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  1. Forehead

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    I've touched on this before, but I'd like to see important bowl games played in cold weather cities occasionally. Part of this is from getting sick of hearing "SEC Speed" all the time. Some of it came from being annoyed that the SEC won tons of championships in a row. Some of it was from observation...watching Wisconsin pound Miami in multiple bowl games, when Penn State beat LSU in a bowl game years ago when it was pouring rain, etc. I think this has changed to some degree because man does Alabama have some horses on their D-Line, but historically, the SEC has been a speed conference, while the Big 10 has historically had a reputation of running the ball, big O-Linemen, smash mouth defense, etc. But a majority of the fancy bowl games are in warmer weather. And I get it, that's not likely to change because warmer weather draws more fans, more alumni, etc...but I'd love to see some of these SEC teams be forced to play up north in December and January and see what happens. I'll bet the results might skew the other way a bit, I've seen it happen when the weather isn't optimal.
  2. What program are you guys using, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. That's pretty sad. Adobe has all the tools you need in one spot to do it correctly. What were they doing, just putting shapes on top?
  4. Buzz, FYI, at least there's this. The Senate approved back pay today and Trump indicated he'll sign. House I believe already approved. Now we just need them to let us work again.
  5. Forehead

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    You mean 2021 when Trevor Lawrence is eligible. I think I might willingly endure 0-32 for the next two seasons if it meant drafting him. Hopefully we'd still have some pieces from the smoking ruin to build around him.
  6. Both sides have already said they'll pass legislation to pay everyone. Doesn't mean it will happen, but even the GOP is on board with it, and I'd be more worried about them. On a related note, as someone who has made a point of paying my CC off every month and other bills every month, I've had to make calls I hate making to the bank and CC company. Just in case calls at this point, but man does it look like we're headed for a long one.
  7. Forehead

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    Well, no one replied or quoted me, but I think Haskins will be a bust. I thought I was pretty clear about it. However, take my ability to evaluate QB's with a grain of salt. I used my blue and white tinted glasses to talk myself into believing Christian Hackenberg would have a decent pro career, mainly because he did really well the one season he was in a pro style offense, and because he was willing to stand in and take hits. I was clearly wrong there.
  8. Without a doubt, McConnell's entire focus is consolidating Republican power. If throwing Trump under the bus would result in the Republican party getting a majority in both houses, he'd do it in a second. My mother was a lifer for Agriculture and USTR, and apparently dealt with McConnell's staff on a regular basis (this was a few decades ago) and half-jokingly said all he truly gives a **** about are the bourbon and race horse industries.
  9. I've joked about this with my wife. I've thought about doing a social experiment where I keep changing my birthday on Facebook so that it shows up as my birthday every Saturday, for a year. 50-52 times. And keeping an Excel sheet or something of which "friends" wish me a happy birthday over and over without even realizing what's going on. I haven't done it because I know I'd forget eventually, but I think the results would be hilarious. Anyway, my kids are eight and seven now, and this is one of my worries. I can relate my experiences on the usual kid problems but social media wasn't thing until late college, and my early career. And I'm a late adopter when it comes to this kind of thing anyway. But yeah, growing up, you either got into a fight if you were angry enough with someone, or people might say things, but it got back to you because this anonymous platform didn't exist. I don't know, maybe the answer is to have them stay off of it entirely and explain to them that anyone posting anonymous stuff about them is too much of a coward to be bothered with. Then again, it is a lot easier to have that kind of attitude when you're an adult and no longer having to deal with being a teenager.
  10. I'm in your general area; 1st and K NE.
  11. What in the hell is he talking about? Those unbelievable vehicles that cause so many migrants to be stranded in the desert?
  12. Forehead

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    I'm going to vote no. Now admittedly, my sample size is pretty small, I only watched two Ohio State games this season and they clearly weren't where Haskins looked his best. The first was the Penn State game, naturally. Haskins numbers look okay in that game, 22-39 for 270, 3 TD's and an Int, but the real story was how the game played out. Prior to the game, some Penn State guys who had played against Haskins in high school talked about how he was weak mentally and didn't like being hit. Why they chose to say it publicly, who knows. However, they backed it up. Penn State's defense knocked the snot out of him all game. And what I saw from Haskins for the majority of the first three quarters was a guy who was running away, throwing off of his back foot, throwing floaters or immediate checkdowns/screens to avoid getting hit, and getting a lot of catch and run yardage. However, Ohio State's defense was really, really good...and Penn State's offense didn't move the ball for the entire 3rd quarter. By the 4th, the defense was exhausted and Haskins was able to throw a few TD passes and pull out the come from behind victory. I will give him all the credit for hanging in there, taking a beating, and winning in the end, but what i saw for most of this game was a guy who I don't think will hold up well when professional players are hitting him constantly. I have been far more impressed by what I saw with Tua, and this Trevor Lawrence kid. Ignoring the throws he's making at age 19, what impressed me most about Lawrence was the way he stayed in the pocket and delivered passes knowing Alabama was going to drill him. I did not see that from Haskins in the Penn State game. The only other Ohio State game I caught was the one where they randomly got boat raced by Purdue. The box score shows that Hasking threw for 470 yards but I don't remember him at all, I mostly remember Purdue's running back and that one slot receiver shredding the defense. Haskins stats don't lie, but the TL:DR version is, I was not at all impressed with what I saw in my extremely limited sample size, and I would not spend any resources to move up for him.
  13. Oh, what was that stat about drug deaths and Americans killed in Vietnam? Was that one accurate?
  14. Here is one thing I'll give him, he seemed to stay on the prompter instead of going off on random tangents. That being said, as someone who is currently furloughed and in the know of what he's claiming...he's full of ****.
  15. She's probably a 7 or an 8 on the Wilbanks scale. The Wilbanks scale is something I trademarked after the Runaway Bride story where the woman self-kidnapped to avoid getting married. Because she was a clear 10, I named it after her. For reference: I don't think anyone else will ever achieve a 10, but as I said, I'll give kidney-sushi woman a 7 or 8.