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  1. I'm going to bump this and get slightly controversial with it. Volunteer firefighters are overrated. Genesis of this was from probably 10-15 years ago when I lived in the Lake Ridge area. I was at a stoplight, two lanes wide, probably six cars deep, when a fire truck came up behind us. Puts on its lights all of a sudden, cars get out of the way, everyone stops in all directions so they can get through. As soon as they were through the intersection, they shut their lights off and continued on their way. No hurry, no speeding, they just didn't want to sit and wait with the rest
  2. What's the best website/app these days that's pretty "low cost/low hidden cost" just to throw around some "screw around" money? Not a lot, so a place that doesn't charge for account minimums would also be nice.
  3. For as much as I watched Saved by the Bell as a kid, and I watched a ton of it, the memory I'll always have of Screech is when I flipped on Celebrity Boxing and watched him beat the piss out of Horshak. Rest in peace.
  4. I seem to recall there was rumblings about Michael Vick coming to Washington, post-dogfighting. Aside from the fact that he wasn't that good anymore, it would have probably angered a lot of the fanbase.
  5. The one I'll cop to is Christian Hackenberg, which I've already explained in other threads. Man was I wrong about him. My call out is for certain Virginia Tech fans. I got into a giant argument with a few of them over a decade ago about who was producing better linebackers, Penn State or Virginia Tech. This was around the time Penn State was putting guys like Paul Pozluszny, Sean Lee, and Navorro Bowman into the NFL. I got to hear about how much they sucked, while certain posters talked up Xavier Adibi and Vince Hall. Predictably, those two did jack and **** in the league.
  6. I don't agree so much on the crab legs, but I definitely agree if you were talking about whole crabs. So much freaking work for almost no payoff. Part of the issue is that I didn't grow up near the ocean and it takes me forever to take the stupid things apart, while also cutting myself on the shell. My wife, who is from VA Beach, can wreck an entire plate of crabs before I'm done with one, it is actually scary to watch. I love crab, but I really hate working that hard for my food. One of my fondest ES tailgating memories was when an old poster who isn't around anymore, Capt Ric
  7. I think I'd rather pile on than make my own. Regarding Queen, I feel like way about almost every "arena rock" band or 70's band with a following. Queen, Grateful Dead, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd...I enjoy the music but there's nothing special about any of it to me, that entire genre seems to have missed me. Completely agree on Ken Jeong. My wife and I were just talking about him a day or two ago. He's awful beyond the Hangover. Terrible standup...at least he's a judge now on one of those shows, but I think he'd be of more service to the country if he went back to being a
  8. If I had to guess, I'd say it is between us and the Colts. Many of the teams up there that could absorb the cap hit are going to draft their own guy in April. 33 million for a 32-33 year old QB and giving up picks is absolutely not what Bill Belichick has done, ever, in New England. I don't see that happening. Us and Indy. Though I thought I read somewhere that Rivera tended to prefer mobile QB's, one-legged Alex Smith notwithstanding. Maybe I read it on this forum?
  9. I dated a girl in college whose last name was Glass****. She hated that name and could not wait to get married and lose it. Just an in-general sentiment, she wasn't a stage five clinger or anything. My last name isn't funny at all.
  10. Well, with Pat Freiermuth leaving for the NFL, the top three tights ends at Penn State next season have last names of Strange, Kuntz, and Johnson. I'm not making this up.
  11. Still nothing? Maybe he really is in a snit because he can't pardon himself or his kids and he isn't going to do for anyone else? Too hopeful?
  12. I remember reading his stuff growing up as a kid, mixed into the comics sections. White mates in three moves and stuff like that, not that I could ever figure it out unless the other side played really stupidly.
  13. So anyone else throwing money at the lottery? Shoot, you get your pick this go around, both Mega Millions and Powerball are enormous jackpots.
  14. Well that was interesting, I thought my feed had frozen.
  15. Anyone else think the person who has to keep saying "The xxxx reserves....the xxxx is recognized" has got to be really bored, losing her voice, or both?
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