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  1. @redskinss you've received some great advise so far. A few bullets below at a high level, I am happy to elaborate on any should you/she have questions : *for the schedule of classes, list them chronologically too, this helps them to see the timetable better and how expenses are allocated. 100% agree with a separate page and including fees and incidental expenses. *the tricky part here is the short (2 year) time frame for such a high $ amount above their typical tuition reimbursement *the art of "the ask" is to ask for all you want/need on the initial request. Do not sh
  2. But most of those that eventually got elected werent ahead in the polls at that point. Maybe it's nothing, my gut tells me it was "something".
  3. I am still pretty shocked she dropped out so early. I think there was something big that she was protecting from being released. I'm technically still a registered GOP. And people find it shocking I'm a huge Warren supporter. If she gets the nomination, that will be my vote (as of now). But apparently I'm a drunk, so I guess it makes sense that I make no sense.
  4. Question - which direction is "better"?
  5. So this dude getting removed from office or what?!
  6. Um.....ima let you have your moment. You got some demons to deal with. Ima go back to my fun Saturday. I'll let you have this one pass, because I know you are dealing with stuff. But call me out my name again, and you will not be offered the same courtesy.
  7. Can I help you? And WTF with the drunk comment?
  8. What are you suggesting is the "obvious wrong" here? Allowing non-American citizens to train along side our troops? What are your thoughts then on the non-Americans that enlist? Or the Iraqi fighters that serve alongside our troops in the Middle East?
  9. Question ——why is the focus on insurance costs and not healthcare costs? If doctors and facilities charged a reasonable price for procedures, meds, diagnostics.....wouldn’t the system fix itself? highly recommend the “Adam Ruins Everything” episode on healthcare. It explains how we got to our current state. spoiler alert - it’s not the republicans fault.
  10. I'm writing my MBA thesis on the airline industry and I can say with certainty price is the absolute determination of airline ticket purchases. The things you mentioned are sometimes a thought, but ultimately it is a solely price driven utility when it comes to personal leisure travel.
  11. I find these things written purposely. Therefore, Constitution takes precedence. 1 - it is mentioned 1st 2 - it has no qualifier 3 - President and superior Officer orders are mentioned second 4 - POTUS and Officer orders have qualifier “according to refs and UCMJ.....”
  12. Note to self...do not read over your husbands phone at a bar and make your counterargument prior to him submitting the post.... ....or so I'm told.
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