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  1. I saw somewhere that early voting in Fairfax County is up 315%. This county, along with maybe 1-2 others, essentially nullifies the entire red areas of the state. It will never be California, but I don't see Virginia going red again for a long time.
  2. Not that I want to come up with more things they can do, and forgive me if this has already come up. Let's assume Biden wins and the Democrats take four seats and have the Senate. What is to stop McConnell and the Republicans from re-passing the 60 vote requirement during the lame duck session, so that they can stonewall later?
  3. Telling about some of the quotes, like McConnell's stating "The winner of the November 3rd election will be inaugurated January 20th." Essentially setting up for the fight that Trump will be leading on election night but mail in votes will take Biden past him later on. But that's not November 3rd anymore.
  4. Has there been any new news about the lines in Fairfax County? We were going to go yesterday but after the news reports from last Friday about it being four hours, we figured we'd hold off for a week or two.
  5. I had to google image Kate Comerford Todd because that sounded familiar. Turns out I've helped coach her daughter in soccer a few seasons recently. Very nice family. Still wouldn't change my mind that this needs to wait.
  6. Interestingly enough, the number of justices has gone up and down in the past. So the question is, can the positions only be eliminated when someone dies or retires, or can it be eliminated by decree? Meaning say Dems were to add people to the court now, and there's tit for tat over the years and we're up to 31 justices, and at some point, cooler heads prevail and agree on both sides to reduce it back to nine. Do they just pick 22 and tell them to retire, or do they have to wait for the justices themselves to make that decision?
  7. Well, I was going to come say something snarky about seeing whether McConnell would stick to his words, but I see he's already managed to make his intentions clear. Unlike Ginsberg, the country will not mourn the loss of him when it is his time.
  8. Being a Penn State fan, I loved watching Micah Parsons play, the next guy to carry on the linebacker U tradition. Sad that the Big Ten decided not to play, and then Parsons opted out anyway so he saw his last college snap. A shame, he was very much the betting favorite for multiple awards. I'd love to see him in our uniform. Who is the other potential 1st round guy at the position?
  9. Regarding Kilerbee's post earlier....if he loses, right wing media can blame Biden for forcing service members to pay back social security withholding? That's about all I can think of.
  10. The MAGA hat kid from Kentucky is scheduled for tomorrow, according to the Wikipedia speaker list. And holy crap, have you seen some of the speakers the RNC is trotting out over the next few days? Dana White? Rudy Giuliani? Scott Dane, who actually has a note that says "Not to be confused with a similarly named criminal."
  11. My post from last year still rings true. My kids are now 10 and 8 and have graduated to other obnoxious twits, and I still don't like any of them. Also, I would call him a Youtube personality, more of a podcast guy, but like many fans of 80's and 90's wrestling, I enjoy a good rant from Jim Cornette.
  12. I did think "I know a predator when I see one" followed by a five second pause while staring at the camera...well, that was loaded.
  13. It isn't the calmness, it is things like the roundtable just not with Eric Garner's mother and the others. He sounds forced, scripted, and not really inspiring. And honest, this isn't just Trump hyperbole, Biden doesn't always sound completely together. But as I said, it won't stop me from pulling the lever, he's still significantly better than the alternative.
  14. I wish Biden was more inspiring, just listening to him worries me. I'll still crawl through fire to cast my vote though.
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