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  1. I'm not even sure what to say at this point. I'm watching but I've mentally punted on both levels of football for this year.
  2. I saw a blurb that Donald Trump Jr. tested positive for Covid. Was that a false headline?
  3. So I just joined twitter, probably for lame reasons, and it's noobie question time. How the hell do you filter out all the "promoted" tweets from people you don't care about?

    1. MattFancy


      Pretty sure you can't. You can click on the X in the upper right hand corner and make it go away though

    2. Forehead


      Yes, I've already done that 100 or so times. I need some sort of auto zapper.

    3. Passepartout


      I love Twitter. Been on it for a year!

  4. Why does my daughter have to share a birthday with Nerd Christmas?

    1. CrypticVillain


      *Geek Christmas!

    2. CrypticVillain


      May the Fourth be with her. :D

    3. Shiv


      Star Wars themed birthday party?

  5. Anyone know if there's an FM ESPN station with a *good* signal? I may be out for a run for part of Thursday and I'd like to listen in on what we're doing.

    1. Forehead


      My IPOD mini doesn't always pick up radio as well as I'd like, so I need something strong.

    2. Rex Tomb

      Rex Tomb

      92.7 FM or 94.3 FM

  6. You know what freaking rules? Firehouse subs.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mr. Sinister

      Mr. Sinister

      I'm also in for he brisket &cheddar. Good lord its so good

    3. skinsfan_1215


      Cheddar brisket is also my go-to. Their meatball is really good too.

    4. skinsmarydu


      Yep, meatball is mmmm...extra cheese please...mmmm...

  7. I'd like to thank Ommegang Chocolate Stout for making the past 3.5 hours pain free. Hope you gents had similar medications.

  8. Is Google photos a better option than Photobucket? I'm looking for a place to just dump everything from various phones, laptops, an old computer, etc. I'm not worried about security, there aren't any nudes, just what's the best organizer that's also free?

    1. HapHaszard


      I've been using Photobucket for years, works for me.

    2. Stugein


      imgur is nice too. Straight forward and you can organize everything into albums if you want.

  9. If they ever make a movie abour Kirk Cousins' life for some reason, I'm just assuming Owen Wilson will have the lead role. Fix his nose and they could be brothers.

    1. mbws


      Or Daniel Tosh. They kind of look alike.

    2. ultravin


      lol. he reminds me of a young jay shroeder, before he was balding.

    3. clietas


      Was telling my friend last week that KC looks like he could be Cooley's younger brother.

  10. I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

    1. HapHaszard


      Bilbo I knew you were a skins fan

  11. I'm at the pizza hut, I'm at the taco bell, I'm at the combination pizza hut and taco bell.

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    2. SWFLSkins


      We have LJS and taco bell, but you can't get a fish taco there, go figure'

    3. skinsfan_1215


      Cheese clogs you up, taco bell gives you the runs. Sounds like the perfect combo, might actually not completely destroy your stomach.

    4. Passepartout


      I love Pizza Hut and Taco Bell!

  12. Is the Skins offense at Threat Level Midnight yet?

    1. Mr. Sinister

      Mr. Sinister

      "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife" level

    2. lindaann


      So glad that we now have Jackson to work with RGIII. I think we should have a great start running with our new coach. I am anxious for this coming year. Go SKINS

  13. Much to Jumbo's chagrin, I've learned how this works. And while I was on the crapper no less. How appropriate.

    1. Boss_Hogg


      Take ES to the crapper all the time.

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