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  1. I guess the question is, is this a large enough voting bloc (and is this enough of a concern to that voting bloc vs. beating Trump) for Amy to...I don't know if weaponize is the right word, but motivate them enough to keep her in the race. Make them see themselves in her, and how she's responded to Buttigieg "stealing" what she's worked so hard to achieve. Thanks for the other responses above on the delegates. I should know these things at my age, but the Republican s-show last cycle was such a reality tv show that I barely paid attention to anything other than the debates, and prior to that, I never really tuned in until the candidates were chosen. This is the first time I've seriously paid attention to the decision making process leading up to a candidate being selected.
  2. I actually missed the last debate. I had CNN on in the background while I was doing something else, and just figured it would be on late since it was a few hours behind, then realized it was on another channel after the fact. I've been a Klobuchar supporter the whole time but I missed the meltdown. The most interesting take I read might have been a (WaPo?) article saying that Klobuchar's best chance going forward is to resonate with all working women who have had an Ivy League educated, male co-worker who was underqualified and/or lazy but always got the promotion over them because of their ties with the boss, etc, despite the woman doing a majority of the work. The article made it seem like every woman in the corporate world has dealt with this in their lives at some point. Maybe it's true, no idea. I work in the government and my office is majority women, I'm actually the only guy in management. But I could see this resonating with women who fought their way up over the last 50 years. Ultimately though, it feels like a major reach, and she may need to think about winding it down, while I need to figure out who I'm going to move my support to. This is the first time I've really paid attention to this, but how does a transfer of delegates work. Let's say Klobuchar sticks through Super Tuesday but doesn't perform well. She take Minnesota and qualifies in a few other states and winds up with some number, lets say 100 for arguments sake. She decides to support Biden. Does she alone get to say "my delegates go to Biden" or is there some other mechanism, a recalculating of previous votes, etc.?
  3. Forehead

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Rui is an asshole, that is all.
  4. But then HR gets all huffy when you ask them what it is like to live life as a God damned moron.
  5. Forehead

    2019 - 2020 NCAA Basketball Thread

    I'm trying to figure out what world this is where Penn State is about to be ranked in the top 20.
  6. if she somehow finished 4th ahead of Biden, she'll stick around awhile. You never know who might wind up being the compromise candidate if you have two larger factions that can't agree and a 3rd person hanging around waiting for an opportunity. Don't know if she has the cash to do that though. As far as the caucus thing goes, I admit this sucks but a small part of me would like to experience it once. I don't know if I'd want to go through a full day of listening to people badger me about why I should switch to their side, but to by a fly on the wall while it is going on, could be interesting.
  7. I think Klobuchar is outperforming expectations based on what i'm reading, but going from 8% to 13-15% still doesn't translate to much long term.
  8. I feel like the more I'm reading here and on twitter, the less I understand of this process, and why it is being used. And that's coming from someone whose preferred candidate appears to be performing better than expected.
  9. People need to watch out for AK-47*, making her move! *Saw the nickname on twitter, I'm going with it.
  10. I just opened this for the first time and I want to make sure I got this right. A white guy started a thread about how offended black people should be by something, except black people aren't offended and it got sort of awkward, but saved with jokes? I love this place.
  11. Ugh...Sanders. The one candidate that might make me question who I vote for or whether to vote at all.
  12. Forehead

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    God this sucks. I didn't like the Lakers at all but you respected that man. Whoever said this was Roberto Clemente for this generation has it right.
  13. Well, I thought Klobuchar had another very good debate other than that one enormous flub where she forgot the name. And honestly, that wouldn't have even been so bad if she hadn't begun with "My good friend." That made it worse. Otherwise, I thought she made the same case she always does, but she can't seem to get about 6%-8% anywhere. Zero interest in Bernie Sanders. Biden seems lost half the time. I like Mayor Pete but he'll get zero support from the South. Steyer was irrelevant. I guess if Amy can't get any traction in the Iowa caucus I might take a harder look at Warren since she's ceding the far, far left to Bernie and trying to moderate herself slightly.
  14. Are you surprised. Look at the enormous penis he gave himself. It goes halfway down the side of his lounger. Full disclosure, at first I thought he gave himself a tail since he didn't draw it as "anatomically accurate" as the breasts he gave the stick figure women.
  15. If I remember correctly, when it happened, someone on this board said they knew Hughly somewhat growing up, playing pickup football and things like that. Again, I'm going off memory, but I believe they said he was always "that asshole" who hit people hard during pickup games and that he had the stereotypical sad rich kid upbringing where his father made a lot of money but completely ignored him or didn't parent him at all, something like that. Anyway, kid can rot.