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  1. I wholeheartedly disagree that the football analysts are better. Honestly, singling out ESPN, their analysts are downright terrible. It's especially annoying that they're all overly opinionated, but I guess that's because that's what they are paid to be. I just hate how football commentators on ESPN/Fox/CBS/NFL Network pretend to be an expert on every single aspect of the game when it's blatantly obvious that they don't know the intricacies of it. I actually like Keyshawn Johnson and Ditka though. Funny interaction between those two. Even if you grow up watching or even playing football, it's
  2. I thought I remember someone saying we'd be wearing them for home division games. If so, we will be seeing them on Sunday
  3. Back in highschool I loved it when we wore white on white. I also liked when the Skins would wear it (although a lot of people on here HATE it)
  4. Like others have said, there will be another alternate jersey like the throwback uni's you mention that the team will wear a few times during the season. They will wear these every other game though, the normal jersey but with a 75th ani patch
  5. If this is what the jersey will look like...Im almost definitely going to get either a Campbell, Landry, or Taylor
  6. I'm not saying that this WAS a direct result of roid rage, Im just saying that many in the media will certainly present that as the case. Its known, or it should be known, that steroids do certainly have many very strong negative effects on some people. I was just trying to say that this adds evidence to the case against steroids and its effects on users, even if there is no direct link
  7. It certainly adds a lot of support to the case against steroids and how they can destroy someones life, especially if toxicology reports show that he had it in his body
  8. Im glad Im not an NFL quarterback because if I was there would be a million threads like this about me. God forbid getting wasted one time would stick with you for years and years haha
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