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  1. So while I played baseball for 20 years and know the game, I'm not as up on the financial aide of things. Is all this deferred money going to kill us down the line? I know Scherzer and Stras are have deferrals, and they tried the same with Rendon. At some point, does that start counting as dead money on the "cap" the Lerners have. Because it seems like enough deferrals would force the team to be gutted down the line when all the bills come due.
  2. I don't think so. I just remember there was a picture of him in training camp and the due was jacked. I mean beyond normal NFL jacked, and a portion of this forum convinced themselves he was going to be a serious contributor because "look at his arms." I mean I don't blame anyone, I've lived through the other three examples I listed, all of which were worse, but McCune had a brief following himself.
  3. I'm ashamed of you justice. You've been around long enough for all the practice squad heroes this team has had, and the fanbase has attached themselves too. Mix is tall. Cult of Colt. Marko MItchell is a hidden gem. You don't remember people convincing themselves that McCune was going to be a great linebacker because of his biceps?
  4. At this point, I'd consider the 2nd pick gone and focus on number 3, which means rooting for Miami to beat the NYG. It is just much more likely that we cement at least #3 going that route. As ****ty as our division is, we can't count on the Giants beating Philly week 17 because Philly is at least still in the race and should be much more motivated. As much as I hate to admit it, rooting for Dallas might be the only path we have to getting the #2 pick. If the Giants do beat us but lose to Miami, we need Philly as unmotivated as possible in Week 17 when they play the Giants. That means Dallas beating Philly and locking up the division in Week 16. I might have to hold my nose for this one.
  5. I'm subscribing to the Bill Simmons five year rule, that makes this hurt less.
  6. Forehead

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    I'm guessing an LSU-Clemson final, which isn't really a reach. Leading up to the Penn State - Ohio State game (one of the times I really pay a lot of attention to Ohio State) the general consensus was the only way Ohio State would lose would be turnovers (which happened) or one of the few weaknesses the team showed, which is that as good as Fields is as a QB, he holds onto the ball too long. It bore out to some degree, he got sacked a few times and fumbled a few times, but Penn State wasn't talented enough to take full advantage. I'm guessing Clemson is going to hit him a lot and he'll make a few mistakes. As good as Ohio State's defense is, I'm envious of how much offensive talent Clemson has. I don't think it will be 31-0, but I wouldn't be surprised if Clemson won by 10 points or so, a 34-24 type game. I don't think Oklahoma can hang with LSU. The top three teams are pretty clear at this point.
  7. No offense, but whatever that is you posted has little and less to do with determining SOS for draft picks. It is simply the number of wins of your opponents divided by the total number of games played by your opponents. We currently have the edge on Miami, .483 to .490 (lower is better in this case) if the OP is updated. What I don't know is if the OP counts teams not yet played. When I used to do this, I would count the records of all the teams everyone had yet to play, since those games were going to come in anyway. It paints a clearer picture. If that has already been done, we're in pretty good shape against Miami. If it hasn't, they could be an issue. Both teams play the Giants so that's a wash. Our other teams are Dallas and Philly (combined 12-14 record) while theirs are Cincy-New England (combined 11-15). So MIami is "picking up a game on us" currently as future opponents go, unless those teams have already been factored in.
  8. I've gone through a lot of my life thinking most modern and conceptual artists (both the artists themselves and the consumers) are knuckle dragging morons. This story does nothing to change that.
  9. I'm happy to see this, for sure, though if I had to pick one of the two, I would have rather had Rendon. Everyday player being more valuable and all. Really hoping Lerner's thing about not being able to afford both was a smokescreen.
  10. Atlanta winning was the only real good thing that happened so far as it gives us a cushion there. New York winning tomorrow would make the whole week worth it. Cincy losing today sucked as it basically put #1 out of reach. New England will kill them next week and even though their last two games are MIami and Cleveland, it is hard to imagine them winning both.
  11. Forehead

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    All things considered, I think the right four teams are in. I might have flipped Clemson and Ohio State as 2 and 3, though it doesn't really matter.
  12. Forehead

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    That was Penn State's argument. Understand I'm not sure that Penn State deserved to go either, Big 10 champion or not. Losing to Pitt ever disqualifies you in my book. Losing to Michigan by 30+ isn't great either. I was just annoyed that it was Ohio State that got to go in our place. I would have rather seen the Big 10 shut out (even though the 5/6/8 teams were Big 10 teams) than send Ohio State.
  13. Forehead

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    Same thing happened to Penn State in 2016. They beat Ohio State, and beat Wisconsin in the Big 10 championship. Ohio State still went to the playoffs. Penn State was their only loss, while Penn State had lost to Pitt out of conference, and been blown out by Michigan. One loss non-conference winner got in over a two loss conference champion. If Wisconsin holds, it'll happen again. I know a lot of Penn State fans were bitter about it in 2016, and it was gratifying to watch Clemson shut Ohio State out in the playoffs.
  14. Forehead

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    I did not expect this start to OSU - Wisconsin....
  15. Forehead

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    I'm always leery of the Big 12. I know all conferences are supposed to get a fair shake but I really hate the fact that defense isn't a thing in that conference. I think Oklahoma would probably get curb stomped as well. I suppose they're the best option though. Besides name recognition, everyone after them is flawed and already has two losses. Barring a Georgia victory, I suppose I shouldn't discount that possibility. No way LSU would drop out.