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  1. I have enjoyed this ride with all of you. I pray that it continues.
  2. Careful, he'll punch you in the face for that. He really will, in case you missed it.
  3. I'm too honest to charge for it when I can barely pay attention to what I'm supposed to be doing. (and it's just straight time)
  4. I was doing work (no worries, OT pay) while the game was on, but I am not getting anything done.
  5. ....excuse me one second while I go to the St. Louis Cardinals forums...
  6. Someone post that "stop, he's already dead" Simpsons gif.
  7. I'm starting to feel a little bad for them. Just a touch.
  8. You know what's great about that. Before the series started and people were wondering who was going to be Pete ****ing Kozma this time around, my money was on Kolten Wong. He has not hurt us with his bat and hey, fielding errors are fine too. Glad to be wrong.
  9. Corbin says, I ain't the weak link mother****ers!
  10. Is something going on tonight? Lot of excitement around DC but I didn't think people cared that much about the Democratic debates.
  11. I said I'm not familiar with this kind of success...I'm very familiar with how the Redskins treat us.
  12. Man, between the Caps two seasons ago, the Mystics, and this team actually coming through in the playoffs...I'm not used to DC teams who don't rip out my heart.