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  1. Folks know I'm a pretty big Penn State fan and I'm going to go ahead and throw cold water on the whole Theo Johnson thing. I would stay away unless it is day three, definitely not in the 2nd round like he is now being projected. I don't care how he tests, he disappeared for long stretches of games. He had 12 total TD's and less than 1,000 yards receiving for his entire career at Penn State. In some instances, he just wasn't the primary option, like the year everything went to Jahan Dotson. But this past season, Penn State had a weak WR core and were breaking in a new QB. You'd think this is where the TE would thrive, but it just didn't happen. Johnson also had a tendency to drop passes. For me to remember that someone has issues dropping the ball, it has to have happened enough times to stick. Maybe he's a good blocker, I'm not the type to watch a ton of tape and go back to see how well the TE blocked. This guy has workout warrior written all over him. The other TE Penn State had in their two TE personnel, Tyler Warren, was far more dependable. For reference, several years ago Penn State had a TE named Mike Gesicki who was also around 6'6" and a former volleyball player. The guy could jump out of a stadium. Penn State had a red zone play where they would essentially lob the ball in his direction near the goalpost and he'd go up and get it, sometimes with one hand. Gesicki has been in the league for years as a journeyman without a ton of success, but the point is, if Theo Johnson was that great at leaping and catching with his size, Penn State would have had the same play in the playbook for him, especially as a safety valve with a young QB, and it wasn't in the playbook because he isn't reliable. Also, and I only bring this up because I pay a bit more attention to what folks on here say about PSU players than others. There were a number of people on this board who didn't want Micah Parsons under any circumstances because he might have been involved in hazing his teammates. I'm aware he didn't make it to our pick but if he had, I'd bet most of those same people wouldn't care after the seasons he has put up, unless you're really loving the Jamin Davis experiment. I say this because the Parsons stuff was alleged. Theo Johnson was actually convicted of assault last summer. Didn't like being asked to leave a party and punched someone in the face. https://www.psucollegian.com/news/campus/penn-state-football-tight-end-theo-johnson-sentenced-for-involvement-in-february-assault/article_cd7d0d4a-1760-11ee-b30a-0f44b2780190.html Now oddly, though he was suspended from team activities for awhile, he was named a team captain prior to the season so who the heck knows, but if you're one of those people who only wants the most pure of character, take him off your boards. Edited to add, I'll root for the guy. I generally want to see PSU guys get drafted and succeed since it helps with recruiting, unless they go to another NFC East team. But I wouldn't invest a pick in him and I wouldn't bet any of my own money that he'll have a good career.
  2. I think someone forgot to tell The Rock it isn't 2000 anymore and this is supposed to be a more family friendly program.
  3. Pretty much the same general opinion. Two cars ago, I did all the research and spent hours arguing with the dealer. Even pulled my phone up to various websites that explained the fees and why most of them were bull****. And this was over a new car (but previous year's model) to they were trying to get rid of. Last car, my wife and I drove out to West Virginia and bought a car from Capt. Kaos (rip) which was much more pleasant, since we were friends, they had a car we wanted, and he basically told the finance lady to just get the papers signed and not waste our time trying to sell us nitrogen tires and other ****. Much more pleasant. We'll probably wind up doing the CarMax route or maybe look into the Costco auto program next time. We might pay extra but the lack of aggravation has to be worth something.
  4. Wondering what the current odds of something getting passed this time around.
  5. This board hasn't had a good Anthony Mix argument in a long time. I'm here for it.
  6. I checked the GoFundMe...1 million after seven days. They're going to need to pick up the pace.
  7. You guys see the Rendon story? You don't expect that from pro athletes since they're being paid millions to play a sport, but he said what millions of people feel about their own jobs.
  8. I don't remember this, though it does sound like something I'd have said in my younger years, and I'd still agree that's a fire-able offense.
  9. Must resist temptation to set up fake GoFundMe on Trump's behalf....
  10. Did anyone have "Travis Kelce tabbed as a potential future domestic abuser" on the Twitter bingo card?
  11. Hey, my father was from Altoona, born and raised. Of course, having visited there a number of times, I'm willing to subscribe to your idea.
  12. Has this joke been made yet? If it has, I'm making it again since this is oddly catchy, and I'm about 75% sure it is about drugs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klWzVuxdygg
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