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  1. willmb5

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I wholeheartedly disagree that the football analysts are better. Honestly, singling out ESPN, their analysts are downright terrible. It's especially annoying that they're all overly opinionated, but I guess that's because that's what they are paid to be. I just hate how football commentators on ESPN/Fox/CBS/NFL Network pretend to be an expert on every single aspect of the game when it's blatantly obvious that they don't know the intricacies of it. I actually like Keyshawn Johnson and Ditka though. Funny interaction between those two. Even if you grow up watching or even playing football, it's still very hard to analyze and understand. A guard gives up a sack, and he's a complete scrub. He gets a pancake, and it was the best thing ever. What you don't see and can't put statistics to is the push he's gotten on certain run plays. Maybe getting a good knock on the DT before scraping up and sealing off a backside LB. Good recogniton of a stunt and coming off a double team to pickup the blitz. Only way to see all these things is through watching a lot of film and basically singling out that one player. I think it's inherently impossible for one person to be a great football analyst. Think about it. In football, there are a biziliion different position coaches because each position is so distinct from the positions on the field. You can't tell me that a former WR, such as Chris Carter (can't stand him as an analyst btw), knows a darn thing about anything on defense, offensive line play, quarterbacking, etc. The extent of his defensive knowledge is probably from playing DB in High School. Not putting much stock in that. There's a reason teams have a different coach for each position. It's because every position requires such different expertise to to excel in that area. Even head coaches and coordinators in the NFL likely defer to their position coaches in many cases. Obviously I can't say that for sure because I'm not in the meetings or on the field, but this is a pretty fair assumption IMO. In football, stats can also be deceiving (moreso than other sports), which makes it more difficult to analyze. A running back can have far better numbers than another just because of offensive line play. Look at some of the scrubs that have put up solid rushing numbers in Shanahan's offenses in the past. Sure, it doesn't take a genius to know that Adrian Peterson is an absolute animal, but who knows what kind of numbers the guy could put up with a more competent offense. An offensive line can sometimes make or break the running back or even a QB. A bad passing game can do the same. If teams don't have to respect the QB, it makes it a million times harder on the run game. Bad QB'ing can kill a receiver's stats as well. In other sports, you can get away with not having a vast knowledge of things like technique because stats are a much better indication of how a player contributes. This makes a much easier for a fan to analyze, even if they never played the sport. In baseball, offensive stats tell most of the story about how good a player is swinging the bat. There's little things that are tough to gauge, like a player seeing tougher pitches because they don't have protection around them in the lineup, but the little things are generally marginal. A players run totals might not be as good because of poor hitting behind them, or RBI's can be lower because less guys on base in front of them. Still, these things can be measured. Defensively, you can look at things like fielding percentage, outfield assists, catching base runner's stealing, etc. Things like sabremetrics, while not perfect or the end all be all, measure almost every little detail you could evert want to know. Big fan of Kurkijan, Kruk, Olney, and most of the ESPN guys. In basketball, stats can tell you almost everything you need to know except for certain things like setting good picks, opening up the floor with cuts, boxing out to give someone else a good rebounding opportunity, help defense, etc. Still, stats are generally a very good indication of performance. Even defensively, you can look at your opposing position's stats to get a great idea of performance, along with obvious things like steals, blocks, rebounds, drawn charges, etc. Basketball analysts are pretty solid for the most part. I'm not going to speak to hockey, because two years of roller hockey in middle school is the extent of my knowledge. I do know that measuring a defensive player's value is probably the one thing that's comparable to football in terms of being very difficult to measure with stats. +/- seems to be one thing analysts sometimes use, but even that seems inherently flawed. Again, don't know much here. All in all, football is by far the toughest of the big 3 to analyze, and it's not even close.
  2. I thought I remember someone saying we'd be wearing them for home division games. If so, we will be seeing them on Sunday
  3. Back in highschool I loved it when we wore white on white. I also liked when the Skins would wear it (although a lot of people on here HATE it)
  4. Like others have said, there will be another alternate jersey like the throwback uni's you mention that the team will wear a few times during the season. They will wear these every other game though, the normal jersey but with a 75th ani patch
  5. If this is what the jersey will look like...Im almost definitely going to get either a Campbell, Landry, or Taylor
  6. I'm not saying that this WAS a direct result of roid rage, Im just saying that many in the media will certainly present that as the case. Its known, or it should be known, that steroids do certainly have many very strong negative effects on some people. I was just trying to say that this adds evidence to the case against steroids and its effects on users, even if there is no direct link
  7. It certainly adds a lot of support to the case against steroids and how they can destroy someones life, especially if toxicology reports show that he had it in his body
  8. willmb5

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    Im glad Im not an NFL quarterback because if I was there would be a million threads like this about me. God forbid getting wasted one time would stick with you for years and years haha