, yadda yada....and it goes to SCOTUS.....he now has insane sympathy and anger regarding his own accusations. Wonder how quickly @TheGreatBuzz messages/calls me and tells me he changed his mind and I'm not allowed to share ES with him any more....
  13. thegreaterbuzzette

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    You are forgetting one thing. If HRC had won, Trump wouldn't have gone for a walk in the woods and laid low. (IMO Hillary has been a good loser). Yes, he has "power" now....but could you imagine what his rhetoric would be without the limited muzzle he does have now? He'd be catering to his "base" worse than we see today. Especially once he convinced them he was cheated. And you know Russia would still be helping. And remember his base likes guns......
  14. thegreaterbuzzette

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Quote me if I said that.... I said "just as bad". And the answer to your question is $$$ for both.
  15. thegreaterbuzzette

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Actually what I claimed is that in my opinion, it is very likely that had HRC been elected our country would be in just as much disarray and likelihood of bad things happening would be just as likely. I'm not disagreeing with any of your points about how horribly catastrophic him being elected is/was/will be for years. I'll repeat, it was a statement used to prove the point that both sides can point to a singular narrative to make a point. Hillary did not single handedly lead to his capture just as Hillary is not singularly at fault for the multiple deaths in Benghazi. But the person at the top gets the credit/blame.....always.