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  1. Forehead

    Covid-19 Stimulus Packages - Details and Discussion

    Feel kind of bad bumping this with everything else going on. China's above post is correct, we almost threw ours out. We got a debit card which looks for all the world like a scam offer. For one thing, my name wasn't correct, it was hyphenated like my wife's name. I've never filled my name like that ever. For another, online research said these debit cards were going out to people whose bank account information wasn't on file with the IRS, we've been e-filing for a decade or more. The only reason I didn't throw it out immediately was because the card itself was a legit plastic card, not one of those fake paper ones you get with other offers. We didn't have much on it, just used it to buy groceries for a week. My question was, do I need to keep it? If there is a second round of these things, are they going to just load it on the same cards, or are they going to send new ones?
  2. Forehead

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Yep, team #22 out of 22 teams. We're officially the NBA equivalent of team #65 in March Madness.
  3. Forehead

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Well, putting aside the ones who have tools to destroy things, I'd guess mostly things like bottles of water for washing out their eyes when they get tear gassed.
  4. Forehead

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Not really, my original post was expounding on why Trump is indeed a racist. He hasn't simply said he dislikes black people, a prejudice. He has a long track record of discriminating against them as a landlord, denying them equal opportunity. That's racism. Racism has to utilize some sort of unequal distribution of power, "the system" benefits one race over another. The Central Park lady is a perfect example. She called the police and intimated that an angry, aggressive black man was threatening her. Didn't matter if it was true, she knew that a white woman in peril reporting a black male was going to have the cops running to save her. This is not a tool black people generally have in their arsenal.
  5. Forehead

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Yeah sorry, Trump is a racist. And this is coming from someone who does feel that "racist" is thrown around more often than it should be. A lot of folks don't seem to understand when prejudice becomes racism, and when it doesn't. Even if you ignored Trump's crap since he became President, his track record as a landlord in NYC removes any doubt. This is also why white folks don't seem to understand why "reverse racism" doesn't actually exist. A black person proclaiming that they "hate white people" or that all whites are awful folks is basically equivalent to a white woman crossing the street because she "doesn't like the look of those black kids" or things of that nature. That's still prejudice, regardless of how angry the speech might sound. Until that same black person can mobilize that angry speech into denying white folks mortgages they're qualified for, or are running a company and throwing Chad's resume in the trash because his name sounds too white and they don't "need another problem" they aren't crossing the line into racism. I admit, it took me awhile to learn the difference, but it is a distinction worth learning. You can grow up poor and white and without the same advantages of a Jared Kushner, but until you get red-lined out of a neighborhood or have to worry about leaving your house because you're white and a weaponized group of black policemen are out on the streets, you aren't experiencing nearly the same thing.
  6. Forehead

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    I think someone already mentioned this, but with law enforcement distracted in the cities, how have groups not gotten together at Trump's golf courses and invaded? Dude doesn't care about rioters, rights, but if you start ****ing up his putting greens, he might pay attention.
  7. Forehead

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Most of what I'm seeing, based on posts here and twitter stuff, is police spraying tear gas and firing rubber bullets. This is going to hit another level if protesters start arming themselves and firing back. I've never been tear gassed so maybe it is just that debilitating, but it seems like in most cases, the police are outnumbered at least 10-1. I'm shocked the crowds haven't rushed them after one of these escalations.
  8. Forehead

    The Quarantine Thread

    Statins generally regulate your cholesterol levels. My family has a terrible heart history so these babies are pretty helpful.
  9. Forehead

    The Quarantine Thread

    Had a socially distant neighborhood street party today, the street was even chalked off in six foot sections so families would have their own area. The highlight was some food called a fatty-something, I forget the rest of the name. Cooked bacon and Velveeta layered on top of a layer of chorizo, then rolled up and held together by a bacon lattice. Let's just say it's a good thing ol Forehead took his statin pills ahead of time.
  10. Forehead

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    Harry and Harriet Homeowner were from Hechinger advertisements, I have some memory of that from when I was a kid.
  11. I'd bet on Fox News, especially if the McConnell types toe the same line. Fox loved George W. Bush but even he recently said some "not nice things" about Trump and suddenly he was a RINO. Trump is a useful idiot, I'd bet on them convincing the masses to discard him once he's no longer useful.
  12. Been saying this for awhile...if this next election winds up being a bloodbath for the Republicans, I'm going to watch to see how quickly Fox News and others turn on him...that Trump wasn't a "real Republican" and the party shouldn't be held responsible down the line for what he did. Guaranteed those talking points are ready to go just in case.
  13. Forehead

    "The Last Dance" - '97/'98 Bulls

    Probably just as well they pretend those two years didn't happen. Watching this put the Kwame Brown thing in a new light for me, seeing how Jordan went after Scott Burrell and other teammates. Given Jordan's ability to find a slight in the smallest thing, or even invent them, I'm now convinced that he went after Kwame because Jordan had to draft someone the the #1 pick and wasn't allowed to draft himself. "What do you mean I've been in the league 15 years? I want to draft myself #1 overall...**** it, that rookie is dead meat." After watching the way he invented slights for people talking to him, not talking to him, I'm not eliminating this as a possibility.
  14. Forehead

    "The Last Dance" - '97/'98 Bulls

    So when do we get the part about Jordan's glorious two years with our Washington Wizards?