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  1. Confirming. I am the Girl Scout broker. @TheGreatBuzz knows to never lie on me. In writing.
  2. So you just admitted the use of hyperbole. This is why your conversation isn’t wanted here. Because you just throw out nonsense [read: lies], and hope they stick. We’d all love a smaller defense budget - but it’s more then just saying “cut the budget”. The how’s and where’s matter. You need substance to these arguments, not a catch phrase. ————— totally agree that we sucked at readiness for tech and cyber security. We are playing catch-up there. The sign up and retention bonuses were very large from what I’ve heard. at the end of the day, this needs to be done intentionally and methodically. Dropping the budget at random isn’t going to fix $800 office chairs for an entire data center (yup). I personally think we need to overhaul the govt contracting procedure. Make it easier for SMBs to bid and cut out all the $$$ that just goes to Rytheon and BAE CEOs.
  3. No clue who you are bud. Don’t recall any of that. But sure it was warranted if needed. anyway - care to respond to my actual questions or are you not here to explain your stance?
  4. Just pointing out China and Russia were mentioned previously in this thread. I wasn’t the first to suggest them. Also, just pointing out that I had other questions asking which country he’d prefer took over America. Further pointing out - THATS the part you felt the need to question?
  5. Dafuuuuk? I can’t be a part of a conversation because my husband posted first? what a sexists and further proof of your ignorance. at least I know you’d be the coward when the new nation came a’ knockin. “Take my mother, take my wife, leave me!” **Buzzette has enetered the chat**
  6. Just, wow, I haven’t read something so selfish or non-logic based in a really long time. So if the US just stopped “policing the world”, how long do you think your “better life for Americans here at home” would last? What language would you like to speak, what flag would you be ok pledging allegiance to? What better health and education system do you think China or Russia is bringing you? Which of your female relatives are you most willing to share with the tyrants?
  7. Was that the class that told you about half way thru your career to marry a rich college graduate chick?
  8. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRLTNAbh/?k=1 They really are all saying the quiet part out loud now….
  9. Oh it was a spectacular sight to see too. Needless to say, I then dropped to my knees thanking @The Almighty Buzz for his service! MAGA guy went to the corner and cried.
  10. @The Almighty Buzz 👌🏼👈🏼🫦🏝🛥 In all seriousness, this sh*t is a freaking miracle Med. This needs to become legal, yesterday. I was down for the count with major neck pain going into my eye today. 1/4 of a gummie and 30 min…..healed.
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