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  1. Bloodborne.... Game of the generation.
  2. Have you played Sekiro? You have to completely deprogram everything Bloodborne made you learn. Shields up? Nope. Quickstep? GTFO. "You have died."
  3. Drank beers with Danny Carey and the rest of the guys from Pygmy Love Circus years ago. Super down to earth guy on top of being an absolute hulk of a human being.
  4. The new Tool album leaked last night.
  5. They gave us Victarion's version of Euron. Damphair shows us the real Euron you're referring to.
  6. They cleaned out the Tyrells to pay the Iron Bank and fund the Golden Company.
  7. Ashara Dayne was probably the biggest alternative to R+L=J. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Ashara_Dayne
  8. Definitely not a button masher. The combat is similar to the swordplay in Bloodborne.
  9. Code Vein (Anime Souls) is rumored to be releasing this summer.
  10. And David is about to unleash the fury.....
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