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  1. This reminds me of an old baseball story I read. I used to have a collection of books about the baseball Hall of Shame which were wildly entertaining. One of the stories I remember was about this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Chiti He was traded to the New York Mets for a player to be named later, and because he was so awful, the Mets sent him back, essentially trading the guy for himself. This is a little different as Vanacek might actually be a good player eventually, but it was the first thing I was reminded of.
  2. I'm not happy, but the team gave us a WS two seasons ago, so I'm not full on depressed. I can't even be mad about Strasburg, he's one of the main reasons we got one. Sucks, but hopefully we keep Soto on a long term deal and load up for another run in a few years. Be interesting to see what sort of pieces we can get back.
  3. Tom Wilson got engaged. I looked her up...I salute you Tom Wilson.
  4. I saw McGregor claiming a titanium rod in his leg would give him an advantage over his opponents. Hey, it worked for Narcissist Lex Luger in the early 90's when he used a loaded forearm to make a run for the WWF championship.
  5. What seems odd to me beyond the assault part is that his wife and her friends were going to a "Magic Mike" show (I'm taking a guess at what that is based on the movie) at the same time they were renewing marriage vows? Maybe I'm old fashioned but those two things don't match up to me. No idea what sort of club he and his friends were going to. Also, if they were going to different things, why did he have to wait for her?
  6. I mean if we're being honest, it starts with "Nicholas Cage in..." and I'm pretty much willing to believe anything that comes afterwards. Almost nothing would shock me, so why not a swine-centric version of Taken?
  7. I'll say this much for Durant, I didn't see him actively signal for the bodyguard to run onto the court, I think the guy did that on his own. Still not a great look though.
  8. Why can't people come up with normal names like Loseitall? What the hell is Semaglutide?
  9. Any of you early-mid 90's wrestling fans notice that Boston was playing the Razor Ramon theme during the penalty review?
  10. Anyone know what happened? Very sad to hear. I was never in the cult but that will live forever here on ES.
  11. I finally got my first shot on Tuesday, no real side effects other than a sore arm, it was like I had gotten a tetanus shot or something. My second one is scheduled for Memorial Day. This is probably the most I've ever looked forward to getting shots in my entire life.
  12. Why you gotta be stealing from my signature?
  13. He hurt his hand punching the other guy in the mush so many times.
  14. Interesting, because Parsons was a DE in high school. He converted to LB while at Penn State because he fit better there size wise, and they needed the LB help.
  15. Is it too late to offer an opinion. I'm going C+/B- for now. There was nothing splashy about this, though I keep reminding myself that good team who draft later have solid but underwhelming looking drafts all the time, because they already have star pieces and are just reloading. Hope that's the case here. Personally, I would have done it differently, and I say this with the understanding that one pick change probably changes how several other teams react. I liked the positions we hit but would have done them in a different order. Assuming the same availability, at every selec
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